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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Do You See What I See??

The KPattz world is pretty dead.
Well...not the Kristen hate
Of course...
What better thing to do with your life
than hate on some teenager that you don't know?

But anyway.
I was sent these pictures yesterday...
Someone told me that Kristen was wearing Rob's
shirts from the New Moon poster!
OK... I kid, I kid.

So here is our dear Kristen
getting back to L.A.
Note the shirt and black t-shirt
under her jacket...

And now look at the shirt/t-shirt that 
Robert is wearing in the NM picture...
(and let's ignore the little black box...)

SUPPOSEDLY those are the same shirts.
So SUPPOSEDLY Kristen is wearing Rob's clothes...
Or something like that.
I'm all for the dreamy Rob/Kristen romance...
I really am...
But I also like to think I'm kinda... logical.
maybe that's just my warped perception of myself...
But hell.. this is my blog after all!
Rob is like 6'1... right?
And although Kristen's bio says she is 5'6-5'7
I have to say she is closer to 5'4... maybe 5'5
Not that a couple of inches makes much difference.

It would lead me to believe...
That Rob's shirt would hang down to mid thigh
at best on her.
She's tiny.
The t-shirt I can see... because she twists
and tucks and ties that shit up.
But unless Rob shrunk his shirt
in the washer machine (heh)
Which is entirely possible...
I have a hard time believing that is the same shirt.

Another EW outtake.
There is NO SUCH THING as an outtake
when it comes to Robert Pattinson.
The man is glorious in all his gloriousness.
And that's probably not a word...
but it works... right?
Look at what he has on his wrist!
The Super Secret Strip of Shoestring
that tells the world that
Robert is in love with Kristen!
And yes...
I'm being FACETIOUS.
And that is a fucking word!
We don't need no stinking shoelaces.
It's pretty damn obvious 
to everyone who has normal sane rational vision...
That Robert and Kristen are in a relationship.
There is no need to prove anything.
There is no proving here.
Let the Nonsten/Hatestens keep yelling
about the need for 'proof'
It gives them something to live for do
with all their spare time.

 Just because.
I love him.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Another great post, Rose.

It's always cracked me up when fans or non-fans talk about how Rob and Kristen wear each others clothes. I'll buy it when it comes to hats or Kristen wearing Rob's jacket on occasion, but like you say, the size disparity makes that possibility ludicrous. The funniest I've heard is that Kristen wears Rob's shoes. Now, I know that Rob has relatively small feet(size 10s)for a man his size, but Kristen has relatively small feet for a woman (size 7s, according to her). So Kristen's into clown shoes now?

Like you say, Rose, do we really need to reinvent the wheel. They're in a relationship.


Me said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, you are friggin' hilarious. Thanks for the giggles this morning. My favorite line, "But unless Rob shrunk his shirt in the washer machine (heh)". Yeah, like Rob washes his clothes. LOL. Love this couple and love your blog.


Anonymous said...

I kind of like the shoelace bracelet thing....

Rose said...

Anon @12:35

I kinda like the shoelace bracelet thing, too...
In fact I was just watching an interview with Kristen at Sundance where she is boldly wearing and playing with her bracelet!
I hope that there is something behind the fact that both of them are wearing the shoestrings...
but my point in the post...
Is we don't NEED the bracelets to prove to ourselves or anyone else that Rob and Kristen are together.

Vampsus said...

Love, agree, and am entertained by your post, Rose, but I'm still dwelling (stuck) on the sauntering, strutting, strollin', damn straight thing from the other day!!! I cut out the strutting picture and use it as a book mark. I read a lot. And, I say, "Damn Straight", every time I open that book! Luv, Vampsus

Anonymous said...

I actually have four laminated pics of Rob and Kristen from HB, put all in my Twilight Series books as bookmarks. I have another two from VF as bookmarks too.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Rob put something of his on Kristen while she was in London. I can't imagine he wants to be away from her without her having a constant reminder of him. So cute :>

Anonymous said...

With the shoelace bracelets, I like them also. But you're absolutely right, there is no need for more proof. Anything that happens now is pretty much icing on the cake.

kristine.hills said...

IDK, i was interested in Twilight Saga, i was reading about it, i read fanfics about the books,bc i love EDward POV, and suddenly these two caught my attention so badly, i felt their connection and i watched fans vids,interviews and read a lot about RK, i COULDN'T DENY what was in front of me their adoration for each other, it is palpable. I know they went/go and will go through a lot of shi t to be together, that's why i ADMIRE RK so much. they DO RESPECT and PROTECT their love story, it's amazing how they fight against the 'world' to live what they are feeling. God bless RobKris and give them wisdom and strength to go through all this insanity and BE TOGETHER and HAPPY. They amaze me so much.
We need NO proof, you are right. Perfect post ROSE.
Lets just be happy and watch their love story.

PS.: i noticed her shirt and t-shirt and i had the same thought 'he's taller than her...' but the t-shirt ...

Anonymous said...


kristine.hills said...

Have you seen these pics yet? I think so.But i'd like to share it.


She is GOOORRRGEOUS!!! And the fuck.ing lovely bracelet!!! So cute

Those GREEN EYES can kill anyone...

Anonymous said...

RK wayy cuter than basket of kitties!!! about the shirt & the shoes...maybe they like to buy the same stuff, like for his and hers. you know the boyfriend/girlfriend thing...lol.

Anonymous said...

Stwie pics r soo cute...awww Robbie little panther!!!! and the shoelace!!!cuteeee

Joh said...


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Anonymous said...

Okay so I am in love with your blog and it makes me feel a little bit more normal knowing i'm not the only one who is obsessed with this British guy who is extremely good looking, may have played a sparkly vampire, and may be dating one of the most badass chicks in Hollywood. Sorry for my little rant I was actually trying to say that im sitting here still laughing at that little black box in the NM pic!