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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rose Rants. I Care About Rob and Kristen.

I'm having one of those days.
You know the kind...
Where everything and everyone just bugs
the living hell outta you.
(I use living hell a lot...
I was going to write living piss...
but really? Living piss?)
I'm in a mood.
And I'm just going to comment
on what is bugging me.

Rob looks like he needs a hug...

Rose Rant #1

Haters that cling to 
"Rob and Kristen have denied being in 
a relationship over and over again.
But the 'shippers' just ignore it"
Tell me...
When was the last fucking time 
Rob or Kristen denied anything?
And saying "He's a good friend"
isn't denying anything.
The following 2 quotes seem to be the biggest clings.
You actually have to go back to Dec 2008
when Rob said..
“They’re so ridiculous at the film company,” he says. 
“They keep refusing to deny it. 
They just say, ‘No comment.’ 
And we’re like, ‘We’re not.’ ” 
That was OVER a year ago, people.
And I'm pretty sure Kristen was still with
our beloved shorty spice... Oregano.

Or when Kristen said in Feb 2009
“It’s just totally false… Rob and I are good friends. 
We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. 
But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized,
like the way I stand next to him.
And it’s like, I know this guy really fucking well [laughs]. 
It’s only natural that we’re sort of leaning on each other,
because we’re put in the most fucking psychotic situations.”
Again. Almost a year ago.
And Kristen was still with Michael.
What is she supposed to say?

Let's just say that its been MONTHS (and months)
since either one of them has commented
on their relationship.
Both of them have been sidestepping the whole issue.
All the while showing up all over the world...
Actions speak louder than words.


Naturally Gorgeous.

Rose Rant #2
So much Kristen hate.
I get that you don't like her.
You have that right.
But the hate?
EVERYthing she does is criticized.
If she donates money... it's not enough.
If she does fundraisers... she doesn't stay long.
If anyone is interested in her... its cuz of Rob.
If people say positive things about her...
Her PR paid them off.
And the Haters say that her age isn't an excuse
for her behavior.
But the thing is...
She is a teenager.
And she might be awkward sometimes...
And not completely polished and perfect...
And maybe she says 'like' too many times in a sentence.
Is that reason to constantly belittle her?
Because the truth is...
When she was dating Michael...
Those things didn't bother you.
And now that she is with Rob?
(and you know she is...)
EVERYTHING about her bothers you.
I don't even have to say the word.
You know what it is you are feeling.
(It starts with J and rhymes with bell-us)

I'm SO looking forward to this movie!!

Rose Rant #3

All the people out there...
That say...
"I Don't Care!"
"I Don't Give a Shit!"
And then proceed to spend every minute
of every fucking day...
Trying to convince everyone how much
They don't care so much about someone
who may have 'insider' information...
That they join her locked forum...
They follow her every word on Twitter...
They HAVE to know what she is saying...
They analyze every word!
And they don't CARE whether
Robert and Kristen are together...
But they keep telling themselves...
and anyone who will listen
That their relationship doesn't exist...
They look at every pixel of every picture
Scrutinize every interview
Every word that is written...
Just to prove that...

Guess what?
You fucking care.
Bye for now.
*I was going to say this post wasn't
about you. But you know what?
It probably is.*


Laura said...


misty said...

Well said. It is amazing how people seem to forget Kristin is only 19 years old. I don't think I could have spoken a sentence in public w/o falling over myself or reaching for a beer to calm my nerves. They need to give this girl a break. I MUCH rather see Kristen's awkward honesty than a well rehearsed hollywood diva in training.
Rose, feel free to rant anytime. I feel the same way

May said...

Oh Rose,I fucking LOVE your rants.
You simply rule & that`s the whole truth.

Yep, haters/nonstens totally care & that`s exactly what they can`t forgive themselves. Just like they can`t get over their jealousy of Kristen & Rob`s love for this awesome girl. ;p

Anonymous said...

Well said, Rose. When I was 19 I was fakey polite, always saying the right thing because I was raised to be a "good girl." No one knew who I was, and neither did I.

What I love about Kristen is that she doesn't do that. She is ferociously authentic. I so envy that about her. People love her or they don't. But no one is indifferent to Kristen Stewart.


debbi said...

"Guess what? You fucking care."

Yes, yes they most certainly do. Amen, Rose.

kristine.hills said...

"Actions speak louder than words."

They speak volumes...

About so much hate...
i think hate is a waste of time, that can lead to sickness and death.Hatred blinds us to the good and keeps us focusing on the bad, no matter what another person or other persons may be doing.When we hate, we destroy our own happiness and love of life. Our focus is constantly on the negative aspects that we see in another person or group of people.Hatred is a choice, a choice made due to weakness, due usually to a feeling of powerlessness. Hatred is holding them back and keeping the hatestens down, and ironically, those(RK) they hate probably don't even know about your hatred or aren't letting it get to them (I'm sure RK give a f... for this, they have a lot of friends, their families, and we loyal fans to support them and the most important they have each other, they are a team).

What amazes me is:we have 10 fingers and any has the same fingerprint, so WTF Kristen has to be the way they want? She is what she is:UNIQUE, that's why Rob loves her.period.

Love your blog and keep in mind we that love KR are the majority.

Sorry my poor English.

Anonymous said...

I fucking love this everything you said. I am honestly so tried of the Kristen hate as well, she is fucking awesome and I love her. Rob does look like he needed a hug.
You are amazing Rose.

Rachel said...

Rose..... LMFAO
Again you say it all!
The Haters are totally jealous if Kris was still with M it would be different........plus they know (oh yes they know) that Kristen will be the one to hug rob at the end of a long day................

Anonymous said...

Lately what have we heard? Kristen saying she "wants to keep something" and nomatter what clever questiions she will Never Never talk about her relationship with Rob. And Rob nervously playing with his hands saying he's "crypically avoiding that question" It wouldn't make sense to answer that way if they weren't together. That along with flying 6000 miles to be with Rob for New Years, holding hands, Kristen telling Catherine she had to try to be with Rob.. I mean C'mon how long can you hold on to year old quotes?

Nonsten websites are filled with hate for Kristen, and yet they don't believe they are together? Yet another thing that doesn't add up from nonstens.

Anonymous said...

What I see is a polarization among Rob fans. Those that embrace "Robsten" are getting more and more protective of the girl they think he loves. Those that deny or dont embrace "Robsten" are getting more and more negative about her. Its like an exploding spiral of love versus hate...insane!

And I am just a male Kristen fan watching all this from the sideline with ever growing bewilderment.

Anonymous said...

with the over-usage of 'like' nobody else but Rob comes on mind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you've said the right words. Jealous!!!!!!!!!! They are all jealous.

nancita said...

I love your blog and the truth of which you speak. :) It's sad that jealousy can cause all these people to hate on Kristen. Granted, sometimes, I myself could do with a little less "uh yeah its like um.. " but at the end of the day, its one of those charming things you love to hate and hate to love. She's adorable in every way and these girls (or women) need to recognize talent and respect other women, like Kristen for what they do and leave the personal life aside. Its none of our business anyway whether she and Rob are dating. We dont OWN that right to begin with.

Annnnd there's MY rant. lol.

I <3 u Rose!

nancita said...

It's obvious her and Rob are dating, i just wanted to prove a point. lol

Anonymous said...

Is it bizarre that I like both of them but not together like together together? I know they are in relationship but I want Kristen with somebody else(not Oregano, eh)and Rob with another else (not me,eh). But I love them in Twilight Saga. Am I seeing Edward and Bella? but not Rob and Kristen? Well if something goes wrong in reality (Rob and Kristen)at least I could still have Edward and Bella in my fantasy world, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just want Rob to be happy, in his work & personal life. It doesnt matter who he loves. If that woman is Kristen, im cool with it (squeeeeee!). Even if it's not her, Rob would know better, who are we to criticize. I'm a married woman in my 30s, never had this kind of crush b4 (LOL)..but I love Rob. He's DIFFERENT from other HW stars. You can feel he's humble, honest and so not fake. Just incredible! So no matter what, I will always support him..

coz..he is SPECIAL. He is ROB PATTINSON. The one and only.

p/s: Rose, I think ROB needs a hug too! Love your blog! Love Rob! Love Kristen!