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Thursday, January 28, 2010

There Are No Robert Pattinson Outtakes.

Yes. More 'outtakes' from EW.
I guess when its your job to just pick a few
pictures out of a hundred...
It would be hard to do.
Can you imagine the dilemma? 

"That one! No... wait... THAT one!
Oh hell... I want that one, too!
Wait. Let me see that other one...
Shit. I love them all! HELP!"

I'm guessing that being someone who has
to decide which Robert Pattinson pictures
to include in articles...
Is kinda like any other high risk job...
You can only do it for short periods at a time.
And you are prone to nervous breakdowns
from having to make critical decisions.

 Of course, this was my favorite one.
You know why.
He's moving. Walking.
And he drives me crazy.
And I'm delusional.
I am.
I actually thought that I was getting OVER
my Rob addiction.
I thought I was on the down side...
Things were evening out.
Oh the tricks a delusional mind will play!
I'm as addicted and obsessed with Robert
as I have ever been.
Looking at the above picture proves that to me.
It makes my stomach flip flop...
I break out in a sweat... 
It makes it hard to breathe properly.
That sounds like someone
who is completely over her addiction doesn't it?

I like this picture.
Yeah. Robert is kinda nuzzling on Kristen.
Too cute for words.
(and shut up haters... that's what I see)

And what's all this bullshit talk about comparing
Robert's and Kristen's movie career?
That's what it's come to?
There really isn't much of a comparison
except to say they both are actors.
Why must everything be a competition?
Why must everything be one or the other?
Am I not allowed to be a fan 
of both Rob and Kristen?
Well...tough shit.
I am.
I want them both to do well.
I can't wait to see all their upcoming projects.
Some people will fucking make up any excuse
to whine and moan and complain.
It's getting old.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...


Another spot on assessment... Agree completely as usual! That pic of Rob was my absolute favorite as well! Are you at all in the know, or just a well read devoted fan? Just curious, you are a breath of fresh air for me everyday! Thanks for your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with EVERYTHING you said. Comparing Rob and Kristen is like comparing Brad Pitt with Meryl Streep, never going to be up for the same roles, never going to have the same careers. The comparisons really frustrate me. Love your blog and yeah he is totally nuzzling! ;)

Joh said...


I'm Brazilian and I know a little English, but Google is helping me with that comment.

I really enjoyed your blog.

I have a blog about the Twilight saga, visit it.

www.amosagacrepusculo.blogspot.com The blog is in Portuguese but I think if you do not know Portuguese, google can help you too! ;)



Anonymous said...

Rose, love your sense of humor! You're only as delusional as the rest of us.

I so agree that comparing Rob and Kristen's careers is ridiculous. If, as has been reported, Summit is really expressing some concern over whether or not Rob can draw a crowd to movies other than Twilight, they need a reality check.

Following Twilight, they immediately place Rob in a new movie (RM) with exactly the same look as Edward, the same angst-ridden and tortured persona as Edward, expect him to bring in the wildly fanatical Twilight fan base, but expect him to somehow be different to assure them of his versatility.

Maybe what he needs is to work for a different studio for a while. And give the guy a chance! He's marvelous, very talented, charismatic, intelligent, has a hellacious work ethic, and his intent is in all the right places.

It seems studios want immediate gratification and advance guarantees (so what's new?!). This guy is destined to have a fabulous career. And I predict that before long, he will earn and be given full recognition for being the fine actor (and fine person) he is.

Off my soap box now.


Anonymous said...

I love to read your post everyday & I agree 100% with you, but today's post is so BANG on it's like you were in my head when you wrote it. I don't understand how people can compare them grrr get a life haters & move to the left.
My fav is the one with Rob leaning onto Kristen, sorry Taylor love you but my eyes are fixed on R&K, can't help it LOL
Love waking up to your post, keep up the great writing

MsTwilica said...

The best post you've ever done.


kharma1 said...

Rose, Your first part cracked me up, you are so funny but I know you're serious too..lol. How do you choose, tough job, I'm sure alot of women wouldn't mind having that job.
And comparing Rob and Kristen is so ridiculous. They are a team and a pretty damn good one, plus they are so beautiful together, love them. They both support each other and they will both do very well. To have all that talent, smarts and beauty, shit, what did I do wrong in my prior life..damn.
Thanks again Rose, have a great day.

kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

"I like this picture.Yeah. Robert is kinda nuzzling on Kristen.Too cute for words.(and shut up haters... that's what I see)"

I couldn't agree more w/u. Cute pic. She's always leaning onto Rob and so is he.

I LOVE Kris (she's my lil bb girl) but i love Rob too, but now i wanto to talk about him.
Rob 'outtakes' are really beautiful.He's HANDSOME. He has something in his looks...i dunno how to explain, he's amazing inside and outside.
Thank God they give a f.ck about what people think of their careers, and the BEST they DO support each other.

Love your blog. You are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I think it has something to do with producers of the films whom Rob and Kristen made their movies. It's indie films versus Giants franchise like Summit. While indie films (Kristen's) were less budgeted and mostly aspiring directors who wants to try their craps were less distributed compared to Summit (Rob's) who got a widespread releases internationally. They made RM like an indie film (low budgeted) but with international release while Kristen's 2 film specially WTTR needs a buyer and TR will be distributed by Apparition but still with limited distribution. The people behind the indie films would like the movie goers to support their films, to inspire those less fortunate producers and aspiring directors and the rest of the film makers against those giants, rich and already established franchise like Summit. Those big companies like Summit are eyeing most those potential actors like in the case of Rob who made low budgeted films but will cash in lots of profit through his popularity in the other hand Kristen continues to patronized indie films which don't cash in much but constantly just to have an acting job. It just like they are employed in a certain company, one is big with more benefits and a smaller one with lesser benefits. Twilight was a big surprised specially in the part of Kristen who made an enormous success. Well she got a better pay this time.Kristen's decision to make this indie films has probably something to do with his parents who are in the business. She didn't think of becoming big that's why she stayed with indie films. As what she said, I made films that nobody see, poor girl.

Kathy said...

Yep, Rob is nuzzling into Kristen. That's exactly how I see it too. Kristen looks VERY hot in her mini-dress. VERY beautiful, as usual. It's dumb for anyone to compare their careers. They are BOTH awesome and successful actors. They support each other in every way. I think it's great. I'm glad Rob is doing a movie with his scruffy beard. It takes him away from the "Edward" look. He STILL looks SO hot and SO sexy with the beard. Nope, my addiction is NOT going away, OR getting any easier. I don't foresee that happening anytime soon either. So, I know how you feel Rose. Thanks for another awesome post. Have a great day !!!!!

otsuu said...

I adore your coments.. as always and I also love the picture that Rob is close to Kristen.. so cute! I miss to see they together! :( And yep.. shut up haters. :P

I saw a video of Kristen and she said that she loves men with beard haha.. I think she is loving rob appearence!

mattie said...

I love what you did here I too have a addiction to Rob and that is the best picture I think it would great to make a movie with him or to even hang out with him he seems like such a down to earth guy who enjoys life and loves to laugh I think it would be a blast love your page

TIKisokA said...

Hi Rose!
Had to backtrack on ur latest posts
and can't help but comment on this one...coz like you I LOVE THE EW OUTTAKES!!! I've expressed before in another forum that magazines should come out with portfolios containing outtakes coz they seem to be always better than what appear on the mags haha (and yup Rob is so nuzzling K there so cute!)

I agree that it's quite irrational really to compare their acting careers coz they sure are different! to say the least...and they have their own right to excel in their work - together or separately! We just have to support them all the way...