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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Nonstens Grimm Fairy Tales

What to say.

1. I could talk about how the excuses concerning Rob and Kristen
being together are still flying fast and furious.
The pictures don't need defending.
None of them do.
There is no need to have the last word as far as
Robert and Kristen are concerned.
Robert and Kristen are together.
They have been for a while now.
Picture after picture comes out...
Showing them cuddling at concerts...
Legs wrapped around each other in limos...
Sharing a hotel balcony...
Saying goodbye before Rob goes to NYC...
Hanging out backstage at concerts...
Holding hands in Paris...
Showing up together...
After weeks and weeks of hiding...
in the UK.
Why even bother debating this?
The haters have to grasp onto something...
to deny Rob and Kristen.
Let them.
Truth is truth.

2. The "Eclipse" script was supposedly leaked.
It had JACKSON RATHBONE in bold letters on every page.
Is it real? Who knows.
Does it really matter? Not really.
And I don't get the whole "Don't Spoil It For Me" stuff...
Have you read the book?
Then you know what's in the script.
Eclipse has always been my favorite book...
And I can't wait to see this movie.
And I hope I'm in NYC when I do.

3. People send me 'Nonsten' stuff all the time.
Personally, I have stopped going to other sites
and reading the negative bullshit.
But when it is sent to me, I read it...
My first reaction of course, is to laugh.
The rationalizations some people come up with.
They should write Fairy Tales...
Hans Nonsten Andersen.
The Nonstens Grimm (That one fits... yes?)
And I really don't give a shit if someone
believes in Rob/Kristen...
Because I do.
But what does irritate me is when they
feel the need to constantly trash Kristen.
I mean... they fucking tear her apart.
They take every word she has said...
Twist it and turn it to suit their perverted needs..
and you wonder why she doesn't want to talk
about her relationship with Robert?
It doesn't matter what she says.

She is trying to keep something.
She doesn't owe us anything.
You don't have to like Kristen Stewart.
But to vilify and hate her so strongly?
That's just fucking wrong.
And you know it.

4. I realize that I have talked about some
of these topics before...
and I will undoubtedly discuss them again.
That's what happens during a Rob Drought.
You reminisce...
You daydream...
You talk about whatever comes to mind.
And theres only so much I can say
about the fairy tales and fables
that The Nonstens Grimm can come up with.
I mean...
It makes for interesting reading...
At first.
But all their fables seem to have the same ending...
And that gets pretty boring and tedious.
No imagination.
No creativity...
and no originality.
I suppose they make for good bedtime stories...
Because they can really put you to sleep.

5. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

once again effin brilliant....people hate what they are jealous of..kristen is smart, talented, beautiful (ridiculously so...) and she's only 19! and oh yeah one more thing, she has one of the hottest guys who just simply adores her...

May said...

Hans Nonsten Andersen.

LMAO Dear Rose,I frickin` love your mind&your posts.The latest one is no different. <3

I`ll just say one thing.Haters,nonstens&trolls are desperate & they KNOW deep inside what the real truth is. But reality is not interesting to them,because Rob wont fall in love with them in the real life.IYKWIM

I just know this: Rob&Kris will prevail.They got through worse shit than this. Trust. ;D

kristine.hills said...

They are not nonsten they are BLINDSTEN. LOL

Lets vote for K/R please!!!
'Which Teen Idol Has the Most Devoted SuperFans?' Rob and Kris Link is below; go vote!!:


Anonymous said...

Again Rose, (Applause)well said. You are the voice of true and real fans of Rob and thanks a lot for defending Kristen in behalf of Rob 'cause I'm sure Rob will do the same as you do for Kristen. Again, I'll end it always this way, you're so adorable.

Logical said...

There are two types of Nonstens. The first kind are the ones that now grudgingly admit R/K are in a relationship. At the same time, they don't hate on Kristen. The other type are the ones that spew hateful verbal attacks against Kristin and adamantly refuse to enter reality and accept R/K are together. These people claim they don't care, etc, but their hateful jealousy speaks for itself. The excuses are pathetic. If anyone says anything other than, "yes, Rob and Kristin are together", then they are hopeless and I seriously feel sorry for them. That level of denial is just plain scary. And the worst of it, most of these deniers are older women. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

As good as ever. Huggghhhh Rose has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Rose.

Of all the little signs along the way, one thing that most convinced me of R/K's togetherness was the morning after the MTV Awards when they were photographed saying goodbye. On the scene were Kristen (in the car), Mama Stew, a man who I believe was Kristen's grandfather (Mama Stew's dad), and Rob. Rob gave Mama Stew a hug, and at one point she stroked and smoothed his hair in a way that said very clearly how fond she was of him. Some obvious maternal feelings there for her daughter's love.


Anonymous said...

When they start saying things like, "Rob and Kristen didn't know eachother would be on the same island, it was a coincidence". I refuse to think they actually believe that. I don't care if people believe they are together or *admit* they believe they are together, but the lies about a 19 year old girl are not ok. The threats they make are not ok. And IMO, the hatred and name calling of her is not ok. But in the end Kristen is in the UK with Rob, and they aren't. She wins.:)


Kathy said...

Love you Rose....seriously. Kristen is awesome in every sense of the word. I hope she wins every award possible for New Moon, and all the haters can just go to hell. They need to leave her alone. She's gorgeous, talented, nice, and OH, SHE'S WITH ROBERT. If you nasty haters can't say something nice...dont say anything at all !!!!!!

Anonymous said...


new pic of robsten together!

kristine.hills said...


Anonymous said...

Omg, the nonstens are saying that's Rob and the brit pack but not Kristen in the new picture. Umm.. Really? It's someone else with the same height, same clothes, hair, glasses standing next to Rob? Dude! We already knew Kristen was there with him in the UK from the fan pic. I don't like to throw around the word crazy and the word pathetic but...

Kathy said...

Kristen IS in the picture. The haters are so dumb. You know these HATERS claim to be fans of Rob, but do you honestly think Rob would want Kristen treated so badly? If it hurt her, then it would hurt him (IF he even paid attention to this nonsense in the first place, which I'm sure he doesn't) Well, WE love them BOTH, and I'm sure they're having a great time together. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love you, Rose!

But what is really scary is the fact that these "haters" are not teenage girls. They are "mature, prfessionals" who say, spew terrible things about a TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL 19-yr.old.

Come on, ladies, GET A LIFE!!!

Sydney said...

I've been going through all your Robsten tagged posts....

and I just want to say THANK YOU.

now, I'm not really a fan of Rob (but I do like him and really want to see Remember Me) but I am a huge fan of Kristen and I love Robsten.

I want to say thank you, first of all, for sticking up for Kristen. the girl gets so much bullshit from the people who are jealous. She is a beautiful, talented, unique, amazing girl and people just scrutinize her so much for being different. but in reality- Rob agrees how wonderful the girl is. and these people who are jealous need to shut the fuck up.

second, thank you for trying to get people to SEE REALITY. Rob and Kristen are very much together, whether some people like it or not.

I will be reading more of your older Robsten posts and will be watching for new ones.

again, thank you for being one of the realest Rob/Kristen fans out there and doing this blog to try and show people the truth.

much love.