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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday's Sarcastic Soapbox

A different version of the New Moon poster
Couple of things...
I like Taylor Lautner.
I think he did a great job in New Moon.
I appreciate all the hard work
he did to keep the role of Jacob Black.
We all know he's standing on a box here.
(we've seen the picture)
And I get that they want to make him 
appear taller and more menacing.
Taylor isn't as tall as Robert.
Everyone knows that.
No, Taylor isn't stumpy like Shorty Spice
(Yes, Oregano)
Let's face it...
He's no Robert Pattinson.

Remember these pictures?
Kristen's legs wrapped around Roberts.
PLENTY of room in that limo.
But the thing the haters focused on was
Kristen's face.
Her 'bitch' face.
Now, I know she has one.
I'm rather fond of it.
I'm wearing my bitch face right now...
But the haters are always whining about 
how Kristen is so mean to Rob.
She's always making faces...
or interrupting him when he talks.
I say this.
I do that to my husband
all the time.
I mean...
If you are close and intimate with someone...
You do this without even thinking.
DH says something stupid...
Or makes no sense? 
I interrupt him.
DH tells the same story again (and again)
Using the same old jokes and lines...
I make a face.
It happens when you are close to someone.
When you have heard it all.
When you are comfortable enough
to be openly honest.
I think it shows how well 
Kristen KNOWS Robert.

Robert walking.
Just had to.
I tell ya...
Remember Me has some of the best
pictures of Rob.

I just wanted to address
the hypocrisy 
that lives in ROBland.
I mean...
there is SO much
it makes you dizzy... 
I get that people want to drive 
their point of view home.
I don't really get it...
But I'm used to it.
But there is a certain hater site
which will remain nameless...
(but you know who you are
because you are probably reading this) 
who criticize and insult
people who lurk at their site
to see what they have to say.
They say these lurkers are cowards...
and losers...
They constantly talk about going to other sites
and prowling around...

Now, lurking is one thing...
Everyone goes to other public sites
and reads without commenting...

But a PRIVATE site
run by someone that they 
publicly skew and attack
on a daily basis?
They go so far...
that they PRETEND to be
someone who is a fan of Kristen's
Someone who believes in Rob/Kristen as a couple... 
and ask to be a member of this site...
For the sole reason of knowing what this person
has to say about Rob and Kristen.
They make fun of this person's knowledge...
They act like it means nothing. 
Yet they are so insecure...
so bitter and paranoid...
That they lie about who they are
because they are afraid of what she is going to say.
So they fucking SPY on her.

Not only is that hypocrisy at its finest...
That's pathetic.

And if you feel I'm writing about you
and your forum/blog?
I guess I am.

You know my favorite saying...
If the shoe fits...
Slide that bitch on.

Bye for now.


Kelly said...

Another great post. I love...'if the shoe fits, slide that bitch on'...could also go with if the shoe fits, slide it on, bitch' ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how this hype about Rob has gone so far. So sad that each of us can't be in one voice but I agree that between fans, we always have a soft spot between Rob and Kristen, more preference than him or her.
I agree with you Rose, I made faces too to my husband if I dislike something.It's a kind of attitude to a person we are used to, someone we already committed certain degree of intimacy. I love your blog, you always have something interesting to brought up and never run out of something new. Love to visit here everyday, looking forward to every topic you want to share with us. Thanks a lot for inspiring us.

Anonymous said...

Rose, how can you do this so consistently? You just make me laugh out loud.

I love the way you call it on long-time intimate relationships. I imagine a little fly on the wall would have plenty to criticize about most of these relationships. The parties involved can be deeply in love, still those absolute truths pop out without a filter. It's the shorthand of intimacy, and sometimes not the pretty side of it. But it doesn't necessarily mean there's any less love.

I love that pic of Rob and Kris with their feet intertwined. And the looks on their faces have nothing to do with their feelings for each other. They have to do with the nasty paps who unexpectedly opened the car door and rudely snapped their pic. Not nice! But what's new?



Anonymous said...

"If the shoe fits, slide that bitch on" will now be one of my favorite sayings. Thanks again Rose for a witty post.

Oh, and I love the limo pic! Why? Because of the "after" pics with the limo driver that came out later. I love how Rob's hair is nice and tamed before the limo ride with Kris. But one ride later, BAM! Messy hair like no other. What was even funnier was reading the explanations for that happening. My favorite: "the only logical reason Rob has wild hair after the limo ride is that he was sticking his head out the window and the air made it messy". Hahaha. How about Rob/Kris/back of limo....enough said.

Dasha said...

I know I should write about your post...But you're married?! Wow, that's great!
If only I could clearly understand what the phrase "If the shoe fits...Slide that bitch on" means... My English lets me down in this situation((
About the post. It's amazing... as always!)) Thanks for that!)

imloco2 said...

*bows* Done it again Rose. High five and pound it. The hypocrisy is sometimes unbearable. I wonder sometimes if those people who hate so much even see themselves as they are. You'd think they have to see what they are doing. It reminds me a lot of those girls/women who threw themselves on Rob in New York. They stood afterwards and smiled a big smile that said 'yes, I went there and I'm proud of it'. I wonder if they ever really got the fact they were wrong and people didn't like them. (putting it mildly) Or do they strut to this day and talk of how they got thiiiis close to RPattz, never mind that he had to change his whole way of dealing with people because of people like them. Yep...the haters sure remind me of those kind of two faced rats. Glad you called 'em on it. Too bad they can't or won't see themselves as they really are.

And you are right again, RM has a butt load of dreamy pictures. Heaven help me...

spellbound said...

Love your post! I had actually never heard that about the "bitch face" in this pic. And to me it doesn't look like that at all. It just looks like they are both talking about something & excited or she is surprised at something he said. They'd probably both had a few drinks. This was one of the pics that confirmed for me (in my mind, at least) that they were together. I said the same thing you said...there is plenty of room in that limo. I get so disgusted at people too. I posted a gif in a group I'm in the other night. It was a gif of Rob giving Kristen the eye as she walked onto a stage in front of him. And of course someone had to comment, saying he needed to stop looking at that b*tch that way because he belonged to HER. I actually looked up that woman's profile...I wanted to see her age. I was hoping against hope that she was a young teenager. But no, she is a married woman. I really don't even know what to say anymore...I didn't respond to her at all. And I think that's the best way to handle these people, just try to ignore them.

sara said...

Thank you for your posts! They are so intelligent and insightful. I have started coming here every day, just to check out what you have to say about my fave actor. No hate here, which I love. And you are right, there is something about a tall man, isn't there?? My husband is 6'5". Love it and it is one of the many things I love about Rob. And you're also right, there is something about him walking that is just my - oh- my so wonderful! My hubby doesn't get the whole Rob thing. I'm never like this, but hubby is a good sport! Keep up the brilliant posts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you rose! I become addicted by your daily posts. You are amazing.

kristine.hills said...

to anon 12.32pm
I agree with u,Rob's hair is nice and tamed before the limo ride with K,but one ride later, messy hair like no other.I do love the pic too.They seem so comfortable and very intimate.
I went to a site one of these 'robsessedland sites' when the pic of RK in London surfaced on the Net, and i regretted i read the comments, they were insane,ridiculous.As Rose said they 1st pretended they liked it, but suddenly one blindsten made a miserable comment about K and the blindstens followers attacked K in a hard,cruel way.Jeez, they don't know the meaning of RESPECT. What really p.off is : if they don't like K PLEASE don't put her pic there.
I hv just one thing to say: God bless KrisRob every single day.

Rose wise words as always.

Anonymous said...

"Kristen KNOWS Robert"
Exactly! I'm sick of hearing how the nonstens would act if they were in a relationship with Rob. "I would get dressed up more than Kristen" "I would never cut him off while he's speaking". They don't understand that Rob is Kristens REALITY. She knows him. They are just thinking from their fan view of him. Rob has said time and time again he likes strong girls, someone who tells it like it is. That's why Rob is with Kristen. He likes who she is.

Anonymous said...

Dasha, it may not be my place to explain this, but I thought I would try. Rose's last two lines, "If the shoe fits. . . Slide that bitch on," is a play on the American colloquial phrase, "If the shoe fits, wear it."
She's making another funny play on words by referring the "the shoe" as "that bitch."

The original phrase, "If the shoe fits, wear it," means "If the situation applies to you, claim (or admit)it."

It's a bit difficult to explain, but I hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

I think Rob has made himself very clear on the subject of the type of women he's attracted to. And Kristen is the epitome of that type.

He doesn't want a beautiful poser who is all about fitting in and looking beautiful but has no authenticity or much personality.

He likes Kristen's usual casual look but appreciates how beautiful she can look dressed up. He also likes her talent, her intelligence, her dry humor, and her irreverent, take-no-prisoners attitude. He's a smart guy with a good sense of self. It's no accident that Kristen is his girl.


Nicki Finn said...

Another Robsterpiece (masterpiece)HAHA !! You are amazing and I too lookforward to your posts. We think so much alike and I too do the same things to my guy and let me tell you after 11 years, I have a permanant "bitch face"on !! However, I do have a question for either Anonymous 12:32pm or Kristine.hills, where are those pictures of his messy hair after the limo ride? Do you have any idea where I can see them, just curious !! Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

You've said the truth. It is so. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual Rose. Love reading your thoughts. My new fav phrase: 'if the shoe fits, slide that bitch on' lmao. But I´m afraid there won´t be enough shoes in the world for all the b!tches around ;)


Anonymous said...

@Nicki Finn: here u can see the pics, the limo driver took them when he dropped them at their hotel. U can see the really messy hair here: http://www.newmoonmovie.org/2009/05/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-and-limo-driver/


Anonymous said...

K. Thanks for that pic. I've seen it before but it's so much fun to see it again. Gosh, his hair was mussed up big time! LOL! Lynn - you described Kristen so well. Yes, she is not a typical HW glam girl, she is very unique and mature for her age and it makes me like Rob even more when I know she is the type of girl he loves.

Nicki Finn said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ! That is great !! I never saw that before !! Messy hair is right ! I do indeed wonder what went on in that Limo. I am quite sure he was NOT hanging out the window...how funny !! JUST ADMIT IT YOU TWO !!! Thanks again for thinking of me !!!

Melody said...

I think I love you.