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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rob + Kristen = Together ;)

Ah yes...
Rob and Kristen landing back in L.A.
Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Surely you have noticed how where there is one...
So goes the other?
The two of them are never apart.
Please don't give me the
"They just shared a flight back to LA" bullshit either.
I mean... really?
The thing is...
Rob and Kristen seem to share EVERYthing lately.
And how sweet that they are spending
Thanksgiving together...
You know they are.
And both Robert and Kristen
have a lot to be thankful for... yes?

So, I went to see New Moon again.
I may or may not have mentioned that
I saw it on this ULTRA screen this time.
Big fucking screen.
So much Robert!
The screen is 75ft wide by 32ft tall.
It was pretty amazing.
So I get to the theater...
And its Noon... on a Monday...
and there is a damn line to get a ticket.
I find a seat... and of course teenage girls surround me.
It's OK, though...
Because I found their chatter most interesting.
These girls are all about Taylor Lautner.
All of them are team Jacob.
I'm kinda blown away.
I'm not used to people not being
crazy about Robert.
It feels strange to hear girls dismiss Rob.
A lot of what I heard was how much
They LOVED the book Edward...
a lot more than movie Edward.
They talked about Rob's eyes in the movie...
They were totally creeped out.
And I must admit that his eyes were a bit... creepy.
It looked like he was crying... a lot
Or the contacts they made him wear really
irritated his eyes making them red and watery.
You know my favorite scene...
Where Rob is strutting (gliding, striding... killing me)
towards Bella in the parking lot?
Not a sound from these girls...
Not a fucking peep.
But when Taylor shows up?
Ooohs and Ahhhs...
Sighs and giggles.
I guess this movie belongs to Taylor.

One more quick note....
Kristen Stewart is flawless.
So gorgeous in this movie.
Even when she is supposed to be sad...
she is so pretty.
And her acting with Taylor?
Excellent. Brilliant.
Her crying in the rain with him...
breaks my heart every time.
This movie belongs to Kristen, too.

Bye for now.


TanjaB. said...

Oh Rose... how I love your blog. I'm so happy that R&K are back in LA to celebrate Thanksgiving together, after spending some quality time with Rob's buddies in NY. It really baffles me how people keep denying the fact that they're together. I'm going to watch NM again tomorrow night and then again next sunday. I can't wait!!! :)

Tanya said...

Very generous of them to give us a photo op, off the company clock, thru LAX in the SAME photos... together.

Yes ma'm I am THANKFUL! :)

Poli said...

Your blog is so cool! Congrats on it.
Ok, the movie belongs to Taylor, but Rob is...well...Rob.
And how hot are him and Kristen? I mean, hoooooooooot On and off screen?
Only one thing to say: Haters to the left.

Anonymous said...

I just read somewhere that Rob went back to LA,because he has to do the DVD commentary.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen are the coolest.I wish everybody leave them alone live their life peacefully.Sometimes i feel awful watching their pics.

Anonymous said...

Rose,i was wondering.Where are you from and how old are you?By the way,your blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

At Rob's IMBd the girls are really crazy with a video from LA's premiere with Kristen saying:"i don't care if people think i'm pregnant or that i'm dating someone i don't"and they take it as a denial.What do you think Rose?

Dreea said...

I've had the same experience - it's all about Taylor this time around. Here's my theory on it. Rob gave me my perfect Edward in NM: deep, complex, self deprecating, tortured, playful in the brief moments when he lets his guard down and hopelessly in love. He perfected every emotion, every tortured tearless look, every moan and every smile in his performance. And I love the quietness and calmness of his voice and his delivery throughout the movie. So controlled and so damn sexy (damn, I wish they let him use his British accent!). That said, I believe Taylor is going the steal the majority of the fan base away with NM. Jacob is so easy to like in this movie - he's the perfect puppy dog character (endearing, cute, reliable, charismatic) and he has great chemistry with Kristen plus the screen time to develop it (not the sexual kind, but there are many types of chemistry). And let's face it, if you want to strictly compare abs, Taylor does have the "better" body. So I don't think a lot of fans are going to like or connect with Rob/Edward in NM – especially the younger fanbase. In retrospect, it's actually quite ironic! Most fans originally became attracted to Rob after projecting Edward's perfect-pretty-boy-bouffant Twilight image on him. In reality, Rob and perfect-pretty-boy-bouffant Edward have nothing in common. This time around, I believe the same fans are going to lose interest in him after seeing a lot of the real Rob projected on Edward (deep, self-depricating, analytical and thoughtful as Kristen describes him). And for anyone that cares or really knows anything about for Rob, this is a very good thing! Who knows, maybe the insanity will die down a bit thanks to this and the boy will actually be able to take a walk on the street again.

Anonymous said...

Rose, do u remember a robssessed fan who said (posted a comment here)she had a nice instinct and Rob was NOt going to spend Thanksgiving w/Kris? Well i wonder where she is now...Rob IS in LA w/Kris for Holiday, And our instincts were right, they r really TOGETHER/INSEPARABLE N IN LOVE.
Again , nice post!

Anonymous said...

To anon @12:14- Somebody should post this interview on that IMDb thread. It pretty much negates the other interview: http://www.tv3.ie/xpose.php?video=16505&locID=1.65.68

Anonymous said...

every evening I read your blog...and it makes my day =) I totally agree with you...with every single word :D Thank u so much to share ur opinion!
I'm so happy for Robsten, they're totally on...and nice to see them. Together. Forever, hopefully =)
Read you tomorrow xD

Anonymous said...

What if you don't see pics of Kristen at London?What if she doesn't go there?What will you think then?What if we're all making the mistake to think them as a couple and they're just very close?Kristen sems not having any friends.She was hunging out only with Oregano and Nikki last year and with her brothers.Rob used to hung out with Nikki,too.What if they don't have so many friends around(his friends are at London)and they have stuck together?

Anonymous said...

they look so damn COOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Back again today..Your blog makes me smile daily.... Once again, I agree with you completely and utterly. I too heard the young girls giddily talking about Taylor, and I just sat in silence adoring Rob. Rob is just, well, words aren't enough. I have never been so interested in one other actor/entertainer/famous person, ever.I really have no idea what it is, I cannot put my finger on it at all. It is baffling! I also have to say that for me, the fact that he seems so far gone by Kristen, just makes him all the more unbelievably perfect. They are both amazingly amazing... Bye!

Anonymous said...

Why can't people accept they are together? Even if he had to do the DVD commentary, he could have taken any flight into LA and hung out there but he chose to stay in NY with Kristen for the weekend.

imloco2 said...

Hmm... and what if pigs could fly?

It's lovely to see them in the same photos even if they have assumed the (pap) position. Hopefully they'll have a great holiday. They can show Rob how Thanksgiving is DONE! LOL

I had the same experience my second viewing. First time was all Team Edward, second night it was all about the dog. *g* So I just sat there and listened to the gasps and bided my time till Edward came back. I think the younguns and some old enough to know better flocked to Jake because Edward was quiet and thoughtful and just looked older in this one. Somebody find the costumer who dressed Rob in tweed...and Kris in the Alice in Wonderland outfit. LOL I think Eclipse is going to really turn back the clock again (Edward is looking younger in Eclipse even Rob said so) and we're going to have a full on Jake/Eddie war. Just like in the movie. ;) Oh, and I'm going to see it again this weekend. 4th time.

Anonymous said...

DVD commentary? the movie was released not even a week. not a couple...i mean come onnn...if you a true fan be happy for them.