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Friday, January 8, 2010

Both Sides of Robert and Kristen

I'm bored.
I'm talking about ROBSTEN.
I've looked at Robsten from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's Robsten illusions I recall
I really don't know Robsten at all...
There is still so much controversy 
over that picture of Rob/Kristen walking.
So. Much.
I mean...
It's like if people prove its NOT them...
Then it proves...
What exactly?
Kristen was (is) in England with Robert.
Proven fact.
What does this picture mean?
That they like to hang out with friends?
They like to walk?
I'm not sure it matters much in the
grand scheme of ROBSTEN!

Yes. I wrote the dreaded word.
Sometimes it just has to be used.
I was reading emails...
scanning Twitter...
and as always thoroughly entertained
by all the chaos Robsten makes.
so lets look at both sides.
Side 1: Rob and Kristen are just "Friends With Benefits".
Side 2: Still not sure why it's OK for Rob/Kristen to be 
"FWB" but not in a relationship.
Does that make it easier to take somehow?
Side 1 : Even if Rob/Kristen ARE together... they have the 
worst relationship in the history of relationships.
It won't last.
Side 2: Considering that Rob/Kristen haven't shown
very much of their relationship to the public...
What exactly are you basing this on?
Side 1: Rob used to be so sweet and open, 
and Kristen has made him closed up and cold.
Just like her.
Side 2: Rob has been forced to shut himself off
from the public and the press.
They want to eat him alive.
Do you blame him for being wary and 
keeping his private life... private?

Side 1:  It's pretty obvious that Kristen is a lesbian.
Side 2: So, Kristen turned lesbian AFTER dating
Oregano for 5 years, but BEFORE dating Rob?

Side 1 : Why the secrecy? Just come out and admit
that you are a couple. Quit lying to everyone.
Side 2: They aren't lying to anyone.
They just aren't talking about it.
If you don't believe in them as a couple...
What are they going to admit?

Side 1: Kristen looks like she hates Rob in EVERY picture.
It's like she can't stand to be near him.
Side 2: Really? Because I've seen a lot of pictures
where she is smiling BIG time at him.
Like she absolutely ADORES him.
Eye of the beholder, huh?

Side 1: Kristen is really dating one of Rob's friends.
That's why she is over in the UK.
It has nothing to do with Rob.
Side 2: It's amazing the things that people can come 
up with to try and explain away why 
Robert and Kristen are together.
E for effort.

Side 1: There is NO way a 'real' picture of them together
hasn't surfaced by now.
 Wheres' the proof?
Side 2: How many pictures do you need?
There has been snuggling, hand-holding...
The morning 'after'...
Together in England.
The proof has been right in front of you
Just open your eyes...

Side 1: Their whole relationship is a publicity stunt.
Summit is making them have 'staged' photo ops
(like the airport tarmac)
To promote New Moon.
Side 2: Then I would think they would
have staged some photo ops with 
Kristen and Taylor.
And honestly...
Does New Moon really need MORE publicity?

Side 1: The little girl in IoW even said
that they were 'friends'. 
See? Even she knows!
Side 2: Yeah, a young girl is quoted
as saying they were friends...
So. What.
I'm not sure why so many cling to that?
 It starts with a D...
Take your pick...
Side 2: Bye for now ;)

*And don't get your panties in a knot...
Just my 'opinion' about the 
stuff that I read online.
This is what happens when there 
is no new Robert news.
I ramble.*


Laura said...

This post is fucking awesome. DITTO to EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love it!
And can I just point out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie never felt the need to divulge the details of their relationship either. They know that no matter what is said, not everyone will be happy about it. They live their lives and let ACTIONS speak louder than words. B/C at the end of the day, those who truely matter, know the truth. And it
seems to me that R&K are taking a page from
B&A's book. Keep what's important to yourself, because no one can hurt you if you don't say anything.

Anonymous said...

oh god get over it, stop treating kristen like she's a little child who needs pretection, so what is some people doesn't like her? don't they have a choice? you may think she's the sh!t but others don't GET OVER IT.. and trying to prove to everyone how they are dating just makes you look insecure about the whole thing.

ps: it's obvious what's going on and i'm happy for them, hopefully they'll last.

Bellanieve said...

Always a Joy to read and relish every morsel ...Luv U :)

Anonymous said...

Wait, so people have the right to not like Kristen Stewart, but people don't have the right to say they like her and defend her. It's equal opportunity. People have the right to their opinions and to not like a particular actor. However, a fair amount of the hate towards her doesn't have a thing to do with her acting and much more to do with who she's dating. But in my opinion that's just women being women.

MNTwilightMom said...

RIGHT ON!! YOUR POST IS JUST WONDERFUL! It never seems to amaze me what you write...THE TRUTH JUST HURTS SOME PEOPLE!
Luv Ya,

Jenna said...

honestly...i completely agree with what anonymous said. normally i dont use these terms because i hate how the media creates pet names for everyone, but i'm by no means against robsten. i think that ots great if they're happy and they are together.

however i think it is a little rude how a lot of people attack people that are against the realtionship or against kristen for some reason..i've read it on so many sites. everyone is entitled to their opinion and if they dont like it so be it.

shes a teenager...and he's a guy in his early 20's...they're not walking down the aisle anytime soon lol...i think everyone needs to just calm down about these two whether you are for or against the relationship :)

May said...

Oh my....Rose,dear Rose, haters/nonstens/trolls really have a full schedule with all the "R/K are not together" delusion,huh... LOL

I love you&your blog SFM.Just so you know.

Showing to all people in deep denial that Rob and Kris are a devoted couple, day after day, seriously makes you my superhero.<3

Rose said...

OK. Do some people just not fucking read what I write? Or is it a comprehension problem?
Not once... but TWICE I made a point about being bored and just rambling and stating *MY* opinion.
This is my blog, after all...
It's what I do.

And GET OVER IT indeed. Don't fucking come here and tell me what to do. How many times have I written that I don't give a fuck if anyone believes that Rob and Kristen are together? I don't care.
If I did I guess I would go read YOUR blog everyday and then make lame, obtuse comments.

Honestly. I forgot a D word in this post...


Amanda said...

She traveled 6000+ miles to spend New Years with him. FWB? I don't think so Nonstens. I also don't understand the "she never smiles with him" thing. All the pictures I've seen of them, especially recently they couldn't look happier.. Nonstens will say what they will because it makes themselves feel better.

Anonymous said...

You've expressed it all Rose. You're so adorable, as usual.

Becca Lynn said...

Hi Rose, I just found your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy your page. Are you reading my mind? We've never met but I swear it seems you know exactly what I'm thinking and feeling. I believe Rob and Kristin have been together for some time but chose to keep it to themselves...the people who truly know and love them know what is going on between them and they don't owe the rest of us anything. During the New Moon press junket they were under contract to promote the movie not their lovelives. If they had revealed their personal lives during that time the movie would of never been discussed. I don't think they are hiding it or they would never have agreed to give their cute fan a picture during their holiday. But all we should expect from them is that they give us their best in their work that we are looking forward to in the future.
Thanks Rose for the lovely pictures and your entertaining blog.


Anonymous said...

iknow, i know she flew all that way cuz she wanted rob to explain cricket to her, right....cuz who really understands that game anyway???

Melissa said...

Rose, this post is fucking awesome.

Oh, and I love you. BIG TIME. :)



Jewels64 said...

Well said Rose!! The pics prove they're together! Time to just let them be!!

Anonymous said...

@Jenna - Actually people who believe in robsten were mocked, bashed and made look stupid until a few months ago. The nonstens can't take the high road and claim that it's petty making fun of their 'rationalizations" now that they are the ones with egg on their faces. They are entitled to their opinions and their denial but honestly, you have to admit that some excuses ARE ridiculously funny.

@Rose - Great entry once again :) The part about Kristen turning lesbian after MA but before RP made me lmao!

And I totally agree on the lying part too. Seriously, when have R & K lied about their relationship? They don't talk about it, how can you lie when you avoid answering???? I always get mad when I read that they lied and should admit. Why should they??? That's THEIR lives and they can do whatever they want to, no explanation, no statement needed. They don't owe us anything as far as their private life is concerned.

And the PR stunt, fucking hilarious! If it was, they wouldn't try to keep their relationship to themselves as something precious and worth fighting for. Look at another cast member to compare and see the difference. But then, to do so, the nonstens should be able to see what is in front of their eyes... which they aren't. How many pics do we have that proves rob & kristen are a couple? yet they don't see it and never will... *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

The little girl they were with friends friends not that they were friends. She also said that the reason the pic made her a phenomenon was because the fansites picked it up as it confirmed that they were dating.

kristine.hills said...

I have just one thing to add:
Why does Kristen prefer to hang out with BOYS? Bc some women can be so DISGUSTING,FALSE, and we can see clearly this HUGE example: women hating a 19 year old girl just bc she is dating their fantasy man? That's why this world were/is/will be always dominated by men.She is completely right to hang out w/boys and be VERY PRIVATE.Thank God we can still find humble,good women in this world like Kristen, Rose and a lot of women who read this lovely blog(at least the most of us here).
You don't treat them like crap, and you certainly don't talk bad about bad about them.You respect their descisions.Treat them with diginity.And just being all around nice to them! And not disrepecting them. If we want RESPECT lets show our respect for people.RESPECT to me means letting us all be you we are without judgement, this does not mean that we have to agree with one another ,we accept one another for who we are.
Respect is a highly cultural thing.
At the end, respect is what you might get if you are willing to pay.In other words it's just a matter of RESPECT.Lets RESPECT ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART.

kristine.hills said...

By the way i love your blog!

Kathy said...

@kristine.hills~~~ I agree with what you said about respect. All these people who claim to love Rob and be a fan are NOT respecting him and his decision to be with the woman he loves. That's sad. Would I love to be with Robert? Hell yes !!! Is it realistic for me to think that I could? Hell no !!! But more than anything, because I am a fan, I want him to be happy, and KRISTEN makes him happy...no matter what her hair looks like, no matter what she wears or if she bites her fricken lip a million times. It's called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE you idiots !!!! Geez.

Anonymous said...

Love and respect for each other is the greatest gift of all. Marriages will stay thru ages if you have these two basic ingredients of successful marriage or even to get along with family and friends. Whatever you've got, money, power and looks are just nothing if you got no love and respect in return. It's priceless to live with dignity. I adore you, Rose.

pinx said...

Fabulous post Rose! Go get 'em Nonstens!

Anonymous said...

I ... LOVE YOU! And I love this post in particular! I found your blog this morning thru the E! forums, and w/your permission, I'd love to send a coupla non-violent "Robsten deniers" over to catch your civil and intelligent thoughts and questions. Shout over at my LJ if you'd rather I didn't, tho - I know the worst thing would be to have to deal w/hate (not from MY deniers, but word travels, I suppose) on your own site.

As for me, I've just bookmarked a new source of happiness and joy!