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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Six Degrees of Robsten Revisited...

I'm not feeling too great today...so I decided to repost something from a long time ago. August 2009. OK.... not THAT long ago... but its kinda funny to reread it... and realize how nothing has fucking changed.

I hope you like it.

Bye for now.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Six Degrees of Robsten

It's becoming dangerous to be a Robsten fan lately.
I find myself being verbally attacked
Just because I happen to like
Rob and Kristen together.
Yeah... really.
And I find it so ridiculous that
I need to defend myself...
Because of an opinion.

There are degrees to Robsten...
Let's say...
Six degrees to Robsten...

6. If you a Six... You don't really give a rats ass
who the hell Rob dates.
In fact, you don't really give a shit about Rob.
You just think he's cute.

5. Fives are undecided.
They feel intrusive if they have an opinion...
It's none of their business who Rob dates.
At least that's what they keep telling themselves...

4. Fours are accepting.
They aren't actually fans of Robsten...
And they aren't really fans of Kristen...
But they love Rob...
And will try to give her a chance.

3. Threes are wary...
They like Robsten...
But are scared something bad is going to happen
and then the movies will be ruined.
Or the chemistry will be lost...
They worry that Rob's heart will be broken...
Or that Kristen will change him somehow.

2. Twos are giddy.
They thoroughly enjoy all Robsten has to offer.
The pictures of Rob and Kristen together...
The gossip and innuendo that surrounds them.
Twos are so happy with their Robsten...
That they can accept opposing opinions with a smile.
Twos just like to see Rob's smile when he is with Kristen.
Twos are happy when Rob is happy.

1. Ones are scary.
Robsten or Nonsten...
The determined Robsten
who will say anything...
Twist any story...
To make their point.
The delusional Nonsten
who insists no matter the evidence...
That there IS no Robsten.
Ones stalk Rob.
Ones threaten Kristen.
Ones threaten opposing viewpoints.
Ones write emails to blog and websites
verbally attacking people.
Ones cannot separate fantasy...
from reality.

I think I'm a Two.
I enjoy Robsten.
I have fun with Robsten.
I love Rob. I love Kristen.
I love Rob and Kristen together.
But I would still love each of them apart...
Either way.

I'll be honest here...
The most important part of Robsten to me?


He's the reason I'm here.
And no matter what path his love-life travels...
I will still be here.

Bye for now


mya bluesky said...

yeah, u really right. The most important part of Robsten to me is Rob too, if he happy, that i will be happy too :)

Anonymous said...

I also am a 2. The only celebrity crush of my life is Rob. An appreciation for Kristen came slower and in a different way, but now I'm crazy bout her. But I have to admit that my adoration of Kristen is a direct reflection of my adoration of Rob. There's simply never been anyone like him.

I am probably too invested in their staying together, which I guess is not a good thing given their ages (although I was married at 19).

But if any two young people can defy the odds, these two can. I've never seen anything quite like either one of them. And they seem to have brought out the best in each other.


Dee said...

I agree I'm also a 2 ! I just have to agree with da fact dat I love rob n I love kristen n I love them both together! But stillllllll wish on having rob !

imloco2 said...

Ha ha... this is the post that first brought me to Rose's site. Her other posts kept me here, but this is the golden one for me. I'm pretty sure I was a two back then, but if not I sure am now. ;)

Hope you feel better Rose.

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw the trailer of Twilight was four months after and that it is no longer in the theater but it was in DVD in my country. I didn't know about the book but what attracted me is this girl saved by this young man. I asked my husband to buy the DVD and we watched this film and simply like this girl Kristen. Then I googled her and watch the interview of them in France Canal. I find her very beautiful and with Robert I could see that she seems to liked him. Then I started to be interested with them until I bought all the books and read all the series of the saga. Kristen is Aries like me (fire sign) and I difinitely have a protected feeling about her but my husband of
24 years is a water sign just like Rob a Taurus and I thought of some similarities of Rob's who is a joker, likes to drink and hang out with friends too and my husband is a musician who plays guitar and we have a son just like the age of Rob and as well a lead guitarist of a local rock band in my country. I am eagerly watching the progress of their relationship because it's not easy to deal with a water sign when you belong to a fire sign in horoscope. Yes, I believe in horoscope and I like Rob because I love Kristen.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am most definitely a 2. :)

Bicu said...

I also love Rob. and Kristen.
I love them together. and apart.
honestly, I really can't imagine them apart.Every picture of them together that emerged in the last weeks, showed me that they really belong together.
And so it comes...when I'm thinking of Rob, there is always Kristen - and when I'm thinking of KStew, there's always RPattz.I'm happy about that.

I hope both will always be happy. then I'm happy too.


SwedenGirl said...

When I see pictures of Kristen and Robert together my whole face just smile. I'm so happy when I see them so happy, so I would definitely say that I'm a 2.

I hope you get better rose !

saucysharon said...

I'm a 2!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog
I love your way with words
I love your sarcasm
I love your snarkiness
I love you.....


Kathy said...

I'm a 2 ...... Though IF Rob and Kristen were nolonger together, it would take some getting used to, but either way, I love them both.

Anonymous said...

ditto for 2 and i love rob because i love kristen. but the love level definitely goes up exponentially higher when they're together.

weirdfishes said...

Hello Rose! I made this video about this song because it remembers Edward & Bella love.. I want you to see it because its the first video I made. I hope u enjoy it.. I made it specially for persons like u.



spellbound said...

I'm definitely a 2! I never wanted them to be together or looked for it, until I saw it happening in front of my eyes. That was in April I think. I was never particularly crazy about Kristen but once they got together it was SO obvious that they brought out the best in each other & made the other one so happy, how could I not like it?? I really love Rob & want his happiness. That.Is.All.