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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart- Life is Good.

Kristen Stewart.
At Sundance.
Looking gorgeous as usual.
I'm so happy for her.
Right now...
She has to be on top of the world.
2 films at Sundance.
Lots of 'buzz' about how good she is in
Welcome to the Rileys
The Runaways

POSITIVE comments about her.
And oh yeah...
The guy in her life...
Yeah... life is good for Kristen Stewart.

It's pretty obvious that Kristen and Dakota
have become good friends.
It's pretty obvious that the people that work
with Kristen adore her...
and admire her work ethic
her acting skills...
and have nothing but nice things to say about her.
Kristen looks like she bonded with Joan Jett.
Joan put on a concert last night at Sundance.
To say Joan Jett rocks...
somehow doesn't do her justice.
But she is one bad-ass chick.
Love her.
Love Kristen.
Pretty obvious.

Good Grief.
How do I handle all THIS?

I know I said yesterday that I love
Robert with the beard.
But the truth is?
I just love Robert.
It doesn't matter if he is clean shaven...
As long as it's Robert.
I'm loving him.

Bye for now.


Angelica said...

Grreat post. Love Kristen, AND ofcourse Dakota and Rob.
So happy for her :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto! You're as wise as ever! Great job! True words.

Anonymous said...

Wish he was at her side. I wonder how's he feeling right now being so far.

ZivaMJ said...

Love Kriten! And of course, I love Rob, with or without beard because he's Rob after all. :D

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's possible for Rob to take a bad picture, but I prefer him clean-shaven or slightly scruffy. This pic of him is just breathtaking.
And Kristen looks adorable. She has lovely eyes, but to me that flawless skin is her best asset. So pretty!
And they both have such prodigious talents.

Another great post, Rosie.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Kristen is very lucky to have a good career and the love of Rob.

While scuffy Rob is my fav, I also love bearded or clean shaven Rob because at the end of the day it's still all about Rob.

I love reading your blog!

kristine.hills said...

Love you, Kris and Rob.
Kris is the queen of Sundance, no doubt about it, 4 movies this year.
The Yellow Handkerchief,The Runaways,WTTR and Eclipse, and 2 of them at Sundance festival and i nomination for BAFTA.Kristen is amazing.Go Kristen!!!

Anonymous said...

So so happy for Kristen! I do wish she had her man by her side during all this. He must be so proud. I love these two!

GOROB said...

I love your blog very much! But why do you have the picture of Rob playing Edward on your blog when there are so many beautiful pictures of him out there? I'm sure he would like you to make the distinction!

Kathy said...

Kristen is as gorgeous as ever. I'm so happy that she is having her "shining moment" at Sundance. Rob must be SO proud of her. He may not be there physically with her but he's there in her heart.

Anonymous said...

Rose and Kathy, I agree with your thoughts 100 %. Not only is Rob, and everyone around Kristen, so very proud of her accomplishments, but so are we. I also strongly believe that he is there in her heart as she is in his. Rob and Kristen, I applaud you both for your mature manner of keeping your private life and your public, working life of an actor separate. The future holds such wonderful, brilliant, and intelligent opportunities for you both. We are so very fortunate to share some of it with you.


robsten 4EVER said...

Everyones comments are soo touching and it is so nice to come here everyday and read this blog and see that there are people like me that truely love, adore and admire these two very special people.!! i hold them soo high in my mind and everyone in my life thinks im crazy but i truely feel such a connection anjd love foe these two people, that it gets to the point of me missing them and feeling happy when they are happy and feeling their pain when they are sad!! But I loveee Kristen and i am soo happy for her, it is soo nuce to see her, and Rob I just think he is amazing in everyway!! But most of all i love these two people together, because to me, they complete eachpther and they make eachother happy and that to me means the world!! Once again i love these two people more than anything , and thank you Rose for your lovely blog everyday it brings a smile to my face!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose,
Thanks a lot for voicing out loud as one of us. Thanks a lot of saying the right words that everyone want to say and most of all thanks to you for sharing and inspiring everyday all of these things about ROBERT and Kristen. I don't need to praise them, you've said it exactly what I wanted to say.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry I mislooked it, I didn't capitalized KRISTEN's name!I must be fair with this, LOL! I've done it here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, thank you for giving love to kristen. She deserves it as well as all the praises she has been receiving so far. Having rob is a plus too... i hope her haters will just have to ceasefire for throwing stones at kristen and learn to accept that she is an incredible woman with a lot of talent, brains and beauty.

Anonymous said...

So happy for Kristen to get positive response on her work for WTTR and The Runaways. She worked hard and fruits of her labor is working off. The casts always speaks highly of her, ML her costar fr WTTR saying she see's a Oscar Nom in Kristen future, some critic even said her young acting reminds the critic of a young version of Sean Penn and Leonardo Di Caprio such a high praise for someone so young. So happy for her and Im sure Robert is also proud of her. I hope they get a happy reunion soon.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see Kristen at the Remember ME red carpet premier with ROB and his family. She had to keep their relationship under raps due to Summit contract for so long. Bless them both and I as a fan enjoy their talents. Due to Twlight Feeling her role as Bella I found down deep the feelings of what unconditional love can bring. Joy.