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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robert, Kristen and Emilie.

I'm not even sure I want to write about this...
It's embarrassing to the good, decent fans 
of Robert Pattinson.
An MTV interview was published where Emilie de Ravin 
 said the following about her chemistry with Rob
and how it was to work with him.

"I flew to New York to test with Rob and
we immediately got along and had instant great chemistry, 
which is not an easy thing to come by. 
Obviously you're acting,
but you want to have that connection with somebody.
We had it."

The immediate fall-out?
Extreme hatred.
Because there are some people...
who call themselves 'fans'
Who just cannot distinguish between
Robert's work and his personal life.
And not only that...
Any female who has the audacity 
to come into contact with him...
Is immediately skewered and roasted
by the lunatic fringe.

I don't get it.
And I'm fucking glad.
Emilie's interview was very pleasant
and she was quite sweet and lovely about Robert.
She realizes how lucky she was to have
worked with someone who is so HOT right now.
She appreciates how kind and easy Rob was to work with.
Is that a bad thing?
I hope to hell she is right about their onscreen chemistry.
I want "Remember Me" to do well.
For Robert.
Because I care about his career.
I want him to have one.
And while I don't think the lunatics
out there will have much impact on his movie...
Does everything surrounding Robert have to be
all about the drama and the hate?
Emilie didn't do anything
except her job.
And that job happened to be working
with (and kissing on) Robert.
Most definitely.
Worthy of toxic hatred?
Absolutely not.

Someone sent me this quote.

"If only closed minds came with closed mouths."


And then we have Kristen.
Who still gets hated on every damn day.
Who some haters honestly believe
that she is only hanging out with Robert...
because he can further her career.
If you had a chance to hang out with Rob...
Wouldn't you?
Do you need a reason to want to?

To all the people who feel that
Robert and Kristen owe you an explanation.
Owe you a reason.
Owe you a piece of their lives.
Owe you a say in who they see...
and what they do.
Owe you ANYthing at all...
Get a fucking grip.
You are NOT entitled to anything.

It's one thing to speculate on a relationship...
it's another to intrude upon it.
In the end...
We aren't players in these 2 peoples lives.
What we want doesn't matter.
We are just watching from the sidelines...
Wouldn't it be nice to cheer
Instead of having to listen to the jeers?

Hope for Haiti.

I haven't said much about this.
Well, I'm a private person when it comes 
to things like this.
I feel no need to talk about 
how much I have given...
or what I plan to do to help.

But that being said...
It is a tragic, horrific circumstance
these poor people are going through.
And they do need our help.

Watch Robert on TV on Friday...
And do what you can do for Haiti
Watch. Help.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

The pic of EDR and Rob, they're so cute. He has indeed a great chemistry with her. Great post again Rose.

Anonymous said...

can you please not put Kristen's beautiful and cool name in the same sentence as that 30 yr old
thank u!

Anonymous said...

I think Rob and Emily have great chemistry on screen and I am happy about it, because I can't wait to see Remeber Me and I think it's going to be a great movie. Or so I hope for Rob.
I am a faithful Rob and Kristen shipper by the way and I love your blog... :))

Anonymous said...

EDR is married and she's 29 years old.So what if she had chemistry with Rob?It's good for the movie.Do you know what will happen after the movie is at theatres?Hate is gonna be everywhere,especially with the love scenes.Because at the sagas there are no hot love scenes with R/K.So everybody is gonna hate EDR for do that with Rob.People,Rob does it in real life with Kristen ALL THE FUCKING TIME.For almost a year now.

Robpattdul said...

I like what Emily said in the interview that Rob was refreshing and talented ...

Can't wait Remember me

Thank you

lostinphilly said...

Amen sistah, A-fucking-men!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that most of the fans invested emotionally when it comes to Rob's ladies in the film. Was it in this particular lady only (EDR) or some of Rob's film too. I know that Kristen was their first victim already.

May said...

Thank God Emilie is a professional and realizes the crazy vortex that surrounds Rob atm. Personally, judging from what I`ve seen so far,I think she has great chemistry with Rob, so I srsly hope fans will support him&RM. But Kris has nothing to worry about. Rob is def a one-woman man&we know who the main woman in his life is. ;D

As usual,ITA with your post. I really wish haters werent so damn loud. They sometimes manage to kill my Rob buzz. LOL

Vicki said...

Rose your logic is always very apt. This post comes off the back of my boredom surfing on Urban Dictionary - I was shocked at the amount of haterade dished Stew's way - under the entries for he name. Not only that but if you compare them to the ones for Rob... it is a little upsetting. I'm not saying that this is people in the TwiFandom, but it seems somewhere along the line the public's vision has become skewed. Fair enough Stewy is in the public eye, fair enough she is putting herself out for a certain kind of criticism/scrutiny, but what's wrong with treating people in the entertainment industry like humans and with a level of respect?

I know they are just words and Stew probably doesn't give a flying f**k what people say about her. It just makes me sad that people are so quick to judge these days. Celebrity culture has become so catty and vindictive. Times like these I try to remember the good things about this fandom. People like you, for example, who have their heads screwed on properly - call the bullshit and the naysayers - and generally just try to tone down the fandom f**kery. I am glad I can come here and get a like-minded POV. When did this fandom get so topsy-turvy?

Anonymous said...

Every female on the planet will have chemistry with Rob. They aren't a threat to Kristen. He went to see her during filming of RM and they were together every minute afterwards until Bel Ami. I think Kristen's a smart enough girl to know whether to move forward with him, and since she did. He's crazy about her. Acting is their job. Each other is their life. The gossips will start but Kristen knew that before moving forward with him which speaks volumes about how much they adore each other.

Anonymous said...

first off women hate women. they're always harder on women and they're least likely to be supportive of other women; and when it comes to a man all bets are off. You ever a watch a show call cheaters and watch women tear each other apart over a man that's cheating on both of them. I'm thinking shouldn't they be beating the guy? That's why we don't rule the world. We're too petty and catty. You'd think they would support those women and hope they do well? Nope. They'd rather be jealous over a guy they wil NEVER have.

Anonymous said...

I think some people think they are protecting KStew when they are bashing EDR which is absolutely ridiculous. Rob is going to have other costars! Emilie didn't say anything wrong, she basically said Rob is cool and they got along and they had great chemistry, she even threw in "it's only acting though". She seems like a really nice person. If you're a true fan of Rob you should hope all aspects of his life go well. Bashers of EDR are just as wrong as haters of KStew in my book. Sorry for my long rant, I'm just sick of the immaturity and irrationality of this fandom sometimes. That goes for the haters who are celebrating too- what exactly is it that you are celebrating? Ok. I'm done. Thanks for your blog Rose, you said it much better and eloquently.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that all this pepole bashing EDR because of Kristen. They would bash any actress who claims she has great chemistry with Rob. The thing is that so many "fans" reduce him to a "Sex Puppet", see it just as sexual-chemistry. They focus on the make-out scenes and getting in a defend mode and start bashing on his costars.

And it is the same with Bel Ami. Most of the comments are about Rob making out with all of them, if they have (sexual)chemistry, if Uma is too old ...whatever. No one cares about the novel, the story the film itself.

I am getting so tired of reading all this "he is hot, is dropping my pants, he could ...."

Rob didn't ask for this image and sort of fangirl craze who through themself on him.

It will be crucial for his career to transform this one-dimensional Mr Sex Hottie Image (which brings of course many girls to the films)into a serious acclaimed actor.

If this will happen the whole costar-and girlfriend bashing and discussion will stop naturally.
No one bashes the wifes, costars or girlfriends of Pitt, Depp, Penn, Connery...

Think about it and maybe focus on what he wants to become: a good actor.

Baiserbabe said...

Somehow that picture of her reminds me of Hannah Montana's sidekick friend, Emma/Emily something. Don't know why...

Anonymous said...

It's just so strange. I think it's the first time that ever happened in the movie world. It's just started from this Twilight Saga Books and Rob portrayed the role of the vampire which is completely different from the vampire movies like no fangs and coffins but the story in fact is just a twisted Romeo and Juliet. Rob has captured the audiences of almost all ages because of his unique personality that we never had before.He is undescribably good looking. He is something new because of his openess and honesty in which most of the actors in the business will never do. He is somewhat naive but people actually admired him. He got his own accent, unique physical movement, funny and doesn't care attitude when it comes to style. It's really weird to think how these all gone too far. I thought of Rob, how does he feels actually deep inside him. It seems scary for me because the admiration turned into lust and obsession giving some dangers to his co-star and girlfriend Kristen. I don't know how and when he will get out of this insanity, seems hell to me without any privacy anymore. It seems so unreal and yet the fandom can't just put themselves in place of Rob, what it is like to be in his shoes. And his girlfriend Kristen, What does she feels about her boyfriend being the center of all these craziness. Hope she will not end up getting tired and sick to all of these and save their relationship. In my part, I wouldn't like to be involved with somebody who is the object of desire and obsession.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I recalled when the first on-set stills of 'Remember Me,'(along with papz candids) were released - people were saying the EXACT opposite, that it appeared they did NOT have chemistry at all. I likened it to Rob being one of those actors whose real life supercedes and eclipses what's on screen in his own head, which creates a certain distance. The pics of Emily laying all on him on the beach - to me he looked distracted and uninterested and many people commented on that fact. When I read the script, it came off as less a romance, and more of this young man's coming of age, and the fragility of life. He has a love story with his dad, his sister, and grows to love a girl he set-out to use. It's clear there was no 'Edward/Bella kind of love at first sight' within the storyline of THIS film, and Rob plays his character as not being particularly bowled over when they meet. The love comes later. That said, what will annoy me, if like with NM, Summit has their leads play cutesy and coy, and infer things that aren't true - not that Rob would consent to that, he's not the type, but hopefully EDR doesn't go there. EDR is a 30 yr old married woman, who sees this as the biggest break of her life, hopefully she'll springboard into other things post Summit, as Rob will as well.

Anonymous said...

Rose, thank you for your awesome blog and for always writing what I think. I agree with you on all accounts, and it is sad that some fans can't step back and think about the consequences of their words. And I would love to say this is just coming from young girls, but sadly, this hatred comes from a lot of adult women.

I do agree with some of the comments made here though, especially the poster who said that the ones bashing EdR are doing it thinking they are defending Kristen. I know many fans feel protective of her especially because she gets so much hate, but I beg people would see that this attitude only fuels more hate, and in the end, it hurts Kristen more. I want her and Rob to be happy, and I really hope they both are protecting themselves by ignoring the nasty comments that are posted all over the internet. I hope they do have a good support system, and that they can weather this craziness. And I hope that Kristen especially can remain strong and not give up on love because the pressure of some very selfish fans.

I also think some Twilight fans may feel cheated that Rob and Kris were kept apart during NM promos, and Summit seems to do the opposite with EdR and Rob for the RM promo. Not just that, but the limited screen time between Rob and Kristen during NM has probably left a bad taste in some people's mouths. It will be interesting to see how Summit will handle the Eclipse promo, and if they will keep Rob and Kristen apart again.

I think the true Rob and Kristen fans need to be strong and just root for them to make it professionally and personally. If you feel like protecting Kristen, just don't do anything to hurt Rob, because that hurts her too. EdR is no threat here. And for those who hate on Kristen for stupid reasons, or no reason at all, you should get some help and a life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose great post as usual. I have a few observations. I think from watching the clips onscreen EDR has good chemistry with Rob and I'm glad for him and the movie. I think where EDR hit a chord is her constantly trying to be Kristen. The ONLY actors I have ever heard talk about instant chemistry is Rob and Kristen. People were upset when she started dressing like Kristen over the summer. It really doesn't matter she is a co-star and both Rob and Kristen have costars that they kiss and lay all over its part of the job. Is anyone worried about Jessie Esienberg or Eddie Redmanye near Kristen prior co-stars? The only people that should care are Rob and Kristen and its private and between them - I just wish EDR would just be herself and stop trying to be a Kristen clone cause she can't compete and personally it turns me off.

Anonymous said...

I really like some of the last comments.
Remember me is not about a sexy steamy making out love story as people like Ted Casablanca portray it. It is about a young, fragile man in a difficult life situation. Rob said he wanted to make the movie because it has a great script. And it has a great cast too. Lena Olin is such a good actress. Nobody even mentions her.

Unfortunatly with 2 of the 3 sex-scenes already in it the trailer Summit has a wrong focus(or it just gives the stupid fan(-girls) what a fan girl wants).

In this respect I would have liked if EDR had not bring the "they casted so many girls, but only we had the thing" on the table.

And I love the answer Uma Thurman gave in her interview. It is pure class and style.

Anonymous said...

I agree to the last comment. I think the trailer implies a different movie and is misleading. Maybe a lot of the fangirls will be disappointed after seeing the movie.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose.

I have to say though to 1:05, I really disagree with you. Emilie is not or ever was trying to be like Kristen. She's not trying to be a clone. Kristen is not the only person to ever those type of sneakers or those type of shirts or jeans or hoodies. Blame the wardrobe department if you didn't like what she was wearing. Go to any mall or school campus and you'll find the exact same clothes. And if you think Rob & Kristen are the ONLY actors to ever talk about having instant chemistry, you really need to read more interviews with other actors. Believe me, Rob & Kristen are not the only actors to ever talk about that.

Anonymous said...

Just read a few of the comments about Uma Thurman in Bel Ami at the ROBsessed site. Is that the blog for all the ROBSEXESSED Girls, who likes to bash on Kriten Stewart??

Here a selection of the comments on Bel Ami/Uma for your enjoyment:

"This movie is going to be so hot..."

"There will be all kinds of inappropriate noises coming from me during this movie!!!! That and I think I may need to wear a diaper..."

"Robs gonna have his hands full with these women!"

"what would you give Rob to ward off the evil eye? red string bracelet?"

".. you can't put it down when you picture Rob as the main character. The character is so sexy and messed up.."


Rose said...

Anon @2:02pm

I agree that there are some seriously bizarre people out there when it comes to Rob and Sex.
Please don't attach that to the ROBsessed blog. Every blog gets strange comments, ROBsessed just gets more than most because EVERYONE goes there!
Besides the fact that I'm incredibly close and extremely fond of Goz, Kate and Kat.
Like Close. Like I love them like sisters. So please don't besmirch my friends. They work really really hard on that blog... and aren't responsible for the comments that readers make.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I am a Robsten fan. Would be so PROUD if RM will be successful.
Best role change of Rpattz.
I know that he has enough fans to help his carreer.

Unlike Kstew...So my main concern is Runaways & WTTR. Both have no release dates yet in Europe. Somebody mentioned that "women are harder on other women", how true, sad to say...

Denitely will watch RM ONCE. But will go to Kstew´s film minimum 5 times & will pay for all the tickets of my friends who will go w/ me!

If you are a true Robsten fan, you will support their respective carreer!

Anonymous said...

The extreme reaction to Emilie and to Kristen is ridiculous but some of the blame has to be placed with how the whole Remember Me filming went down. I have honestly never seen anything like what happened. The rumored romance between Rob and Emilie coupled with the shredding of Kristen by fans and gossip sites. I want RM to do well. I am rooting for Rob 110%. But I won't lie. The way that RM filming was documented, the way that rumors were shoved in our faces and the crappy way that Kristen was treated left a serious bad taste in my mouth. In that sense, I can understand some of the knee jerk reaction to EdR. It doesn't excuse it, but I can understand where some of it is coming from.

Anonymous said...

To brightedglow,

I totally understand what you are saying (btw, I am anon 12:50, and hintofrobsten on twitter). As much as I hate the animosity, I can understand as you say, the knee jerk reaction to EdR precisely for the reasons you mentioned. And again, it goes back to fans feeling protective of Kristen. Sadly, any "hatred" thrown at EdR will end up hurting Kristen more, because she will be more sidelined for the sake of the movie's success, and Summit will push EdR and Rob even harder. This is about money, and feelings and relationships do not count. I would love to say Rob is above that, but this is his job, and he has to do what he has to do. Luckily Kristen has been in this business for so long that she understands all of this. It is the hatred thrown her way though that is sickening and truly out of hand.

But I agree with your comments, and in the scheme of things, I think EdR will fair better with the haters than Kristen does as long as she is connected to Rob. Sad, but true. You know the comparisons will be brutal. The good news is, Rob and Kristen have a lot of fans who support them, so it's not all bad. We as fans should focus on the positive.

kristine.hills said...

I agree w/anon 12:08pm "I am getting so tired of reading all this "he is hot, is dropping my pants, he could ...." Me too.
They really can't see what Rob is: a human being who deserves RESPECT and PRIVACY. I've said before and Rose said again ROB OWES US NOTHING. Someone mentioned that women don't respect women, it's TRUE, how sad it is. Men are always going to control the world.
And our LOVELY KRISTEN, oh gosh, she IS in love with Rob to put up with so much bad feelings.And what really ' amazes '(sarcastic) me is the fact they(blindstens and blahblahblah) hate the unique person who indeed believed in Rob's talented, Kristen saw it since day ONE. No one else even noticed him until he became drop dead gorgeous Rob,and she never waivered, she said it had to be ROB.Kristen saw all his attractiveness(and i'm talking about the beauty we have in our soul and heart).He knew and knows that K loved and loves him for what he is and NOT because of his beauty or popularity.Kristen isn't that girl who falls in love with a guy bc of his looks/beauty, she knew he was DIFFERENT, he had/has a beautiful soul, she TRUSTED him since the beginning.
And it's more than natural and healthy they want to live in peace, w/spotlight,pappz and far away from some lunatic fans. It just shows how Kristen LOVES Rob ( Jesus,she's only 19 and she was 17 when this hurricane began )and i don't even need to say how incredible is his adoration for K. Thank God we can see healthy fans(nice people) who completely support and love them(RK) and will be happy w/their choices.
I love this blog bc i can read such interesting posts here, and Rose, it was PERFECT!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:07 i don't think so.

I think the number of EDR haters who feels protective of Kristen isn't that high. Let it be 5% of all the Twi-fans (that will be already way t much) then you will have 95% potential viewers left who are Rob fans anyway or indifferent. How many EDR hate comments have you actually seen? I have NOT seen that many. Some are a bit annoyed about the whole "chemistry" thing. I can relate to that. Don't make a drama where is no drama. I am sure a lot of gossip mags read this blogs and I can see the headlines already.

In the end estimate $$$ for Eclipse is 10 times bigger than RM. And Eclipse promo will start soon after RM, so Summit would be stupid to push the donkey and ditch the cash cow.

And Kristen will be not existent during RM Promo, it is not her show.
Don't worry about her she is a well recognized actress, even a razzie for NM won't harm her career.
Rob still has to proof that he is not only "Mr. Handsome" as George sarcastically calls on him.
Why do you think is he crawling into his hole, not showing up at any of the big HW events and keep focus on his work and filming?

RM is for him to show that he has way more than a pretty face or that he just can pull it of with a costar. And many fans have a misconception about RM anyway.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
I am anon 2:02pm. I didn't want to offend your sisters at Robsessed. Sorry about that.
But in fact they attract many of this girls, some of them so bizarre. Maybe your friends should find out why these girls have a preference for their blog.
I love your blog and the comments here are always mature and interesting.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 3:40

Actually, I didn't quantify the EdR haters. I agree with you there are not that many compared to say the Kristen haters. Geez, there is even a site dedicated to bash her, and that is not counting Rob's IMDB page. So I am in total agreement with you that there are not that many. I was just trying to explain away how I perceive those who have made negative comments about EdR. I think EdR will be fine, and Summit will make sure that she won't fend for herself by having Rob by her side. Unlike Kristen, which is the sad part for many of her fans. But she seems to be a strong cookie, so I trust she will do just fine. I am hoping she will have a great time at Sundance and that WTTR and TR will be a great success too.

Anonymous said...

I think some fans are upset bc EdR wanted to be Kristen(someone said it and i agree).I heard she called pappz to give them the location where they were going to film. And you can see when R and E were between takes he was always sad and upset and she was always waving her hand and all smiles for them. She was naive bc she thought R was a metodic actor, but what she didn't know he IS an excellent professional and knows how to separate job from real life. If i think she wanted R? Yes,of course, damn who wouldn't like to have him?
She made mistakes, it's normal, i hope she has learned her lesson. But it doesn't mean we need bash her and boycott his movie, no way, it's a nice story. And summit sucked w/NM red carpet when they kept KR apart, and took a pic of R and E, it was a sh.t. Hating people doesn't help.If you want to watch RM, great go ahead, if you don't, perfect, stay home, but don't hate anyone.JMHO

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 3:59 from Anon 3:40

If you quantify the Kristen haters: Half of New Moon $$$$ come from Europe and the rest of the world. I havn't seen any Kristen haters in Europe at all. Have you watched the fan reaction in Madrid when Rob made the "you can go out with girls like Kristen Stewart"? The whole crowd, thousands of girls were responding "kiss her kiss her". And in Munich 20.000 Kristen fans.
Of course there are haters and they have a very loud voice. Maybe we should do what Kristen is doing: Relax, chill and just let it drip to the side. We should not give them any space, let them dry out and we can't control them anyway.

Anonymous said...

To anon 4:20.
You are right i'm from Brazil and the most of Twilight fans love K (and in Mexico too).And we don't read comments like ' i want she dies', 'she's a witch' and etc.We know we always have dumb people who will say sh it about her, but her fanbase is GREAT.Brazilian people got crazy about K, even the one who didn't like her, when they met her they fell in love.She's a SPECIAL GIRL, that's why she makes R SO happy and so does he.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 4:20,

You are right. Loud doesn't mean many. It just means LOUD and ANNOYING. And yes, it seems to be the same people. And I tend to believe internet fans are just a fraction of the fandom anyway. It's sad that people waste their energy on hating someone they don't even know, but oh well. Thanks for your perspective. And yes, I know Europe loves KStew. Too bad some fellow Americans have decided to hate on one of our own. Oh well.

Here is to a great year for both Rob and Kristen!!!

Anonymous said...

Being a Kristen fan has made me even more angry at the EdR bashers. Even though I don't know anything about EdR so I can't say I'm a fan of her, just knowing how much hate Kristen has gotten when she didn't deserve it has made me even more protective of any women Rob associates with who gets hate. I have seen some Robsten fans who REALLY got angry at EdR for her interview. All I can say is, she didn't say anything wrong IMO. Also, If you believe R/K are together like I do, can you imagine Rob hurting Kristen? I can't. Also, about EdR trying to dress like Kristen.. She was on a movie set, take it up with the wardrobe department not her. I think we will see a lot of Emilie/Rob press coming soon, so if you can't handle one tiny interview that was very professional then I'd avoid internet/TV in the upcoming months. But I also agree Kristen does get it worse, and the people who really hate Kristen are pushing for Rob/EdR or Rob/anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Attacking Rob & his costar or Rob & his girlfriend is really silly. However in the long run it probably wont matter. If Rob is good in RM and it does well, more people will want to work with him regardless of the craziness that surrounds him. I have no opinion of EDR as I have never seen her in anything. Her comments were professional though and as long as they stay professional, I don't really see a problem. I do have a problem with how Summit seems to like to market their movies via creating "possible romances" b/t their stars. I think it cheapens the movies and feeds the crazy. In all honesty Rob clearly needs this movie to be successful if he wants to be considered a non-Twi actor, which Kristen is already considered. He's trying to build a reputation. Right now they really dont know if he's the next big thing or the next Orlando Bloom who had LOTR & Pirates, but can't really open a movie on his own. I lean towards the former, but the rabidness of some of his fans doesn't really help.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned the way Uma handled her interview about BA and Rob, and ITA. Uma is a class act, a professional and is already shooting down the possibility of any romance rumors b/w her and Rob. She said she doesn't go for younger men in real life, only in movies,lol(paraphrasing what she said to her daughter) She is also back with her gazillionaire Swiss fiance. She doesn't need the false rumors nor does she want them. Kudos to her.

Anonymous said...

"about EdR trying to dress like Kristen.. She was on a movie set, take it up with the wardrobe department not her."

Sorry i disagree(No offense) but the shirt-knot is KStewart trade mark, so she was copying her style.

"I do have a problem with how Summit seems to like to market their movies via creating "possible romances" b/t their stars."

Summit seems to like to create any possible romance, BUT RK.

Anonymous said...

eerrr...anon 8:14, maybe Rob the one who ask the wardrobe department to dress her up like Stwie..lol! seriously tho...no hate for EDR & hope RM doing extremely well for Rob.
and Rose did you this http://www.collider.com/2010/01/20/8-new-high-resolution-images-from-the-runaways-starring-kristen-stewart-and-dakota-fanning/ TR new stills...Rob, your girl turns us all...LESBO! dies...

Anonymous said...

LOL Anon 9:31. Rob did miss Kristen so who knows ; ?

I am a fan of Rob & Kristen, together and separately. I saw some of Kristen's movies and I thought she was really great, I had no problem believing in/seeing her character and forgetting 'Bella' or Kristen for that matter. I just saw How to Be with Rob (and HP but I can't remember very well, sorry) and I was not impressed at all. Didnt watch it till the end. So I'm really looking forward to seeing RM so that I can see him acting in something else that twilight and find out if I can believe in his characters too. And also I'll be honest I'm waiting to see how I 'welcome' seeing Rob & Emilie on screen. That'll be the test, if I see their characters or if I see Rob & Emilie, if they manage to sell me their characters. So I can't wait. As much as I'm looking forward to WttR and the Runaways.

That said, I don't understand the hate for Emilie. I 'know' her from Roswell and Lost. She always seemed like a sweet girl imo. And no rumors of her always hooking up with her partners or something. I don't get why people say she tried to look like Kristen or she wanted Rob. I saw lots of pics of her & rob in the summer and I didn't see anything 'inappropriate' from her, I didn't see her flirting, I didn't hear her say anything people might not like. Nothing that makes me believe she wants Rob. Maybe she does, who knows really, but nothing tells us that.

On the other hand, of course she'll welcome the publicity that working with rob brings. What actor wouldn't? That's their job, they need the media and fans to focuse on it. Nothing wrong with that.

Seriously, Rob & Emilie worked together 6 months ago. We didn't see them hanging together. Rob's always with Kristen and I guess Emilie is back in Hawaii filming Lost. So why all the hate and I guess the fear???? People need to prepare themselves for all the RM related promotion soon and the news from filming Bel Ami or there will be heart attacks everywhere in the world! Or if it's too hard to prepare themselves, I'd advise to take a break from the net and come back for Eclipse promotion, it'll be more safe ;)

TIKisokA said...

another wonderful post Rose!
personally I don;t want to be called a fan of any celebrity because I (used to) connote all the obsession and craziness and illogical fan worshiping to such fandom - it really gives fandom such a bad name...

but it's fans like you and the other smart reasonable people who help me be prouder of the celebrities I admire and support (like rpattz of course)...

yes it's true they will be paired with diff actors but if you're really a film or celebrity supporter it all boils down to the movie (script and all that comes with it) and how it is delivered to the viewing public (and how we applaud it or not)...

thanks again for POV Rose

Nicki Finn said...

Here's something interesting. Can you debunk this, what are your thoughts ?!?!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Rose, getting famous now? You seems to be competing with Rob now with his popularity. Proud to be a part of your blog. You really have lots of common sense and the commentaries are pretty smart. I don't know what to say, everyone have said it all. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

"I think some fans are upset bc EdR wanted to be Kristen(someone said it and i agree).I heard she called pappz to give them the location where they were going to film. And you can see when R and E were between takes he was always sad and upset and she was always waving her hand and all smiles for them."

Come on. Now she's calling paps? All anybody had to do was look at Twitter & get the location shoots. I guess all those fans chasing Rob were just Emilie's friends & she contacted them too. Hey, maybe Pierce Brosnan called them..he was talking & waiving at the paps too. A lot of celebs do that too.

Also, Kristen didn't invent the tying the knot in the t-shirt thing. I adore Kristen, but the world doesn't revolve around her and not everything has to be compared to her.

I would have thought the Kristen fans would have a bit more understanding.