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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Every Move You Make

Body Language.
I know it's been talked about a lot...
Back in October 2008
I wrote a post about 'Chemistry'
And how I thought Robert and Kristen...
were passing the class.
Now the haters will say it means nothing.
But that's because they don't want to believe
what is right in front of them.
Body language is natural... subtle...
You don't think about it
It just happens.
And when it is forced...
or being controlled...
You can read that, too.

This is where it all started for me.
The playful intimacy that Robert and Kristen
shared throughout the MTV interviews
is where I began to believe that they were
definitely more than friends.
Even close friends.
Remember when she picked something off
of the side of his mouth?
That is an incredibly intimate thing to do.
I have a lot of male friends...
that I have known for years...
And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be picking
stuff off of their mouths.
I would point at them
and say "Hey you got some shit on your face"

I mean, they couldn't get closer to each other
without Kristen crawling into Rob's lap.
Back before the movie came out
They were less guarded, less wary...
and you saw a lot more of their
natural attraction to each other.

Their first MTV movie awards.
Still pretty relaxed.
The hype and frenzy hadn't really started yet.
She's really leaning into him.
They are comfortable being this close.

This picture shows a different feeling.
Separation all down their bodies...
Just a casual arm around the other...
What's different?
What's changed?

Oh yeah... Michael Oregano was there.
Kristen had a tendency to behave differently with Robert
When Michael was around.

The Empire Photo Shoot.
Kristen tried really hard not to get too close to Robert.
In a lot of the pictures...
she is kinda twitchy and nervous.
In the Behind-The-Scenes video...
She keeps looking off to the side...
It's like she is trying to show someone
That there isn't anything to worry about.
Yeah... Oregano was there.
And I guess he was right to worry.

Ahh... This photoshoot is full of body language.
Yeah... I know people are all around them...
and a photographer is telling them to pose.
But the chemistry between Rob and Kristen
 was in full force.
Not only are they affectionate
but the way they interact with each other
was so relaxed and easy.

The video is even more convincing...
The body language doesn't lie.

They are on set... yes.
But this is between takes.
Rob has a hold of Kristen's shirt (pants?)
He's so close to her he's laughing
into her hair...
There is nothing fake or forced here.
It's just Kristen and Rob...
being Kristen and Rob.

I love this picture of Robert.
The huge smile on his face.
The huge smile on Camilla's.
But what does the body language say?
Two friends... walking down the street...
Enjoying each others company.

This walk is totally different.
And the body language is off the fucking charts.
Connected from the shoulders...
right down to the hands.
Walking as closely together as they can
I know I've said this before...
But this is an incredibly intimate picture.
And one of the few unguarded moments we 
have been able to look at.

Robert and Kristen are under such intense scrutiny
that most pictures we get now
are forced and wary.
The natural affection and chemistry
rarely gets seen in public anymore.
Every move they make
Every step they take...
Someone is watching.

The closer they get in real life...
The farther apart they seem in public.

Bye for now.

*Guess what?
This post has nothing to do 
with you*


Jenna said...

it's Michael "Angarano" not Oregano. sorry don't mean to be nit-picky just think its a little inconsiderate to spell someones name incorrectly...especially someone that date Kristen for so long :)

Poli said...

Another amazing post. What can i say? Rose owns me.
Like you said, body language cannot be denied, specially when you can tell, is not something forced or staged like Rob and Kristen´s. The Mtv interview was the moment where i believed in the "more than just friends" thing, too.

Anonymous said...

Very perceptive, Rose. I was most fascinated by the Vanity Fair shoot of 9-08. I don't think anyone missed the magic there. I remember one scene in which Rob is cross-legged on the ground and Kristen is curled over his back. He makes this very small movement in which he subtly touches her hand at his shoulder with just a finger. It was as though he were trying to make contact without anyone seeing. Yes, I know they were being directed during the shoot and that there were people all around them. But still, it was so intimate, more intimate than the shot of his kissing her cheek.


Rose said...

Jenna- I'm fully aware of how to spell Oregano's real last name.
I call him Oregano because I want to... and I think it's funny.
And while I'm sure it's sweet that you are standing up for him, I'm guessing he doesn't care what I call him.

Anonymous said...

Some people spend so much time saying they look awkward these days.....

YES!!! because they are under such scrutiny......

GAH! but some people just do not want to believe.....

Lovely post :)

Anonymous said...

another awesome post rose!!!

their chemistry is completely undeniable they're so in sync with one another, even when they're not paying attention!!!

jenna- i agree with both rose and you. considering im practically a stalker of this blog (who doesn't love it c'mon!?!) i understand rose's humor and wanting to call him what she wants. but i also agree that although in the grand scheme of things its not important...it is a little itsy-bitsty disrespectful..(sorry don't shoot me!)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes now days you see them reach out for eachothers hand in public but realize what they are doing and pull away. I've never seen too people who seem to have so much natural chemistry. Hope one day they feel comfortable enough to not have to hide it. But as Kristen says, "It will come out naturally":)

Anonymous said...

spelling error I meant two* obviously.

Anonymous said...

The first MTV MA where shes all in black and leaning on him, Oregano was there as well. Its in the videos as they are being interviewed hes standing right behind him.
That doesn't mean I disagree with you, because there was a moment that day caught on film where he looks at her all flirty and Micheal is right behind her so she gives Rob a look that says stop and he quickly walks away with his team.

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy that they are finally together...but if what some people say are true i hope she dont cheat on mike with rob...i'd lose respect for her over that

Anonymous said...

Your posts are every day a joy to read.Thanx.

Rose said...

Anon @ 11:59am
You're right... I remember MA being there. I'm sure he didn't like seeing his girl squishing so close to Rob. She probably didn't even realize she was doing it because it was so natural to them.

Anonymous said...

now if the suits over at summit could just let that natural chemistry just flow.....

KPattzNews said...

I have nothing to add...you said it all so perfectly!

I <3 you Rose!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that there's a word "cheating" when it comes to relationship outside marriage. You can't just stick to a person that you've dating for along time when changes happened to you. You just have to be honest to yourself and to the person you are in relationship and to let him accept the consequences. You don't need to punish yourself and the one courting you if you felt the same way. In the case of Kristen and MA is very understandable when she was only 14 when she met MA and started dating when she's 16.when Rob came, there's surely this changes of feeling especially when one is so eager to win her heart, when each of them had a "pull" for each other. This is the first time that she had a fling with her co-stars and she is already grown- up this time and not a puppy love and I even think that it must have been a love at first sight, and first impression is lasting. When you are married and there's something happened in your relationship, that's another story, there's commitment and vows that you made for each other but even then there are still who break all of these. But anyway I always believe that Love is lovelier the second time around.

utopia76 said...

I Love you Rose. I love reading your blog, always makes me smile :)

May said...

The body language doesn't lie.

MTE. This is what I have been saying for months. The way Rob and Kris interact with each other says it all.<3

Rose, I totes heart you for making my day with your posts. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

hi rose, i love your posts. I shouldn't have watched the MTV interview either when rob and kris was first interviewed. Their chemistry is palpable and it makes you think that they were not faking it at that time. Then i found out that kristen is in a relationship and you felt sorry because you know that there is something between these two actors that screams , they should be together and not because of their characters. The sexual tension is evident during their photoshoots and press during 2008. I just wished at that time that oregano should not follow her like a dog everywhere she goes (i mean who does that?? even married couples don't tail their spouse eerywhere). It just tells you that oregano is insecure and he knows their relationship could happen. Oh well, im happy rob and kristen acted on it last year and we hope they could weather the storms in their relationship. lets continue supporting them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

" I don't think that there's a word "cheating" when....."

I agree completely. I poor girl had one serious relationship under her belt when she meet Rob and people act like she should be attatched to the spice man forever. She grew up and apart from MA. She found someone else. It happens. It doesn't usually happen with the world watching but I think she did the best she could under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Who's to say she acted on her feelings with Rob when she was with MA anyway? I HATE C. Hardwicke and HATE quoting her, but as she said, Kristen felt she had to try to be with this person (Rob). I think it's only fair to Michael, to let him go if she was feeling that way. Maybe MA could tell something was there between R/K and let her go first. Nobody really knows what happened.

Dasha said...

You make my days better.
Thanks for an amazing post!)

Anonymous said...

Look at the body language between Kristen and Michael vs. Kristen and Rob at the 2008 VMA's (all the pics). She may be holding Michael's hand, but her body is angled away from him in every shot. Whereas, the pics with Rob, her body is angled inward towards his. I remember seeing that and thinking wtf was going on there. Actually, if you look at pics of Kristen with Rob, even when others are in the same shot, 90% of the time her body is angled towards him or her leg is towards him. I noticed it a lot in the CC '09 pics, so I went back and looked at other appearances and she does it every time. It's obvious she has been emotionally attached to him from the beginning. And Rob always wore his heart on his sleeve, even now he can't seem to hide it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me in which interview did Kristen say 'things will come out naturally'??????

Anonymous said...

Another amazing post Rose. Love it :)

Kathy said...

Yep Rose, you hit the nail on the head....again !!!! I wonder though IF Rob had not come into the picture, would Kristen still be with Michael...I think she would be. Yay, for Rob. Nothing against Michael, but Rob is definately IT !!!! LOVE the chemistry they have in the VF and Harpers Bazaar shoots. So intimate. Love them together SO much. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.12 you took the words right out of my mouth :)

Anonymous said...

I only have to say that I love your blog! I recently came into it and I love every word! Thanks a lot for posting!

Anonymous said...

end of 2008 both of them looks fucking miserable in their pics...they r away from each others thats why, when they meet again in Japan...whoa! their faces just light up and thats love. i'm dedicate this vid to all supporter of Rob and his Kristen.

TIKisokA said...

Hi! i just bumped into this blogged linked in another forum i go to...
and I SO LOVED reading this post of yours!
Made my day really...
and I really do hope R/K withstand all the publicity all the hoopla of their celebrity status and still maintain being normal individuals enjoying their time together as a couple...

Anonymous said...

In the picture of Kristen and MA at the 2008 VMAs she's barely holding his hand. He's holding her hand tight but she her fingers are stiff, not wrapped around his. In all of her photos with Rob, they both hold each other's hand tightly, fingers completely intertwined.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the exact interview but it was during NM promotion it was either Access Hollywood, Extra! one of those types of interviews where she said her reasons for not wanting to discuss her personal life and that things would naturally come out on there own.

MA is irrelevant at this point. The reason they broke up, who broke up with who, did Kristen cheat on him with Rob. It means nothing. If we saw the chemistry that K & R had I'm sure Micheal saw it as well. He was foolish for trying to stick with something that was falling apart if you ask me. Even if Rob hadn't come into the picture they would have eventually went separate ways anyway. 14 to age 19 is a longtime to know someone people change things happen. Not many first relationships last anyway. They were not married. So what's difference does it make. The fact of it is he and KRisten are no longer together and Rob & KRisten are. End of story.

kristine.hills said...

I loved your post today.I always love them, but their chemistry is really everything.
RK wish u all the best.

Anonymous said...

I watched the MTV special before New Moon came out and noticed the tooth picking you talked about. That part was very intimate to me. I've never done anything like that not even for my bf. She was so relaxed and comfortable with him. By the time NM came out they were totally diffrent with each other in public, very guarded. They seem the same in New Moon. They didn't have the same magic & intense chemistry they had in Twilight. Do you think it was because they were trying to supress their real relationship from the E&B relationship.? After seeing New Moon I truly am worried about the love story in the next two films.

Anonymous said...

Actually during that MTV interview it looked like she picked something out of his teeth. That is even more intimate than picking something from the side of his mouth. Very happy they are finally together, it would have been such a waste to not pursue the intense connection they share.

Nicki Finn said...

I just wanted you to see this. I think it is one of the sweeter moments they had contrary to what others think. This is the Twilight Empire shoot and M. Oregano (haha) was there with her. She looks uncomfortable the whole video and then at 2:17, Rob asks her if she is OK and she just makes a kind of sad face. He looks genuinely concerned for her. I LOVE IT !! Its one of the first times aside from the MTV video and the Vaniety Fair photo shoot that they look "together". Ayway, just thought I'd share with you since you are amazing at this !! Let me know what you think !!!