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Friday, January 22, 2010

Robert Pattinson- You Know Its True.

Hope for Haiti.
Please watch.
Please help.
Please look at Robert Pattinson.
Because we haven't seen him in a while...
and we've missed him.
A. Lot.

I've been going through my emails.
The links and videos and pictures
that people send me.
And I have a couple of interesting emails I would like to share.

To whom it may concern:
Your blog is a joke. You are a joke. You don't get it, do you? 
Rob and the bitch aren't really together. 
Why must you keep trying to convince everyone that they are?
You are a crazy bitch with no life. 
You do realize that the whole relationship
that you are so sure of is fake.
Summit and their management had them sign
an agreement that they would 
pretend to be together for the duration of the movies.
That's all it is. So stop with the constant pushing 
of Rob and the mullet. It's not happening.

Dear Clown,
I'm not trying to convince anyone... of anything.
I don't need to.
It's all right there in front of you.
Do you honestly believe that Robert and Kristen are hanging out
ALL the time because of some PR stunt?
That is really a bit above and beyond, taking one for the team...
Don't you think?
Oh wait. Nevermind.
It's obvious you don't think.

Dear Rose,
I just wanted to say that its nice to read a sane, 
rational blog about Rob and Kristen.
Thank you for saying what so many people think.
Everytime I come here to read your blog 
you always make me smile and shake my head in agreement. 
You always seem to know exactly how I feel about things.
Thank you for sticking up for Kristen, too. 
She doesn't deserve all the hate and anger 
that is written about her everyday.
Love you and your blog!
-Robsten Lover

Dear RL,
What else can I say but thank you? 
It is very kind and absolutely flattering
that you relate to the words that I write. 
I love hearing from people who 
feel the same way that I do... 
it's nice to know that you aren't alone!
Thank you. Thank you.

Every time I come to your silly blog, 
I am more and more amazed at the stupidity of it.
I can't believe you actually are fooling 
some of the people who read your crap. 
I suppose you are one of those mindless sheep
who follow that Delaney and believe every word she says.
How stupid are you people? She doesn't know anything.
I know as much as she does. 
You all are so desperate to believe that
Rob and Kristen are together that you will stupidly
listen to any bullshit as long as it is what you want to believe. 
You are fools.
Rob would never really want to be with
someone as ugly and bitchy as Kristen.
Kristen is only using Rob to further her career.
It's obvious that no one cares about her
unless her name is attached to his. 
Rob is only being nice to his friend and helping her out.
Stop being so stupid. You look like an idiot.

Dear Delusional,
This is one of the most hateful emails I've ever received.
I don't even know where to begin.

1. If you despise me so strongly... 
why do you come here and read my blog?
I truly don't understand why you would do something that
obviously causes you such anger and resentment.

2. Again... I'm not 'fooling' anyone.
I just give my point of view.
My opinion. 
Take it or leave it
(I'd prefer you leave it)
Some of what I say must hit a nerve...
or resonate with some obvious truth...
or it wouldn't upset you deeply.

3. I have read what Delaney has to say.
I have read what a lot of people have to say.
Do I follow blindly? No.
Do I take EVERYthing I read with a grain of salt? Of course.
But Delaney isn't hurting anyone...
I don't see her hating and assaulting you.

You on the other hand are in attack mode.
I've seen a site that has a thread JUST for her.
Pages and pages of posts 
JUST to attack and make fun of her.
What does that tell me?
They are threatened by everything she does.
They claim to dismiss what she has to say...
But yet, they have a 'spy' join her locked forum...
to keep track of her every word.

Why do you care what she has to say...
Unless you are worried that it's true?

4. Someone mentioned this in the comments
the other day...
The pictures of Rob and Kristen in the limo.
I thought I would bring it up again...
Well.. cuz I want to.
Take a look...

The BEFORE picture.
This is when Rob/Kristen were leaving somewhere
(details escape me at the moment)
and the limo driver got them to get in his car...
and proceeded to let the Paps take their pictures
(with their legs wrapped around each other...)
Notice Rob's hair...

The AFTER picture.
Rob's hair is definitely 'mussed' up.
We have all seen how Kristen likes to put her hands
in Rob's hair when she kisses him
(Look... its in the movies...)
Looks like they got their KISS on in the limo...
And no, Haters...
Rob didn't stick his head out the window.
Just another in a long line of 
"You know it's true."

Bye for now.

*If you don't know the meaning of sarcasm, 
and don't possess a sense of humor...
You won't get it.
I almost feel sorry for you.*


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, I love your blog. Your comments and reasons of R/K. Thank you for writing.
Dear Clown and Delusional, why so much hatred coming from you? I should stop asking because there is no point to find one since there is none. Just plain hatred. Feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

you know it's true...ooh ooh ooh I love you....that's to you rose... i love you for writing this blog...look forward to it everyday as a matter of fact...& *giggle* wouldn't you just have loved to be a "fly on the wall" during that limo ride..sigh...lets face it some people just can't get over the fact that his "hotness" picked a sensible, intelligent & BEAUTIFUL girl...

Anonymous said...

To whoever wrote those emails: Thanks for the lauhg, I needed it today.

and thank you Rose for being one of the few sane people around.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree with you, I don't think these people would be so angry if they didn't know it was true. I just really find them funny at this point, b/c anyone who thinks clearly and rationally knows they're together. You don't have to "ship" or say I believe, b/c it just is.
And those photos are hilarious. I've seen them before, but I honestly never noticed that. Too cute.

MLU1126 said...

Wow...exactly who are these people trying to convience you or themselves??

May said...
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May said...

Wow,I feel so much secondhand embarrassement atm for the Clown&the Delusional.Srsly,too funny. Yep,like I said, haters are fucking DESPERATE,cuz its so obvious what Rob and Kris mean to each other. ;p

Dear Rose,thank you for taking a stand with your blog for us all, who love R/K SFM.

Rob and Kris separately are fuckawesome, but Rob and Kris together = PRICELESS. <3

mamataurus said...

too effin funny. love how she says you have no life. priceless!!

Anonymous said...

Delaney mentioned Rob was connected to Water for Elephants a month ago on her public twitter. Variety mentioned it yesterday. She's got connections.

Ivonne said...

Dear Rose, I have no word to explain how happy your responses to these hateful people make me.
Somebody mention on twitter the other day a blog called Nonsten.com. I went to read out of curiosity and all I have to say is, if these haters REALLY believe that there is not relationship between R/K then they wouldn't hate on her this much. On the other hand I can't believe some of these people, really, really, actually believe they would have a chance with Rob if it wasn't for Kristen. And lastly, I was a Kristen fan before, but the reality of things is if you love Rob you have to love Kristen for 3 simple reasons,1 she was smart enough to chose him for the E role over who know how many other guys 2 even if you don't believe they are a couple ( which they are) at a minimum you know that Rob cares deeply about her as a friend and admire her 3 If Kristen wasn't a mayor influence on him he would have blown this chance of focusing in his career to make it successfull in a serious way and be partying like he did right after HP he has said this himself. So if you love Rob, you have to love Stew for his influence on him

Anonymous said...

Rob must be worth it for Kristen to put up with such jealous haters.

Anonymous said...

you're just amazing. How you handle those haters, how you make me smile, everyday, how you describe your passion, how you are :) I really enjoy reading your blog one day after the other, I never get bored, 'cause I just can't get enough of your words.
Thanks for keeping me amazed. Everyday.

Poli said...

What else can i say? You´re amazing!
Love ya and your blog.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely 100% believe they are together and have been for some time. Love them both together and as individuals. I 100% support them and believe they have a right to keep their relationship private.

That being said, I really don't think Rob's messed up hair in that photo automatically leads to the conclusion that Kristen was the one to mess it up. I think we've all seen how Rob puts his own hands in his hair every 2 minutes. As private as they are, the idea of them making out in the bsck of some strangers taxi/limo seems very far fetched.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I'm so horrified about those haters! I can't believe and don't understand something of the kind. Rose,-for me- you are great! And I'm so happy that you never give up to write those clear words.You ever keep your feet on the ground. Thank you for this!
Do not think much of those haters.
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you responded perfectly to the good, the bad, and the ugly.
One thing you can be sure of: if the haters spend so much time expressing hatred toward you and other pro-Rob/Kristen bloggers, Rob and/or Kristen themselves, and any fans of the two actors, these are not the only venues in which they're expressing hatred.

I can't imagine devoting any portion of my life to hating or trying to convince anyone else of hatred for anything. I want my life to mean more than that.

So for now, I'll just join you here on my favorite blog and participate in expressing my love and admiration for both of these fine young actors. I choose to see life through Rose-tinted glasses. LOL


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that the so-called 'haters' diss on Kristen being bitchy. Yet they keep insulting you for eloquently stating your opinion. You have to be a bitch yourself to call someone a bitch, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Some idiot on twitter said that she saw Kristen with MA walking at West Hollywood two days ago and she thinks that they're back together.Maybe she's one of those crazies who are emailing you,Rose.

Anonymous said...

Love the hair of Rob "mussed" up. I bet HATERS are horrified to see this with your conclusion. "No, they are only talking in the limo and you know Rob, he always touch his hair everytime he had a conversation with Kristen inside the limo", Hahahahahaha! Love you Rose!

Anonymous said...


I love your passion and brutal honesty...I really do! I don't know how anyone can doubt the fact that R&K are together at this point--but I guess each person is free to make up their own mind!

By saying what I'm going to say next, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything...I'm just stating something I know for sure: I have a friend who lives on the IoW in the UK. She called me the other day just SCREAMING--she was so excited. Long story short, one of her best friends in the UK told her that she was on the ferry from the mainland to the IoW on NYE and that R&K were taking the same ferry. She saw with her own eyes them holding hands and Rob wrapping his arm around Kris' waist. Once off the boat, she asked for a picture and Rob told her "no, not this time,okay?"

So for me, I have no doubts because I have first hand information that they are indeed a couple--but not that I had any doubts before either--this just settles the case for me once and for all. I will NOT reveal my friends names and of course there are no pics. Since I'm not trying to convince anyone, please refrain from saying that I'm a fraud and that I don't have proof. I will protect myself and my friends and remain anonymous. Believe what you will. I know I'm being truthful and that's all that matters to me.

Thank you

kristine.hills said...

Some interesting points:

1st) i got sick w/the 'interesting' e-mails you've received lately.
Dear, i must say you have a strong personality.Gosh, how do you put up with these kind of people?

2nd) "Rob would never really want to be with someone as ugly and bitchy as Kristen" Really?

You don’t need to be perfect or even beautiful. When you love someone, you see them as beautiful regardless if they are or not to the rest of the world.Rob loves K beyond reason and would see her as perfect and beautiful.

But it isn't the case, KRISTEN is INDEED GORGEOUS.

3rd)"Kristen is only using Rob to further her career" hypocrites (hypocryte- a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives/someone who believes something that is not true)

Kris has 2 MOVIES ate SUNDANCE festival and Kristen Stewart has been nominated for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Orange Rising Star Award (the BAFTAs)She does NOT need Rob to further her career. She is WITH ROB bec she LOVES him.She wouldn't go through this H3LL if she wasn't in love.

4th)Limo pic "We have all seen how Kristen likes to put her hands in Rob's hair when she kisses him
Look... its in the movies...)
Looks like they got their KISS on in the limo...And no, Haters...
Rob didn't stick his head out the window."


5th) Haters we (intelligent people) come here in this wonderful blog bc it's one of the most pleasant places to be. If we liked the h3ll, SURE we'd visit your blog, but again, it's NOT the case.

Rose, people like you make this world better! I thank you for gentleness and kindness.

ROSE you MADE my DAY!!!(every day)

Anonymous said...

To Anon Ivonne 11:38 AM

"1 she was smart enough to chose him for the E role over who know how many other guys"
Yeah and they should be thankful for her(K)choice.

"3 If Kristen wasn't a mayor influence on him he would have blown this chance of focusing in his career to make it successfull in a serious way and be partying like he did right after HP he has said this himself. "

And everyone can remember how much R drank in 2008 when he wasn't with K. Indeed she is a mayor influence on R.And they love to say they need proof, it's easy, you just GOOGLE it and there you can find thousand of vids.
I'm so happy now he's focusing in his career. A healthy and serious Relashionship work this way.

To 1:08 PM

I liked your story.We don't need pics, and i always like to hear this kind of news. I believe you!

Anonymous said...

There's another story of fan encounter in the IofW in Winter Garden during NYE. She spotted first Cedric of HP and noticed he is with Kristen. Rob's hand at Kristen's waist/hip while dancing and at the same time singing with the played song together with the friends. She saw and let Kristen sign autograph with other girls in the napkins while Rob is waiting outside the comfort room holding their two glasses of drinks, And at the dance floor, Kristen was pulled by a female friend to dance with the music of I Love Rock and Roll while Rob and the rest joined and the fan LOL! with Rob dancing.

Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I couldn't take nonstens less seriously you post those emails. They don't believe R/K are real and yet they call a nineteen year old names, they send you angry emails, and they pretend to be someone they aren't to get into Delaney's LJ. Yeah, that shows confidence and security in what they believe. They really think Rob wouldn't be interested in Kristen? Have they heard him talk about her AT ALL? Kristen needs help in her career? She has two Sundance movies and is up for a BAFTA! Honestly, the excuses they are coming up with are getting worse. I guess, if that's what they need to believe to make themselves feel better so be it.

Anonymous said...

“If I give the answer away, it's not like it would make my life easier,” Kristen Stewart

She's RIGHT, just keep it to yourself Kristen.Your relaysh w/Rob is priceless, that's why the jealoustens are mad at you, bc you own what they will NEVER have, ROB's heart.

Excellent post Rose!

Anonymous said...

"...bc you own what they will NEVER have, ROB's heart."

Rob's heart, body, love, soul...lol

Go Kristen

Anonymous said...

I saw Rob's pics today with a beard. He looked well rested while I saw pics of Kristen in Sundance wearing the same shoes like Rob in London."Let the conspiracy begin."

angelfire_2002_2004 said...

Have you not made it clear in your posts numerous times, that you are not trying to convince anyone of anything? You believe what you believe and say what you say. Love your blog. Tell it like it is girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy. Today I think I will walk in the hater’s shoes (yuck). If I hated someone I would take them apart piece by piece and judge them. Why? Because it would make me feel better (that’s sad). I would also be delusional enough to think that I know Robert Pattinson so well that I would know what kind of girl interests him or who is best for him even though I have never met him or had a conversation with him (that’s pathetic). Its all “PR” I say. Why? Because it makes me feel better to think so. Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The haters know the truth. They know that Rob and Kristen are together that’s why they hate. The hate feeds them. It’s like air to them, they need it survive. How sad is that!!!!
Your awesome Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

I think it is SO sad that people can be SO hateful. How can you hate someone SO much that you don't even know? These Haters are nothing but jealous bitches who cannot stand the FACT that Rob IS with Kristen. She is beautiful and talented IN HER OWN RIGHT. She's had a successful career long before Rob came along. Yeah, I'm sure Rob would love to read how his SUPPOSED fans hate his girlfriend SO much. I'm sure that will make him feel really good. Deep down inside you know you LOVE Rose and this blog as much as we do or you wouldn't be visiting it. Kristen is WAY out of your league. SHE'S with Rob, NOT YOU. SO get over it !!!!! Ok, I'm done. Rose, I love you. Keep doing what you do, because you do it SO well !!!

mara said...

I've always loved the 3 AM limo sex hair pics. Kristen *totally* straddled Rob while making out like crazy. There's another pic of them(crazy limo driver took it) with Kristen snuggled into Rob's chest with his arm tightly around her. that's when I REALLY went...HMMM.....

mara said...

BTW, the after limo pics were taken at *3 AM* outside Rob's hotel after the cast party at Blue Water Grill in VC last May...Ashley and the other girls headed back to their(and Kristen's) hotel while Kristen left with Rob to go back to HIS hotel...at 3 AM. He caught a very early AM flight to LA for read throughs with actresses for RM. Don't think Rob got much(if any lol) sleep that night!

Anonymous said...

New pics of K and bearded R today, he in London, she in Utah and BOTH have the same pair of Adidas Sambas on.Too cute,they really are starting to look alike. lol Oh and fancy this-they are the SAME shoes that 'mystery man holding hands with K" was wearing on the IOW beach pics. That was R and K holding hands, without a doubt.

Kathy said...

Just saw Rob on Hope for Haiti. He looked awesome. You could tell he was a little emotional. Who wouldn't be. Bless his heart for helping like that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:02 I noticed that too.

Rob did a beautiful job in the Hope for Haiti telethon. Hope they get all the help and relief they need.

otsuu said...



Anonymous said...

Rose, I love you!!!

Jeesh, and people say you are delusional? Really? After reading what they send you...they are in dire need of psychiatric help. They are scary and full of hate and bile. Sick. I truly hope Rob and Kris are safe from these nutbars.

TIKisokA said...

Hey Rose!
I just can't help but comment here...
I love the before and after pictures of R/K in the limo (i just saw these photos in ur blog and nowhere else haha) and I would love to believe in ur theory of why Rob's hair is mussed up in the after pic haha
so nice and sweet! the mere fact that there is so much room in the limo and they are both on one side of the seats together says something already - the messed up hair is just a plus haha

Nice one!

Let me just say...to each his own...belief and opinions =P