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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Robert Pattinson- Walking the Line

It's Sunday morning.
I'm feeling a bit... hungover from last night.
My best friend and her DH were over...
We sit... we talk... we drink.
It happens.
And now my stomach feels like I swallowed
a pail of dirt.
And there are like nails and daggers in it.
And something...moving.
Not good.
At. All.

To cheer myself up...
To try and make me forget that
there might be something alive in my gut
trying like hell to get out...
wallowing in the pit of what used to be my stomach...
I am going to post some of my favorite 
Walking. Moving. Awkward. Adorkable.
Pictures of Robert Pattinson.

I never get tired of this one.
The strut.
The smile.
The sunglasses.
The suit.

From the Tonight Show.
This is kinda where the whole walking thing
started for me.
I mean... seriously...
And could he have been more
charming, witty and sweet 
during the interview?
Um... No.

No fucking words.
Except for these ones...
And they don't count.
Because I'm not really saying anything.

I miss the suspenders.
I just realized that right this moment.

Robert was sexy hot on the Remember Me set.
There was always a shitload of new pics
while he was filming...
And he looks gorgeous in every one.
EVERY one.
But this one?
Walk. Cigarette. Smirk.

Are you noticing that I'm almost
as crazy about Rob with a cigarette
as I am with his walking?
Walking WITH a cig?
Yeah. That's right.

This one has a bit of everything.
Something in/on his lips...
Oh God...
that little triangle of heaven...
Right above his jeans...
I can't stop looking at it.
It's mesmerizing.

This is my new favorite.
Yeah... OK... 
So I posted this one just the other day.
It's my blog.
So this one gets another shot.
And don't be surprised if you see a lot more of it.
All of it.
The walk. The face.
It makes the dirt in my stomach churn...
Not sure if that's a good thing.
Probably not.
Churning dirt sounds like trouble.
That starts with T
It rhymes with P
and that stands for Pattinson.
And I'm so fucking gone.

Had to have one of Kristen.

1. I adore her (yeah, no kidding)

2. She's been getting a lot of shit from the haters
on how she looked at Sundance.
This picture is just recalling 
the one of MANY incredible dresses she wore
during the New Moon press junket.
She looked fantastic everywhere she went.

And now the dirt has turned to mud.
Might be a good time to get out of here.
I need a couple (hundred) Excedrin
Give or take.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

You completely just made my Sunday a whole of hell lot better.
Thank you so much Rose.
I hope you feel better.

Angelica said...

Great post!

Wich show was Kristen appearing on in that pic?


Anonymous said...

Totally cute.

You just made my day!


Poli said...

Thank God you never fail posting! Love you and your blog.
Hey Angelica, this is from Tonight Show with Conan O´Brien, from NM press junket.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I don't get what people's deal is with the way Kristen dresses. First, Sundance is chill, party dresses really aren't appropriate. Second, she's not a frilly girl. Yes, she can clean up better than 99% of women when she wants to, but she's a hot tomboy. On top of which even putting Rob aside, all you read about are actors & musicians who find her really hot. I think she's doing all right, regardless of what some chicks want to say about how she should dress.

Patricia said...

Rose: I also am a little hung-over.But reading your blog and seeing Rob makes me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER. He seems to always do that for me. Maybe that's why I watched "Twilight" 28 times and seen "New Moon" 10. Can't wait for "Remember Me" I also love Kristen. What a beauty ! They both dress like their personalities ! Dress up when they need to and dress funky all the other time. it's catching on, a lot of stars are starting to copy them. Who CARES about the haters? There are sooo many of us that love them and are happy that they are together! I just want more new pictures. Grazie again for your post and keep them coming. YOU MAKE MY DAY!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, love this post, and agree with all the posts here today.

It's a great day, and you posted some GREAT pictures of our favorite duo.

Feel better, Rose.


kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

It's great you had fun yesterday w/friends and DH! Sorry about hearing u r not feeling well today. I hope u are better now!!!
And Patricia u r right, who cares w/haterstens??? We love RK.period. :)

Happy Sunday!!!

Jude said...

Here's the thing: I HATE smoking. Seriously, HATE it. Second-hand smoke causes my eyes to water and my nose to run, and the people who do it a lot always carry the smell of it on their clothing, which is kind of disgusting. It's terrible for you, and it had a hand in killing my dad. So yeah...hate it. BUT...for some reason, I find Rob's smoking so freaking HOT, it's ridiculous. I want him to quit for the sake of his health and his hygiene, yet...I think I'd miss it if he quits. Ugh. SO conflicted!

Hope you feel better, Rose. Been there, done that, can't do it any more!

May said...

Yeah,I`m just happy right now. You totally made my week with this post,Rose. TYSFM,bb. <3