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Thursday, November 5, 2009

D36- Rob and Kristen- Are They?

I'm going to try REALLY hard and be positive today.
Shouldn't that be easy to do?
I'm staring at beautiful pictures of
Robert Pattinson.
I'm reading quirky interviews...
He's making me smile... as usual.

But there is SO much negativity out there.
Sometimes its hard to focus on whats important.
My overwhelming love and obsession
for a 23 year old British actor!


Yeah... priorities.
As I sit in my PJs...
Drinking iced tea
(I don't like coffee, but I need caffeine)
monitoring Twitter like
a little kid in a candy store....

Good Grief.
So much for positive.

This is probably my favorite picture of all of them.
Well for obvious reasons...
Both Rob and Kristen look absolutely gorgeous.
But the main reason?

The look on Kristen's face.
It's all smug... and satisfied.
She's being possessive.

I love it.

Kristen was quoted in EW magazine...
When asked about her relationship with Robert...

"I've thought about this a lot," she dished.
"There's no answer that's not going to tip you one way or the other.

Think about every hypothetical situation:
'Okay, we are. We aren't. I'm a lesbian.'
I'm just trying to keep something,"

Well... its another vague answer isn't it?
She really didn't answer the question, did she?
Both her and Robert are quite good
at just skimming the surface
without ever getting wet.

They don't owe us anything.
They don't owe us an explanation.
They don't owe us a press conference
telling the world if
they is or if they ain't.
They should be able to keep something....
this part of their lives...
So much of it is splashed all over the place.
She deserves to just 'keep it'.

But she does look satisfied...
Doesn't she?

That's all we're gonna get.

Bye for now


showme said...

Very satisfied. I'd say cat that caught the canary as well.

(she's def the cat catching the sweet little bird...that's one tough broad LOL)

MNTwilightMom said...

I LOVED Kristen's Statement!! It was so much like her! It wouldn't of mattered what she said or even admitted too...they would of wrote something in there own words and twisted it around and made it sound like she did say that "They were dating", or some other aweful thing. She could of said that they both have 2 heads and they would of believed her! I know that sounds insane, but if you really think about it...it's so true Everybody wants so much of a piece of something of them that they are willing to take anything of or from them! But everybody knows just by looking at them together that there is something there, what it may be,do es anybody really know? No nobody really does know thr "TRUE FACTS", because and WHY? Because the only 2 people who does know is Rob & Kristen! They want that part of there life to themselves...that is the only "Private" thing that they have to themselves! That is there own little corner of the world that they cherish with each other. We look at the pictures that were just leaked from HB and "WE" as humans can see "The Look", "The Love", "The Devotion", (ok, my list can go on 4-ever), ANYBODY can see what they have for each other! It's right there in front of our eyes, YOU can't be that blind to NOT see see it! DAM people wake up and relize that it's there and it's REAL!! If it's going to be Rob & Kristen, Robsten, or Kristen & Rob, or KStew and Rob or the hell really cares...I DON'T REALLY CARE! But what I do care about is that these 2 poeple share something "SO STRONG" that nobody can or will ever understand. IT's "REAL" and it's out there is we want it to be or not! So just shut the hell up if you are against it, because it's gonna bite you right in the ASS! And for the ones WHO do BELIEVE in the "TRUE LOVE" and believe me it's there and these 2 people have it....It's coming to you and it's rolling out to a theater near YOU! So bend over baby, this one might hurt a little!

AccentOnLife said...

Absolutely. No explanation needed from either of them. Her comments made me smile. And she does deserve to just "keep it."

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I love Kristen so much and I can undestand why Rob and Kristen are so perfect for each other. They don't owe anyone anything. They can "keep it" to themselves.

loveactually said...

"I'm just trying to keep something."

That's not the first time she said that same exact quote. When asked the same question in Interview magazine she answered the same exact way. Love it and love her for wanting to keep their "something"

I guess I just can't believe there are still some people that even question it. If this was any other 2 people there would be no doubt. It's kind of mind boggling.

The motorcycle pic is also one of my favs. I love how she is holding him so tightly. I also love the one with them lying on the roses looking deeply into each other's eyes. Beautiful. This shoot was amazing!

Rose- don't let the negative get you down. When it does just look at this beautiful photoshoot and you can't help but smile.

Cat said...

ha! I love that answer... cause thats exactly what I'd say. Her life is so intruded upon... let her have something to herself. I love her :)

And I absolutely loved the interview in HB, I laughed my ass off... Cause Rob kept calling himself an idiot... and I do that shit ALL the time(call myself an idiot... not rob). And I love how they tease eachother. its so cute... theyre cute...

I wish i could hang out with them for a day and laugh my ass of :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

I just have to say that I am sitting here reading your blog in my P.J.'s drinking iced tea, I also am not fond of coffee but need the caffeine.... I absolutely love your writing. Visit you daily. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

Bye for now ;- )

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, and i get too annoyed when the h3ll of haters come here(your blog) and say bs* about K/R, putz, it's your place, you write what u want/think and feel.I completely agree w/u, you have magic words, i couldn't write better than u do.Congrats!!! They DON'T OWE US ANYTHING, u r right.And we could be very happy with the light PDA they want to show us, on their own way i know they are telling us they're a COUPLE in love, commited with their relaysh.They're GORGEOUS in all those pics HB.Love K/R 4ever...

(English isn't my 1st language, sorry)

Anonymous said...

The HB interview was the clincher for me. These two seem to be committed to each other, just by the way they act around each other and talk about each other. It is just awesome to see them so happy when they are together. I wish them the very best.