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Friday, January 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen. Seeing is BELIEVING.

What can I possibly add to these pictures?

Rob in the UK.
Kristen in the UK.
Behind Kristen...
"Boxing Day"
Very British.
And the day AFTER Christmas.

What now?
What excuses will we hear?
What rationalizations will be spewed?
I can't wait.
Well... I can...
But you gotta admit it will be entertaining.
I'm already hearing shit on Twitter...
'It's not Kristen'
'Those pics were taken when they were
in London for the NM premiere'

It will go on... and on...
and fucking on.
Kristen is in England.
WITH Robert.
Come on.
You fucking KNOW they are together now.
I mean...
She's in the fucking UK.
That's not a trip down the fucking street.
She traveled a long way...
to be with him.

I know these pictures won't be good enough.
I know that some will never accept
what is right in front of them.
And that's OK.

And although there is a part of me
that is screaming inside...
and wanting to fucking yell...
I won't.
(well, not much...heh)


Rob is in England.

Kristen is in England.
Does it really matter WHERE they are?
They are 


Bye for now. 

*One more thing.
Can you imagine...
Spending New Years Eve...
With Robert Pattinson?
Kristen is a lucky girl.*


imloco2 said...

LOL I'm almost speechless...except I think I have enough breath for.. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Terry said...

I love your blog. Your absolutely right. (:

sunny_witch said...

Rose, you are sooo right. Those who can't believe their eyes... they are just crazy. They are together. Real shippers knew it without pics, but as there are pics now.. C'mon, they are together, they are happy, they are in love. I am sooo happy now!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose you are so right, some people are already trying to explain this, I mean what is there to explain, she is freaking there WITH HIM. I adore them and I love how good they look, a lot more healthier and as you said, Kstew is a really lucky girl indeed just as Rob is one luck fella !!

Gutenha said...

You're freaking awesome. I should print your post and give it to everyone that open their mouths to try to talk about Rob and Kris in a hater way!


Happy New Year, dear.

loveactually said...

Oh Rose - This is truly an awesome beginning to a great 2010. I just know it will be a great year for Rob and Kristen ...filled with many blessings. :)

Hugs to you sweet Rose for always sticking to your beliefs and continuing to be a REAL fan of Robert's.

utopia76 said...
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Anonymous said...

until now i.am.still.screaming OMG! our wait is over,and all this time you always rite Rose, our girl is in UK with her man...what a day to begin with on 1st day of new year...

utopia76 said...

Hear, Hear


Tell em like i is sista ;)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Happy New Year alright!!! and the best part is that these pics were taken by a fan.. a little girl not a paparazzo which makes them all the better. Best luck this year for all of you (including the naysayers cause they are gonna need it lmao)

Anonymous said...

A---fucking---men! Love them! Everything about them!

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Kristen is a lucky girl and i feel so happy for her... and for us all, we finally know, see them since such a long time :-)

Anonymous said...

I already love 2010.It showed it's good face from day 1.THEY'RE TOGETHER.Period.

I only hope that the stupid paps won't go there and chase them all around ruining their holidays.

You know what's amazes me the most?That even they're so young and in a crazy situation with curious people putting their noses in their private life,they've managed to stay together united.How many couples at older age do you know to manage that in HW's business?Only a few.I'm so proud of them and i really hope the new year to bring them more peace,love and sucess.We love Rob and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I really love your blog. It really doesn't matter what they think. Rob and Kristen are together and happy together. That's it. I just hope their holidays will not be ruined by the paps.

Poli said...
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Poli said...

Of course you would be the one with this awesome news! Happy New Year, sweetie! You´re right, the excuses people are giving to this people are both pathetic and entertaining, ´cause we can´t acuse them from lack of imagination!

Anonymous said...

There are tweets who say that this was from last years promotion tour???Wow!People are sick!And some crazy girls at Rob's IMDb claim that she went 8,ooo miles away just to hung out with her friend.His family had invited her!Hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hug! Rose has spoken the truth to all non believers. THEY ARE DEF A COUPLE IN LOVE! MUCH IN LOVE I THINK.
Hope their love lasts forever and all the Nonstens go back were they come from and shut their mouths. Jealous and envious people.
Rob and Kristen deserv each others love and commitment.
Love you Rose! You made my day!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose you're so right. The pictures speak for themselves. They both look incredibly happy and relaxed. What a wonderful gift for New Year's Day. I'm so happy right now. :)
Happy New Year Everyone! x

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Rose!
This pics is a great NY gift to all robsten believers specially to you. You always put into great fucking words what we believers have in our hearts and thoughts. Please never stop, you are our voice. Luv u and our couple Robert and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Rose and to all the shippers around the world. What a great way to start off the New Year!! Hoping 2010 will bring all of you and Rob/Kristen, love, peace, health, and happiness!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is much to add... these pics fucking speak for themselves... the truth is right there... So happy there is these 2 pics of them looking relaxed and happy, pics showing they're together, in Rob's country, proving once again that they're a couple.

Wonder if the anons who posted here the last few days to bash Delaney or Kstew411 and to repeat over and over we were delusional will show up? And I agree, the nonstens/haters rationalizations will be entertaining!

aaah what a great way to start 2010!!! Happy new year everyone :)

MCarmen said...

Yeahhhhhhh, sometimes dreams come true! Yesterday we were all wishing to see a pic of R and K in the UK...and here it is!!
Is there a better way to start this year for Robsten fans? ...and Kristen made a long long trip from LA, this is so telling.
Thanks Rose!!

Laura said...

LOVE IT ROSE!!!!!!!!!!! :)

New Year's Eve w/ Rob? *SIGH* Lucky Kristen!


Anonymous said...

I'm speechleess and have teary eyes when I visited your blog, Rose. I'm soooo fucking happy. It just made my day and thru the coming New Year! LONG LIVE FOREVER ROB AND KRISTEN!
Thanks a lot Rose, You're so adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I love you Rose.

heisoph said...

Great. Love 2010 allready.
Couldn't be a better start.
Happy New Year everybody!!!!

kharma1 said...

Happy New Year Rose and what a Happy New Year it is and you're working on a Holiday. But I don't blame you, how friggin' awesome is this with pics of them with cutie pie fan.
Definitely a day to celebrate and a great way to start the year off with a beautiful picture of those two.
How can Kristen be so damn gorgeous with little or no makeup.
No wonder Rob is smitten with her.
Happy New Year Rose may 2010 be even better. Warm wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Can’t help but wonder if they are going to still be secretive about their relationship… They obviously knew those pictures would be posted on the internet. Is posing for those photos their way of saying they are a couple? I love them together and hope for lots of “red carpet” photos of them in 2010 and many years after…

Anonymous said...

I'd like to throw my hat into this circle of happiness! Kristen always said it would come out naturally -- no announcements.

In terms of a timeline, it looks to me like her hair is darker, like it's been since she filmed The Runaways (?) Anyway, I believe the pics are current, and I'm so happy for them . . . and for us.

Hugs for you, Rose.


Anonymous said...

My face hurts from smiling so much.

Thi´s LOVE. ♥

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta say, Kristen looks beautiful without makeup on!!

*cough,cough* To the person who said i would cry when i realise that Kristen was in LA instead of London (in the previous post)...I'm going to be a total 5 year and say "NA, NA, NA, NA, NA"

melo said...

love the blog and the undying faith! Nonsteners really are quite pathetic at this point. I've been to the Isle and it's a nice/tranquil place...perfect for escaping.

I think they were probably just walking down the street and the girl asked for the pics. They couldn't turn her down (being the deliciously wonderful people that they are) even if they knew the pics may turn up on the web. They just aren't like that.

Kathy said...


Pam said...

"Wonder if the anons who posted here the last few days to bash Delaney or Kstew411 and to repeat over and over we were delusional will show up? And I agree, the nonstens/haters rationalizations will be entertaining!"

I was going to say this exact thing. Talk about being in denial.

Love it!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I visit it once in a while and in terms of your views I'm on the same page as you 100%. I've been a Robsten believer since last March! I got hooked on the youtube fan vids of their Twilight promo tours and just KNEW that those two were falling for each other! As the year progressed and the evidence piled up, it just became more and more obvious that these two were a couple. I love them together! So, these new pics are no surprise to me - I thought they would be together over the holidays. What I hope now, is that these pics will reduce the amount lies being spewed about them on the internet by the tabloids, the so-called fans, etc. Because anyone denying it now will just look foolish. They are too sweet and just a normal couple in love. So, nonstens, just give it rest now, OK? I wish Rob and Kristen and everyone here a happy new year!

Angelica said...

Holy sweetness! I think I died a little bit, by happiness, when I saw this pics.

You maybe wont, but I will: "EAT IT, HATERS!

Hope they have a great time, and hope that YOU have a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

Some girls in Robsessed,probably desperate ones,say that it's photoshop,especially Kristen's photo.

Anonymous said...

OMG! What an amazing pic. These pictures are proof that Robsten is real and here's why:

1. They are not together in the pictures because one of them had to take the picture of the other (Rob had to take one of Kristen and the lucky fan).

2. Rob has a full beard in the pic which we all know is recent. He was clean shaven at the New Moon fan event in London so it was not taken then.

3. It was not taken at the Twilight premiere in London in 2008 because Kristen's hair was lighter then and it looks pretty dark in the pictures.

4. Both of them look happy which means they are together!

Robsten, hurray!

Pam said...

Those girls claiming photoshop just need to give it a rest. They are making themselves look foolish.

kristine.hills said...

Wow i loved all comments.I can't take the silly smile off of my face.It's the most wondeful gift ever,2010 couldn't begin better. I think KR knew this pic would come out on the net, maybe they asked the little fan to put it after HOLIDAYS and they would have a nice time in LONDON without pappz bothering them.
I'm REALLY HAPPY, i don't mind what nonsten and blahblahblah ahve to say to deny it. It's here in front of their eyes.
I always believed and said they would spend XMAS and NEW YEAR TOGETHER.it's what couple do all the time.
K is a lucky girl and so is R. They are the sweetest couple i've ever seen in my life.
ROSE LOVE YOUR BLOG. You always brings a smile to my face.
I'm so in love right know...sigh
"Love doesn't make the world go 'round, it makes the ride worthwhile"

Kathy said...

I've already posted a comment about these pics, but I am SO overcome with happiness and joy !!
This has made my day. I was feeling a little down today (personal reasons) and waking up to this has just made me smile from ear to ear. I can't get it out of my head. I'm SO feeling the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !!!!!!! I want to say again just how beautiful Kristen looks...and so happy. Enjoy your time together R & K.........xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy new year rose.
Well it has a been worth the wait. Always belived they were together and here is the proof...seeing IS FUCKING BELIEVING!!!!!

lots a new year love from NZ

Anonymous said...

I just read the most ridiculous excuse ever in Rob's IMDb and the girl who wrote it wasn't even joking.She said that Kristen went there to hung out with her best friend and to have some drinks,because it's illegal for people her age in States to drink publicly!!!lol

Anonymous said...

I think that Rob's IMDb is full of crazies.And nonstens.

Anonymous said...

I agree with poster #1, Rob's IMDB page is full a certifiable crazyies. They are delusional.

I wasn't won over to the Robsten love train easily. Mostly, what I hoped for was for two people to develop a real and deep friendship after bonding through this Twilight craziness. Then, I started seeing them hang out more, his birthday in May, the TCA, the Charlie hotel, the KOL concert, and more...and I slowly began to believe that there really is something there. Whether it will last, I don't know. I hope so because they really do seem like genuine, nice people and, of course, I want the best for them.

I love how you post so succinctly and you take a lot of grief so needlessly. Jeez, these so-called Rob fans aren't really fans at all but so delusional. It's funny and...it's not. Seriously. Scary.

Anonymous said...

I just love these pics *sigh*

I think they were very sweet to pose for the pics...they must've known the shit storm it would cause.

otsuu said...

I love to see those pictures! <3