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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, January 4, 2010

Pattinson Intoxication. Random Rose.

Random Thoughts.

1. It never ceases to amaze me the response I get from this blog.
I will admit that most of the people that comment...
or write me email...
are positive and very kind with their words.
But of course I have to deal with negativity...
which I always find entertaining.
There are people who are just !shocked! that
I write a blog EVERY day!
And how I must be incredibly deluded and lifeless
to write about people I don't know.
The irony is delicious.

2. Michael Aragano
I don't hate the guy.
At all.
No hate here.
Zero (weirdness)

But he's always going to be
Oregano to me.
I'm sure shorty spice
(come on... its funny... you know it)
is all kinds of sweet and nice
(and perhaps a bit flavorful sprinkled on food)
He seems like a good guy.
He's no hero.
He dated Kristen Stewart for a while.
He's not anymore.
That's it.

3. Robert Pattinson.
I adore him.
I was looking at my vast collection
of online pictures.
Did I say vast?
That doesn't cover it.
Not even close.
But it's nice to have at times like these...
Quiet times.
Desolate times.
I need to see Robert's face times.
He's so damn purty.
'You got a purty mouf'
(OK, line from 'Deliverance')
He does have a purty mouf, doesn't he?
Pretty eyes.
Pretty hair.
Pretty nose.
Pretty ears.
Pretty cheekbones.
Pretty jawline...
I'll stop.
For now.

D. Kristen Stewart.
Man, I admire her stealth.
(and I admire the hell outta her) 
She's been seen... like twice 
since the whole New Moon frenzy has ended.
'Clever girl'
(OK, that's a line from 'Jurassic Park')
(not sure why I'm quoting lame movie lines today)
Kristen has already given me
something to look forward to in 2010
with "The Runaways"
and "Welcome to the Riley's"
Can't wait.
But of course I have to.
Don't want to.
But don't have a choice.
And man... I'm really random today.
And oh yeah.
Kristen was in the UK...
with Robert.
Just thought I would throw that in there.
(That shit STILL makes me smile...) 

5. One of the best parts about 2009
and loving Robert Pattinson?
The wonderful people that I have come to know here.
And while there are a couple I would
like to throw back...
(I mean, seriously scary stalker types)
There are a handful of people I absolutely adore.
People who make my obsession easier to deal with.
People who make me smile on a daily basis.
People who 'get' me.
(and honestly... I'm not easy to 'get'.)
People that I truly consider friends.
And since I've yet to meet any of these people
face to face... that is saying a lot.
Hopefully that will change in June...
As I am trying to get my ass to NYC
for the "Eclipse" premiere...
and to meet up with some fantastic ladies...
Thank you Robert Pattinson...
For bringing these witty...
incredibly strong and funny women...
into my life.

6. I love you Robert.
Just in case that was forgotten somehow...
in all the Robsten drama...
I'm still intoxicated.
You are still intoxicating.
Always living in intoxication.

" You're intoxicated by my very presence." ~ Edward Cullen

7. Bye for now.


Terry said...

8. You're awesome. :)

Debbi said...

I love someone who isn't afraid to admit that not only do they believe in Robsten, they love them (and of course Rob) and is proud of it. Rose, you are my hero. (BTW, I seriously am not stalking you) I just admire you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love ready your daily post. Thank you once again!

Please continue to voice your opinion, don't let the haters get to you.
I will never understand how people can say such horrible things about Rob or Kristen, never knew how many insane people are out there!
I love them both and wish the very best for them both.
Also how envious am I of you, going to the NYC premier, wow
Feeling very left out here in Sydney, all I have to say is thank god for the internet and now Twitter!
Keep it up, continue to bitch slap the haters, you have our support!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cannot say it enough: You write with such an incredible love and passion that you make me always smiling! I love your blog and I'm so glad I've found it (it was a coincidence, so thanks god he showed me this :P )! I hope, you'll keep on writing for many, many years, because I just can't get enogh of it :)
With love,

patricia said...
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patricia said...

Love your Blog, i´m new here :) but i´m a HUGE fan (Portuguese) of you :)

Just one question, you said "Kristen was in UK with Rob" this mean she is in LA now?

Amy said...

Just recently have found your blog and I gotta say it is so awesome to find other people that LOVE Rob and Kristen together. I am a HUGE Rob fan. Always will be that first. But I am also a shipper that loves him with Kristen. I wish there were more Robs fans like us that respected who Rob chooses to be with. Thanks again for showing that some hardcore Rob fans are not rabid haters.

kristine.hills said...
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kristine.hills said...

There are people who are just !AMAZED/GRATEFUL! that YOU write a blog EVERY day! I'm one of these people, and you can BET, We ARE millions that LOVE YA!
If you didn't write it every single day i would get disappointed, bc i can't wait to read your thoughts every day. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!
You my dear SPREAD LOVE for people you don't even Know, and it amazes me a lot.
And yeah, RP and KS brought a lot of people to my life too, people i DON'T EVEN KNOW either, what a coincidence. lol
SEE haters, we don't need to know people to like them.And i don't need/want to hate people, it's a MISERABLE feeling.
I LOVED your thoughts today.

PS.: You ROSE - LUCKY GIRL - Eclipse Premiere. Send lots of kisses to ROB/KRIS.

Rita -Portugal said...

Hi there :) look I just wanted to say something because I really admire wht ur doing here, cuz most people don't know wht it is like to wright every day on a blog, and just the fact that ur doin it and enjoying it's amazing! I'm a huge fan of Robert 2, and all the Twilight cast :) so I just wanted to give my support and to say 1 more thing, don't even bother about those JELOUSE people who say negative things. Don't even listen to them :) you are really great in wht u do :) Peace :D

Anonymous said...

Great! You made my day sunny!

Anonymous said...

Visiting everyday in your blog. You always made me smile not to mention those photos you have here in your blog that made ma happy. You're just so adorable like Rob and Kristen. Love you and your dedication. I'm from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

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luvubel said...

You're just so eloquent and seem to voice how I feel and think about Rob and Kristen. And you tell it like it is too -- I love that!Yea..More proof that they are a couple! Why in denial people? "Let Love Rule" - don't hate, but appreciate that this young couple want to be together. Besides, this should make the last book, Breaking Dawn, that much more intersting ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Rob and Kristen, but at this point, don't you think they should stop all the hiding? It's getting ridiculous.

The paparazzi, whether they come out or not, will haunt them anyway, so Rob and Kristen, do yourselves a huge favor, just relax, enjoy being young and in love and you'll probably be much happier.

imloco2 said...

Okay, while you're throwing out random thoughts I have a few. And since I don't really post anywhere else I'll just throw them out here. ;)

Everyone talks about how Kristen makes Rob happy and how much he smiles when he's with her. (hey, I do it too) But if you think about it, the bigger miracle is that Kristen laughs and smiles a lot when she's around Rob. Remember the Kids Choice awards thingy? There was a girl there who wrote about the show and her observation was Nothing impresses Kristen Stewart. Except Robert Pattinson. I know from listening to her, reading about her and watching her that she's a serious girl. As far as I can tell she's been that way since she was 13 too. Never one to suffer fools gladly. I saw that for myself in her interview with Ryan Seacrest when she was 13. LOL Yet with Rob she smiles a lot. She laughs...a lot. It's like he is freeing her, at least a little, to be young and play. And of course she seems to have calmed him down and straightened him out to a certain extent too. Which is one of the reasons I love them together. They compliment each other so well.

And it annoys me when people deify Rob and act like Kris is not good enough for him. I love Rob as much as the next Twi, but he's not perfect. Hoboliciousness is great on paper but face to face I'm not sure I'd think he was all that. Okay, I probably would, but my point is, he has his faults. I'm sure Kris has hers, but making her out to be a bitch that doesn't deserve him is kind of delusional.

Also, the sheer amount of jealousy out there is kind of staggering. I wonder sometimes just how much of the fandom is racked with jealousy and will that impact Eclipse at all.

Just things I think about... *g*


PS thanks Rose. Someone above said it... I'm entirely grateful you post on your blog every day. I enjoy your thoughts very much.

Anonymous said...

I've read a number of things here that I've enjoyed, but I have to admit reading this one today felt, well, kinda sad. In examining your words all I was able to take away was that you are so devoted and cherishing of this man solely because of his physical appearance, and little else matters. It all sounded utterly vacuous. The first time I ever saw a photo of Rpatz he reminded me of this great jazz musician named Chet Baker. As a young man Baker was really beautiful but he partied alot and didn't age well. Here's a pic for you to see.. http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/9711/chet.jpg. If all that counts is looks, if that's the best you can hinge your devotion upon, I feel confident in saying that sooner or later you will be terribly disappointed.

Vampsus said...

Daily blog.
Haunting need to see the purdy.
Oh..and did I mention...
Together in the UK.
Group smile.
Group hug for Rose.
We "get" you.
Don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47
Chet Baker died May 13, 1988 while Rob's birthday is May 13, 1986, is it a coincidence? But nowadays young generation of musicians knew very well what's happening to the world of celebrities. I think Rob is more of an actor than a musician which is quite different from Baker. Baker is a loner and a drug addict who even lived in Amsterdam just to clinched his thirst of drug addiction while Rob is surrounded with great and loving family that won't allow him to be drawn in a messy attitude. On his interview with HB, he said that he goes out lesser now than before. He likes to drink which is different from drug addiction. I think Rob got more common sense than Baker ( sorry, RIP)and with different group of people who mostly influences you a lot.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:47 -- I think you may have missed the point I was attempting to make in mentioning Chet Baker. It was just intended as a reminder that physical beauty is a temporary condition, not an investment for the long haul. Chet Baker certainly was beautiful as a young man, and in many ways (the strong jawline, the bouffant, the attitude) reminds me of Rob. No one ever really knows what direction people will go in, and what demons they will encounter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:47, I think you've read this thing with Rob all wrong. I've seen a great many celebs come and go over the years. Although I've appreciated their talent and/or looks, it's just been a note in passing. Rob is a cat of a different color. I've never seen anyone remotely like him. If it were just that he is staggeringly good-looking, it would matter no more than all the others. But it isn't. I've never before seen a celeb who is entirely his own person in and around the celebrity or who shares so much of who he really is with his fans. He also has a strong personality, good values, and has totally convinced me that he is the real deal.
This is the first celeb "crush" if you will, that I've had in my life. And his looks are just one rather small part of the package.


shelby said...

amazing always! (:

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you manage to write a blog everyday because I know it takes dedication and I thank you for that. I also wish I had half your talent for the written word...you express your thoughts so beautifully.

I adore you ♥♥♥