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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kristen Stepped Out... With Robert.

I was going to do my best of 2009

I'm surrounded by delusion.
Bitter rationalizations.
Silly excuses.

Should I even write about it?
I don't know.
Does it even matter?
Most definitely not.
But I guess one more post
pointing out just how extreme
some people can be...
And let me get this straight right here and now.
It's not just Nonstens, 
It's Robstens, And IDontGiveaShitStens.
Lunatics are everywhere.

I have to pull in some of the good excuses...

that I have read on Twitter...
Other blogs...
and those that were sent to me
by people who read my blog...
The rationalizations to explain away
the pics of Robert and Kristen
In England.


1. "That's NOT Kristen! I magnified that picture
on my computer software...
And her face was photo-shopped on the pic!"

2. "That picture was taken LAST year
when they were promoting Twilight."

3. "That picture was taken in Nov when they were
promoting New Moon"

4. "Kristen doesn't have any friends...
so she probably flew to England to spend NYE
with Rob. I visit friends in other countries 
ALL the time. Doesn't mean we are in love"

5. "Are we sure these pics were taken in England?
I think the backgrounds were photoshopped
to look like it."

6. "Who cares if they are together in the UK?
They aren't even together in the pictures."

7. "Rob looks so unhappy.
You know Kristen is such a bitch.
She probably forced an invitation."

8. "Big deal. It's just another (out of many)
picture that Robstens are clinging to.
It doesn't prove anything"

You get the point.
It doesn't matter anymore.
It's done.
It's over.
 The thing is...
BEFORE Kristen was spotted in England with Rob...
People were all about...
"I wish she would just step out in LA 
and put this #LondonStew bullshit to rest"
and guess what?
She fucking stepped.
And it wasn't a Pap pic
and it wasn't work related...
It was a little girl who wanted her picture
taken with Edward and Bella...
And does it prove that Robert 
is in love with Kristen?
I can't speak for how they feel.
But they must want to be together.
Because they are.
That speaks for itself.

Bye for now


May said...

Like always,loving your every word,Rose. I hope you had a magnificent New Years celebratation,bb! <3

Someone said it well over on Robsessedblog (kinda ironic,right? LOL):

"You dont fly over half the world for a fuck."

Need I say more? I think its pretty clear how things are. Nonstens are really Robsessed Kris haters,haters are just Robsessed delusionals and trolls deep inside really wish Kris didnt exist.Because who is she to have the ultimate guy,the ultimate love, the ultimate relationship? Thats exactly how all these ppl think,unfortunately.

I guess,being just happy that R&K are happy with each other is too much to ask from their so-called fans.

IDM,rly. We know the truth&we know there`s love. I believe in Karma&Karma is a bitch. Dont worry, haters and all these ppl wishing R/K ill will get it all back,one way or the other. Long live R/K love,bb. ;D

Opsable said...

Don't understand the haterz, they both are great people and that's evident they're together

Anonymous said...

Fuckin well said, thank you for using your post to voice what a lot of us long time believers think!
Kristen is a very smart woman and she knows exactly what she is doing. We all wanted just one photo to confirm she was in the UK, well we got it so now lets all back off and let them have their privacy.
RoseSee you rule!!!

cheriebelle said...

I think we all spent hours lolling at those comment. I really had a good laugh about it. Thanks for the post, Rose :D

Angelica said...

Why are you always so right?! :D

Dead to the Nonsten's and love to the RobSten's! ;D

Anonymous said...

Rosie,dear,you're so right!But as you said crazy people are everywhere.To be totally honest,i was hoping that this photos will STFU some phychos,but i was proved wrong.I've read some comments,especially at Robsessed,that i wanted to scream:"Hey,people,take your meds,will you?".I read very nasty things and some of the lamest excuses ever.

1.Maybe Kristen and Rob are the best gay buddies,that's why they hung a lot.
2.Nikki was there too,so Kristen was there to see her ,but because she was busy,Kristen decided to hung out with Rob.
3.Even if they're together,it's a matter of time for the break up.
4.They were really disappointed,because they thought that Rob should go for an older woman at least of 2-5 years older.
4.They were calling Kristen names and they were saying that she'll break his heart(probably they have the sixth sense!).
5."As long as he's not shagging me,i don't care who he's shagging",but"they're so different,they'll break up soon,but in the meanwhile he can have some blowing up sex".
6.It's for PR,they're not a real couple,because they never do any PDA.

I don't know why there's so much hate in some blogs.Are these women seriously think that they have a shot with Rob?Are they just don't like Kristen?Are they so mean and jealous of a 19 years old girl?Are they just cynical?I don't know what to think anymore.But i remembered Kristen's words about the "whatever i say or do,people will always think what they want".She was sooooo right!

Anonymous said...

The level of delusion is frightening. If a kissing picture were to surface, that would be excused away as well. "Kristen is picking something from his teeth with her tongue (he has fragile teeth, even floss can chip them)."

Anonymous said...

Me too. I love it to pop in here!

Anonymous said...

Some people out there have serious problems.I don't know what they want.They want Rob single,like....forever?They want him just to f*ck and not commit?They hate Kristen,as a girl,an actress ,a person?They hate Kristen WITH Rob?I'm sorry,but this isn't just denying.I 've read comments of some women,who were ready to take these pics to pros,just to confirm that they're fake!They think they own Rob and for this they think they know better what's good for him.And the posts about them breaking up soon,because they're to young.How mean is that?

Some take as an example Leo DeCaprio.They say that he had a great fan base too,but he was out with his girls all the time and he didn't care what all of them will think.So why Rob is hiding?Perhaps because he doesn't want to have an exclusive relationship,that's why he doesn't do any PDA with Kristen.Some people obviously want to see him stuck his tongue into Kristen's throat.But even then i'm sure they won't believe it.They'll say that they did it for PR or because Summit told them to.

Jen said...

Thanks, Rose, as always, for your apt bits of wisdom.

Irrational minds will always think irrationally. Irrational minds will always make people see what they want to see.

Forgive my being sacrilige here (I'm rather agnostic), but it seems people need more physical proof of Robsten than they do in the existence of g-d before they will believe these two actually love each other and are in a healthy, growing relationship.

People need them to make a statement to validate who they are to the world. Who do you think that YOU are to require such a thing of them and from them?

They owe us nothing.

If we are - and you are - to call yourselves fans, then you need to RESPECT who they are, despite their choices. They don't need your approval, and if you don't want to approve of them anymore, then let your wallet speak for you - stop going to the films, stop buying the merchandise and for Edward's sake, stop reading the blogs.

They've obviously already made there choice. Now you have to choose to respect the way they conduct their lives (privately) or not.

xx - rant over.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:03 I guess the nonstens want Rob to have a p@ssy posse like Leo or have they forgotten? Rob could have been a manwhore but it seems he's more of a one-woman man.

Pam said...

I just don't know what it will take for some people to get it through their heads. It's unreal. I agree with Rose, who really knows if they're "in love", but the fact that Kristen flew 6,000+ miles a day or 2 after Christmas to go to the UK means a hell of a lot. The fact that they didn't stay in London, but went a few hours away also means something in my book. They're taking a little "holiday" together. If Kristen just went to see her "friend", why not just stay in London? It will never be enough for some.

Dizz said...

Awww, I just adore your blog.

I can't even handle reading the nonstens' arguments anymore because they are just so ridiculous and kind of sad, really.

Whatever. I'm just so glad that Rob and Kristen were able to be together over New Years, and I hope they are blissfully happy right now.

emma said...

I am literally LMFAO at the things you posted from the nonstens/haters. Seriously, they are hilarious. Sounds like something from SNL. I really hope those morons are 12 yrs old. They are the type that would see their husband/bf coming out of a hotel room with his hot secretary and he would say "we had office work to do" "she is teaching me how to play chess and we needed a quiet place to do it" "we decided to spend our lunch hour here bec. McDonalds was too crowded" "these marks on my neck are from the straightening iron she tried on my hair" and they would believe him. lol Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe those people?

don't let those stupid people get to you, Rose. Love ya

Mara said...

Some of these people are seriously disturbed. And I mean SERIOUSLY... to the point of needing professional help. And some are grown azz women(!!) who are jealous that Rob had the nerve(how dare he) to fall in love with and be physically/emotionally intimate with a beautiful 19 year old girl.

Rob has found great joy and happiness being in a relationship with Kristen. And yes, it is a relationship. A real one. A serious one. One where love is involved. You don't fly 11 hrs and 8000 miles to freeze your tiny azz off in cold damp England just for a fuck. The dust hadn't even settled from him leaving LA the week before when she flew to see him.

Rob loves Kristen. Kristen loves Rob. And these 2 are in it for the long haul.

emma said...

To Anon. 10:38, LMAO at the tooth chipping! lol. You're so right. The nonstens said"show us a pic of K w/R in Eng. for NY's and we will believe." Well, we have the pic of them and now they are raising the bar higher(just like they did after the hand holding pic.) R/K could have a sex tape and the nonstens would say "she was cold and he is just keeping her warm,they are naked because body heat transmits better that way" "he fell on her while doing naked pushups and she just happened to get out of the shower which is why she is naked too" "they are practicing scenes for Breaking Dawn, they really hate each other so they have to force themselves to do this" "she is such a bitch, she forced him to have sex with her" "she drugged him, that's the only way he would do this with her" "I don't see his peen so there's no proof they are actually having sex" LOL

Anonymous said...

Do these fools honestly think that Robert was never going to fall in love with someone?He is almost 24yrs old!And why are they acting like this just happened 2 days ago? He and Kristen have been together for a looong time-months and months and he made no secret that he wanted her the day he met her...TWO YEARS ago. He said on the NM Japan tour video that he wants to be a young dad,how many 23 year old men even know that or would say it publically? Unless he has already met the woman he thinks he may want to settle down with in the future...

dr said...

As the nonstens wail and gnash their teeth and write up ridiculous excuses about why those two are not involved,Rob and Kristen are snuggled under the blankets in their warm bed while he is making wild,passionate love to her on their cold and windy English island!

MCarmen said...

All this stuff, nonstens and etc, just want to be the center of the Robstenworld. Their arguments make no sense at all but they keep denying every robsten proof. That's their way to get our attention and that's the only thing they've got left, cause nobody can be as irrational as to deny that Rob and Kristen are an item after all what we've seen.

It's kind of torturing and I really think it's a waste of time to write a single word about this sort of people.

I want to enjoy Rob and Kristen's relationship so I couldn't care less what this nonsten people say. They only deserve ignorance.

Rob Kristen, you've made this NYE very especial. Thanks!

MCarmen said...

dr, I've just read your comment and I love it hehehe.

Anonymous said...

the best one was the girl saying they where looking for isle Esme for BD, LMAO !!
I am so happy they are together and happy, Stew looked so relaxed in the picture and that little girl is a heroe

Anonymous said...

don't understand the haters, if they like Rob and have follow him from the beggining they would know he was in love with her from day one and this is a really good thing for him, she makes him happy. He could be dating famewhores all over but he chose love instead.
I love Kristen for making him happy. Think about it, she was in a longtime relationship she chose him.
This is a good thing people !! and I am damn happy for them !

kristine.hills said...

I think it took RK a long time to be together.
1)K had a bfriend
2)She didn't want to fall in love w/her costar
3)R has some lunatics fans.
4)they had/have a wonderful and beautiful friendship (when u have a romantic relaysh u have friendship too, of course).

I think it was God's hand allowing certain things to happen during the right moment.God would help them realize that they were meant for each other.
The more people want them apart the more they want to be together, the more their relaysh get stronger and stronger.
I do want RK to be as much private as possible.There are no possibility this h3ll to end one day.They have to protect their love.
Kathy i do pray for RK (and i know u too) every day, bc only God can help them and He always does.
If God let RK be together in love and happy, who am i to say a thing? It was meant to be. It is DESTINY, FATE. What amazes me it's the fact R waited for a long long time to be w/the UNIQUE girl he wanted: Kristen Stewart.

'I see love as an evolution of true friendship.' See Robert Pattinson said it.

Rose beautiful words as always.
Do you know how tons of people love you? Do you hv any idea?
I myself love ya! ;)

And Rose u said yesterday people would find sh.t excuses for what is front of their nose/eyes. So who care? So What? We know it's true, they spent holidays together and in love. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rose I love reading your blog. At this point these so called Nonstens look pathetic, no evidence will change some of their minds no matter what surfaces.

They don't even bother me anymore but the Haters thats another story. It sickens me some of the vile things said about Kris/Rob, those people need help.

On a positive note (doing happy dance), seeing those pics yesteday brought the biggest smile to my face. I think cause they started out as friends first it will help them last through all this crazynees.

kristine.hills said...

Anon 1:19 pm

"Do these fools honestly think that Robert was never going to fall in love with someone?He is almost 24yrs old!And why are they acting like this just happened 2 days ago? He and Kristen have been together for a looong time-months and months and he made no secret that he wanted her the day he met her...TWO YEARS ago. He said on the NM Japan tour video that he wants to be a young dad,how many 23 year old men even know that or would say it publically? Unless he has already met the woman he thinks he may want to settle down with in the future..."

I couldn't agree more w/u!!!
Wonderful words!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your blog. But take it from me, as a fan of another famous couple who have their haters. It will never end, until they find a new hobby, and get a life that doesn't involve stalking and railing at the young girl who makes Rob happy.

This delusion that drives SOME women (or let's call them 'catty b*tchy old cnts from hell')will only go away when the toxic emotions of these haters become engaged elsewhere and fascinated by another movie star that is not Robert Pattinson.

They want to posess him.

If you have a good imagination, and healthy dream life, that is an easy thing to do, especially when he is perceived as single - then the mind of the proprietal kooky haters can fantasize that one day they might meet him and win his heart.

But ALAS, when THEIR object of desire (Rob), ADMITS HIMSELF, to having HIS OWN 'object of desire' (Kristen) then these same toxic fans that had previously coveted him as an inept, single guy on the hunt for a real meaningful love, LOSE THEIR SH*T; as how can Rob ever fall in love with them, if he's in love with Kristen now.

Kristen then becomes the enemy. Their hate ranges from all out nasty aggression, to the more falsely and passive aggressive 'affected' posturing - where they will CLAIM they are not bothered by the coupling, but proceed to secretly (and not so secretly)malign and denigrate Kristen (her looks, her attitude, her talent, her acting, etc.) - in other words, it's a 'We don't care who Rob loves; we just hate Kristen Stewart.'

As if a teenage kid carrying an entire franchise on her back, who has a sterling reputation in the industry for being a great actress (that IS why Rob even went to the Twi audition) and a good person, deserves that kind of evil animous.

These women are heinous.

It's sick, they're even all over Kristen's wiki entry, check out the discussion tab where you'll read things like 'I don't think 'Into the Wild' should be included in her entry she was barely in it, and she was terrible.' It's like the haters have tried to make her entry in wiki as banal and lackluster as possible - it's amazing how many people that claim to not like her, are actually talking about her incessantly on HER wiki page. They've clearly sabatoged it, and I wish Kristen and her handlers could correct it - but she most likely doesn't care. Which is a healthy attitude to have I guess.

It's more than I can say for her detractors. I mean tell me, do you go to the websites, and wiki pages of people you don't care for and spend your whole life there?


That is how their brand of mental illness works. For them: this is about JEALOUSY, unpure and simple. It's NOT about them being proven right in their protestations that Rob is not 'with' Kristen.

Listen to me, they KNOW he is with Kristen. What floats their boat now, is attacking HER for being with him, and remarkably attacking HIM too, as punishment! Consequently they're on a campaign to malign her, and him too if necessary.

Never fear, they are outnumbered by true fans of Rob's, of Kristen's and by Twilight fans.

They are acting like typical cnts, and their behavior is the exact same as it would have been 12,000 years ago in caves; if a cavewoman bish has what you want, attack her and do whatever you can to get her out of the way.

In other words, they are UNEVOLVED rage filled twahts. They never cared about Rob as a person or his happiness, they ONLY cared about what he could do for their fantasy lives.

Rob having an ACTUAL girlfriend that he loves, thwarts his wack maniacal fan's fantasy masturbatory time.

Anonymous said...

Some really disturbed people,especially at robsessed and Rob's IMDb say that they don't like Kristen,because she doesn't apreciate Rob's beauty or talent and she doesn't understand how he's the best thing happened to her!!!LOL

I think these girls/women want Kristen to becaome like Bella.Whenever she sees Rob she must behave like dazzled,to faint when he's about to kiss her and to come out and singing like Maria from the "sound of hapiness"how gorgeous Rob is,how talented and how lucky is poor thing for chose her!!!Wow,some people really need medical help.

Kathy said...

Well, to me, the pics speak for themselves. Rob and Kristen ARE together. I saw an interview on youtube that he did and he was talking about relationships and that it helps when you're not together ALL the time, that way you have a chance to miss that person, etc. (I'm summarizing this) Him and Kristen are not together all the time, but I'm sure that when they aren't, they DO miss each other. Plain and simple. I can understand them wanting to keep their love to themselves, BECAUSE of all the scrutiny. They are entitled to that. Everything is obvious. Kristen IS in London, WITH Rob. HE wanted HER there. SHE wanted to be there, with HIM. That's it. Enough said. Point made. Much love to R & K. Hope they're having a great time. xoxoxo

kristine.hills said...

Anon 3:19

I take my hat off for you.

"They never cared about Rob as a person or his happiness, they ONLY cared about what he could do for their fantasy lives"

"Rob having an ACTUAL girlfriend that he loves, thwarts his wack maniacal fan's fantasy masturbatory time."

"Listen to me, they KNOW he is with Kristen."

"As if a teenage kid carrying an entire franchise on her back, who has a sterling reputation in the industry for being a great actress (that IS why Rob even went to the Twi audition) and a good person, deserves that kind of evil animous."


Anonymous said...

to Kristeine.Hills

You're an idiot,you know that?The girls from Robsessed may dream of Rob in wet dreams,but you seem to dream R/K together in very,very hot dreams.lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32 - lol, can you just like read what you wrote...You just said that the girls from robsessed dream of Rob in their WET DREAMS! You just made yourself and those girls seem like total children for wetting their beds while dreaming of Rob. Seriously who does that!?!...oh i know. The sad haters who can't differentiate fact from fiction.

Anonymous said...

It's all lusty obsessions! Kristen should have been scared and mostly Rob on his part. The most probable reasons why they are hiding. Showing PDA is just a provocation to those who can't handle the sites of being inlove naturally.
It's sick! unhealthy and psychotic really, the way Kristen put in her own words in the very beginning of the Twilight fame. She got some threats for sure and now Rob too for being inloved with Kristen. Surely Summit management was already concern about this, the reason why they increased Rob's security team and not to have them together side by side. The site of just being each other hurts their eyes. Everything is staged about them not to provoke those derange teens who can't handle their lusty obsessions. In this modern times, I can't imagine how this romantic love story from the book created such kind of hype, hysteria almost brainwashing in the minds of these young teens linking the characters to the actors who portrayed the roles. It's good for the job for the two main casts but for their private lives, they are completely ruined, existing and living not the way they wanted before. The priced of fame? I'm sad for them because I do loved them as a couple. Just so inspiring to witness an adorable couple even we really doesn't know the outcome of all of this relationship. I wish them all the best and happy ending.

Anonymous said...

"It's more than I can say for her detractors. I mean tell me, do you go to the websites, and wiki pages of people you don't care for and spend your whole life there? "


That is what i don't get. When they claim to not be jealous, but yet they google the crap out of the girl, try and tarnish her name anyway they can get YET come out of it sounding like girls in serious need of help and grammar skills.

Anonymous said...

I am Anon 3:16 and I mean "sight" not "site", so confusing when English is your second language,LOL!, sorry. Love you blog Rose, you're so adorable

kristine.hills said...

to Anon 2:32
No my dear, I don't dream R/K together in very,very hot dreams, bc even when i'm dreaming i do respect their privacy.Get it?I think u should do the same. They are human beings they DESERVE RESPECT.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO Rose!!

I loved the pics...I love the fact that they are together in the UK.