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Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Crazy? I'll Show You Crazy.


1. I'm going to talk about New Moon...
I really don't get the whole spoiler thing to be honest...
Have you read the book?
No big surprises.

2. I purposely stayed off the computer pretty much
all day on Friday.
I went to see the movie...
and then I just needed to step back.

3. See the first picture up there ^
Robward walking towards Bella.
My favorite part of the movie....
he parks his damn shiny Volvo...
and fucking struts over to Bella.
Then he kisses her.
Funny thing is...
My favorite part of Twilight
was Robward walking into the cafeteria...
Where do you think his legs will take him in Eclipse?

4. I'm a bitch.
I can admit it.
I actually relish my bitchiness.
So on the way to the theater...
I was all nervous and angsty.
I went from one extreme to the other.
First... I felt like every asshat on the road
was heading to the theater to see New Moon.
I felt like a complete idiot...
driving to see New Moon...
All nervous and excited...
but I was still envious of all the people
outside the Twilight bubble...
Who had no fucking clue about New Moon...
Who didn't give a rats ass about Robert Pattinson.
Have I broke on through to the other side?

5. I loved the movie.
I loved Robert.
I loved Kristen.
I even loved Taylor.
I will go see it again.
But yet...
Something was missing for me.
I talked it over a little bit with Trix...
She felt the same way.
(not a surprise... she and I agree on most things)
When I left the movie...
I had to actually reflect on what I saw.
How I felt.
I think New Moon is a better made movie.
It looks better.
The acting is better...
I loved the movie.
But the thrill...
the overwhelming euphoria
I felt for Twilight...
wasn't there.
Well... for one thing...
I'm fucking burnt out on New Moon.
Toast. Crisp.
I'm actually glad all the hype and frenzy is behind us.
I was completely and totally saturated with everything.
I couldn't take any more.
Full. Stuffed.
Another thing...
Part of the huge draw of Twilight...
was seeing Edward Cullen brought to life.
Not just part of the draw...
The fucking reason I'm here right now.
Edward Cullen.
I couldn't wait to see Robert become Edward.
(and yes... he was perfection)
With New Moon...
I still was anxious to see Edward...
But I kinda knew what he looked like already.
You know what I mean?
Who knows...
Maybe once the buzz and fever over the movie
has died down some...
And my nervous system has had time to heal...
I will get all bent over New Moon.
Maybe I just need to see it a few more (dozen) times.
That might be it.

6. I loved most of the interviews with Rob and Kristen.
Rob on Letterman was great.
Kristen on Conan and Jimmy Fallon...
Fucking outstanding.
All 3 of them on Kimmel was fantastic!
I love Ellen.... but...
Rob came out and the audience fucking
screamed for 10 minutes.
Um... SHUT UP!
You are wasting precious minutes...
Minutes that I could be listening to Rob talk...
Or laugh...
Don't you want to hear what he has to say?
Can't you tell he is uncomfortable with it?
Don't you fucking CARE???
Irritating. Frustrating.
I think Kristen fucking killed on her interviews
she wins the charming and witty award.
Rob, of course was all of that...
But I have one complaint.
He always slouches.
Such a tall beautiful man...
slouching in the chair...
Like he's trying to be as small as possible...
trying to hide.
I guess I understand.

Bye for now


imloco2 said...

Well, I had all kinds of things pro and con to say about the movie, but in the end it really boils down to...what she said. This NM hysteria is exhausting, no?

imloco2 said...

But having said that... I just saw it again for the 2nd time and I think I'm back. It's even better the second time around! :)

Ani said...

I loved the movie but in the end the propousal was not like I expected, it was funny to read Bella´s reaction and I would like to see or hear at least when Edward breaks the plama tv at Culle´s house after the voting. I just have imagined that parts. Didn´t feel Edward´s real rejection on changing Bella. You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Rose I've missed you! 24 hours without you is too long! I loved your thoughts (as always). I loved the movie and especially Taylor's performance, he made that character his. I had to laugh at your spoilers comment...so true!!! But some people are still getting upset by them. I have pulled back a little over the last few months - on my Robsession and Twilight, maybe that's why I loved the movie so much, I don't know. Now I'm fully obsessed again!

Thanks as always Rose...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your post but the selfish me is also going to miss seeing them everyday. I was so exited to see all of the interviews, they made me laugh and fall more in love with Rob and Kristen.
I've seen the movie 4 times now & I will be going back. I loved it, I can see what the critics are saying but it being slow blah blah blah, Don't care I love it.
The biggest eye opener for me was that I finally have a little like for Jacob, he will never make me change teams but Taylor was very good.
Love the books & love the movie!

Angelica said...

Love your blog!
I died a bit too when Edward walked toward Bella, looking absolutely GORGEUS!
I think I will bie a bit more in Eclipse in the 'Leg Hitching Scene' and the Meadow scene. Oh, my...