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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If Loving Rob is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right.

This is what happens when there isn't any
new Robert news.
I think too much.

I'm sure by now you have all seen this little gif.
Honestly, it doesn't take much to put the
Rob/Kristen fandom into an uproar.
This was taken from some movie festival thingy...
Ah hell... does it really matter?
Someone posted it cuz it looked like Robert and Kristen.
And it DOES look like them, doesn't it?
Is it them?
Apparently not.
But the immediate deployment
of the Scrutinizing Squad
was positively hilarious.
I'm sure youtube was all a flurry...
with people searching out the video that clip 
was taken from.

Is it wrong to be so entertained by the lunacy?
How can something so amusing be wrong?

 Sweet Jesus.
I LOVE this picture.
Well, I love the guy in the picture...
so it only stands to reason.
It has a lot of my favorite things...
1. Rob is walking (Yeah, you know how that affects me)
2. Rob has sunglasses. (Yeah, you know how that affects me)
3. Rob is wearing the infamous Stoli shirt
(Yeah, you know how that affects me)
4. Robert is just... adorably beautiful.
5. Yeah, you know how that affects me.

 6. I guess everything about Robert affects me.
Go figure.

 This is one of the prettiest pictures I've
ever seen of Kristen.
Soft, natural beauty.
How can people look at that face...
and declare she is ugly?
How can people project their bitterness
and jealousy
(Oh I know... you're not jealous)
*Insert eyeroll here*
On to this beautiful, intelligent, 
strong, talented girl?
I will never understand it.

I'm guessing Robert will never 
understand it, either.
Since Kristen's face is the one
he has chosen to look at.
Up close and Personal...

Again and again.

Bye for now.

This blog isn't about you.*


Anonymous said...

once again a beautiful post. and I love listening to Rob's music while I read your blog. He is Glorious!!!

Anonymous said...

The first pic does look amusingly like Robsten... a prelude to the Breaking Dawn honeymoon clip... should keep us ravenous fans happy for a bit!! Also I love the 2nd pic except for me... I love to see Robs beautiful eyes instead of the shades!! Rob is a sexy beast no matter what tho... love that sexy voice too!! Beautiful music choices for your blog!!♥
Love HPFangirl71

Melody said...

It does look like them. ha ha. I love it. Ohhh I love that pic of Rob too. I'm a big fan of the Nike's for some reason not sure why. I know alot of people hate them.

Anonymous said...

Picture 22 is of E/B in Twilight but this one does look like them. I love both of the real pics. Rob is so good looking and Kristen is so beautiful. I love seeing them together. Anyone that can't see how they are together can't see. Rose Thanks for your blogs they make me smile! Let's hope this is a great year for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose, you had me LMAO so early this morning. I love your wit and honesty. That picture of Kristen is absolutely gorgeous. So natural and soft and just beautiful. That blurry pic of a couple in the water kissing had my imagination working overtime. E/B in Breaking Dawn on their honeymoon. Ahh!! Thanks for your wonderful words again.


Purple83 said...

love you Rose! you made me smile...it's been a shittastic day from Hell...but you made me smile and it's all better now :) so thanks! I also wholeheartedly agree!

Anonymous said...

Rose, the pics you posted today of Rob and Kristen are just beautiful. Those two are so gorgeous -- and so intensely interesting. If they were just pretty they wouldn't be so addictive. But their intelligence just shines through. Love them.


Dasha said...

Thanks for the Rob's photo. Actually I've never seen it before. Wondering where he got the T-shirt with Russian vodka)) He looks great in it.
And of course your post is as interesting and funny as always) Thanks!

Poli said...

Another clever and hilarious post. Every single day i get exited to read your blog. Thanks Rose!
Oh, did you realize that to almost every single important moment *cough* R&K moment (Sam Bradley´s concert, kings of leon concert) *cough* he is wearing the stoli shirt? Go figure...
Love ya, bb.

Library Babe said...

I am glad to see Rob in sunglasses affects someone else too. I love his eyes but when I see him in those sunglasses, I just melt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Another brilliant post. You just nail the essence of them beautifully! Of course I agree 100% with everything you say always. Bye, and thanks, we'll see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Seems the picture of them in the pool was taken by cell phone with cam. Must be after the Joan Jett movie OR just a manip to stir another speculation. Love your blog Rose, you're always so adorable.

Kathy said...

Kristen is just so naturally beautiful isnt she? I can see why Rob is so crazy about her. And Rob, well, there are no words strong enough to describe his natural beauty...(sigh). Hmmm, the pic COULD be them. It doesn't matter though. They're somewhere having moments like this anyway. xoxo

spellbound said...

It does look like them but I don't think it is. I don't know why it matters anyway...really, what is wrong with some people? Do they reason that if they aren't seeing it in photos then it can't be happening? Nice logic there. *rolls eyes* Enough on that subject...I have never seen that pic of Rob before. I'm with you, I love everything about it. God, I love to watch him walk...or anything else! That really is a beautiful pic of Kristen, I'd never seen that before either! Like u said, how can anyone say she is ugly?? You know it hurts Rob & pisses him off if he reads comments like that! Not to mention Kris. I just hope they avoid all of that they can!

Anonymous said...

Everybody says R is beautiful but they SOMETIMES FORGET HOW TOTALLY GORGEOUS Kristen is...

Ten years from now - we will all appreciate her NATURAL BEAUTY more.

I´ve said it a million times she is like an EXPENSIVE WINE or a REALLY DELICIOUS COGNAC - she will get better as she AGES...

Anonymous said...

i want kristen, but rob got her...DAMM!!!

Anonymous said...

i want kristen&rob BOTH! LOL

May said...

Rose,I just...fucking love you for this post. <3

Nicki Finn said...

Rose, You are my HERO !! I love this and just became your biggest fan. I just started a blog last night about the same thing. YOU ROCK !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose i just love you im new to this and i feel like your read my mind i to love Rob and Kris and want the best for them thank you for being a GOOD fan to them they need more people like you