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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rob/Kristen Shippers That Pass in the Night

Random Rose:

I guess I'm a "shipper".
At least that's what I'm told.
It's not something I call myself.
Although I'm not quite sure what it entails.
I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Shipping, derived from the word "relationship", is a general term for fans' emotional and/or intellectual involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction.
Though technically applicable to any such involvement, it refers chiefly to various related social dynamics observable on the Internet, and is seldom used outside of that context.
Shipping can involve virtually any kind of relationship — from the well-known and established, to the ambiguous or those undergoing development, and even to the highly improbable and the blatantly impossible. People involved in shipping (or shippers) assert that the relationship does exist, will exist, or simply that they would like it to exist.

And there you have it.
I assert that the relationship DOES exist.
Do I want it to?
Well, I like Robert and Kristen together
because they both seem happy with the other.
Not because I have some strange delusion that they
are Bella and Edward and I want them to carry it on
in real life.
I don't WANT it to exist..
I KNOW it does.

I also realize that there are zealous shippers out there.
People who will go to any lengths to prove their point.
Will do anything to make you believe.
That's not me.

Like I've said before...
You can believe whatever you want.
It matters not to me.
I will believe the truth.

I also have to address the
"Shippers are the root of all evil"
by the people who don't believe...
who instead choose to hate.
Shippers are responsible for all the Paps
chasing after Rob and Kristen.
Shippers are responsible for every negative
thing that happens in Twidom.
They are ruining Rob's career.
They are going to KILL Rob and Kristen.
They are the reason Rob/Kristen don't
want to admit their relationship.
They scare Rob and Kristen.
Can we just say...
Complete Bullshit.
People place WAY too much importance
on what they say...
and on who reads what they say.
Rob and Kristen don't give a fuck
what I or anyone else has to say about their relationship.
And while they might read some online stuff...
They aren't going to let some strangers
opinions dictate their choices in life.

And as always...
Kristen gets the brunt of the blame, too.
Did you know that SHE is controlling Rob's career?
That people are judging Rob harshly
because he chooses to hang around with Kristen?
That other actors don't want to work with Rob...
because they will get attacked by the Shippers?
Like Uma Thurman is reading bullshit blogs and forums
and deciding her career moves based on what they say.
Good fucking Grief.

Can't I just enjoy Robert and Kristen...
Both individually and together?
Does it have to always be so negative?
Why must it be so serious?
Like it's life or death
whether 2 people
are dating or not?

And please don't chant
Because I'm pretty sure my talking
about recent events...
and stating my opinion on
Robert and Kristen being together
isn't doing anything to them personally.
I'm not hurting them.
And at least I'm not
HATING them.

Comic Relief.

Sorry Michael Oregano.
But the scruff?
The beanie?
Trying too hard, Dude.

This picture made me laugh.
And NO I don't hate Michael Oregano.
I can even go so far to say that
I kinda like the guy.
But doing his best impression
Of Robert?
Admit it... it's funny.
It reminds me of Austin Powers Movies...
You know...
And now we have

One more thing.
To Kristen Stewart
for being nominated for a BAFTA!
The British equivalence to the Oscars!

One more thing.
This post is not aimed at you.
I didn't quote you.
It's not about you.

Bye for now.


May said...

Best post ever,bb.ITA with every word. :D ILY SFM right now. LOL

P.S. Oi Mikey, nice try but no cigare. In my experience,the original is always the best. JS ;p

Anonymous said...

Poor MA, is he trying so hard to be like Rob? Poor dude! Rose, you're so adorable. I just finish watching the clip of The Yellow Handkerchief. Kristen so cute together with ER though. At least she will not be left alone by Rob with EDR, LOL because with the other films TR and WTTR she doesn't have love interest in those films.

Anonymous said...

Does it have to always be so negative?
Why must it be so serious?
Like it's life or death
whether 2 people
are dating or not?

Amen! People shouldn't act like their life depends on R & K being together or not.

Anonymous said...

Another great post Rose. And yes, congratulations to Kristen on her BAFTA nomination! We're so proud of her and I'm sure Rob is too.


Anonymous said...

I wish this blog was called something other than

Robert Pattinson Intoxication

because I keep thinking it's about Robert Pattinson...my bad

You have some interesting views, just not enough Robert Pattinson.

Anonymous said...

Rosie,i think you're one of the most logical people out there who love R/K.Can you please give me a reason why the girls on Rob's IMDb are bashing Kristen big time about her nomination?I 've read their comments and i wanted to scream.They say that nominated for twilight takes off the credit from the award,that her publicist put her in the awards,that Anna Kendric is better actress,because she's nominated for a golden globe and other shitty stuff like that.What the hell is their problem?

Rose said...

To Anon @11:35pm

This isn't a Robert News site. I post ONCE a day, with my opinions on current news/pictures and drama.
If you want News...
Go to ROBsessed, they're the best.

To Anon @ 11:45pm
I don't frequent the boards at IMDb. The few times that I have been pointed in that direction, I have regretted it.

Anonymous said...

I just lurked there.I don't think i'll do it again.There's so much craziness on IMDb.On the contrary,at Kristen's the girls are really cool.They don't bash anyone.

Thanks for the response,Rosie.

Anonymous said...

I love your wicked humor, your pithy comments, your common sense . . . and your uncommon insight. I just make a point of staying clear of all the hate sites.

Love the pic of MA. I've never seen it before, and it just cracks me up. Poor guy. He needs to find his plus points, not copy to copy Rob's.


marble pole said...

LMAO! Love it! The whole Shipper dissertation is freaking awesome! (can't stop laughing)

Anonymous said...

You always say the truth in my eyes. Same as you. I also think that Michael looks like a Mini-Me of Rob. But he isn't Rob. I hope that he find a girl which feels a great love for him.
I'm a Rob and Kristen( and Rose ;-) ) shipper and it feels good for me.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose for the great explanation of "shipper".

Thank you also for a truly thoughtful, honest, and refreshing site. It feels like I am being intrusive when I read news about Rob and Kristen, but I must confess that their relationship warms my heart. I liken it to hearing about a dear child of mine or a sibling and being so very happy for the wonderful moments that they get to experience in life. May Rob and Kristen find great joy, emotional support, love, and solace in each other. I also wish them the privacy they desire and deserve to grow and nurture their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Great post, once again. That pic of MA, that was hilarious especially in the context you gave it. Seriously, when was that pic taken?

As for those immature bimbos over at Rob's IMDB, well...that's what they are. They are immature and jealous. Time and time again, they show they prove that Kristen's got more class in her pinky nail than they do in their entire bodies. They need to wake up from la-la land and realize that Rob is never going to know them, never going to choose them and even if he did someday cross paths with one of them, he would turn his back on them once they started putting down Kristen.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.35, yeah go to Robobsses if you want more Rob stuff!! but if i were Rob i will love this site more than his own IMDB or "that site" cuz why? Rose lurves Kristen and Rob loves Kristen too!!!

Anonymous said...

did you see this lil perview of Kstew's movie YH i mean waoh!!!she looks innocent yet soo fucking sexy and she not even trying...no wonder Rob become a complete mess when she around him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose.

Just want to ask if you saw this.. Do u think it's them? I love your posts so much. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was not looking for Robert news, I was looking for Robert talk...not Robert & Kristen. You always talk about Robert & Kristen but your title says just Robert. Why not call it Robert & Kristen Intoxication...since you always blog about the both of them together. That was all I meant. You have interesting things to say... just the blog title doesn't fit.

spellbound said...

"And there you have it.
I assert that the relationship DOES exist.
Do I want it to?
Well, I like Robert and Kristen together
because they both seem happy with the other.
Not because I have some strange delusion that they
are Bella and Edward and I want them to carry it on
in real life.
I don't WANT it to exist..
I KNOW it does." EXACTLY!!! I completely, totally agree with that statement! So glad to someone verbalized it for me! Thank you!