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Saturday, November 7, 2009

D38- Adoring Kristen. Rob Makes Me FUBAR.

Day 38 of loving Kristen.
And yesterday was a good day.
Kristen/Rob and the cast were answering questions
and doing interviews.
And Kristen... well...
Kristen was fucking awesome.
She was articulate... charming...
and she was funny and cute.
I loved seeing her being more secure
with her 'public' self.
Seeing her handle what was given to her...
with class and humor.
And no... I don't even want to go into
whether or not she 'divulged' any R**ST*N clues...
Because it doesn't matter.
Whatever she says...
It will be twisted and bent
to fit the POV of whoever repeats it.
People say they wish Rob and Kristen
would just 'come out with it already'
Like that would stop any of the bickering
and backstabbing and delusion?
Not even.

I don't even know what to say anymore.
Every damn picture of him.
is so incredibly beautiful.
I love him.
I do.
I know he's not perfect...
(he is a man, after all.. heh)
But all the other amazing qualities
that Rob brings to the table...
Makes it easy to overlook any flaw
And he was so cute and adorable
in his interviews...
Laughing... being silly....
And making me smile...
and love him.

I think Twitter is some form of the devil.
Or some kind of drug...
I can't seem to quit it.
The Rob/Twilight news is so IMMEDIATE
and its such a quick fix...
And its so hard to step away from.
If you go to the bathroom...
You can miss hundreds of pictures and videos...
It's wonderful.
It's horrible.
Even when I shut down the laptop...
I will pull out my cell...
and take a peek at whats going on.
So tell me...
WTF is the point of even closing down the computer?
No point.
Doesn't do any good.

It's all about the ROB.
Gotta have the ROB.

Well... maybe the point is...
I'm F.U.B.A.R.

That's about right.

Bye for now.


jerseygrl4lfe said...

I feel your pain, girl. Twitter is the devil.

Anonymous said...

Rose,i think finally you're getting the point.That Rob and Kristen were never together.Many people are getting off the stupid ship lately.I read that at many different blogs.They're disappointed.Rob said that he's open to everything,when he was asked if he could date an older woman.He also repeated that he and Kris are just good friends.So,let's all move on now.

imloco2 said...

I'm quite sure they are together, I have eyes after all, but I'd really like people to get off the ship. Some people anyway. Cause the up and downs, the freak outs, the constant questioning of their relationship is so annoying. And the nah nah nah nah nah's from both camps every time one side thinks they have 'proof' that they're right...god, are we in high school? *shudders*

I wouldn't want to put words in Rose's mouth, but WTF? I don't think she thinks that at all. Geesh.

As for Kris and Rob, they are maturing and in a good way. Much less silly, but still fun on Rob's part. More articulate and less bouncy on Kris'. I heart them both I do.

And I didn't think I'd ever do Twitter. Didn't get it at all. But once I dabbled my toes in the water it's like an addiction. (just what I need, another addiction. LOL) You're right, it's hard to shut it down and go to sleep at night. And it's not like you're paranoid. You really might miss something! LOL

Anonymous said...

LMAO, totally dig the post! From one addict to another.. TwitterRob has taken over my life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Imloco2, the constant freakouts and questioning of rob/kristen's relationship is really annoying. It could be fun and cute to see pictures of them and aww-ing over them and their relationship. Why do some people who don't feel the same way feel the need to come over here and spoil other people's 'fun' with their negativity?

And anyway, why would people get off the ship after these interviews? Rob & Kristen were cute, funny, hot, smart and once again looked very close. As a Rob and Kristen fan (individually or together) it was a wonderful day as far as I'm concerned.

Twitter: I just signed earlier today. But maybe it was a bad decision since you all scare me now, I don't need another obsession lol! ;)

OzM said...

Rose I don’t know whether to smile & laugh or cry after reading this post, its torture!

To me Rob is simply imperfectly perfect with all his qualities seeming to balance so beautifully.

I am now grateful that I haven’t learnt twitter. I’ve been undecided about getting on; I spend so much time in Robland already that I need to stop somewhere. Kristens personal style is very cool! The photo above, that gun the suspenders, loved it!