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Monday, November 9, 2009


Good Fucking Grief.
For some reason unknown to me...
I watched a damn Pap video
of Rob/Kristen/Taylor at LAX.
Why? Why? WHY??
You know...
When you just see the pictures...
it doesn't seem so bad.
A few shots of them walking through the airport...
But when you see and hear it...
What. The. Fuck.
The way they are manhandled through the crowd.
The way the Paps are in their face...shouting.
The way the cameras are shoved in their faces.
It's disgusting.
The Paps shouting at Rob and Kristen...
Do you understand now... why they don't want to discuss it?
Motherfucking Paps.
You don't see this when you just look at a picture.
But seeing the video...
makes you FEEL it.
And I feel sad.
And pissed off.
No one should have to deal with that bullshit.
It's beyond ridiculous.
What is it going to take before they
make professional stalking/harassing against the law?
Paps shouldn't be allowed inside airports.
Let them stay on the damn streets...
Like the trash they are.

This picture makes me feel better.
All giggly and sweet and cute.
LOVE it.
Love her.

I was thinking about how great she
has done in interviews lately...
how calm... relaxed she seems to be.
Such a huge difference from last year.
it got me thinking about what the biggest change
in her life is from a year ago.
I mean...
Do you think part of the reason
she is so much happier...
so much more positive...
is because of Rob?
Being in a relationship with someone...
feeling secure... happy.
Can do wonders on how you look and act
with other people.

It's almost like ...
She's glowing with happiness.
Basking in love.
Kristen is in a good place.
And it shows.

Bye for now.


LK said...

I hate those paps,too.They have the most disguisting job in the whole world.They were yelling at Kristen if Rob was gonna propose to her at Paris!!!I wanted to throw up.Gladly she was wearing her headphones and i hope she didn't hear this crap.When this stupidity is gonna end?I think we all have to back off a bit and give these kids a break.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Paparazzi suck and Kristen is SO happy- and it's because of rob, whether or not robsten exists. ( I believe in robsten!)

kristine.hills said...

Wow Rose, u r right! But i want to say that last year she was living a difficult situation 'surrender or not' Rob's charm/love.She was figuring out what was happening in her life.Suddenly her whole life changed and she found out in a dilemma...What should she do? Keep her relaysh(w/o love) or live a love story with the man of her life(bc i'm sure she failed in love since day one)IMO.Now things are good, she was too brave to fight to have this love story.God bless them.Wise words yours.And of course R is a gentleman.Her perfect Robward...

imloco2 said...

I clicked on a link someone tweeted and the vid at the airport came up and I did something I almost never do. I clicked out of it as fast as I could. I just had a feeling that I would be sick to my stomach after watching it. Seems I was right.

The ones that say that the paps are just doing their job and they have a right to do this...well, I don't know when this job was formed or why it's allowed by law, but I'm pretty sure our founding fathers didn't have this in mind. Freedom of speech does not mean you can publicly and blatantly harass people with impunity. Or it shouldn't. Didn't they pass a law or introduce one to make it harder to do this kind of thing in LA? I hope so. It's way past time. 'I' would go live in France too if I had to endure this kind of thing day in and day out.

As for Kristen, she is glowing isn't she? I love watching her.