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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Dissection of Robert and Kristen.

OK... here we go again.
Another 'leaked' picture from IoW.
Let's face it... it's shitty.
Blurry... The sun is blasting in it...
It was said that this is a picture of Rob/Kristen
and that they are holding hands.
It was supposedly taken from someones facebook page...
You know...
It was a friend's sister's cousin who knows the guy down
the street who is related to someone who is friends
with Robert Pattinson.
You get my drift.
My honest take of the picture?
1. It's shitty.
2. That definitely looks like Kristen from behind.
3. Rob? Not so sure. It could be him...
It probably is him...
who else would Kristen be next to?

But like the haters like to point out...
It's just a 'moment in time'
The next frame could very well convince me it's our guy.
And man... the haters were out in full force last night.
They were dissecting every molecule of that picture.
"Those are NOT Rob's shoes."
"Rob is taller... and thinner"
"They aren't holding hands!"
"Kristen is a lesbian!!!"
Again... you know how it goes.
I don't need another picture of 
Robert and Kristen holding hands...

 We've got this one.
Crystal clear.
No doubt who is in this picture.
And while the haters will of course
say that "they aren't holding hands"
We all know that they are.
And they look deliriously happy doing so.

And although I've believed in Robert/Kristen
for a long (long... did I say LONG) time...
And although there has been picture after picture
of Robert and Kristen...
As soon as Kristen stepped off that plane in England...
And as soon as it was known to the world
that Robert and Kristen were
TOGETHER again...
It should have silenced all critics.
But of course...
That will NEVER happen.

So the microscopes are out...
The magnifying glasses are in hand...
And the haters are trying so hard
to find some flaw in the pictures.
Trying to find solace in some obscure pixel... 
And I say...

Who cares.

You don't have to like Kristen Stewart.
And I almost understand the need for you
to rationalize the pictures
and how hard it must be for you to accept
that Robert and Kristen are in a relationship.
And I realize that you will continue to make excuses
to why they are always in the same place...
at the same time.
But every time a picture comes out...
How many times can you throw out the 
"Kristen is a bitch"
"They are only FWB"
"Kristen has no friends so she hangs out with Robs"
Yada Yada Yada

When does it start to ring hollow and false?

You don't have to like Kristen Stewart.
But do you like Robert Pattinson?
Because SHE is who he chooses to be with...
No matter the excuses.
No matter the rationalizations.
Kristen IS with Robert.
And it's because they want to be 

No excuses.
No twisted rationalizations
can change that.

Bye for now.

*And please don't start in and say
"Leave them alone"
I'm just giving my opinion of what 
I see online.
That's what I do here*


CullenLove_x said...

Completely agree. Well said!

twilightangel17 said...

I love u Rose.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. I love that R/K are so happy together. This is not a publicity stunt. I love these two so much.

May said...

"You don't have to like Kristen Stewart.

But do you like Robert Pattinson?

Because SHE is who he chooses to be with...

No matter the excuses.

No matter the rationalizations.

Kristen IS with Robert.

And it's because they want to be


No excuses.

No twisted rationalizations

can change that."

I wuv you SFM rn,Rose.<3

Oh and JSYK,90% of "fans" who are saying "leave them alone" are actually ppl so deeply in denial, who simply just wanna believe, no matter how incorrect that belief is, that Rob is single&that R&K are "just REALLY close friends".

Riiight. And Pope is a buddhist.;p

Kathy said...

It doesn't matter if the picture above is really Rob and Kristen. WE know that they are together, somewhere in England, holding hands. They are TOGETHER. KRISTEN is THE ONE that ROB chooses to be with. Enough said. Rose, as always, you are right. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Actually,i don't know if the people in this pic are R&K.The guy looks kinda fat and we all know that Rob is skinny.I know that they're in love and they would hold hands all the time,but not in this photo.IF they're them.

As for Kristen.I love the girl,because she reminds me of myself.People just don't get me,because they think i'm a stuck up,because i don't talk too much and i have serious problems when i have to speak publicly.I'm going red and don't know what to say.So,i heart Kristen and i think she's an amazing lady.That's why the nasty comments about her make me mad.Today i read at Robsessed many comments about how much they think that she's gonna break Rob's heart,when she'd find someone else to use for her career????or because she's so young and she will cheat on him like she did with MA or that she's a bad influence to him,because last year he was answering all the questions and he was sweet and this year she has turned him into a cold one(lol) who doesn't answer all the questions.I mean some women over there have serious problems.They see Rob as a white knight or Jesus,maybe.

Sometimes,i really wish that Rob would do an interview in which he would say to all his crazy,phycho fans to STFU and that he doesn't give a shit about them,so to stop bothering him and stop spreading their shit about his love all over the internet.Of course,i know it won't happen,but a girl can dream,right?

Anonymous said...

They're clearly in love and I doubt they're caring about what anyone else thinks about it. They have their lives to live, careers to manage, and in every spare minute, love to make :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe in Kristen and Robert and you all too. Nothing else matters.
Thank you so much, Rose! Your posts are always great!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say to the KStew haters....if she was that bad why would Rob hang out (and date) her. I'm a Robsten believer and hope that they do announce it soon. I adore Kristen almost as much as Rob, the only thing he's got that she hasn't....well that should be obvious. People stop with the KStew hating please. It's getting boring. Oh and if you are a nonsten then why the hell are you bothering to disect the pics, you really shouldn't care less!! Sorry, had my rant...now I'm going over to youtube to watch all Robsten related interviews, I know, it's an addiction.x.

Anonymous said...

Rose you said it crystal clear. It never ends. I know I believe in Robert and Kristen. May their love grow and grow and grow............and they'll be happy together for the rest of their life . ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that some of these 'private' pics where leaked perhaps by the request of Rob and Kris. They figured they'd give a nice little 'confirmation' that YES, they are together without having to verbally say it and now everyone can STFU! Not that owe the fans ANYTHING. Perhaps they are aghast that there STILL is fighting amongst the fans. All so silly. They must think what the HELL do people want?? I can picture Rob now, with a smirk on his face...video camera in hand...eyebrows up, the 'come fuck me stare' and Kris - "Oh Hell to the NO buddy!" ...

imloco2 said...

I think it's Rob and Kristen, because I know that somewhere on the IOW Rob and Kristen have walked hand in hand. This is as good a representation as any. :D

I remember Rob saying that he was going a bits nuts early last year and that when he got to the set he talked to 'someone' who set his mind straight and helped him cope with the insanity of his life now. He said '...even if I quit everything today it wouldn't stop.' (boy that sounds like a Kristen line if I ever heard one. Just saying...*g*) So if I believe Rob, and I do, he was seriously at the point of deciding if he was going to keep doing this acting/hollywood star thing or just try and quit and go back to being normal again. (how many times have we worried about him doing just that. Although not so much recently. ;)) I have nothing concrete to back this opinion but in my own mind I thank Kristen every so often for the fact that Rob is handling the whole Star thing as well as he is and still willing to perform in front of the cameras. I think she and her family and connections have been a tremendous source of comfort and knowledge while he's been dealing with all this. I remember the laughing, confused, embarrassed boy before Twilight hit (still love that Rob too!) and the laughing, articulate, humble man we saw after New Moon. Yep, I liked him before, but I like who he is becoming as he grows up even more. Thanks Kristen. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree a little here Rob did not choose Kristen. Kristen chose Rob. If the rumors were to true, Rob wanted Kristen from the very beginning and waited for her for couple of years. Kristen was the one who had to make a hard choice to stay with her long time BF or give in to her feelings and give Rob a chance to prove him self. Now, obviously, she made her choice and that made Rob very happy, I assume.

Therefore, for the Kristen haters out there, you should actually thank her for choosing your boy and made his life a little easier. Be thankful that he has someone who loves him and support him from all the crazy things going in his Hollywood life.

kristine.hills said...

You are 100% RIGHT: people don't have to like Kristen Stewart, but they DO need to RESPECT RK choice (to be private people)-but LOVE is NOT a CHOICE,Love just IS.
They are lucky people who found one another and fell in love, and they are trying so hard to live this love story, protecting what is IMPORTANT. And i ask again what does respect mean to you?(blindsten/hatesten...blahblahblah)
it means:not to judge another people,it means honoring that person's values,It does not mean I have to understand or even agree.If you don't respect others they wont respect you, there's a phrase called what ever you do it will come back to you one day.Respect is something you give and something you expect back. I think that everyone is worth respect from fellow people.

Is it what you really want to teach your kids? to hate to much? not to respect people? Are u sure about it?

Just think about it and RESPECT if you want to be respect,if you want to leave something it's worth for your family,friends.

RK ARE TOGETHER, there is nothing u can do to change it. LOVE IS NOT A CHOICE, IT JUST IS.You don't choose who you are going to fall in love with.

If you don't want to respect Kristen, RESPECT Rob, bc Kristen is a HUGE part of his life right now. No more denials.

"And although there has been picture after picture of Robert and Kristen...TOGETHER...No excuses.No twisted rationalizations
can change that."

I completely UNDERSTAND u Rose, the need to write about it. You are a LOVELY person who write WONDERFUL things about AMAZING people:ROBERT/KRISTEN.
Give us your opinion every sing day bc i can't wait to read it.
Thanks again.

kristine.hills said...

To imloco2
"I have nothing concrete to back this opinion but in my own mind I thank Kristen every so often for the fact that Rob is handling the whole Star thing as well as he is and still willing to perform in front of the cameras. I think she and her family and connections have been a tremendous source of comfort and knowledge while he's been dealing with all this. I remember the laughing, confused, embarrassed boy before Twilight hit (still love that Rob too!) and the laughing, articulate, humble man we saw after New Moon. Yep, I liked him before, but I like who he is becoming as he grows up even more. Thanks Kristen. ;)"

Jesus NICE words, i loved it!!! I'm sure K is being a wonderful person in R's life, and if he's more private nowdays the haters shouldn't complain about it, bc they did it.How could he smile and be pleasant w/so much hate, and the worst all this hate is for KRISTEN THAT GIRL HE LOVES.

MsIxa said...

I'm new to this blog but I have to say that I really love your posting. I completely agree, people have to start respecting them. The crazy fans out there probably don't like KStew because they are jealous and envious; they obviously make each other happy.

He is always laughing and all smiles when he's with her, he just can't stop smiling. If you compare the pictures while he was in New York over the summer and all the pictures when he's with her filming the Twilight films and doing premieres or just hanging out together, he's always smiling, laughing and looking so happy, just like her.

I love KStew, she is a 19 year old girl who is intelligent, professional, loves her family, has childhood friends and is respected and admired by anyone that works with her. I have never read any bad thing said about her by anyone that knows her or that has worked with her, so just let her be and respect them.

KStew is good for him and he fell in love with her even before meeting her, the chemistry and connection was there. They are mature and wise beyond their years, they are both old souls and love the same things and support each other. If fans really care about Rob they would stop with the jealousy bashing.

Great posting... :0)

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Rose.

I tend to think this photo of Rob and Kristen walking is accurate. It definitely looks like Kristen, the height differential would be correct for R/K, and the head of the guy looks correct -- it's just his body that looks a bit off. But that could be bulky clothes or, as you say, the fact that it's a shitty pic.

But it doesn't really matter. Those of us who know, know.


Pam said...

This is just my opinion, but I do think it's Rob & Kristen & I do think they are holding hands. People are saying that Rob is skinnier. Well, he is supposed to gain weight for Bel Ami & for crying out loud, it's cold out. Maybe he's wearing a heavier coat?

If Kristen had her right hand in her pocket like some are trying to say, then it wouldn't be hanging straight down. Her left hand is definately in her pocket. You can clearly see the difference in angles of her arms. And by looking at their hands, it's looks like they are clasped, or else wouldn't you see some fingers dangling?

And finally, in the first picture that we saw from the front, it looked like Kristen was holding something white in her left hand. Now, her hand left hand is in her pocket & Rob looks to be carrying something white in his right hand.

And with that, my analyzing of this photo is done. I've spent way too much time looking at it. People will believe what they want to believe.

loveactually said...

Rose...with each post and each honest line you type I love you even more.

Rob and Kristen are living their lives...their love for each other growing each step of the way. This picture is a perfect image of what I hope their future will be together..walking off into the sunset..hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. I've seen this Picture in the computer and there you can see better that they are holding hands. They are so cute together. It's so obvious that they're happy.
Thanks to you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Pam said: "If Kristen had her right hand in her pocket like some are trying to say, then it wouldn't be hanging straight down. Her left hand is definately in her pocket. You can clearly see the difference in angles of her arms. And by looking at their hands, it's looks like they are clasped, or else wouldn't you see some fingers dangling?"

ITA. Exactly what I wanted to say but I couldn't find the right words in English to explain the angles of her arms and the fingers dangling. Thanks for speaking my mind ;)

I also agree with Rob probably wearing a heavier coat, the height difference looks correct enough to be Rob & Kristen.

And... Rose's so right... we already had our clear handholding pics in Paris...
And even if it was not Rob & Kris in this new pic, we do know they most probably did walk hand in hand during their vacation in England :)
So I wish the nonstens' 'rationalizations' would stop, it's boring now...

Anonymous said...

imloco2 - you def expressed well what i have been constantly insisting on others who flat out abhor the idea of kristen's existence in rob's life, from the get go. thanks for that. it needs to be said over and over and hopefully it will translate somehow at some point.

i am actually a fan of kristen way before the chaos that is twilight. not too gung-ho for rob initially since i didn't know much of him but after willingly informing myself about him, i just had to accept him since he and i obviously shared the same respect and level of adoration (maybe a different level on his part) for the girl. and by being in kristen's good side, i had to like him by default. but after reading how much loathing the girl gets from his fans over time, it's becoming difficult to maintain that degree of liking towards him. i know it's not his fault in any way, shape, or form that he has some bat-$hit crazy fans but i can't help but feel a bit turned off; especially knowing these people go as far as make insane threats against kristen. i mean if she has to endure that every time she's with him, then i could only hope that rob is really and truly beyond worth it.

but how is it that kristen's fans are so quick to tolerate him for her while his openly and immediately denounce her for him, not giving her the time of day to actually consider? and am not even going to use "jealousy" as a basis for that hate as i am sure someone would beg to disagree that her/his hate is totally jealous-free; rationalizing as if one hate is more justifiable than the other ::rollseyes::

for someone who is forgiving of rob's imperfections (and i know he is far, far from perfect) for the sake of kristen, it truly breaks my heart to see these people get all fired up with rage and rally against her for no justifiable reasons! don't they realize that if not for kristen, they all would never even be enjoying, not to mention hearing, the existence of this boy? and i honestly think that if not for kristen, rob would now be just like any other starlets out there who are utterly clueless of how to manage their larger-than-life fame. i know for a fact that between the two, kristen is the one who has a better structure at managing the toxic effects of hollywood. even rob knows and appreciates that about her. he is really smart to affiliate himself with someone who knows the industry in and out, knows exactly where to place herself appropriately, and hardly gets affected by all that fleeting gratification of being in the business. if not partly for her well meaning influence on him, he would easily be swallowed whole by this hollywood shizzz.

bottom line, God knows i am not asking for kristen to be laud or for everyone to love her the way i do; all i'm asking is for everybody to respect her as all human beings deserve. give her the most basic form of respect a person is capable of giving, if nothing else. that is all.

p.s. i refuse to dissect what i think is going on in that new picture. total waste of time 'cos if you know full well a version of a person you are fond of, you really wouldn't question what you see. you'll just know.

KPattzLoverxx said...

I love u Rose :)
Your blog is AMAZING ;)
And I totally agree with you.
Lots of Love xx.

Anonymous said...

again, people pour on the hate of things they are jealous of, in this case it's a beautiful 19 year old girl who clearly HAS the guy ...well suck it to all the nonstens/blindstens/whateverstens..she has him and he aint never letting go...he waited to long for his lady..too bad others can't see them for what they are.

Gutenha said...

No excuses.
No twisted rationalizations
can change that.

Há! I love you.

lilyb said...

Anon 3:26 Actually it goes both ways. There are as much crazy Kristen fans as there are crazy Robert fans. Case in point when Rob went to Sam's b'day with Kate perry. The fandom went ape shit and some even wished death on Robert. I'm not excusing the fans who hate kristen but there are Kristen fans who hate Rob as well and call him all sorts of appaling names but that doesn't make me like her less

Anonymous said...

AGREED! Love them

Anonymous said...


Your blog is awesome. Regarding the haters: These people act like Kristen Stewart is some disease that latched onto their Mr. Perfect. These small minded people have forgotten that Robert Pattinson is the one from the GIDDY UP that liked Kristen. He’s the one that was praising this girl from head to toe. Kristen has done nothing wrong. It’s not her fault that he likes her. Haters take this girl apart and criticize everything about her. These are the same vicious types of individuals that would go to school and bully other children. Somehow it makes them feel better to be so hateful towards this 19 year old girl. Can this young girl really be that bad? NO!!!! If it wasn’t for Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke believing in the talents of Robert Pattinson he would not be at the level of stardom he is at today. Don’t get me wrong I think that he is very talented. But the role of Edward Cullen is what brought him to the masses and this madness. If these two are in a relationship and you don’t like it move to the left and get over it!!!!

yollz said...

To Anonymous, I love everything you said about Kristen, deep in my heart that's exactly how I feel about her. I'll love Rob b/c she does. I tune out the hate,not good for the soul! I wish peace and love at all times for them.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing all the nonstens have come up with today is that Kristen is actually with Bobby. Rob has set them up. Nevermind there is nothing to base this off of, Bobby and Kristen are in love. And ya know Rob and Kristen cuddling at concerts, holding hands in Paris, going in and out of hotels and on hotel balconies inbetween films, spending all their free time together is because they are friends. Bahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

^^ lol that is hilarious! Bobby's such an understanding boyfriend and great friend! He lets Rob hang out / cuddle / spend nights / hold hands with his girlfriend, awww. Seriously these people are nuts, coming up with such theories as denials.

Wonder why Bobby especially? Why not another member of the Brit pack? And why do I even ask why these weird nonstens randomly chose Bobby as K's bf lol?

Anonymous said...

to lilyb: okay let's say he gets hated on too. but with all the points you brought up, kristen def gets them and MORE! so much more in fact. not to compare and contrast who has more haters but if we do, kristen hands down wins the cake. i mean there are sites created for the sole purpose of inciting and cultivating that hate towards her. and we're not just talking one or two websites here for God's sake. congregations after congregations of haters who all seem to be waiting in line to have a piece of edward/rob somehow. how disturbing is that? God forbid if the relationship does not work out (*knock on wood multiple times), i am convinced there will be a pandemonium of girls, women, and men (straight & especially the not-so-straight) alike who will immediately put kristen in the receiving line of chastising regardless. if you haven't noticed already, rob is the more famous and the most loved between the two and that is perfectly fine. so if you do the math when things turn for the worst, kristen will get $hit on millions of times. and that, my dear, is a lot of $hit. to say "i am petrified for the girl," is a complete understatement.

don't get me wrong, i am certainly not saying i'm holding rob accountable for all that. but for someone who knows what it was like the days without twilight/edward/rob, i can't help but be appreciative of that calm, quiet, fairly anonymous existence of kristen stewart, the actress.

in my heart of hearts, i wish they'll always find happiness in each other and not be swayed by any of these negative outside forces. since rob seem to make her happy (clearly the reason why she picked him), i can only thank the guy. hope he will always look after her best interests and protect her from all the $hit she gets and will get. same goes for him.

Anonymous said...

Can people please stop turning this into a competition. They both get hated on. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

to lilyb...R did not go to Sam's bday party with Katy P....it was a bday party at a bar(so K could not go)for their mutual friend Shannon Woodward, an actress who has been with R's good friend Andrew Garfield for years. R went last year as well. He did not go with KP either, it was reported that R came alone at 11:00 and left w/SW and KP, to be joined by KP's fiance Russell Brand in the hotel parking lot.