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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen Intoxication :)

Someone recently told me that I should
change the name of my blog...
From "Robert Pattinson Intoxication"
Robert and Kristen Intoxication.
I guess I am kinda intoxicated with Kristen.
It's not the same KIND of overwhelming feeling
I get for Robert...
But it's pretty obvious that I adore her.
And waking up this morning...
to this...

FANfuckingTASTIC picture!!
Kristen looks phenomenal...
Hell... the whole cast looks great!
And damn...
Kristen has itty bitty little feet...
TOO cute.

I'm SO excited about Sundance.
That is fitting isn't it?

And this.
I have to say that I'm really impressed with Dakota.
She doesn't even look like herself...
She has really taken on Cherie Curie... completely.
And then we have our wonderful Kristen.
I just wish people could step back from
all the Twilight bullshit that is surrounding her...
And just look at her.
And really SEE her.

I saw the clip from "Welcome to the Rileys"
I'm already a huge fan of James Gandolfini
(Sopranos was a fave)
And I cannot wait to see these two actors
work with each other.

Do the Kristen haters ever stop and wonder
why some of the best actors around...
Somehow manage to work with Kristen?
DeNiro, Penn, Foster, Hurt, Gandolfini...
Surely if she had such a horrible reputation...
she wouldn't get another job?
Yet she continues to show everyone
that there is more to her than just Bella.
She can be...
whatever she wants to be.
And be damn good at it.

(And haters? its a shag...
not a mullet.
And don't you wish you could
look as gorgeous as Kristen...
on a good day?)

Well... I couldn't go without a picture of Robert.
I love Robert.
I do.
People have asked me if Robert will be in Sundance
to support and be with Kristen.
I don't know.
I just know what I read.

I'm guessing it's more complicated now
since he is doing the Haiti telethon on Friday.
From London.

I've 'heard' Kristen is already in the States.
I've 'heard' that Rob might have some time
before filming BA starts...
Does that mean he will turn up in Sundance?
Wouldn't it be nice?
Yes... Yes it would.
Although I'm sure if he DID turn up
(and we shall have to wait and see)
We would all hear all kinds of excuses
as to the reason why.

"Rob is just supporting his buddy"
"Rob was bored, so he flew across the ocean
to hang out with Kristen"
"Rob isn't there to see Kristen...
He likes to ski"
"Rob knows that Kristen has no friends
and he feels sorry for her"
"Rob was told by Summit to go to promote
New Moon and Eclipse"

You get the point.

It is what it fucking is.
Get used to it.

Bye for now.


May said...

2010. will be a great year for our bbs. RM, TR, WTTR...*happy sigh*

Whether Rob joins Kris in Utah is beside the point,imho. They`ll be together very,very soon anyway, whether its in London or USA. I`m fucking sure of it&haters can DIAF for all I care. JSYK...you rock, Rose. ;D

nancita said...

I loved the

"Rob was bored, so he flew across the ocean

to hang out with Kristen"

"Rob isn't there to see Kristen...

He likes to ski"

hahaha, love the blog! Your honesty is refresing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose - do you think Kris will be at the BAFTAs? Read this today. Would love to see she and rob on the red carpet. Oh man..that would be AMAZING.

* The Orange Rising Star Award (voted for by the public, nominations announced earlier this month)

Jesse Eisenberg

Nicholas Hoult

Carey Mulligan

Tahar Rahim

Kristen Stewart

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, the line about Rob going to Utah to ski had me LMAO. As much as I adore Rob, for some reason the image of Rob on a ski slope is all kinds of wrong. I would pay big money to see him try to ski down the bunny slopes. LOL. Btw, can't wait to see Kristen at Sundance either. And wouldn't it be lovely if her Boo came up for a surprise visit? Oh the thought of that brings a big smile to my face.


Anonymous said...

I doubt Rob will go to Sundance.:/ As much as I think he'd love to support Kristen, maybe it would take attention away from the movies and put more on them and I don't think they'd like that. And apparently he's already seen the movies. Lol, you're right about what the haters would say. But if he doesn't go, they'll say "See! He didn't even go to sundance" But if he does go they'll say "That doesn't mean anything" I stopped taking them seriously a long time ago. Nomatter what, I doubt they'll be apart for long anyway. Thanks for another great post Rose!

Anonymous said...

Great post as always, Rose.

I think the title of your blog is perfect. It takes no love from Kristen that Rob is just elevated to a higher plane. One can't forget the hormone factor. There's just never been anyone like him -- in the history of mankind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rose, I always enjoy your post...I would love to see Rob show up at Sundance to love and support Kristen...We all know the haters will say he wasn't there. Even if we have a life size pic. of the two of them holding hands at Sundance, they would still say that wasn't Rob, it was Kristen's shadow...LOL

Anonymous said...

Have you ever stopped to think about how convenient it is that right after New Moon premieres, SUDDENLY no paps can catch a glimpse of Rob and or Kristen. Makes you wonder who was calling all the paps during the New Moon press trip to take pictures. If they can find a way to escape the public eye right now, they could have found a way to escape it before. It’s just a little too fishy to me how quickly they were "able" to disappear after New moon premiered. Now don't get me wrong. I think its great that they are getting a break no matter if they are together or not, but you hear stories of agents of celebs like Britney Spears who calls paps ahead of time in order to get their client the press. Makes you wonder if it was the same for Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

I bet Rob will be there for only few days. Not the whole event but I'm sure he will be there. Kristen likes to ski with Rob, LOL!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:08

Meh. I doubt it. That happens when clients actually need press. They have so much, they've been on overexposed lists everywhere, I doubt their agents would try to get them more after that. They still do get papped when they go out, and the reason they didn't get papped on the Isle of Wight is because you need a boat to get over there. I highly doubt there agents would do that. I think Rob and Kristen would have a fit.

kristine.hills said...

another excuse:
"Rob is just supporting his buddy TomStu" lol

It doesn't matter if he'll be there or not,bc we know he is always w/her in thoughts and in her heart.Of course i agree it'd be GREAT if he comes...sigh
I was RP fan and i thought KS cute and an excellent actress, and she captivated me little by little. I started out as a Rob fan but, being a woman, I can't help but being proud of Kristen.Rob loves her bc she isn't like what YOU WANT she should be.Someone said there's never been anyone like Rob, and i couldn't agree more that's why i love them both, bc not only Rob is UNIQUE but also Kristen.They are just PERFECT for each other.
I've read/heard R didn't do a good job in Twi and NM, and i ask: are you kidding?You must be joking.I LOVED his acting there (make up was weird), he was GREAT, and i do think he'll be one of the best actors in HW, if K herself (a talented and recognized actress) bet high in his talent, of course the guy has a brilliant future as actor.And you can see in his movies.People saying he isn't that good is just jealous.lol
Who cares? Rob is doing his best, and you can see he has proved to be a serious actor.
Kristen will be wonderful at Sundance, haters can say waht they WANT to say, but the only truth is: Who has 2 FANTASTIC movies at Sundance? Right our bb KS.Haters have to get used to it. ;)
Rose your words are FANfuckingTASTIC!!!
I am intoxicated with Kristen AND Robert.It's the same kind of overwhelming feeling. LOL

Anonymous said...

Rose, where did you get that new pic of Rob on this post? I LOVE it. He looks so handsome(when doesn't he lol)Looks like he is wearing Kristen's matching bracelet after Comic Con. :-)

Anonymous said...

All KStew fans please support her Sundance films, I am not in USA so I donot know what more to do for her.
Good luck & stay the way you are.
Ms. Sundance 2010 - whatever taht is?!

Anonymous said...

Unluckily, Kristen's fans here in Europe doesn't know yet if we could have her Indie movies too. We could probably just wait for the DVD but still not sure if it works here in Europe. I'm a bit sad, can't do anything to support her. We are just happy and contented watching some of the trailers of her films in youtube. About Rob, for sure we can have his films here in Europe, no problem about that. Funny that Rob goes to HW and Kristen remains Indie, well aside from the Twilight Saga of course. We keep our fingers crossed for Kristen, she will be internationally recognized soon.

Anonymous said...

i got nothing to do yesterday, so i read all your posts since 2008...and i got teary eyes to witness this beautiful love story blooming right in front of our eyes...Edward and Bella got nothing on Robert and Kristen lol!

Anonymous said...

i just saw WTTR triller on youtube, holy efing green eyes...Rob you lucky bastard you...got waking up in the morning with those eyes gazing at you!!!!(and stwie lucky to got to look at that handsome face every morning lol!)man! they should make baby in the future.

Anonymous said...

haters, its a shag...
not a mullet MOFO's!. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

As someone who sifted her way through the onslaught of Twilight bloggy goodness that can be found through Twitter, I just want to say that yours has become one of the few that I continue to visit (along with Twitarded and Twilightish).

You're doing such a great job just simplifying all the bullshit so those of us who don't want to get caught up in the drama can get the Reader's Digest truth out of it. So thanks for that, and keep doing what you're doing :-).


Anonymous said...

Rose, I adore you and love your post so much. Really hope Rob would be there at Sundance to support Kristen. Love her trailers in WTTR and the Runaways.

TIKisokA said...

"You're doing such a great job just simplifying all the bullshit so those of us who don't want to get caught up in the drama can get the Reader's Digest truth out of it. So thanks for that, and keep doing what you're doing :-).


I couldn't agree more! =P

love reading your posts every time Rose!

Anonymous said...

yeah robandkristen intoxication would be fitting. I love kstew. She is not afraid to go against the hollywood stereotypes. She has her own individuality. I hope many good things will be in store for her in the future.

LustingAfterRob said...

new reader here. i fcking love your blog, hun! always posting trufax, no bullshit! LOVE IT! xxoo

Kathy said...

I was watching some Kristen and Robert videos on youtube last night and I came across one where Kristen acknowledges that she is VERY aware of her "haters" out there. She didn't seem to be upset about it, but I still think it's sad. Hey, but why should she be upset? SHE has Rob. Rob has HER...AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER !!!!!

kristinson60 said...

I love those pictures of Kristen with the Runaways cast she looks so much like Joan Jett it's crazy. She did a fantastic job in that movie eventhough I thought the movie focused more on Cherie Curie than Joan and I wish Kristen had been able to do more. And it was crazy how old Dakota Fanning looked in the film, the girl is only 17 and she already looks older than Kristen. She's taller than her thats for sure Kristen is pretty petite, but it's not a bad thing she doesn't look her age it just means she'll young a whole lot longer. As for Rob going to Sundance it is probably a 50/50 chance I would presume. I know he likes to be with Kristen to support her but he also doesn't like taking her out of the spotlight and he knows that is a big possibility to happen when he's around her. If he doesn't go I don't think it would be because of him thinking it might interfere in their upcoming movies (as someone posted) I really don't think he or Kristen give a damn about that kind of crap anymore.