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Monday, January 11, 2010

Robsten Rorschach Test - Part 2

Back in September
I 'conducted' a Robsten Rorschach Test.
I gathered Nasty Nonsten (NN),
Raving Robsten (RR)

and Abbey Normal (AN)

and asked their responses to the pictures presented.
I decided to bring out some more pictures
to get their reactions.

Rob and Kristen walking together in an airport!
They must be going somewhere romantic!
They are SO SO SO in love!

NN: It's so obvious that this picture is staged or
That they photoshopped Rob into it...
He probably isn't really there!
Kristen is a lesbian.

AN: Well... not a romantic picture...
But they do travel together.
Funny how where one goes...
The other one is.

Look how close they are in this picture!
Rob's hand is possessively wrapped around Kristen!
They are SO SO SO in love!!

NN: Please.
That's not Rob's hand.
It was probably photoshopped in there.
So what if he puts his arm around his co-star!
He does that to everyone!
Kristen is a lesbian.

AN: I like this picture.
A bit more closeness than we are used to seeing
from Rob and Kristen at public functions.
And his hand placement seems intimate to me.

Kristen showed up in England WITH Rob!
They spent New Years Eve together!
Rob is so romantic!
They are SO SO SO in love!

NN: Again, I'm not sure that is really 
KSpew's face.
Doesn't it looked like someone photoshopped
her face on to someone elses body?
Summit is staging all these pictures for publicity!
So what if 2 FWB spend time in England!
Kristen has no other friends...
and she's a lesbian.

AN: Pretty HUGE picture.
Robert and Kristen had virtually disappeared
after the New Moon frenzy...
Being papped only a couple of times.
Then Kristen shows up in England?
With Robert?
Did I say HUGE?

I'm SO glad that Kristen broke up with MA!
Kristen and Rob belong together FOREVER!!!
They are SO SO SO in love!

NN: THIS is true love!
It's so obvious how much they adore each other!
I think Kristen and Michael are still together...
Just hiding it because of Summit.
They are perfect for each other!
Kristen is a lesbian.

AN: I give Oregano a lot of grief...
But it's all in fun.
I'm thinking this picture was taken
towards the end of their relationship...
It really looks kinda... awkward.

Rob and Kristen holding hands!
They are SO SO SO in LOVE!

NN: This is a staged photo op!
Summit told them to do this to fuel the Robsten rumors!
Rob and Kristen are messing with the fans!
They aren't even holding hands... who cares?
I think they photoshopped a hand in there.
Kristen is a lesbian.

Loving the big smile on Rob's face!
I feel like I'm intruding on a sweet, intimate moment
between two people who want to be close together....
Love this one...
Another HUGE picture.

Another picture of Rob and Kristen holding hands!
Such a romantic getaway!
They are So So SO in love!

That's not even Rob.
Kristen is in England because she loves Bobby.
Please, Kristen is just 'one of the boys'
They aren't holding hands... 
someone added that arm in there...
Kristen is a lesbian.

AN: A lousy picture.
Not sure what I'm looking at...
Kinda looks like Kristen...
Could be Robert...
It's nice that they are spending time together.

I HATE Emilie!
She's ugly and I wish she would get away from Rob!
You know he's thinking about Kristen...
They are SO SO SO in love!

NN: Rob looks like he wants to be with her.
You know they hooked up over the summer!
Rob hooks up with every female he comes across.
He has so many FWB's it's unreal!
Emilie is so much better looking than Kristen!
Kristen is a lesbian.

AN: Lovely picture of Rob and Emilie.
She's a pretty girl.
She's pretty lucky to have worked with Rob...
Nice job if you can get it!
I hope "Remember Me"
does phenomenal at the box office...
I can't wait to see it!


Couple of Disclaimers:

1. In no way does Raving Robsten or Nasty Nonsten
represent all the people who consider themselves 
"Robsten" or "Nonsten"
They are extreme examples.
Unfortunately, they do exist.

2. Abbey Normal is a fictional person, and any similarities
between her opinions and mine...
are completely justified.

3. This post isn't about you.
This blog isn't about you.

4. Fuck the disclaimers.
If you don't have a sense of humor...
and actually think I'm talking about YOU
then that's your problem.

5. Bye for now


Anonymous said...

LMAO! i love this! Awesomesauce :D

Anonymous said...

I dont like emilie but I accept summit make them pose together so watever! but I wanted one rk pic at the new moon premiere! I just wish summit got someone rob's age to be in Remember Me cos Emilie's 29! I just think she's kinda a famewhore! But funny how rob is curled at her back and so natural with Kristen! Okay End Rant!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

:D you're great!!

CoCo said...

So first time I comment on your blog, and I gotta give you major props. You've capture the extremes on both sides of the spectrum pretty well.

I really enjoy your writing. Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Love the post as always.People will look at the same pics and get different ideas of what they mean which is fine but hating on Rob or Kris is beyond sick and childish.

Anonymous said...

Rosie,i laughed SO hard!Especially with the "Kristen is in love with Bobby"thing.It's one of the most ridiculous story some idiots came up with.

May said...

This is the awesomest (which is so not a real word LOL) post EVER,Rose. I love how every NN reaction ends with Kristen being a lesbian. Unfortunately,so many NN think exactly that.Clueless fools...LMAO

You rock,bb. Srsly,you do. <3

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right! funny you to point out every remarks or every one's opinions. Love your blog Rose.

kristine.hills said...

Hi May, IMHO the NN don't think K is a lesbian, it's just the easiest way they found to do things better, it's better say she's a lesbian, she's dating one of R's friends than see what is in front of their eyes: R/K TOGETHER and in a commited relaysh. What they want or think it doens't really matter, bc we know the truth. ;)
Rose nice post.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm still crying from tears of laughter. Thank you for another wonderful post. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, this is perfect! It's scary how spot on your RR and NN is, and how people actually say these things. Oh yeah, and that new Bobby/Kristen thing the nonstens have come up with is just comical!

Anonymous said...

Clever girl, Rosie! Love your sense of humor, even though it's kidding on the straight. I also am AN.



Anonymous said...

Love your new post! And loved the recurrent 'K is a lesbian' and the photoshop allusions lmao

Kristen dating Bobby: I can't believe some people did say that! Seriously?

Oh and I like Emilie de Ravin. I don't like it when people bash her for working with Rob or say they hooked up so that they can deny Robsten. I know her from Roswell and Lost. She seems nice and sweet. Doesn't seem like a famewhore to me. And she's cute. She and Rob look good in the RM poster. JMO I'll hate the stupid rumors that will inevitably start when the promos begins though...

Anonymous said...

My first comment on your blog.



Angelica said...

Haha, 'They're SO SO SO in love', 'Kristen is a lesbian'.

Love this.
I'm totally Team RobSten, but I have nothing against Emilie. I think she's really cute!
Just because they're promoting a movie together doesn't mean that they're in love. Rob CAN have a friend, that's a girl, without people thinking that they're dating.


Dasha said...

Awesome reading) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey rosie i love ur posts they are brilliant! Nonstens are all the same imo but i have to let u know that the pic of Rk from behind is really them, those pics are from Sam Bradley Sister facebook page and she Captioned the pic Rob and Kris holding hands

agusap said...

LOL Kristen and Angarano is true love AND she's a lesbian. Brilliant

Anonymous said...

You're so funny. You made my day lightened up. I love you blog.It's so honest here. Your thoughts are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Not only do some moronic blindstens on Robsessed say that K is dating BL(!!!???) one on R's imdb said that since he talks about wanting to be a young dad, he must be thinking about it cuz he is in love with someone right now...a SECRET gf that he is protecting and hiding. LMFAO Yeah, he is in love all right, with Kristen. Oh and then there's a few on AT that said since TomStu never walks with R/K, he either hates her or has a crush on her! LOL LOL LOL WHERE do these people come up with these?

Anonymous said...

I totally cracked up laughing, very nicely put. It's really sad that there are so many crazy ppl in the Twiuniverse especially when it comes to R&K but I'm happy that they are together to support each other through it all

LeslieDaleJrfan said...

Oh my word chick, I am so glad I found your blog last week, cause you honestly make me lmfao! I swear, if I read So,So,SO in love, or Kristen is a lesbian, one more time, I would have peed me a river! Haha The shit is so true, which makes it even funnier! I usually just read and laugh, but I've been dealing with a shitty broken heart that sticks around like a stray poodle, so I just wanted to say thanks for the laughs...this blog is definitely what I needed these days. Your sense of humor rocks. Thanks again for being the voice of reason, and for being one of the examples that not all of us Robert and/or Kristen admirers, have to go the extreme route with our opinions about them being together....which they so are, of course ;) Take Care

Anonymous said...

Good LOL!!! but I’m kinda sad now cuz Sundance and the shooting going to start soon and our beloved love birds temporary away from each other T_T. the day after MTV MA came to my mind...we all can see how hard Rob trying make himself walk away from that black mini cooper…aaawww to be young and in love.

Anonymous said...

Rose you always make smile. I come here everyday for my daily dose of happy. Love how you write

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

idk if you see this yet...but aww rob did holing/touching kristen's hands during Munich press tour.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02: It was removed now! I suspected that Summit is controlling all pics of Rob and Kris with PDA. I read that Summit seems to control regarding the RM movie promotion. They could finally breath if there's no more Summit Films to please by them.

luvubel said...

F@#*N Hilarious!! Hahaha! Love it!

spellbound said...

You nailed the different viewpoints! And I always suspected it, now I'm sure, I'm Abbey Normal...thank God!

Nicki Finn said...

OMG !!! ALl of your blogs ROCK !! I love it, you are my IDOL !!! GO ROBSTEN !!! I love them and hope they are happy.

carly said...

I thought Kris was in love with TomStu?

I liket eh Rob/Emily pic. looks nice

and YAY for hand holding

PS: you are really funny. love your blog