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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adoring Kristen Stewart... And Bugs Bunny.

Cute, right?
Of course it is.
Because Dakota and Kristen 
are just teen-age girls...
living extraordinary lives.

I keep trying to pinpoint just WHEN
I realized that I liked Kristen Stewart.
She wasn't on my radar until Twilight...
And at first I wasn't impressed.
I thought she tried too hard...
I felt she was awkward and uncomfortable.
And maybe she was.
She was 17 years old when I first noticed her.
I'm sure all of those things were true.
Who ISN'T awkward at that age?
But the more I came to 'know' her...
The more I liked.
No, I'm not trying to live my life through Kristen.
No, I'm not thinking that if Rob can go for her...
He can go for me.
I'm not fucking delusional enough to believe
that Robert will ever be anything but a fantasy.
(Although I do have my moments, don't I?)

But I DO relate to her on some level.
Isn't that why you like certain people?
Aren't you drawn to people that you connect with?
That's how I feel about Kristen.
She wears t-shirts and jeans.
She cusses like a sailor.
She prefers Converse to Manolo's
She doesn't always care about her hair and make-up
She's passionate about what she does...
She's loyal to her friends...
And she knows who she is...
and makes no apologies.

That's why I adore Kristen Stewart.

I just miss Robert.
Yeah, I know we got to see him briefly on Friday.
I just miss him.
I can't help it.
I'm sure he's happier now...
out of the spotlight.
Away from the Paps...
But I hope its not weeks again
before we set eyes on that face.
That beautiful, gorgeous face.
(and all that goes with it)
Can't help it.
I just miss him.

Just because.
I mean...
I just like pictures of Robert and Kristen together.
Is there anything WRONG with that?
Huh? Huh?
You talking to me???
Sometimes when you get 
Robert and/or Kristen overload...
The brain starts to shut down...
It needs to heal.
Regenerate for the next overwhelming task...
Which might be the Bafta awards..
In England.
With Kristen.
With Robert?
Or will it be Remember Me promotion?
With Robert.
With Emilie.

Oh hell...
My brain will NEVER get any rest...

When I turn up under the care of 
Dr. Carlisle Cullen...
What's up, Doc?
And he admits me to the
Looney Tunes Rest Home.
You will understand why.
Of course you realize
This means War!
What a maroon!
Bugs Bunny is my hero.

That's All Folks!


Jamie said...

I have to admit that I agree with u on so many levels....and yet this post is just so amusing I can't help but giggle.
U almost can't help but to get addicted to every story out there of Rob & Kristen...just to keep holding on alil longer.

Anonymous said...

I just love you, Rose.

kristine.hills said...

I can't wait BAFTA. Thanks Rose!!!
And Kristen with Rob...

May said...

Dear Rose,you so rock my boat.:D Yes,you totally do. <3

Anonymous said...

Terrific post, Rose.

I've long admired Kristen's understated acting style.

My interest in her escalated with Twilight and continued its upward trend as I became convinced that she had captured the heart of the most beautiful man in the world.

What I love about Kristen now is her take-no-prisoners unapologetic attitude and her ferocious intelligence. What a sense of self it must take to be 19 years old, work in an extremely competitive field, and be able to stand her ground the way Kristen does.

Not bad for a tiny girl/woman.


kharma1 said...

Hi Rose,
I've been away for a few weeks and I missed reading your blogs.
Gawd, what a beautiful couple. Not only on the outside but on the inside. Those two "fit" on so many levels, mentally, soulfully (is that a word) artistically..I can go on and on. I love seeing them together and seeing how happy they are when they are together.
Hopefully the next time will be BAFTA, wouldn't that be great.
So in the meantime we will just have to enjoy the beautiful pics of them and be happy that they have each other.
Thank you Rose for making my day.

Celyssa said...

I love it. I really love your posts thought I don't usually comment...But I agree on everytihng that you write. Keep them coming :)

And oh, The last time I saw Robert was on Saturday..he was chased by paparazzi..and he was drunk *giggles*..but it was cruel...watch it on x17online.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Just want to share.. Someone posted that KS's shirt under the hoodie when she arrived in LA is the SAME ONE in Rob's slow mo walk in NM. I agree - also check out the buttons.
http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/8400000/Edward-Cullen-New-Moon-robert-pattinson-8481173-1680-1050.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ljbUD3AtkMg/S15uTeFowJI/AAAAAAAAEKY/bsZs5Lz9zHY/s1600-h/04.jpg
Totally love them!

jason heyward said...

Kristen is one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood, which seems to get lost sometimes with all the focus on other aspects of her life.