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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blue Moon - No Robert Commentary?


- Audio Commentary by director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert
- Six-Part Documentary takes you behind the scenes of the film
- Rehearsal Footage with Muse, who is featured on the hit soundtrack
- Three Music Videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina and Mute Math
- And more!

Street Date: March 20, 2010

There you have it.
Can I say just one thing?


Have you lost your mind, Summit?
I have mixed feelings about New Moon as it is.
Yes, I like it.
Yes, I will buy it.
But it doesn't have the same draw for me
as Twilight did.
And it's not because there is so much
more of Taylor Lautner.
I like Taylor.
I felt this way the first time I saw New Moon.
I kept thinking about it...
Still haven't figured it out.
One of the BEST parts about the Twilight DVD
was listening to Robert giggle and make fun of himself.
He did voices, he questioned Catherine Hardwicke
He had 'inside' conversations with Kristen.
And Kristen was all kinds of charming and cute.
To say I'm disappointed is a major understatement.
I mean...
I put up with Catherine's lame ass banter...
 she didn't even seem to know anything about her own movie.
And did anyone care about the "Texas" armadillo?
No. No one cared.
I was so looking forward to listening to 
Robert, Kristen, Taylor and Chris.
All kinds of lame.

Since I am writing about New Moon...
I put in this picture from my favorite part.
It still remains the best scene in the movie.

What does it say about me
when my absolute heart stopping moments... 
from both movies...
are when Robert is walking into the scene for the first time?
I can't even put into words how it makes me feel.

Something in the way he moves...
Damn straight.

A scene from "The Runaways"
Kristen and Dakota look fantastic.
And Kristen...
And she is channeling Joan Jett
Big Time.
Sundance is coming up soon...
I hope this movie does great.
(Along with "Welcome to the Rileys")

Do you think Robert will show up at Sundance?
Be kinda sweet.
I guess we shall see.

Bye for now 


Anonymous said...

Yes! My favorite scene of new moon too.. LOVE HIM and I guess he has the same effect on me too!Just breathtaking!

Natalie said...

I agree- their commentary from Twilight was hilarious!!! I am disappointed....I will definately still buy it but probably not the two disc set. And I thought the price was a little high...$32 for no Rob & K commentary? Maybe I'm just cheap.

sara said...

Another good post! I too am disappointed. I don't see myself buying this DVD. I was disappointed in the movie and while I could watch Rob doing the Shakespeare scene a million times, not much else about the movie did it for me. I left the theater feeling "bleh". I can't wait for Rob and Kristen's other projects. Something to look forward to, right? Esp. Remember Me!!!

Nicki Finn said...

Rose, its so funny, you type what I am thinking. I too felt the same way about New Moon and still can't answer my daughter when she asks why. I loved (and listen to it often) the Twilight Commentary. Why would Summit, Chris or anyone else NOT have the 3 stars comment on their own movie? I do understand some people say that Rob wasn't in it as much BUT he WAS IN IT !!!
As far as his 2 opening sceene...MAMMA MIA !! He is so delicious !!
I truly hope he accompanies his girlfriend to Sundance, it would be great to see him supporting her. I am sure her movies will do great !!
Another great post !! Chat soon,

Anonymous said...

I too wanted Rob on the DVD commentary. :( That was my favorite part of the Twilight DVD. I could have sworn Chris said R/K/&T would be on it though..hmm.. It's kind of funny though some people said he was in LA only to record that!

That would be awesome if he was at Sundance, but probably won't be due to Bel Ami preproduction. That would be really cool though.

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog!! So true to Robsten and showing us the love we all feel for Kris and Rob!!
Wish Rob would be with Kristen for Sundance but see so many reasons why he wouldn't. Filming Bel Ami is one and the other, I kind of feel Sundance is her time to shine alone for her work alone and maybe some of her thunder would be undone by him being there,he does get sooooo much "rightful" attention wherever he goes.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I loved listening to Rob and Kristen's commentary on the Twilight DVD, but it doesn't really surprise me that they decided not have them do a commentary on the NM DVD because it was pretty obvious that TPTB weren't promoting Rob/Edward this time around and he was pretty much MIA as a character in NM. Yeah, sure, he appeared in apparitions, but when it came to the most important Edward scenes, he was shortchanged, unfortunately. I don't have anything against Jacob's character, he needed to be in NM a lot, yes, but they did shortchange Edward's scenes. A major disappointment. I am hoping that David Slade is really listening to the fans and putting as much Edward in Eclipse as possible. Can't wait to see the Eclipse trailer, I think we'll get a good idea of what the movie will be like from the trailer.

Anonymous said...

WTF no Robsten commentary???NNNnnoooooooo!!!!!! i'm treasuring my Twilight DVD like my own child...cuz why? Robsten being silly and funny and flirty off scene (but i do like CH comment on them like "you guys looks like you guys suppose to be together " or something like that lol)then the part when Rob commenting about his buffont(spl?) then Stew said she like the way he said buffont(spl?) with a lil accent then you guys know how it goes * Robsten squeee moment* and now with NM they denied us with all this squeeeeee goodness?! soo mean!

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever Summit is doing we can't do anything. This franchise is so so?..... Just my opinion, until now I'm still bitter of what happened in the Premiere of New Moon that there was no pictures of Rob and Kristen in the red carpet, only after with three of them with Taylor and she's no longer wearing her gorgeous gown and yet there was a pic of Rob, taken with EDR. WTF is Summit thinking. Why promote RM during the New Moon premiere? Is it not enough that the trailer is already included in the New Moon movie and the Lovely Bones movie? I can imagine that the other fans just made their possible ways to make a manip pics of the two of them together. The reason why we can no longer have reliable pics of them of all sorts. Are they (Rob and EDR) not appearing in the opening of RM in one of the theaters?, the reason why Summit is so so?... during the New Moon Premiere.

Nicki Finn said...

Anonymous 9:10, I completely agree. Last I read (and I read ALOT) is that Summit did NOT want RP and KS together at ALL !! I can't understand shy push so hard even during work. They should have gotten pictures during the premier most definately !! I know CH didn't mind the relationship but the suits definately did !! I hope they don't make things worse with upcoming events such as New Moon DVD promo and ALL ECLIPSE events. We will have to wait and see.

Kathy said...

I remember reading Chris talk about Rob and Kris contributing to the commentary on the DVD. He said they were supposed to. I'm SO disappointed now. One thing I'd like to know is if all the NM DVD's are going to be different as far as content...the UK version, the US version, the Canadian version, etc. I thought the R & K Twilight documentary was awesome. Either way, I'll still buy the NM DVD.