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Sunday, January 3, 2010

10 Things That Annoy Me About "Robsten"

Only 10?
I'm sure I can come up with a lot more.
A. Lot. More.
But... Let's just see what comes off
the top of my flat head, shall we?

1. Well... for starters...
I hate the name ROBSTEN.
I know I said it before...
I know I said I wasn't going to use it...
But dammit to hell...
That little fucker is out there...
And I can't get rid of it.
Why do they have to have a name?
I've always hated all the cutesy names
they have for celebrity couples.

2. Michael Angarano...
Fuck it...
The guy has been vaulted to Sainthood
by the legions of people out there.
The guy had 5 years with Kristen...
No one...
Let me repeat...
NO ONE knows why they broke up...
Or even when.
It's all speculation.
And "poor Michael.
He's been a rock through this whole thing.
Kristen cheated on him.
Rob is just her rebound guy."
Rob is a rebound from Oregano?
Are you fucking KIDDING me?
Robert Pattinson.
The ultimate in dreamy?
The most beautiful man on the planet?
That Robert Pattinson?
Surely you jest.
Besides, someone you start 'dating'
when you are 14 usually
runs it course... ya know?

Which brings us to #3

3.  "Rob and Kristen are both so young...
Their relationship will never last."
Maybe not.
But needless to say
(but I'm going to say it anyway)
Some relationships DO last.
I'm living proof of that very fact.
I started dating my husband when I was 18.
We've been together for a long time.
You never fucking know.

4.  "Rob and Kristen are fuck-buddies"
This one kills me.
Some people are SO against a
relationship between Rob and Kristen...
That they will 'allow' them to be fuck-buddies
but nothing more.
Is it so damn awful that Rob and Kristen care
about each other and want to spend time together?
It's OK for them to just hook up and have sex...
As long as they aren't really together...

5. "Why don't Rob and Kristen just admit
that they are together? The lying and secrecy
is making them look like idiots"
Admit to who?
I'm thinking that anyone that is important in their life...
Like say... family and friends...
Know exactly what is going on.
And who are they lying to?
They get asked about each other...
They say 'we are good friends'...
Aren't they?
Do you really expect them to come out 
and say...
And better yet...
Why should they?
To satisfy some lunatic fan-base
who feels they are entitled to know
every intimate detail?
I think they are right in protecting...
What is THEIRS.
Not ours.
And most definitely 

6.  Generalizations.
Hate them.
All people who like the idea
of Robert and Kristen 
as a couple...
aren't delusional idiots 
who only see Edward/Bella.
All  people who hate the idea
of Robert and Kristen 
as a couple...
aren't bitter harpies...
who can't stand Kristen. 
(or are they?)
No... you get what I mean.
I'm aware of a good many 'Nonstens'
(and yes, I fucking hate that word, too)
who are sane, rational people...
who may not like Robert and Kristen together...
But carry on with their lives.
And I know there are people who love Robsten
who screech "DIE!" when Rob shows
up anywhere with anyone other than Kristen.
I've looked at Robsten/Nonsten
from both sides now...
and there are fucking lunatics on both sides.
And don't lump everyone together.
How fucking insulting.

7. Know-it-alls.
They act like they have access
to what Rob/Kristen are thinking.
"Well, I KNOW Kristen wears the pants
in their relationship"
"Kristen has no friends outside of Twilight"
Well... you get my point.
They don't know.
They think.
Maybe they don't think.
That makes more sense.

8.People who want harm to come to 
Robert and Kristen
Because they don't say/do/behave
the way you want them to.
I've heard people threaten Kristen's well being.
I mean...
going so far as to say they will 
'beat her up'
if they ever come across her in person.
And of course the people
who wished death on Rob for going to 
a birthday party without Kristen.
A bit extreme?
Beyond normal and rational?
Yes. Yes. And Yes.

9. I hate that Kristen gets the brunt of 
anger and insults in this deal.
Everything she does gets scrutinized
and analyzed and picked apart.
And no matter what she does...
In some peoples eyes...
It's never good enough.
Some people just love to hate her.
For no other reason then her close proximity
to Robert Pattinson.
Kristen can't win...
no matter what she does.
She's in the UK with Robert.

10. The constant 'fight'
about Rob and Kristen
being together or not.
It's so tiresome.
Let's just say...
You can believe what you want to believe...
And I will just believe the Truth.

Bye for now.


Purple83 said...

ummm, Rose, will you marry me? (shush, I know, I am already married...but I think I can get it annulled...it's been what, a year? :P )

ITA with this post...and every other...

imloco2 said...

Ummm, what Purple said. *g* I love people who make sense.

Anonymous said...

"Some people just love to hate her.

For no other reason then her close proximity

to Robert Pattinson.

Kristen can't win...

no matter what she does.


She's in the UK with Robert.


Too good. Looks like you've done it again Rose. SAWEEET!

Cougar71 said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! I wonder about the sanity of some people on both sides (Robsten/Nonsten...I hate the nicknames too) of the debate as well. Why there has to be a debate about it in the first place is beyond me. Rob and Kristen owe us nothing regarding their personal lives...especially not any kind of public pronouncement of their feeling for one another.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so pathetic/insane that you sit down, think about the relationship of 2 people you don't know and blog about it every damn day.

Seriously,I understand the blogs about Twilight and it's actors to an extent, they are also crazy but at least they blog about "news".

YOU write about, speculate about a fucking relationship.

It's just so unhealthy.

I want to say get a life, go embrace that husband you've had since you were 18 but you are far too deluded to understand what I'm saying.

I think Rob and Kristen are in a relationship and I think they would be creeped out by you.

Poli said...

Once again Rose, you are the voice of reason. Your blog really makes my day!

Lula! said...


You are spot-on, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I think Rose is just inspired too like me about this relationship who just blossomed almost our very eyes, err thru news that we gathered more or less, LOL and they are just so cute to look at to be together.

Anonymous said...

Rose, great post as always! I agree about the "they're too young, it won't last." Bullshit. For starters, Rob is almost 24, a grown ass man, old enough to have a wife and Kristen is 19 going on 35(Ryan Reynolds says she is a 'Golden Girl' with a facelift) Not your typical teenager. You're also right about plenty of people that make it when they were young. Patrick Swayze and his wife were married when he was 23 and she was 19 and were happy until he died. Not saying R/K are married bec. they are not but it can and DOES happen even in Hollywood. And nonstens, don't give us crap about "young people nowadays are different" bec. that's bullshit too. I am 27 and married at 22, my hubby and I are not much older than Rob right now. If Rob and Kristen want it to work(and the dude waited more than a year for her, think he's going to let her go?) they will.

tessa said...

Love your banner. Kristen is possessively holding onto Rob, looking right at the camera and saying "Hands off my man, bitches! His hot ass is MINE." lol

Anonymous said...

Brill Brill Brilliant!

THANK YOU for not being a nutcase and for saying how truly awesome Kristen is.. despite how awful she is treated by nutcases!

Plus this was funny and tongue in cheek and just refreshing to read after seeing so much fandom combustions over stupid things.. are they-aren't they.. etc.

Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Wow that anonymous second from the top was way harsh..
I think she may fall into the nonsten team and cannot handle it when the truth is handed to her on a platter.

Oh wells..

Rose said...

I don't usually get involved with comments... but...

To Anon 12:00pm

Look up the word HYPOCRITE, OK?
You think I'm pathetic/insane to blog about a relationship... YET...
You obviously come to my blog everyday to read what I have to say. You whine about me commenting about people I don't know... YET...
I'm deluded and don't have a life?
How well do you think YOU know ME to make such statements?

This is my blog. I started it to figure out why Robert Pattinson has affected me so strongly. Whether you like it or not... Kristen is part of Robert's life.
Why do you continue to come and read my opinions? When I speak of the 'lunatic fanbase'... does it hit too close to home?

You don't like me... or what I have to say... Don't fucking come to my blog and read it. It's pretty simple.


Anonymous said...

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with speculating about them- as they are public figures- and it's a lot less weird than fan girls who scream and squee every time they hear/see them for heavens sake.

Plus, you discuss them in a calm, sane manner and seem to understand that rather they are together or not it really is immaterial but they do make a good pairing from what we- the public-see!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rose ,you are brilliant.
Tom Cruise told the world how much he was with Katie and made a fool of himself all over the world. Rob and Kristen are much more intelligent. They stay as privat as possible.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I'm pretty much in agreement with you with the exception of Michael. I find myself feeling badly for the guy. He did get the raw end on this deal. After all, getting cheated on is always tough and hurtful, but having that happen in front of the whole world just seems like it would be unbearable. You're right that relationships at that age run their course, but it sure seems that RPatz did all he could to make sure it ran its' course on his watch.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the "they're young, it won't last". I met my husband, dated him, and got engaged in ONE month. Married 6 months later. I was 22, hubby was 26 when we got married. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and I couldn't be more happy or have chosen a better man.

I think you're right when you say any nay-sayers are simply jealous of robsten/ Kristen. They want Rob for themselves and don't want anyone to "get some" if they can't have Rob. But of course, those immature people won't admit to it, ever.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. 12:59, I do feel badly for Michael and feel he has showed class by keeping his mouth shut. The stories he could tell the world about R getting with K! But there is no evidence that Kristen cheated on Michael with Rob. None. Her relationship w/M was very on and off even during the making of Adventureland and they were not married. I think by last winter/spring, M was no longer a lover but good friend. He did not spend NYE w/K last year, did not go to Tokyo Twi premiere, Sundance or her birthday(that's when I really went Hmm...about R/K.) I do agree that Rob did everything he could to hasten the demise of their relationship though, he had it bad for Kristen and think the Rome promos were a turning point where he made clear to K how he felt. All's fair in love and war!

lee said...

Another lasting celebrity marriage made at a young age-U2's Bono met his wife Alison(Ali) Stewart...hmm, *Stewart*,lol when he was 15 and she was 14!! Married when he was 22, her 21, been happily married for 28 years and have 4 kids. No trace of scandal with them either. So the too young argument is just jealous people grasping at straws. Only God knows if R/K have what it takes but so far, they are not your typical 19/23 year olds.

kristine.hills said...

I can't understand why people read blogs that care about human beings like yours.You r the winner my friend, i wouldn't have patience for lunatics, no way!!!
there are a lot of h3ll excuses that i laugh a lot, i really don't put up with. It's pathetic, i mean, come on, we are talking about people.I think they should say "it's nice that he's happy, so we can see RP smiling/laughing all the time, and it makes my day."

We really don't know RK but we can't deny what is in front of our eyes: two people in love who cares about each other and want a little privacy.
Good Job Rose!!! You Rock.

kristine.hills said...

To Anon 1:17

I couldn't agree more w/u, about MA and R hastening the demise of their relationship though, he had it bad for Kristen.
Very well said.

MCarmen said...

I agree with 1.17 pm. There's no proof that Kristen cheated on MA. On the other hand, not long ago, Ted Casablanca from Eonline, hinted that MA had cheated on Kristen while they were in that on/off relationship, so who knows...

Robert met Kristen more than 2 years ago and almost everybody agrees that R/K are a couple since last april, when she broke up with MA after those last pics with him in Vancouver came out. I'd say that Kristen has taken her time till realizing the strength of her feelings for Rob. That's not cheating, she just realized that MA was not the right one for her and also that Rob made her happier. I have to say that I've never seen Kristen so relaxed and smiling as when she's next to Rob.

Del said...

I would just like to say that it IS possible to fall in love and marry that young and STILL keep it together. Met my husband at age 23 when he was ..... 19! *gasp* I know "cradle robber" ;) Guess what, in 9 days we'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary married. OH and did I also mention that it was a whole month and 2 weeks between the time we met/dated/and got married? Yes it can happen. ;)

NOT that I'm saying I wanna see Rob & Kris get married just yet, lol!!

Kathy said...

Rose, you are a MASTER of words !!
You can speak for me anytime. ALL the reasons you gave are 100% true. To me, Rob and Kristen are just that, Rob and Kristen. Kristen is beautiful and Rob loves HER for WHO she is. He has had nothing but praise and respect for her. Just like she's had for Rob. That's awesome. I hope that they will continue to have LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS in this New Year. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rose,i love you!I totally agree with your post.I hate the "robsten"too.I find it offending and stupid.

As for MA.He seems like a nice guy and he must love Kristen as much as she loved him.They weren't 5 years together.They've known each other since she was 13,they were friends,but they got together when she was 16.She has said that in her Nylon interview,i think.Now for the cheating thing.I don't believe that.Kristen was always saying that the rumors about her and Rob were false,that she loves her b.If she had cheated on him,she wouldn't waited for a year to get with Rob.She would have done it right away,i think.IMO,Kristen was fighting with her feelings way to long.She didn;t want to hurt M,she didn't want everybody to think of her as the girl who fells for her co star,maybe she thought that it was just a crush,because she and Rob were spending a lot of time together at the filming.But the pull was something that she couldn't ignore anymore.

Anonymous said...

The most successful marriages are based on love and respect for each other. I could see that Rob and Kristen got the basic ingredients for a long and lasting commitment for each other not to mention their other assets of compatibility.

meg said...

"Love is an evolution of true friendship"...wise-beyond-his-years-Robert Pattinson said this just recently. He's right. Lust is one thing...love,TRUE love, another. He and Kristen were friends, then very good friends for a long time before they became lovers. They spent hours and hours talking deep into the night and knew each other's faults and weaknesses and still fell for each other...HARD. REALLY hard.

This isn't a short term fling where they grow tired of the other after they find out what the other is really like. They got that all out of the way long ago. They have what it takes to make it, really make it and I am rooting for them.

Anonymous said...

Last year,Rob said he didn't like kids or didn't want them(although I think tongue in cheek was in play somewhat)This year? Said on video from Japan he wants to be a young dad and was asked what he wants by age 30-didn't say anything about career but did say he wanted a family of his own and kids by then. Hmm.... what changed,Rob? lol

pinx said...

Hey Rose! Happy new year! What a way to start the year huh? Those pictures of R/K from Isle of Wight was just fabulous!
Great post as usual, by the way. I love how you articulate my thoughts into your blog!
I totally agree with you when you said that young couples make it. I met MY hubby when we were just sixteen, got married at 23 and now just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. =) So we've been together for a total of 12 years, and the passion we have is still burning, if you know what I mean, LOL!
Keep those posts coming Rose!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rose. Just wanted to say that was one of my favorite posts of yours, and that's saying a lot since you're brilliant. Spot on!

Anonymous said...

to me rob & kristen love story more powerful than edward & bella.

Anonymous said...

i love rob and kris,this is the third i'm reading this blog,like it.i am watching speak never fancied michael twlight was the first time i saw rob never looked at HP,so but the first time i saw him come into the lunch room i could of see he had something.i read all the sagas about eight times never liked jacob aka taylor,i went to the back of BD and read the end to see who bella ended with also read BEL_AMI already

Anonymous said...

Another great post Rose! I agree with all points here. I have to say I'm partial to Robsten fans but I agree there are extremes on each side. The whole backlash on Rob was just ridiculous after the Katy Perry thing. And just tonight, I read comments of people saying Kristen looks bad in her new UK picture (did I see the same pic? The girl is beautiful!) and Rob is getting tired of her probably. All the hate and negativity is getting to me in this fandom. But your blog is refreshingly positive toward R/K.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you in many things but you know robsten robsten rumours gossips etc....pffff hey!they are just actors..and i dont care if they have relationship or not...only thing i care its about Rob to be ok!and Happy..nothing else..and please respect (not you ofcourse)Rob Kris and especially Michael..he doesnt fault nothing...he has a relationship with Kristen..why now have to say about him?leave him alone...all leave it alone...sorry for my english...:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your blog rocks...always sensible in your thoughts/feelings. I just have a couple of things to say:
1st- no one has any idea what went down with Kristen & MA- andmaybe b/c fans are so freakin'crazy and judgemental- she has kept her relationship with Rob to herself. I love how people get off thinking they owe anyone anything. Couldn't agree more- the people in their lives (family & friends) know what the deal is- and that's all that matters.
I started dating my husband when i was 18- married at 22 and still married after 16 years! (boy, just gave my age away huh??).
That being said- i have no idea what draws me to Rob- but i think he is awesome in so many ways- beautiful, talented, humble, down-to earth. I think he & Kristen are perfect- they seem to be the best of friends and i firmly believe there is more to their relationship- and couldn't be happier for them!
Just wish people would leave them alone and please- stop acting like they owe anyone anything!
Best of Luck to Rob & Kristen!!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said as always Rose xxoo

kristinson60 said...

Great blog today Rose as usual, and as usual u had some crazy bitch get all up in your business that doesn't know u or know a thing about u. Man there has to be one in every crowd doesn't there!
The part of your blog about Rob & Kristen being too young so they probably won't stay together is a good point, and u are right maybe they will & maybe they won't. I personally don't think it has to do with their age because they are both quite mature especially Kristen; she willbe 21 in a cpl wk
but she is truly an old soul & Rob seems to be an old soul also. I think that is one thing that pulled them together. Another thing ppl have to look at when it comes to Hollywood relationships is how did they get together. A big majority of those relationships come from a col doing a movie together & they start dating & think they're in love and then it turns to shit. It is quite different in R & K's situation because they have done movie after movie with each other and got closer & closer to each other slowly & both actually fought against their love for each other for quite a while for different reasons & when they both finally gave in to that love they were deeply in love with each other not to mention best, best friends. I think that kind of love is a hard bond to break, but we shall see.