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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cherry Bombs Eclipse?

Joan Jett was on Leno last night.
(Kristen is on tonight!)
She sang "Cherry Bomb".
She fucking rocked.
She's in her 50's...
She looks great.
She sounds great.
And she is still rocking that shag haircut!
Joan had nothing but nice things to say about Kristen.
How she was so willing to cut her hair.
How she was 'authentic'.
Another example of someone who actually KNOWS Kristen
saying all these wonderful things about her.
I'm beyond excited to see The Runaways.
There was a clip of Dakota and Kristen
performing "Cherry Bomb".
Can I just say...
I'm crushing a bit on Dakota.
She is incredible.
I'm blown away everytime I watch (and listen to) it.


Robert is going to kill me in this movie.
No.. Never mind...
He's going to kill me in Remember Me.
Or Eclipse.
Oh shit...
I'm already fucking dead.

The cigarette.
Hanging onto his lips.
Kill. Me. Now.

How in the world am I supposed to function
like a normal human being after looking at that?
You tell me.
I'm waiting...
Yeah... I know.

  The 10 second "teaser" trailer was released today.
10 seconds.
10 fucking seconds.
Really... why even bother?
A brief glimpse of Robert and Kristen in bed.
A fleeting glance at Taylor with no shirt.
10 seconds of frustration.
That's what that is.

What I have rather enjoyed with the release 
of this clip is the "Robsten" tag being attached to it.
I'm sure the Clingers hate that.
Well... they seem to hate everything that is attached to Kristen.
Someone commented that I only blog about Kristen haters.
Why don't I talk about Rob haters.
To be honest, I don't see a lot of Robert Hate.
Yeah, I've heard there are some zealots over at IMDb
People who have actually wished harm on Robert
for having the audacity to stand next to another female!
I tend to stay away from those kind of psychos.
I freely admit that there are fucking lunatics
on both ends of this Rob/Kristen drama.
People who wish bodily harm on both of them
for not doing what they think they should be doing.
These maniacs who feel entitled to control
Robert and Kristen's personal life.
A big giveaway is they frequently type 
in all capital letters.
Lots of exclamation points, too...
Dead giveaway.
Besides the whole not making rational sense thing.
It's the sort of behavior that not only embarrasses
the sane fans...
It makes you wonder just what is going on in
these peoples lives that their sole purpose
and reason to live seems to be a relationship
between 2 young actors.
Can I just say...
Truly. It is best to stay as far away
from that kind of maniacal lunacy as possible.
Let's be careful out there.

Bye for now.


Angelica said...


Anonymous said...

I agree ,Rosie.There are lunatics at both sides.Haters and hardcore shippers.It's scary and ridiculous.
The eclipse trailer looked good,but shirtless Tay made me wanna scream:"get the fuck out,dog!".I hope we have a lot of E/B love.Otherwise i'm sure that the fans won't give their money to summit.They're all gonna see the movie once,like NM.

Patricia said...

Rose: Another wonderful, truthful post from you. Once again I agree with everything you said. Spot on! I died also for 10 seconds watching trailer of Eclipse! Please Summit don't overdose with Jacob! It's mostly about Edward and Bella, PLEASE GIVE US THAT! I HOPE THEY LEARNED FROM "NEW MOON" AND THE BOOK!

Anonymous said...

Rob smoking.One word=Fuckable!Kristen looks like a zombie in this photo with Joan Jett.Or like a boy.Rob looks more feminine than her.lol

Bella's wig=awful.I thought Summit had enough money to buy her a good wig,but they don't care about Bella's hair anyway.They know that the audience is full of drooling women/girls who don't give a shit about Kristen and they want to see only Rob.And some pervs want to see Tay???

Anonymous said...

Eclipse trail was failure.All this Jaycob thing and his abs down our throat,pleaseeee!

Bella's wig was disguisting,but who cares about Bella anyway?

Robward was tooo....gray?I believe the whole movie is gonna be a Jaycob-Bella story with some Edward between.Taylor is summit's new puppy.They'll promote him like crazy.The only thing that would make me excited to see the movie is the announcment that Jaycob dies in Eclipse.

Anonymous said...

Rose, love the pics and your great post, as always.

I'll admit that there are times when I want to eat yummy Rob for lunch, and I always heart R/K news. But most of all, I genuinely like the two young actors and want the very best for them. . . including privacy.

As for Taylor. . . I really hate to see people, well, hating on him because he's not R or K. He's a cute young kid with a hellacious work ethic. If I have one complaint it's for his handlers (including his dad) who set him up for serious overexposure. I'm glad he's doing well career-wise, but I think his fans might be in jeopardy of Taylor overload. I also hope the best for him.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't see a lot of Kristen or Rob hate because I assiduously avoid any sites that reek of that stuff. I'm also very sorry that we now seem to have a chronic troll problem on this site. I believe it's only one troll, but it's still unpleasant.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I agree with you with the 10 second trailer what did it show???But didnt I hear (FROM ROB) at one of his interviews that this is going to be a action movie. Well anyway I cant wait to see it looks like its going to be Ok AS long as they have Kristen and Rob in it i'll go see it.I dont know about you BUT didnt Rob look tired to you in his last interview?Well my friend you have a good day and like always Rose nice post Deb

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Trolls.
Anyway, I'm so excited for The Runaways. I saw Joan last night on Leno too, and man she's badass! I'm glad she mentioned the haircut and how it showed her Kristen was dedicated, because how many haters were complaining about it? I don't see how people say her wig looks bad in the new trailer for Eclipse. I didn't even notice it, I suppose if your looking for it it may seem different but I didn't even think to look, and once I did it still seemed fine to me!
Rob in that picture. *THUD*
Thanks for talking about the extremes Rose. I'm glad this is a sane blog with sane commenters (apart from the trolls) where we can share our Rob obsession aswell as respect for Kristen.

Anonymous said...

If Kristen looks like a zombie, I wish I looked like one too. She's the reason I saw New Moon twice back to back. I'm not Team Bella, just Team Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Rob is a really bad actor. You should read the EW Remember Me review. They say the movie is absolutely awful.

Rose said...

Look. I don't make a habit of policing the comments. I feel like everyone is entitled to an opinion. But if you are coming here just to trash Rob or Kristen... I will delete your comments.

Oops... did I push that little garbage can? Trash is trash. ;)

Anonymous said...

A-MEN ROSE you go girl!!lov,lov,lov,your post.you say it all in the name of love (ROBERT,KRISTEN)hatters live with it or go away THE END...P.s. leave OUR ROSE alone or else........

rachel said...

hey rose,

excellent blog once again...kinda lost any normal thinking patterns when i saw rob with the cig hanging from those perfect lips.........

can't wait for run aways, only ever knew of jj and the blackhearts now i have
stuck in my head. looking forward to seeing my girl crush in action.

keep blogging, u make me smile each day whatever your blog is about.


Anonymous said...

Oh the trolls...please go back to where you came from...whether it be the AT or wherever.

The 10 sec trailer preview was so annoying. Summit is such an ass! they love to tease! Even 2 min is not enought because we all want to see Eclipse..imagine just 10 sec. Anyway, I heard the full one will be released tommorrow. Now ppl can go to watch Remember Me for the real reason not just to see the Eclipse trailer.

Rose, you did it again. Love your sarcasm and I hope you read these blogs sometimes because I want you to know you rock! Please delete the stupid comments the trolls are back.


Anonymous said...

Haha Rose...keep trashing the GARBAGE!!! YOu are awesome. We are not going to tolerate the Rob and especially Kristen bashing here! Go away stupid trolls. I love how you moniter the comments and take steps to stopping all the hate. big hugs and kisses to you girl!


Anonymous said...

dear Rose,
pls delete all trolls comments...it hurts our eyes.
Rob & Kristen true fans.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I think you're off the mark regarding 'Rob haters,' and assuming they are people that hate Rob because he deigns to be in the vicinity of people other than Kristen who have vaginas.

Those aren't really Rob haters, they are just psychos. Their numbers are small.

No, I will tell you who the Rob haters are - they're easy to spot: they are former 'early' rabid fans of Robert, who dug on him and his friends, and his indie movies and his music - they knew he crushed on Kristen and barely tolerated it, but since she had a bf - they actually were sorta fine with her too (they are also the same nuts who treat MA as if he's a scorned husband with 6 kids that Kristen left, and who months after she and he broke up, were still posting Kris had a bf - basically in denial that she was now single for Rob). HOWEVER, once Rob and she were confirmed(first that diehard fan of Rob's named 'Moon' spotted her out w/ Rob at his buddys concerts all over LA), then Kings of Leon, and once the date nights started happening and evidence piling up like Rob's dirty boxer briefs....


For some of them, it isn't enough to JUST hate on Kristen, they feel so betrayed, so wounded, and are such angry, jealous, bitter C*NTS that they exact revenge on Rob for even BEING with Kristen. Rob gets their wrath too. They talk about his looks, they ridicule him, and much as they do with Kris, they like traipsing around to various websites slurring his acting ability as well as other things.

The Rob haters are former Rob fans (so-called, of course...as what kind of "fan," sets out to destroy a young man for having a life and falling in love? But they do it)

Such is the psychotic-ness of some hateful women.