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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missing Robert Pattinson...

Couple of thoughts...

1. This song (Superstar)
has been going through my head for days.
And it keeps making me think of Robert.
Always Robert.

"Long ago... and oh so far away"

"I fell in love with you..."

"Before the second show..."

"Your guitar... it sounds so sweet and clear"

"But you're not really here...
It's just the radio..."

2. So... word is Robert will be hosting the London
portion of the "Hope for Haiti" telethon.
On TV.
I mean... I can't even put into words the feeling
that came over me at reading those words.
One thing stands out perfectly clear...
I've Missed Robert Pattinson.
A lot.
I may have tried to kid myself into thinking
that maybe...
just maybe...
I was kinda getting over him.
That maybe...
I didn't care as much.
Can I just say
I care.
I was only trying to protect myself
from not being able to see him.
It was self preservation...
It was trying to tame the addiction...

2. Which brings us to...
When did Robert and Kristen 
become so damn good at evading the Paps?
You bet.
I mean, its not like London Paps aren't
notorious for their stalker skills.
How in the hell has he done it?
And Kristen...
One picture in weeks... and weeks.
I love that they have figured it out.
I love that they have had so much down time.
But damn...
I miss both of their faces...

3. I'm so so (so) excited for Kristen
and Sundance.
I want her films to do so so (so) well.
Is Kristen the best actress of her generation?
I don't know...
But we just might find out soon enough.

4. I got this long. long. long. email yesterday.
Someone wanted to share their opinion
about how Rob and Kristen's relationship
is all for show.
It's all a PR move...
Mostly for Kristen 
Because of course she 'sucks' and needs 
to attach herself to Robert's 'star'.
Everything we've seen thus far has all been planned.
All of it.
And yeah, Rob is going along with it 
because Summit told him to!
Of course.
Studios usually dictate to people who work for them
who they hang around with on their own time.
And Rob being the nice guy that he is...
wants to help out poor Kristen's career
so he is pretending to like her 
and posing for all those pictures
of them snuggling at concerts
and holding hands.
And yeah...
Summit made Robert invite Kristen to England...
Because we all know that the Twilight movies
need ALL the help they can get
in terms of publicity and press.
And I'm not making this up.
This person REALLY believes this shit.
And this sort of delusion isn't even funny.
It's fucking scary.
Please stop writing to me.

5. Robert on TV this Friday.
I get to look at him.
I get to listen to him.
I get to see him.

I'm better.

6. Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Rose, you have two # 2 in your topic, am I right?
Again you are so genius! Great topic as usual. Keep up the good work.

patricia said...

You´re the best LOL

Nicki Finn said...

AMAZING !! That is funny about that e-mail. I sometimes wonder what people actually think. I am as excited about Friday as you are, I am sure. I was breathless when I read that. I was so anxious to see what they all would decide. Is Kristen going to be at Sundance during this telethon? Does Sundance start this weekend? I am just wondering. Well, I would love it if she walked out with him but that can only happen in a PERFECT world. I do agree with how well they have manipulated the paps. GOOD FOR THEM !! However, I am alittle disappointed in TMZ and JustJared for not being better at their jobs...haha !! Anyway, another great post !!!!

May said...

Rose, Robert`s "star", you say? OMFG *fp* Funniest shit EVER! LMAO

TBH, I simply LURVE the fact that our bbs manage to avoid papz and fly under the radar. Good for them. :D

As always, I adore your posts,dear Rose. <3

P.S. I`m guessing this is how ppl in denial really think. ;p
-> “It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept.” -- Bill Watterson (American Author of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, b.1958)

Purple83 said...

Rose, you are the love! that's all :) kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

Poor Kristen. As far as I know she has been acting since she was 8 years old. She has been in the business way ahead than Rob. She has been chosen to play the role of Bella and she was to assist CH to auditions for the role of the vampire and she suggested to CH: It must be ROB! Summit was not so convinced about Rob's handsomeness but anyway they managed to polished
him and voila! we have the most desirable man on earth! And what on earth does Summit has to ask Rob to get along with Kristen for publicity sake? Haters, aren't you convince that Kristen is good for Rob? In fact she's too good for Rob and it was Summit who asked Kristen to have control of Rob not to slip from their franchise because even Rob has a potential, he is very stubborn and Summit is having a problem with him and he only follows Kristen, LOL! His stubborness made his career over looked in UK.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was hoping he would do something for the Haiti telethon and then it turns out he's hosting in London! Wow!

Lol, so someone thinks R/K are for publicity? haha, I bet they paid that little girl with the shoe on her shirt to take a picture of them in the UK. Sams sister is in on it too. Someone needs to tell them they're doing it wrong though, they aren't supposed to be trying to avoid the paps. Well, I guess Kristen's career is going downhill.. with only two competing films at Sundance and all. Lol, the crazies crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Rose, sorry you had to wade through that tome email. I will never understand why the haters et al. are so invested in dissuading us from our R/K addiction. Why is it not enough for them to simply not believe themselves?

And thanks for all the beautiful pics of Rob. . . like there could be a bad one!

Well, there was that early teen modeling shot of a shirtless Rob in some kind of boxers or trunks. . . not so good. LOL


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see "mr. handsome" on t.v. i can see it now...the smile on my face as my husband *rolls eyes* at me...hope kristen does a spot too...would love to see her as well...

Kiki said...

Rose, i love your blog!!!
You actually write my thoughts down, it's amazing...
i really can't believe that some people think they do it for PR
Yeah for sure -.-
and i'm soo looking forward to Sundance, it'll be great.
So Rob is on friday on TV?
How do you know that?
gosh to see Rob on TV *sob*
I have to see him!
I've missed him so much, i mean seeing a few pictures in 2 months, it's horrible O.O
but i'm really happy for them they could avoid the paps.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose ;D
Ah the irony: I am sure if they say "we are together" and start showing up as a couple in public (usual PDA behaviour as kissing) ppl would assume is a PP romance... but if they say nothing (and barely show PDA in front of the papz) ppl assume the same thing LMAO. R/K can`t win can they?
I truly believe they are the real deal but if someone thinks this is a PR stunt... well, to each their own I guess *roll eyes*.


omgtheserhings said...

Extremely thrilled is an understatement compared to how happy I am about Rob helping on the Haiti Telethon, I didn't expect any less from him. I am happy that I'll get to see him BECAUSE he wants to be seen rather than he getting papped. I've missed him a lot too and can't wait for Friday. Really excited for Kstew too, missed her like crazy, I hoped her two films kick ass at Sundance, I know she will <3

Regarding the other matter, of course it's for PR, that's why we see so much of them together, that's why they can't stop talking about each other, the fact that it is for PR is the main reason why Kristen flew all the way to freaking London without being seen by papz to be with Rob. Seriously, ppl really need some reality check or something, for how long can you live on denial, first they couldn't stand each other, then they were fuck buddies and now that there is evidence that they are together, it's just for PR, I guess ppl hold on to w.e makes them happy not matter how delusional it really is. Thanks for the blog Rose, it's always nice to read you!

Kathy said...

Delusional. That's all I can say about the email you received. I will NOT waste my time commenting on such idiocy. So, now back to Robert. I miss him and Kristen like crazy. I'm going through serious withdrawal, but I'm happy knowing that they had some quality time together. My obsession takes up alot of my time and thoughts. I've tried to quit it cold turkey, with no success. It's become a part of my life, sort of like breathing(ok, that's a little extreme, but it's close). Looking SO forward to Friday. Thank God I don't have to work. Now I can have my fix of RP. Yay. Hope to see Kristen soon too. xoxo

Becca Lynn said...

Rob was into Kristin before he ever met her, she is the reason he even bothered to go to the audition. He had a crush and never gave up. I think he was attracted to her but not only by her looks but by the amazing artist she was becoming. Have you ever seen "The Cake Eaters"? Her performance in that movie blew me away....just happen to catch it on HBO and then I knew, she wasn't going to be just Bella, Kristin was going to be a Star!
Excited for the Telethon Friday, wish it wasn't for such tragic reasons! If we all send a little it will make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Two movies at Sundance, one in competition. Adventureland on numerous Top 10 lists (David Denby, Owen Gleiberman, etc.). BAFTA Rising Star nominee. Kristen doesn't need Rob to enhance her reputation. Being in Twilight has enhanced her popularity, as if she wants that kind of fame. The only reason Kristen wants to be with Rob is personal. Thanks, Rose, for being the voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

"In fact she's too good for Rob and it was Summit..." Ugh! Not this again.

Twilight did a lot for both of them. More than either of them ever could have expected.

Anybody who thinks they're together for PR are clearly delusional.

Anonymous said...

So someone thinks Rob and Kris are a PR stunt and that she needs him for her career. Wow!!!!!! This pretty little girl who has been praised by some of Hollywoods most elite actors and actresses……mmmmmmmm. No offense to Rob because I think he is wonderful but that’s a joke!!!!. If the realationship was for PR don’t you think you would see these two all over each other, out at the hottest hot spots, etc. wating to have their picture taken like most of those silly Hollywood Stars. The person who wrote you that email needs to believe that these two adorable kids are for PR because he/she brain can’t handle the fact that these two are together. I almost feel sorry for that person. Love your blog Rose. Keep doing what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TIKisokA said...

Hi Rose!
whoever that email-er is...
well he/she comes up with a very juicy story...He/she can write for the gossip columns and would sell alot! =P

and for me...celebrities have their own minds to make their own decisions whether to go along with their studio's publicity stunt even during their off time...and R/K seem like smart kids not to fall for such hoopla...

go support the causes for Haiti
they need all the help we can give! :)

Anonymous said...

Rose, love the blog! I wish I had your e-mail address so I could tell you this. But read p. 68 of Eclipse - Renee is describing Edward and Bella but it could describe Rob and Kristen too, especially the line "When he moves, even a little bit, you adjust your position at the same time". Perfectly describes that simultaneous wave at the end of the Jimmy Kimmel interview!

kristine.hills said...

And i promise i'm not gonna talk about them(blindsten,stupidsten,ridiculousten,blahblahblah) I'm really tired about it. I'm glad RK are mature to go through all this and get stronger and stronger.
I'm very excited about K's movies and R's. I wish them luck and God bless them every single day.
Rose u r perfect, i can't wait to read your thoughts every day.U r the best.

Anonymous said...

hhmmm...could it be that person who wrote you the email "clinically blind" the way they looking at each other especially the way Rob looking at kristen, i mean come onn??? and yes, i do find Twilight series repulsive(like Rob i certainly wont date bella from the book lol)!! sorry twihard...

Anonymous said...

Please Kristen is a better actor she doesn't need any publicity!She's not the typeof person to use other people for personal gain.Whatever Kristen's achieving right now is the fruit of her hardwork...These hater don't accept the fact that Kristen is the one that Rob want and Rob is the one that Kristen want why other people make this worst..
Kristen is Kristen she's proven her capability and still growing.And Rob is learning from her!They helping each other not destroying that's why I think their relationship is one of a kind...Stop this bs!To those loser who keep e-mailing Rose your just wasting your time!Rob is with Kristen deal with it!Kristen is one of the finest young generation actor so grab it deal w/ it!

Nicki Finn said...

Hey Rose,
I don't have your email so I don't know how to get you other than leaving comments. I was reading this morning that Rob and Kristen are telling people related to making Breaking Dawn that they are TOGETHER. This leads me to think that MAYBE possibly he will be at Sundance to support her ? Or are they just fed up with the suits at Summit and no longer want to act like teeneage kids forbidden to see each other. I would love your opinion on this !!