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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Robert and Kristen - Together Again.

Look closely...
What do you see?
Some people going for a walk?
No... wait...
Is that... could it possibly be...
Robert and Kristen????

OK. So this picture was all over Twitter last night.
It's not a great picture... but...
It looks like Rob, Kristen, Bobby, TomStu...etc...
enjoying a pleasant walk on a beautiful shoreline.
Simple enough... yes?

But no.
Nothing is EVER simple in RobstenLand.

1. "Rob isn't even in the picture! That's not him!"

2. "I don't care what's going on... 
Kristen is still untalented and a bitch."

3. "I think Rob and Kristen have been photo-shopped in there."

4. "Who cares? I walk with friends all the time, it means NOTHING"

5. "Kristen is just one of Rob's good friends, that's why shes there"

6. " Kristen has no friends of her own, so why wouldn't she fly
across an ocean to hang out with Rob and his friends?"

7. "Another picture showing nothing. And Kristen is so ugly."

8. "It's all a hoax, someone just dressed up people to look like Rob
and Kristen and all his friends..."

9. "It's an old picture. It was taken last year when Rob was in England,
and that's not Kristen."

10. "Blah Blah Blah.... Fucking Blah."

Yeah. I know.
Ridiculous... right?
What is the big fucking deal about this picture?
I mean...
So. What.
It's common knowledge that Kristen was indeed with Robert...
in England... yes?
Why the surprise and uproar over this picture?
I don't get it.
And where does most of the negativity land?
On Kristen. Of course.
Too much bullshit.

I've heard there are 'other' pictures out there...
But I hope they stay private.
No one needs to see another damn picture
of Robert and Kristen together.
It's out there. It's done.
And who needs another excuse for the haters
to spew their bitter venom at Kristen?
Right... like they need an excuse.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why do they constantly bash on Kristen. She's such an amazing and talented actor. I love her. I am glad she is with Rob.

May said...
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Anonymous said...

Ok, so here is what I don't understand about all of this. Rob is a beautiful, intoxicating man. He is so far removed from all who are even blogging, tweeting or stalking him. It is evident that he has a close group of friends and you, yes I mean you, are never going to be one of them! Face the music, whether he is with Kristen is none of your business nor will it ever be. Get over yourself and leave them alone.

May said...

MTE,bb. Haters never needed an excuse to hate on Kris,and lately Rob has been their convenient target, cuz GOD FORBID these two would be in love. Sky would fucking fall,right? *eyeroll*

Still,at the end of the day, Rob&Kristen are still A COUPLE.Haters/nonstens/trolls can wish for the opposite all they want. It still doesnt make it true. LOL

But you know what? Lets just face it. Haters,nonstens&trolls are fucking CRAZY.We`ve known it all along. ;p

Anonymous said...

Rosie,as much as i love seeing pics of R&K together,i've to say that this particular one looks kinda creepy and intrusive.I wish there won't be other photos like this.

By the way,the last stupidity i've read today is that Kristen is in England,because she's hooking up with someone else from the Brit pack!!!lol

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose,
Another great Post, thank you.
I don't understand women, maybe because like Kristen I grew up with brothers. I would think women would want to support each other because face it, it is still a man's world. Women fight hard to be accepted in this man's world so we should be supporting each other.
What happened to sisterhood.
I thought all that would be gone after High School. High School sucked because of the "mean girls" and I guess these girls just grow up to be "mean women". Sad.
I still believe that most women are not the mean girls but are wonderful human beings and have loving souls. I see it reading the comments here and reading your post everyday. There is still goodness in the world so please don't ever stop posting your opinions. I just choose to ignore the "mean girls" and take the high road.

Anonymous said...

You make me crack up! :)))
I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Rose love reading your blog :)

I think the nonstens have lost touch with reality and of course they go to the last resort hating on Kris. Love how before it was pics or it didn't happen now they've moved on to their photoshopped in lol, silly nonstens.

I'm just glad Kris got to go for her walk and even better she goes with her man and his friends. I bet the brit pack just adores her.

Anonymous said...

We clearly have a picture here of a COUPLE enjoying a day out with a group of friends. These pathetic losers need to get over themselves and get lives. Kristen is beautiful,talented,funny and most importantly, she loves Rob and he VERY CLEARLY loves her! Given all the misery in the world what does it say about you as a person, if you can't find it in you to be happy for these two great kids who clealry make each other very happy indeed?

Anonymous said...

To kdawe - Yes, I'm thrilled too that Kristen finally got to go for her walk, especially when it's with her honey and his friends :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly - I think most people are either jealous or just plain petty. Kudos to the two for hanging together and enjoying some time OFF...regardless if they are a couple or not. And those who bash a person personally better be perfect - and since no one on Earth is, then "if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all"...or better yet, just SHUT UP altogether. THose are the people with nothing better to do than bash others because of their own insecurities. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Some posters in Robsessed are out of control.They hate Kristen SO much that they are posting things about her that are completely ridiculous.That she's skinny as a stick,she has no boobs,her butt is flat and other stuff like that.Women sometimes can be bitches when they're jealous.But karma is a bitch too.

Anonymous said...

Read the BEST comment on Ted C's today, was a facetious post making fun of the nonstens..."Those rocks were photoshopped." LMFAO

Mara said...

Love this pic,shows how the Brit Pack has fully accepted Kristen as Rob's partner. I remember a taped interview w/Marcus after the CM week and he said "I love them."(R/K)
Kristen is now a non-negotiable part of Rob's life.

LB said...

Bet they are holding hands. Saw a larger, clearer photo and they are walking pretty damn close. Notice how the Brit Pack gives them space to be a couple?

Anonymous said...

Long before I became convinced that R and K are a couple, I used to wonder how a healthy, red-blooded, intelligent, massively-desired young man with a great wit and good upbringing could or would deny himself the company of a girlfriend for so long. Lots of research revealed him to be decidedly straight with no history of being a man-whore. Of course, we all now know that he held out for the one he really wanted: Kristen. Can you imagine the love and devotion that would take, not to mention reciprocate in a woman? Lucky woman!


loveactually said...

Most sane people who have experienced what it's like to be in a loving relationship are happy for them. It's quite clear the excuses are getting more ridiculous. Kristen is a petite beauty. She's talented and just an all around strong young woman. People in the industry continually sing her praises and Rob obviously loves being by her side.

I'll take a leap here and bet that most of the people saying Kristen is too skinny, flat chested, ugly etc are physically on the opposite end of the spectrum and would kill for her tiny figure.

I think it's high time some let go of the hate and embrace the love..it's so much more fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Rose, love your blog. The same shit happened with another American woman that dared fall in love with an insanely popular and handsome Englishman...Paul McCartney. The woman was Linda Eastman. She was vilified and despised by his psycho fans just like Kristen, but he didn't give a shite and married her, had children with her and was happy for 30 yrs until her death. May Rob take a page from his book.

Anonymous said...

Haters are in full force today. If they truly believe some of the excuses they are making I think they need to get evaluated. I love Robsessed, but the commenters are so bitter and hateful I had to leave. I just want to enjoy seeing another pic of Kristen in the UK, standing close to Rob..holding hands?;)

Anonymous said...

BTW, I almost hate to read any of the specifics of all the vitriol out there directed against Kristen. I think hatred begets hatred. There are also many wonderful, supportive things said about her. That may seem kind of Pollyanna-ish to some, but she's lovely and deserving, and after all, she wins the prize.

Sometimes I'd just like to put my arms around her and give her a hug. But I suspect she's already getting lots of hugs from the one who matters most. ;)


Anonymous said...

To Loveactually-Speaking for myself, I would LOVE to have Kristen's gorgeous figure...small perky breasts, tiny frame, long slim legs that go forever and a perfect little round ass that has Rob's hands all over it when alone,lol.

Anonymous said...

To anon. at 12:11. I'm with you. The Robsessed site is good for pics/info but don't read the comments. They are too many psycho Robsessed bitches there that are out of touch with reality. And what's scary? Most(if not all) of them are grown azz women jealous of who a 23 year man is in love with and making love to. Either they need to get a man of their own or work on paying attention to the one they have.

kristine.hills said...

Brilliant!!!(clapping hands- RK happy dance)Who cares? Kristen is in LONDON WITH Robert!I love to know they are HAPPY and TOGETHER!!! The BLINDSTENS mean NOTHING.
We knew it was going to happen, the sh.t excuses.And so what???
Rose u are so RIGHT, no more pics, lets RK be PRIVATE, it's what i love about them.They are protecting their love,relaysh.It means it's more important than we can imagine!
Rose u rock!

debbi said...

The ladies that run the Robsessed blog are great, it's some of the folks on the message boards that are nasty. I tend to avoid those boards when pics like this come out. I can't understand why people put so much energy into being negative and defend it by calling it their opinion. Bashing a girl on public forums is unnecessary. Rob digs the girl, accept it. Hating on her isn't going to change that.

Anonymous said...

I've read some comments at robsessed,too.Some women over there are snakes.They make such poisoned comments on Kristen's boobs,fashion style,sexual orientation.It's so pathetic.One said that even the thought of R/K together makes her sick!Another said that she hates Kristen,because she doesn't appreciate what Rob is?WHAT THE HELL ROB IS?God?

MNTwilightMom said...

Your Blog's ARE ALWAYS WONDERFUL! I do wish that they would leave Rob and Kristen alone...but we live in a world that everybody MUST KNOW EVERYBOY ELES'S BUSINESS! That is so sad to admit, but it's so true! I SO DO BELIEVE IN Rob and Kristen...everything out tell's me it's the truth...somewhere deep inside me tell's me it's the truth and it's what I believe! They look good together and they should be together...regardless of what others think or want! I LOVE YOUr BLOG because YOU ALWAYS TELL IT HOW IT IS AND HOW IT SHOULD BE...and YOU KNOW THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE!! Just give it straight...DON'T SUGAR COAT IT! If they don't want to listen to it, read it, than they can all go @#$%! Sorry get carried away...just blows my mind, for anybody who has ever been on your site knows what goes on here and how things are said...They DON'T HAVE TO COME HERE IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT! My Peace is said!! Hands to you...girl! Keep it up!


SwedenGirl said...

I really dont get the people that's says all those things about Kristen. She i a amazing women.I really cant explain how much I hate those people, they dont think Kristin is all those bad things they are just Jealous! And they think they own Robert or something. I Love him to But I know that he's a person .. a human!

Btw I FUCKING love your texts ! Keep it up !

And sorry for my bad spelling

Bye for now - The Sweden Girl ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Kstew! She's the best!

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the Kristen hate. I love Rob, watch all of his interviews, but never have I once thought he's MY reality. Never have I felt possessive of him like some of these women do. I was trying to think, what if he was with someone I didn't like, would I say the things the haters do? No, because I'm his fan I'd wish him happiness. I'd feel silly taking an obviously beautiful girl (or any girl for that matter) and breaking down her appearance to make myself feel better. I don't understand. Maybe I'm glad I don't. Thanks for your blog Rose, there should be more like yours!

imloco2 said...

When I first started reading your blog I was just a budding Robstenite. I loved Rob and while I didn't really care that much about Kristen I knew she made him happy so I went with it. But as time passes Kristen continues to grow on me.

She is growing up (along with Rob) and as I get to know more about her from interviews and articles etc I find I totally love the person she is growing into. Beautiful, strong, loyal, talented, and surprisingly vulnerable and sweet too. I see what captured Rob's attention and has kept it for so long. Not liking her is your right, but hating on her is just wrong. And honestly, to hate on her is to hate on Rob at this point.

The 'are they aren't they' thing is such a non issue now that when I see it I just skim on past it. You can't fix stupid and you can't argue with it either.

Anonymous said...

Rose you rox my socks!!!
imloco2 *hi 5!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, Love your blog. My 5 reason I love that picture. 1 KS finaly gets to walk outside in public on UK soil to boot. 2 KS gets to walk along with her BF/BoyF RPatz. 3 KS gets to walk w/RPatz and BPack. 4 KS and RP gets to walk w/out being hound & yelled at. 5 KS & RP are TOGETHER. The Blindstens can continue to wallow in misery disecting the photo. All the while KS is in the UK with her boyf RP.

Anonymous said...

Why bashing on Kristen? They just simply envy her. She is in fact very attractive having this petite stature and a very beautiful facial profile, luminous skin and green eyes. Aside from this physical look she is with brain, talented and very sensitive and emotional too. All combined these made her a unique girl that Rob fell inlove. Rob is used to celebrate special holidays with friends and loved ones and this time he included Kristen even she is from the other side of the continent. Life will never be the same for him without Kristen during holiday season from now on. We will see them often sharing what they must share for each other now and then.....
Love your blog Rose, you're so adorable!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts: They finalla are coming on! They won't stay longer in their rooms, they will come out, because they wanna live like normal people! So they don't matter what Summit is saying, because they wanna LIVE their relationship like a normal couple and not only inside of hotels or like that! That's my opinion,

thanks for posting, Rose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Just here to say that i'm completely in love with your blog!

Well, in like 2 days i read all of your posts... you konw, without rob... life gets a little boring... so this fill out my time.

Love that you love Stew, and love your sarcasm... you're VERR funny!

Sorry for any mistakes typing this, i'm brazilian...

bye for today,
your new "fan"

MCarmen said...

I don't think Summit is stopping them from coming out, not anymore. I guees it's Rob/Kristen's choice. After all the time Robsten is Robsten and all the buzz spreading out there, it doesn't make sense that Summit stops them. Moreover they're Summit's sacred cows, so Summit has to take care of them and make sure they're happy.

Like Kristen said, she wants to protect what's important to her and keep it for herself. I just wonder if this is depriving them of living a normal couple relaysh.