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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pack of Hyenas Chasing Robsten!

I have a lot to say today.
I've been thinking about how to say it.
In all honesty...
I'm embarrassed to be a Rob/Kristen fan right now.
I'm not sure why people feel the need 
to make this shit PERSONAL.
What is wrong with you?

This is how I picture some "Nonstens"
But I hesitate using that word...
Because I know a lot of people who don't believe
or care about Robert/Kristen being in a relationship...
And I happen to like these people.
Even if our opinions aren't the same...
we are sane, rational people.

Let's call them what they are...
A pack of ravenous, scavengers
foaming at the mouth...
Barking and snarling
over something that has NOTHING 
to do with them.
About someone they don't even know.

Now, I only know what I have read online...
Legal issues. Court documents.
Why do the hyenas get such glee from this?
Mostly its because they don't like what she has to say.
They don't believe her...
They follow her on Twitter.
Keep track of her blogs/journals
And dedicate page after page
after page after page
After page
of attacks on this one person.
If you don't believe someone...
Then don't.
Why is it a personal insult to you
what she has to say?
What do you care if there were leaked pictures?
Do you have stock in Summit?
Were you the photographer?
Where is the outrage at all the previous 'leaks'?
People who gladly ate up all the pics from
Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Details...
Somehow got all offended at the Eclipse pictures.
It's not the What.
It's the Who.

I don't know the details of this issue.
I'm not a lawyer.
But most of all...
It's none of my business.

But for some reason the Hyenas
are under the illusion that if this person
gets into trouble...
That all of a sudden Robert/Kristen will cease 
to be a couple.
That the whole relationship is based
on what she has twittered or written.
Um. That would be a NO.

Sorry Hyenas.
You need to find another carcass to gnaw on.
Leaked pictures has nothing to do with 
Robert or Kristen.
And seriously...
Do you think they are even aware of this kind of bullshit?
Yeah... Like they give a shit about gossip and innuendo.
Because you know that's all it is.
At least you should know.
It's the fucking internet.
You can say ANYTHING here.
Whether or not someone believes it...
That's up to them.
Up until a couple of months ago...
 I had no idea who the person in question was.
A friend told me about her...
So I read what she had to say.
Does she influence my thoughts? My opinions?
I take EVERY fucking thing with a grain of salt.
And so do I.
So we agreed on common ground.

But let me tell you this.

I started this blog approx 1 month before
Twilight came out in theaters.
My ROBsession was about 3 months old at that point...
But even then...
I believed in Rob/Kristen.

Excerpt from Oct 28, 2008
Title of Post: Chemistry.
"I wanted to talk about chemistry. As in on screen chemistry. As in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They have it. And better yet, they have it off screen as well. I think it is so obvious that there was a little sumthin sumthin going on between these two...beyond Edward and Bella. I have watched all the videos of the two of them...and they are just so INTIMATE with each other. The way they look at one another...the way Kristen touches Roberts face (and that, my friends, is intimate), the way they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other at Comic Con...their body language on and off screen. But especially off screen, because they are always touching...always close.
Now, I know that they are supposed to be dating other people or whatever. But there is definitely something there. I don't care what anyone says. And if they get right back into making "New Moon" (oh please Lord) they will get right back into their chemistry."

And this a few days later.
October 31, 2008
No title.

"And then the "Empire Magazine Shoot"...OH MY GOD. That is one of my favorite videos thus far. Watching Robert stare at Kristen...watching Kristen steal a glance at Robert (and honestly, who can blame her for wanting to stare at him?). The sexual tension... the CHEMISTRY between them is so obvious. Yes, I saw Kristens BF get out of the car with her in Rome...but seriously...does he even stand a chance? Nope. After watching how Robert and Kristen interact with each other...looking for each other...watching for each other...feeling obvious comfort being next to each other...I say its only a matter of time. In almost every picture that they took together...she leaned into him. So intimate. Sometimes I forget how very young Kristen really is. She is only 18. But she seems mature beyond that...You can tell how uncomfortable doing interviews is for her, because she has a hard time verbalizing what she wants to say. She makes faces...stammers...looks to Rob..."

Just goes to show you how long 
I've been a believer in Robert/Kristen.
This was before there even was a "Robsten"
Or "Nonsten"
Or any other associated bullshit.
I don't need someone to tell me what
is right in front of my eyes.
I can see.
I make my own opinions.
And nothing has swayed my opinion
since Oct 2008.

So if the Hyenas want to gloat over
someone being in trouble...
Just because they don't like to hear
what she has to say...
Then that is beyond disturbing.
It has nothing to do with you.
And it has nothing to do with Robert/Kristen
or whether or not they are dating or not.
Nothing has changed.
It shouldn't be personal.
It's just opinion.
You do.
You don't.

It shouldn't be personal.
Don't act all self-righteous now...
It's too late for the dutiful indignation.
It's obvious why you are drooling and circling...
And it's pathetic.
You've gone too far.

Hyena: Applied to cruel, treacherous, 
and greedy persons since at least 1670s.

So keep doing what Hyenas do.
Ripping. Shredding. Attacking.
Enjoy your meal.
Although I'm sure it still tastes bitter.

Bye for now.


Lula! said...


Kstew Fashion said...

Fucking AMEN! Thank god someone said it. The gloating over someone getting sued is just vile. It has nothing to do with Robert or Kristens personal life yet for these people it is a way of degrading them as a couple. Personally the fact that these people rely on anything that can help them believe they aren't together is awful. They call themselves Robert fans then really why all the hate on someone he clearly admires? This fandom now consists of people fighting over these two and its awful because really nothing anyone says is going to change the fact that they are a couple. I say people should accept that these two make each other happy and support them both together and apart as a true fan would. Once again beautiful blog. x

MovingMountains4WTTR said...

AFuckingMen!!! Bravo,Rose!

Thank-You for saying what many of has been thinking & have wanted to say ourselves!

~Tammi (@Crazy4Robsten)

Anonymous said...

I think that the best thing is to ignore these women.It's more than obvious that they have serious mental issues and a sad life.I'm feeling sorry for their families,especially thier kids.But please,please,ignore them.They're not worth mentioning them.They're low-lives and they make Rob's fans look like an armay of crazies.I bet Rob is not proud at all for these type of fans.I'm sure he'd prefer less,but sane people.

Anonymous said...

Crazies are out of control,because they know that R/K are a REAL COUPLE,and that's nothing to do with Delaney or Ted or Lainey.

May said...

But for some reason the Hyenas
are under the illusion that if this person
gets into trouble...
That all of a sudden Robert/Kristen will cease
to be a couple.
That the whole relationship is based
on what she has twittered or written.
Um. That would be a NO.

MTE,bb.I`ve a Robsten believer months before I ever knew about D.The only reason nonstens&haters would srsly act like hyenas and celebrate something like this is their obvious stupidity&the fact that they delusionally believe that R/K exist as a couple cuz of D.Thats absolutely WRONG and no amount of their hatred and bullshit wont make their wishful thinking come true.

Rob and Kris are a fucking COUPLE. Nonstens&haters should finally just get over it&move on with their lives.Or at least,get one.:p

Purple83 said...


Grigal said...

Well said!!
ITA with every word on everything you wrote

Patricia said...

Rose: Jesus, it sounds to me "THAT THE LUNATICS ARE TAKING OVER THE ASYLUM" !!!!!!
I can't believe all this bullshit!
I think once again you have been spot on about Rob and Kristen! I felt the same way since their earlier TWILIGHT videos! I knew she had a boyfriend, but he didn't stand (a chance) Rob has been in love with her since "into the wild" and when he met her he was GONE! It took her awhile to understand her feelings and she had a relationship to figure out with Michael! But I believe the same as you and they have been together ever since.
I learned a long time ago you have to accept people for the way they are but you don't have to let them come to your blog and vomit out their hate and ugly opinions! Enough, GO AWAY AND LEAVE US ALONE!

loveactually said...

Thank you for always putting your thoughts out there. And thank you for digging up those excerpts from 2008 because exactly what you stated is exactly what many of us saw back then and have watched grow over the past year and a half. Thankfully no matter what ridiculousness happens within the fandom it has no bearing on what RK share. None whatsoever.

Poli said...

Amen Rose, amen.

Anonymous said...

Your Oct. '08 post summarizes what many see whenever Rob and Kristen are together anywhere. Anyone over the age of 10 would pick up on that vibe. It's unmistakable. And overwhelmingly obvious in their case. You can't fake that and you can't stop fate. Thanks for the post.

kharma1 said...

Hi Rose,
I haven't posted in awhile but I truly love reading your blog everyday. I look forward to it every morning. Today I am steaming mad, so mad I can just bust.
What the hell is wrong with people, what is wrong with these women and I saw a picture of them, they are not teenagers, they are grown women and I heard they might even be school teachers and psychologists, is that scary or what. Teaching our precious children, these vile women. So referencing them to Hyenas is "Perfect" and looking at the picture of them, that's exactly what they look like. I hope they are proud of themselves and over what, a 19 and a 23 yr old. How pathetic is their life, dark and lonely I say with blackened hearts and NO souls.
These are the times when you really have to wonder about mankind, but the truth is for 1 of them there are 100 good people out there, that is the only way I can get through this anger and disappointment.
Thank you Rose for what you do everyday. You are one of those 100 people I am referring to.

Nancy said...

Well said. I wonder if Rob will pull a Leo DiCaprio after the Twi-series and disappear while fanaticism dies down. These hyena fans will def drive their golden boy out of Hollywood at the rate they are going.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post! The hyenas are nasty, hate-filled people to rejoice over this. I want to know how they got their hands on the legal documents. Even if it's public record, they had to know about the existence of the records in the first place. Supposedly, they were the first to post the IOW photos too, so who hacked into Rob's friend's Facebook account?

Anonymous said...

Rose, you are awesome! I love your daily soundbites!

Skent94 said...

I love it when you come right on out and SAY IT...PREACH IT!!!!

And in the end remember there is NO CURE for STUPIDITY......These so called hyenas as they are appropriately called....what is their call in life? Are they somehow able to date either Rob or Kristen...? I guess I just don't get it....BUT, I know this much- NO AMOUNT of money can buy, CLASS.

Keep true to the cause Rose, which is being a fan of STARS....we believe, we know the truth and we have class.

Anonymous said...

The group of women who are gloating have a personal vendetta going on and it is an ugly and disturbing to see.

And I honestly don't get why there is a lawsuit going on anyway. Summit got free advertising out of the leaked pics. Eclipse got an early boost of interest from it. The Twilight fandom was abuzz with excitement. And more importantly, the leaked pics helped derail the mess that was growing from Rob's Details interview. That interview was gaining steam (and not the good kind) and whether Rob fans want to admit it or not, that interview was a PR mess.

The timely release of those pics helped the core Twilight fanbase refocus on Rob-as-Edward, instead of Rob-as-WTF-did-he-mean?-Details-mess.

Who benefited most from that reminder? Summit and Twilight and to a lesser degree, Remember Me. Rob Pattinson also benefited from the leak because it gave him breathing space from the Details interview.

So this lawsuit is disingenuous and frankly, it makes Summit look even worse than already do.

Someone leaked those pics to the person in question. Someone gave the go-ahead to leak the pics to fans. It is sad that someone is being made into a scapegoat in which there was no real damage done. It is even sadder that a group of women would find such joy in this happening because karma is a bitch. It'll come back and it'll be worse when it does.

Anonymous said...

To kharma1
Do you think that because these women are educated that they have manners?They 're obsessed with the idea that R/K are PRsten and that if Delaney is out of the picture then everything will come out to light.Pathetic!But deep down they know the truth ,that's why they're acting like that.If they were sure that R/K were fake couple,they wouldn't care.They would believe what they wanted and that's it.For me they're like hardcore shippers,who tweeting for every single deatail,who spending their day on specualting on shirts,glasses,marriage,pregnacy and other stuff like that.Both teams are crazy.You're one of the few sane bloggers,Rose,that's why we all are coming here.You keep us sane.

Lisa Anthony

Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog. It always makes me smile. But I have no idea what issue this blog post is about. Can someone inform me as to what happened?

jsloanmd said...

Awesome, Rose.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how these nonsten women would feel if their comments of hate on a blog about a 19 and 23 year old was "leaked" to their boss or the power that be? i cannot believe they are grown women

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, Rose. BRAVO. Those women are pathetic. disgusting. embarrassing. But you know what? that old saying... Karma is a bitch! Those who rejoice with hate, will get exactly that in return. I hope they enjoy misery. Rob and Kristen don't deserve this BS. and neither does D. I want to literally kick some serious azz. But since I can't, i'll stick to my initial assessment of those losers: pathetic. Thank God there are still sane people like you in this fandom. This level of hate and venom is getting ridiculous! The saddest part is that they are grown women.

Roxbury said...

COULDN'T have said it better myself!

Tiffani said...

100% agree Rose!

WTF is wrong with them? she's a twilighter...whether you believe in robsten or not, she's one of our own. This fandom is getting so srs bsns and THIS is to far.

They're gloating in the fact that she's getting in trouble...and whats the point? there is none. If someone else had leaked the pics they wouldnt have cared. They need to fucking admit that they're jelous, heartless bitches. NEWSFLASH: ROB WILL NEVER DATE YOU, WANT YOU, LOOK AT YOU, ETC and if he knew how evil you are he would be disgusted by you! He would probably tell you to go fuck yourself!

The only delusional ones here are the nonstens...and not because they dont believe in RK.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading this blog for a while, call me stupid, I didn't know how to post on this thing, but I've finally found the light. LOL.
Anyway, I couldn't agree more with all of the things you said. That goes for the previous posts as well. When I started Shipping R/K there wasn't all this drama crap, now you can't even pronouce their names together without having a fight or a debacle. It's kind of sad. Are people like that with Brad and Angelina too? I don't think so. I don't get why people are so against them being a couple, really. Is it because they don't like Kristen? I have no idea. I'm tired of all these fights. I didn't even know there were "Nonstens" or something before. I mean WTF is that?
I used to read Ted's board, and stopped, too much crap on there, it's not even funny. Now I don't waste my time reading posts about people in denial or talking BS. And you know what I discovered? It's so much easier when you don't read all the crap and just focus on them.
By reading this post, I guess there's something wrong with Delaney. I knew some people were complaining about Eclispe's photos being leaked, I sill can't believe that. They must be jealous. But whatever. I like her. ;)
It's cool that you posted some posts from 2008. I knew K had a boyfriend as well but I didn't really thought it would last when I saw how R&K acted around each other. Sure, there was some bad things that happened along the way, but now they're happy and together, that's all that count.

Thank you for saying out loud what a lot of us think in our mind. You say it better than I could. :)

Lena (sorry for the huge ass comment)

imloco2 said...

Brightredgow... You really nailed it there! I’ve been thinking the same thing since the pictures were leaked. If no one remembers, people were starting to think Eclipse was in trouble, then they were freaking out over the Details interview and not just on Twitter and not just fans but the blogs, celeb news org’s and even some serious news outlets were starting to pick it up. For a little while things teetered on the brink of implosion and then the pictures. I swear I’ve been thinking someone had to give them to her to post and I’ve been grateful ever since. It deflected, it turned the tide and suddenly all the talk was about Eclipse and the Details thing quickly faded. She should be given a reward and not this shit.

Rose, this is why I love you. I wrack my brains trying to think of some way to express how disgusted I am about the hyenas and their feeding frenzy and then you go and say it beautifully. Haters and clingons don’t seem adequate any more does it? Hyenas pretty much says it all. It almost gets to the point you don’t want to have anything to do with a fandom that is this FUBAR. But then I gotta remember how many great people are in the fandom and how many support Rob and Kris together and/or separately without all the bullshit. Can’t lose sight of the good in the world or it would be unliveable. I just wish there was some way to help said good samaritan. If there is I’m so there.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is truly scary. Reality is a matter of individual perception, and I chose to keep mine as far from the negative fray as possible.

I am as enamored with Kristen and Rob as the next fan, but I simply wish them well. The rabid intensity and over-investment of some of these darksiders is just frightening.

Is it any wonder R&K are so fiercely protective of their private lives? Some of these zealots make me fearful for their safety. I've never seen anything like it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose. Great poste! I´m amazed. Totally. But tell me one thing. What would you do if i tell you from a good source that Robsten isnt what most people think? What if I told you that they are very open mind peps, they are close friends, but nothing else? i would like to know people´s reaction to this so..i cant tell anymore..thanx anyway for your cute and cozy post. Great inventive!twat u latr =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose RIGHT ON HONEY. You said it all.I love the word HYENAS it fits them.Im just sorry that this world is so full of them .(VERY UNHAPPY PEOPLE)If they want to bitch about something why dont they look in there own back yards or in there own family.I can see with my own eyes to see that Robert Pattinson LOVES KRISTEN STEWARD and that SHE LOVE him. They are good for each other you can only see it And if you cant OH WELL life gos on.They well keep doing what they do best and that is loving each other no matter what.( or what any one saids.) bottom line get over it (THEY HAVE) Thanks again Rose for the spot on post I LOV YA keep up the GOOD work for us believes. DEB.

bahji said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Girl, you have said everything so eloquently regarding this issue! You are spot on, unfortunately, the hyena's will never disappear because they remain delusional. They will continue in their pathetic attempts to ravage anyone who believes in R/K. But, "what goes around, comes around!" One day they will be eating thier words. All we can do at this point is support our friend and support Rob and Kristen in whatever projects they are doing whether together or not. As a side note: I believe and have so like you, since the first look at Comic Con 2008!

Patricia said...

Rose: This is Patty again, please tell us what WE can do to help D.????? This is bullshit and they can't get away with this! I've tried to overlook the hyenas buts it's getting out of hand now! grazie

Anonymous said...

I don't even think this situation was worth writing a blog over. Now everyone knows and that's exactly what they wanted to happen. I also don't understand what this "lawsuit" has to do with Robsten or Nonsten. None of this is legit. By spreading the word of this situation you just made it worse for Delaney.

And if Delaney did leak the pictures without Summit's consent which I'm not saying she did, then she has to suffer the consequences whether it helped them or not. It's illegal.

Anonymous said...

Yes Nonstens think it was because of the Vogue pics with Rob and Emile but Delaney leaked the Eclipse pics to take the heat off Rob´s idiotic crapfest in Details. She was doing them a favour. But the fact is the Nonstens are destroying Rob´s career all by themselves. Look at what happened to Remember Me. Rob needs to lose these sickos fast before they make things worse for him.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster that is asking Rose about what she would say if they told her Robsten wasn't real?? I'm not Rose, nor a shipper, but I'm going to answer anyway. Most people would not freak out or spill vile hate against anyone. That's nonsten territory. But some advice for you..you should stop listening to a makeup person and the nonstens. I hear the rumor going around is that R/K were together but broke up during NM filming. LOL. You believe what you want, ok? But you should trust fake makeup people.

Anonymous said...

The ladies over at nonstendotcom are odd puppies. I mean, I know I'm odd for following Robert so closely, and I'm neutral about "Robsten," but I spend time on these things cause I LIKE them. I like Robert, and by extension, I'll like Kristen if he likes her too. But to spend TIME RUMINATING HOUR AFTER HOUR OVER SOMETHING YOU HATE? Freaky. I"m sorry, it's just weird. And the way they fixate over there is frightening, they go on and on, trying to prove to one another they aren't together, and it's just creepy.

and then for them to GO ONE STEP FURTHER and want someone in real life to be in shitloads of trouble is just sick now. Like grow up, if I found out those nonsteners had gotten arrested for online kstew threats, I wouldn't celebrate. Cause I can distinguish between bullshit online life and real life. These sad women can't though, it's sick.

Anonymous said...

Guys if you have a twitter, please report @GoTeamMakeup to @twilight. She is spreading the Delaney hate to her followers and has been for awhile. I'm not sure why she hates Delaney so much. But its nasty. She's also spreading around that R/K are a PR ploy. She shouldn't be talking with fans at all. Please report her. The more who do, the better chance that she'll shut up.

jen said...

Word. It's like grow the fuck up already. This is serious business now, not online reindeer games. And to rejoice someone is getting in huge trouble is really gross, considering just a couple weeks back they were scared themselves of being reported for online threats themselves against Kristen. You'd think they wouldn't have such a short memory.

Anonymous said...

the "pr ploy" is such a joke. Anyone in PR will tell you-this is NOT how to conduct a fauxmance, and Robert and Kirsten are too big at this point to have to take part in such an extended fauxman unless a) you are fledgling actresses with a fledgling show or b) one's bearding for the other. The kids from Jersey Shore do fauxmances, not Robert Pattinson who'se halfway through a very popular franchise and who is legitimate star.

People are so lame.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with everything written above. I'm not sure why the Nonsten's are gloating like they won the lottery except that they think this will silence D regarding R/K. Their vile, mean spirited, threatening posts about Kristen have been a turn off for many other Rob fans. I'm disgusted and ashamed to be lumped into a fandom group with adults who would act like this. Not to mention their "theories" make no sense. If Robsten was "PRsten" like they claim then Summit would be patting Delaney on the back instead of suing her over some pictures that benefited them. Delaney hasn't made these two hold hands, sleep in hotel rooms together, get together for New Years, and spend basically all their off time in the past year together. If she disappeared tomorrow those things would still be true. D is just the way they are getting out their aggression at Rob for daring to have a private life.. how dare he try to be happy by getting a girlfriend. Its ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

the hyenas are so delusional, they don't realize summit's behind leaking rumors both shippy and nonsteny, this is common knowledge in the industry. They monitor top websites and twitters and livejournal communities like hawks, and have funneled crap on the more popular places to keep the "are they or aren't they" debate alive. It's a cheap way to keep the fanbase engaged, they've got interns doing this crap.

Anonymous said...

Oh these stupid girls/middle aged "nonsten" women missing the point - as always.

Delaney is not getting sued for anythings she reveals about R/K. It is about the leak of the Eclipse pictures, nothing else. But why are they only suing her? To make their claim to prevent damage they had/have to sue EVERYONE who is distributing the pictures. But they are still on many websites. Right? So wait and see what comes out of it.

The "nonstens" are hoping Summit is sueing her because of her info about R/K.
But then Summit would have to sue anyone who writes a story/fanfiction about R/K and claims to have a source (Ted C, ok, Life&Style), including the nonstens site of course. But this would be a private matter and only R/K could sue anyone, not the studio. So it has nothing to do with the case, not relevant at court.

And finally she post on a private account. The "nonstens" steal it and distribute her posts over the net (and now even post Delaneys real name).

But the question everyone will be asking: Why is Summit suing only her? Maybe she is telling the truth, has a real source about R/K and they want to shut her down? The nonstens made this now very public.

Finally Delaney is gaining:
- more awareness
- solidarity
- and much more credibility than she had ever before.

So "nonstens", well done good job. Clap your hands.

Anonymous said...

I dont know it's just all really sad. I mean, I like Rob and I like Kristen. But I think it says a lot more about these people's lives that they allow the lives of others who they will never get to know to consume them.

Also just to be clear Twilight doesn't need PR. RM is a movie that could have used a PR romance. Twilight is a blockbuster, regardless of who they cast and whether or not they were dating. It was always going to be huge.

A PR relationship also you know needs to be public. (coughtthetwotaylorscough). You can't go out of your way to keep it under raps and than be accused of doing it for PR. But more so than anything that just shows that Rob/Kristen can never give a right answer to these people unless they say they are not together, because there will always be another excuse.

Anonymous said...

i'm a fan of r&k since set/08
way before all this crap, before knowing D.
but i love her twitts, i think she's a good person
i'm feel sorry for her.
she doesn't deserve this shit.
do you think that she will stop twittering?
i hope not...

e.c. - always lurking

ps: luv your blog rose! don't ever stop! tx

Anonymous said...

First of all I loooooove you blog, a big well done. Don't let the haters get to you just block them out and don't listen to them, fuck them. I have a question, is there proof that Kristen broke up with Michael? Don't get me wrong, i totally believe in Robsten, i was just curious because i never heard enything about it...

Anonymous said...

Think we've invested too much time into this. We are not even sure if this is real. Think we should mind our own buisness and let the people involved handle it.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:32, you can also blame the Kristen fans who were openly telling people to boycot Remember Me because Rob had the audacity to play out sex scenes with somebody other than Kristen. The nerve of him. And the only people who had issues with the Details article were those who WANTED to have issues with it.

And to those who think it's just Rob fans who are nonstens? You are sadly mistaken. Kristen fans do their own fair share of shitting on Rob, a fact that is always ignored.

To Anon 2:14, very well put.

Anonymous said...

Ok, there is something going on, but is anyone sure the court doc. going around is legit? Having worked in the legal field for many years, I find it very odd that Summit would request a jury case. This is not the kind of case that usually goes to a jury (complicated, neg. publicity for Summit, etc) That alone makes me wonder about it. Not saying something isn't going on, but it seems to me the nonstens are stirring it up by possibly creating this document. I've seen this thought posted somewhere else, so I went back and re-read it. It's very curious. I guess we'll find out...

Anonymous said...

Two things in life one can never take back, words and actions, once you have done something or said something it's out there forever. And the repercussions might not be immediate.. sometimes.. they hit you when you least expect it... but it is a lesson for anyone...be careful with your words and actions because they define the path you will follow in the future.

Anonymous said...

i agree with this post today, i saw the mtv interview on twilight shoot and i said to my friend, if those two are not a couple they will be soon. i had no idea she even had a boyfriend and i was shocked to find out she did the way she flirted with rob it was obvious they were attracted to each other it was painfully obvious, they went through some troubles to get to where they are but i am sure it wasn't something taken lightly by either of them they knew about on set romances on location, they knew the backlash and they knew how hard it would be, it would be much easier to part ways and say no we are just friends

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:14,
you were here yesterday as well. Please show me the Kristen website that is dedicated to hate on Rob, like the nonstens. Nonsten = Non Kristen, name is program, right?

Just compare Robs IMBD and Kristens IMBD. Is there any Rob bashing on Kristen's site?

And please don't come up with fake "Krisbians" from the AT board, which are "undercover" nonstens to make Kristen fans look bad.

And as for the fans who don't want to see Remember me because of the sex secenes with other woman. Most of the girls are teens who are in their Edward and Bella dream. Can you blame them if they want to see him only with Bella. That's the way it is. And it is their decision if they want to see a movie or not, for whatever reason.

But don't forget. It was Summit who market RM as super sexy hot Emily/Rob, and not as a family drama. They showed the Roblie Love/Sex clip after clip in these teenagers throat. Only 3 month after NM and only 3 month before Eclipse. Wrong marketing?

I know many pepole don't want to hear it: DETAILS was a potential outfall, sure that many people over at Summit had a bad headache, and they did a lot of work with the press behind the scenes.

Finally it is not life after Twilight, we are just in the middle of the franchise. Spreading the hate against a lead character, bashing other fans and spreading rumors that the whole Robsten is PR set up...good job nonstens. Rob will appreciate it.

So let's Eclipse promotion begin.

Amanda said...

@anonymous 2:14 I don't think anybody is saying it's just Rob fans. It's not a competition. Hatred is hatred and Rose has already discussed the Remember Me thing.

@anonymous3:23 "Spreading the hate against a lead character, bashing other fans and spreading rumors that the whole Robsten is PR set up...good job nonstens. Rob will appreciate it."
I couldn't agree with this more! Thank you!

Rose you hit the nail on the head when you said it's not the what it's the who. Exactly. It's the who that leaked the pictures and the who that's in the pictures with him. There were no complaints when the Details pics leaked. And these woman have a website dedicated to what they supposedly don't believe in, attacking a girl they don't think is with Rob? Okaaay.. no. They wouldn't act so angry and vindictive if they truly didn't believe it. How they act doesn't show they are secure in their 'beliefs' at all. Hey and haven't you heard? They say Rob's shirt was photoshopped onto Kristen the other day. Hey, atleast they're admitting it's the same shirt now. One step closer to sanity? lol, maybe not.

Lela said...

I'm stunned at what is happening here. I honestly can't grasp that people are being so heartless and cruel to another person over a situation that has absolutely NOTHING to do with their real lives. To say it's scary is an understatement. Rose, you said it perfectly...they really do believe if D gets in trouble this will mean Rob and Kristen aren't a couple. That level of delusion surpasses everything that has been said thus far in this fandom.

Like my mother used to say, "They WILL reap what they sow." These crazed individuals over at nonsten.com will pay sooner or later for their hatred, lies, and heartless acts. Everything eventually comes back full circle.

I find it curious they were the ones to receive these documents. Were they the ones to instigate an investigation? Did they start the witch hunt? None of it makes sense. In the end, I hope D makes it through this unscathed and with justice on her side.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - remember when the Twilight fandom was fun to be a part of??

yeah I don't remember that either...

Today, as all of this crap unfolded..I found myself questioning why it is that I put time and energy into a fandom that enjoys spewing hate and criticizing everything and everyone connected to these films. I think it's time we all take a few steps back and remember why it is that we care about Twilight/Rob/Kristen.. It's because these are entertaining films with actors that have a lot of potential.. Don't feed into the hate. In fact, let's ignore the hate. Because in the end, this isn't really going to affect Twilight/Rob/Kristen. It's just going to damage to yourself.

Thanks for posting this though, I agree with everything you said!

One last thing..I always hear about Delaney's "Posts" with her insider info...where can I find these?

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:04 PM

The case is obvious legal. A reliable source on twitter confirmed it today. I can't understand it either, it is so much focus on negative publicity for Summit.
Someone said today: As if Summit doesn't have other problems right now. But "thanks" to nonstens it is now already very public in the Twi-Twitter-fandom.

Anonymous said...

The N'sten's are WELL AWARE that just because Delaney is getting sued by Summit for originaly leaking the Eclipse pictures, doesn't mean there is no Robsten. In fact just about all N'sten's believe they are dating.

Anonymous said...

to 3:49 - I do think there may be legal issues, but the doc. seems odd. That's all. If it is the real complaint, I still find it VERY weird that Summit would request a jury trial for this. Also, the whole Jane Doe thing, with her twitter addresses, etc. Seemed off...That was really my point. Thanks for trying to clarify though. What a waste of time and money. I really can't believe it will ever make it to court....they will settle most likely.

Rose, great post. One of your best ever. Well said!!! Wonderful comments, too, for the most part. I think this will strengthen the resolve of many to band together, remember the movies we love, the people/actors we love. It isn't fun being a fan, but I try to ignore the hate, read only the positive stuff. Hang tuff real fans. I never understood mean girls. Huh, guess they just never got over high school.


Anonymous said...

Rose, as always, perfectly said. These kinds of people scare the crap out of me. They're obsessed, crazy, jealous, hateful and ultimately unbalanced. It's NOT healthy to behave the way they do. To be so obsessed with a celeb and create a site to hate on someone he is close to (Kristen). And then actively hate on her. As well as hate on other fans. All they seem to spread is hate. And bully people. They seriously consider themselves fans? Why do they care so much? Why does the thought of Rob dating Kristen bother them so much to such scary levels? The energy they put into hating, the lies, the utter BS...it's so disgusting. But of course they don't see it that way.

Since I refuse to go to that hateful site I haven't seen the document. I have Lawyers in my family and I might be ignorant to copyright stuff but what is Summit's damages? How were they harmed? Don't see how Delaney hurt the commerical value of their property? If anything, it helped. Those pics were like the calm eye in the middle of a disastrous storm. Isn't FF a copyright violation? But most copyright holders turn a blind eye to it b/c they see it as helpful.

If all this is true, I really cannot stand Summit. This only makes me dislike them even more. A million dollar company going after an individual over leaked pics?! And the people doing a happy dance over this? All I will say is: KARMA.

Anonymous said...

is nonsten people who are against robsten or against kristen? do they just want him to be single or with someone else?

Anonymous said...

to anon 3:48 PM

Delaneys posts are on a private account. Only she can give you access. But you can find it on nonstens.com. They have "moles" at delaneys private account who steal the posts and post it there.

You can find it at nonsten under topic:
Awkwardsten: The Rob and Kristen Story, there they have a huge thread dedicated to "delusional Delaney - because every cult needs its leader."

But be aware, you have to read through a lot of awful stuff. I felt really really bad after reading the comments on this site.

They also have a huge topic with different threads about Kristen. Unfortunatly only nasty, negative propaganda.
If a member has a different opinion they immediatly exclude this member. This is maybe the most disgusting thing in my opinion. So better take a pill in advance.

Anonymous said...

ironic as these nonstens saying kristen has big belly, fat legs, ugly etc i saw a group picture of what was supposed to be a daytrip of a group of them and they are mostly obese older women, what are they doing are they psychos?

Anonymous said...

no they are saying kristen is wearing his shirts now because its over LOL what, was it a parting gift, LOL

Anonymous said...

i would love if it the media outlets picked up that photo of them exposing them as the people behind the vicious hate campaign against kristen stewart that would put a stop to them. i can just see mario lopez now looking confused on access

Anonymous said...

@Lela I believe it was them who started the witch hunt because today on twitter some of them were saying "We did it, we did it!" Talking about the whole D thing.

All I know is there was major drama that day from the Details interview and if anything like other people have said, she helped the situation, not hurt it. If anybody is hurting Rob it's the nonstens. Spreading RK are in a relationship for PR purposes may make them feel better in their delusional little minds but it hurts Rob. Sometimes I think nonstens aren't able to see Rob as a real person(wanting him to stay single forever). They think he is there for their fantasy it seems.

I truly hope the radical nonstens find the help they need because the hatred and finding solace in eachothers crazy theories and delusions just isn't healthy. It hurts themselves more than it hurts anybody else.

Anonymous said...

to anon 4:12 PM

"is nonsten people who are against robsten or against kristen? do they just want him to be single or with someone else?"

Goed question. They are totally irrational in their desire to win the battle against the "Robstens".

Would they still bashing on Kristen if R/K would deny. What would happen if Rob had another woman? Likely that they would immediatly start hating on this woman.

So single I guess.

A bit like my mother in law - LOL- in the worst way possible.

debbi said...

Wow. I stay clear of most most message boards and don't follow twitter so most of this is news to me. Honestly, this is exactly why I stay in a sort of self-imposed bubble. Hate is toxic and life is too short. I agree with another poster who said that it seems that many "fans" never got over high school.

It's very easy to hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard and judge. I wonder how brave these haters would be if they had to take responsibility for their actions and words in person, say to Rob himself. Would they be proud then?

Anonymous said...

someon send their photo to rob and tell him what they've been doing

Anonymous said...

If Rob and Kristen are in it for PR purposes when they went on vacation during New Years Eve they wouldn't have gone to an island with no paps. Once the paps caught on to where they were, they got out of there. That theory doesn't add up at all. Nonstens aren't about being rational though. They aren't about Rob's happiness. They are about there own happiness and if they can find explanations of why Rob is always with Kristen other than him liking her, I guess that makes them feel content in their minds. But I believe the bigger and louder the nonsten, the bigger the believer of R/K they are. Otherwise what's the point of what they're doing?

Anonymous said...

ITA. Do these people think that Rob would like them? It doesn't matter if you think Rob is dating Kristen. The point is that he spends a HUGE amount of his off set time with her. He would never, ever pat someone on the back who spewed hatred and disgust at someone who is clearly so important to him. People would never put up with it if there was a hate group focused on trying to get Rob not to hang out with Tom, Sam, or anyone else in his close friend group. Why is it OK when its Kristen?

The fandom really needs to band together and shun these individuals. Why are they allowed to basically "run" Rob's IMDB?

brutallyhonest said...

While, I completely and absolutely agree that we are all entitled to our opinions, I'd like to talk from a nonstens point of view. I went onto nonsten without any knowledge of who Delaney was, I joined because I was tired of Robsten being forced on me, like a religion. I joined because I wanted to enjoy the fandom without having to deal with the "is that his shirt?" and "they sit like each other".

I stumbled on the Delaney thread one day, and I checked her out. I even tweeted her a question, which she answered with a snarky attitude, she then proceeded to block me. I was, in all fairness, trying to find out more about her. I wanted to know how she knew anything about Robsten, and asked if she could give us more clues on what Rob may or may not be presenting at the BAFTAS. She laughed at me, and blocked me. She's made it a point to attack nonsten on her twitter, and then deletes the tweets. She's linked back to our forum, laughed at our members, and approves of her followers coming on to the board to attack us.

That is why we take glee in her demise. Because, while we wish no harm on her, she is one less person trying to attack a site that is dedicated to us. People who do not believe. We don't go on other forums (I'm sure people do, but our members don't) and attack your beliefs. And yet, many shippers feel it is their place to do that to us. It's an unfair double standard. If the shippers do not agree with us, they can leave us alone. Delaney can stop tweeting about is, stop endorsing those who attack us, and we'd all live in harmony.

That's all!

Logical said...

brutallyhonest -

I stumbled on the Delaney thread one day, and I checked her out. I even tweeted her a question, which she answered with a snarky attitude, she then proceeded to block me. I was, in all fairness, trying to find out more about her. I wanted to know how she knew anything about Robsten, and asked if she could give us more clues on what Rob may or may not be presenting at the BAFTAS. She laughed at me, and blocked me. She's made it a point to attack nonsten on her twitter, and then deletes the tweets. She's linked back to our forum, laughed at our members, and approves of her followers coming on to the board to attack us.

This comment alone proves that you are FOS. The way you just described Delaney's behavior is completely OOC. You asking a question and her replying with a snarky comment and then blocking you doesn't make sense. Either you asked her a question in bitchform or you're lying. The only comments she's made about your site, is how scary crazy it is with your constant obsession with hating Kristen. Anyone with a rational mind would agree. Also, not once has she ever encouraged people to go there and attack you, if anything she has encouraged people to stay away, so as not to give your filthy site any more hits than necessary. She's not about the drama, she's about being a fan of Rob and Kristen.

I suggest you look closely at yourself and think about why you feel the need to lie and attack someone from the internet, and devote time out of your life hating on a celebrity because she may or may not be dating Rob.

If you are a fan of Rob's, do you honestly believe he would be happy with that sort of behavior? Do you think it would make him feel honored to have fans that say vile and disgusting things about someone who is obviously very close to him? He wouldn't. He'd be appalled and disgusted.

You are no fan.

Anonymous said...


It is not true that people from nonsten.com don't come to other forums. Even on here I've seen comments where people say they are from nonsten.com. Because you think Delaney answered you wrong on twitter you take glee in her demise? Sorry, I don't understand that. While I respect your opinion of Rob and Kristen not being together, how you do it on that website to me is very very wrong. There have been actual threats to Kristen over there. I don't understand the absolute hatred of a nineteen year old girl that you guys don't even know. You are a fan of Rob, that's great! Why is it so difficult to not attack somebody he is close to? Why does attacking her have to come with not believing they are in a relationship? Shouldn't you guys like her more because you don't want them to be together and you don't believe they are? The whole thing makes no sense to me. Hate makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has a problem with your non-belief. Its your attacks on Kristen Stewart that we all find vile. Legitimately talking about attacking her for showing support at Rob's premiere? She came to NYC with him. You don't have to think they are dating but you need to be adult enough to respect Rob's decisions in who he surrounds himself with. He wanted her there for whatever reason. Therefore, you have no right to threaten her well being.

If you simply want a place to go to talk about Rob without Kristen being an issue you wouldn't be going to Nonsten. Most of the board is based on mocking shippers, mocking Kristen, mocking Delaney, or doing your own detective work regarding clothing. The first IOW pictures stolen from Facebook showed up on that board. The first mention that Kristen was wearing one of Rob's shirt the other day was pointed out at Nonsten.

Personally, I couldn't care less about who believes they are friends, lovers, or anything else. However, I'm absolutely disgusted by people who are attacking her for her association with Rob. You think Rob would like that? Support it? He'd find Nonsten disgusting and vile because its main mission is to humiliate and trash talk someone he chooses to have in his life. End of sentence. He wouldn't like it if it was Tom, his sisters, his parents, Sam, Marcus, or anyone else he cares about. So why do you think he'd enjoy it about Kristen (regardless of whether or not they are dating)?

This is why most of the fandom hates Nonsten. It has nothing to do with not believing they are dating. It has to do with the content of the site and how your leaders carry themselves. Trying to institute no Kristen talk on Rob's IMDB, RPattz Daily, attacking Godze if she's matured and decided to be more kind about Rob's friend/girlfriend Kristen.

Anonymous said...


My question is why do you care? Ok they are dating. Ok they aren't dating. Why do you care so much? Why does Rob's personal life matter so much to you? What isn't there in your own life that you have to concern yourself with his? Why are you so angry at a 19 yr old who you don't know?

At the end of the day this whole this is obsessive, psychoic, and is exactly why I continue to back away quickly from Twilight. I just hope Rob finishes with this stuff soon enough and takes a break from this type of movie sooner rather than later, so I can still be a fan of his, without the more colorful fans.

Anonymous said...

Brutally honest, if you went there to get away from specualtion of clothing and such, you went to the wrong place. Like someone above me said that website is usually the first to point of such things.

To reiterate what others said, Nobody cares that you don't believe they are together, nobody even cares if you don't like Kristen. The point is that website is full of hatred and lies and twisted theories about Rob and somebody he is close to. It doesn't matter if they are together or not, whether you like it or not, they are close and that's a fact. I definitely think Rob would be ashamed at what some of his fans say.

Anonymous said...

wowww! Excelente post. Felicitaciones Rose

Por favor verdaderos fans de Rob no permitan que esas "personas que viven en el odio y que son sinónimo de escoria ensucien aun mas la imagen de Rob. El no merece ese tipo de fans. Los que lo quieren de verdad luchen contra esa "gente". Siempre pense que eran adolescente pero hoy vi una foto y son MUJERES ADULTAS , QUEDE SHOCKEADA! Creo en el karma y se que todo el mal que hicieron volvera a ellos mismos o a su familia, tal vez en una hija?.

Rob es una gran persona, aprendi a quererlo a traves de Kristen. Si gente, soy fan de Kristen :) ella es muy feliz cuando esta con el. Por eso el tiene mi apoyo y cariño.

PD: Delaney usted tb tiene mi apoyo! Mucha fuerza!

Anonymous said...

i agree with all these posts and i just want to say that not only do they go to other fansites and "troll" but they also invade gossip sites like E. popsugar, i see the same things everywhere its like they google kristen's name in the morning and write bad things anywhere they can post, its gone beyond being a rob fan its become a kristen hate obsession no wonder she is terrified

Anonymous said...

Rose, KUDOS for this post. I am here; I want to be counted among the supporters of Robert and Kristen. Robert loves Kristen loves Robert. Amen. Cel

Anonymous said...

to Brutallyhonest:

I really try, but I cannot understand your nonsten point of view. You say you joined because you was tired of Robsten being forced on you, like a religion and you wanted to enjoy the fandom without having to deal with the "is that his shirt?" and "they sit like each other".

But you choose another relegion and their only reason for being is to proof the other relegion that they are wrong, that there is no relationship in the first place and your peaces of evidence are shirts, rings, how they sit not together, how a normal couple would behave...

The whole shipping concept is totally hogwash to me, because you cannot ship people together. It is a projection of romantic feelings onto someone.

Rose believes that Rob and Kristen are in love and she is happy for them. That is positive and does not harm anyone.

Just look at Gossip Cop they stated again and again that things have changed since last summer, that both actors don't deny a relationship, Pattinson doesn't say he is single... And Gossip Cop even said on March 3rd: "There’s no reason to believe Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not dating...".

You don't believe, fine, but why are you on a religious mission to proof and make up reasons that they are not dating? Did Rob and Kristen ask you for that?

I have read a lot of the threads on the nonstens site. There is so much hate. And why are you obsessed with Delaney, just ignore her, just unfollow her.

I hear always the phrase "freedom of opinion".

But is "I hate Kristen Stewart" an opinion?, would you also consider "I hat African americans" or "I hate jews" as an opinion???

That is what upset people who read comments on the nonsten forum.

Anonymous said...

I don't care where the pictures come from! I adore them together. Right Click Save. Right Click Save. We are all guilty I'm sure.........

Didn't read all the comments, but wow! Firestorm for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the fandom, but I'm no youngster. The way these "fans" are behaving over what could be a very serious situation for one woman is heartbreaking for me. That one would ever celebrate another's misfortune is appalling.

Whether you believe that people you don't personally know and will probably never meet are dating or not does not give you a free pass to be heartless. (And for the record, I'm a believer.)

I truly hope this case, if it's for real, would be dismissed as a nuisance suit and everyone can go back to their regularly scheduled lives and stop with the hate.

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

TO: ANON 3:23 PM

GREAT WORDS!!! You nailed it girl.I couldn't agree more w/you.

And what AMAZES me is: RK ARE PR(even they seeing LOTS OF RK pics in concerts, restaurants, IOW, LONDON,LA and so on-the list is infinite-LOL) but WHEN THEY SEE A FAKE INTERVIEW THEY BELIEVE IT, if ROB is promoting HIS FILM w/his costar: oh yeah they are dating(they were ONLY at RC), they believe in PHOTOSHOP, that a b!tch said she was dating RP and was having his kid(LOL).They believe when some lunatics create blogs,twitters just to spread gossip, awful gossips,rumors(YES they DO IT, and when you check it you can see that that sh!t site/twitter is brand new, it was created just to spread hate- it's the UNIQUE purpose).


K can have some lunatics fans too, but as ANON 3:23 PM emphasized, KRISTEN's fans DON'T have a site to bash RP.

Thank GOD, here i can read almost 100% good comments about RK.


RK fans UNITED FOREVER, because we believe them, as a couple, as human being, as actors, apart or together, they deserve our RESPECT and it's what we(almost everybody here) are doing.


eimski said...

LOVE THIS POST..awesome as usual :) Nothing to add to all of your great points.

...wowie! said...

Oh snap...where have I been? Who are we talking about? Who's Delaney? I am sooo out of the loop. School's got my attention most days and even if I get a break, I just like to look at his hotness and miss sexy shoes.

So do tell... Please and thank you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think this group of people lower than hyenas I feel a pile of dog crap got more integrity than this pack , their hate towards Kristen just beyond repulsive. What a waste of space on earth…hope something will happen to them and will learn the lesson well. To Rob & Kristen you guys got more fans outside the WWW, thrust.
p.s nonsten was up with calling Kristen ugly and everything, haven’t watch yourself in the the mirror lately?

Anonymous said...

@ BrutallyHonest

If you really mean well then I encourage you and others like you to leave Nonsten and start your own site. Start a place that doesn't talk about Rob's love life if you find it distasteful. I think a lot of fans, both Nonsten and Robsten, would support that type of arena. A nice, clean place to discuss Rob without fandom drama.

However, Nonsten is not that place. Its a place that spews vile hate towards Kristen for basically being in Rob's life. She and "shippers" are the main source of conversation on that board. Its certainly no place to get away and celebrate Rob. It demeans him and embarrasses him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder too much why would people care so much about R/K private lives??
One or two comments here are totally true and its the one saying Summit OBVIUSLY CLEARLY pompously works to keep the Twi-hype very high. They even have people in these fandom pages to stir the pot and create all this drama it is SO OBVIOUS!!! SO is the Robsten story!!...RobNKris?They are really close friends...they dont care anyway cuz they are not in love is just on and off kind of relationship they just dont mind!! the rest said and the millions of pages writen on behalf of this are clearly made to keep the buzz on this franchise. this also brings benefits to tabloid industry. Its always the same pages who publish the strange pictures or they spotted in a restaurant or in the airport etc..(Sugarpp,Ted, LJ, etc these people are paid! PR managers even call paparazzi to shoot their artists..Its a nasty busniness put crap and add more crap, stir the pot and make money out of it.That is Hollywood.Its pure crap. And these kids are so young.. The worse is that nor Kris neither Rob receive one cent for this drama made by summit basterd people and followed by chickenmind pals with no life :S
Shipers and nonstes and haters suckit up deep and hard. cuz Robsten are just free and happy open relationship friends!They dont give a damn! And BTW Delaney was not the first person to post Eclipse pics! I wish to send it out to all the crazy twi-haters loosers of this planet... Gosh....

Anonymous said...

LMAO @anonymous 10:44 Rob and Kristen are in an open relationship huh? They aren't in love? How could you possibly know this? Yeah I'm sure you know all about their relationship. Stop spewing nonsense. Rob nor Kristen would go along with anything you are talking about.

Melissa said...

AMEN ROSE!!!! *cyber high fives Rose*

You know I love you and this blog post was AMAZING!!

I agree with you 100%.


Anonymous said...


I guess what I don't understand is how any of this makes you a "fan" of Rob? At minimum Kristen is his friend.

So hypothetically you meet his one day and you pull up this website that calls his friend nasty names, makes fun of her looks, etc. etc. etc. And you think he'll do what? Say thanks for looking out for me. Or more likely tell you that he is a grown man, who pays his own bills, and associates who ever the hell he wants to. That though he is grateful for the career he has, that in no way means he is beholden to a set of fans who think they know him based off of small snipets of his life. I'm going to go with the later and not the former.


Please spare me. Again you don't know either of them and don't know what their relationship is.

In closing: My advice to everyone that cares this much about the lives of two celebrities is to find a significant other and have a lot more sex than you are clearly presently having. And not just sweet bed sex, but fun against the wall sex. That's just a tip though.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...


You went to nonsten to avoid discussing clothes sharing? How odd because that site discusses these "trivial things" to maximum so that they can "laugh at it"?
I'm sure you won't get my point because you follow the logic of hypocrisy. That site is based on HYPOCRISY and double standards. 'Kristen is forcing herself on Rob' - as if Rob is a 5 year old spineless fellow with no mind of his own. If Kristen doesn't like Twitter - 'OMG she's such a skkkaaaaannnnkkk'. But when Rob is practically loathing twitter 'Poor thing, Twitter is the bane of his existence' - Hypocrisy!
Kristen wears torn dirty clothes - 'She's such a dirty b*tch', Rob wears dirty torn clothes - 'he's so adorable and so unhollywoodish' - Hypocrisy.
Calling Kristen fat (unbelievably blind if anyone thinks so) when they themselves cannot take the hate when someone else calls them fat? Hypocrisy.
You have the right to hate everyone but no one else has the right to be mean to you? - Hypocrisy and double standards. Please.

I would have directly quoted from the site but one time was all I can handle being on that disturbing place.
The only agenda of that site is to gang up and hate on an actor who clearly happens to be a very "special friend" if nothing else, of your precious Rob. Why? Just because she is in Rob's life.

Whatever is happening with Delaney which will NOT affect Rob and Kristen's relationship, so what's the celebration for? Please don't tell me you don't have those pics saved. All of us loved them and I'm sorry it had to end up like this. But 'celebrating on her demise' just proves how pathetic and shallow as a human being YOU are.
People like nonstens makes us, other Rob fans look crazy too.

But what's the point of ranting so much? Because it hardly affects your conscience anyway, as YOUR cult leader clearly takes pride in being pathetic. Great. Be like that just please leave the rest of us alone.

Quite frankly I'm glad that such a website exists where you all can vent out your bitterness online rather than butchering real people in real life.
Get well soon.

Rose - you spoke my mind! Thank you.

Suse said...

Rose, I can only agree with you!

But some things I have to say: These people need a valve for their hatred. Fanaticism needs such people - they are easy to manipulate because they are ready to direct their fury against somebody . If these people were not Kristen and Rob, they would find somebody else. These people want to hate.

Therefore, it is so important that the people who believe in the property give them no power. They get power by attention. We may not give it to them. They live only by reaction and counterreaction.

Let's stay together. Love is a powerfull thing. And the only weapon against hate.

Sorry for my english - I hope you can understand what I want to say.


Bellaroma4 said...

Kudos again, Rose!

It's sad how people feed off of negativity and hate. It's disgusting and shameful. These heynas have some serious growing up to do.

I love reading your blog, Rose. Your opinion and thoughts often match my own.

Thank you.

M said...

I do find all this Delaney/Nonsten BS quite entertaining to say the least! Yes these Nonstens are enjoying the repercussions of this Delaney person decision to leak pictures, maybe a little too much.

I don’t have a twitter so don’t know what stuff this person has posted in the past to make a comment on the history.

The result of this deliberate act should now be a lesson to us all that Summit means serious business on copyright infringement and that it doesn’t matter who you are.

I’m not a member of nonsten but did decide to check it out after the fuss some people were making about it on the net a few weeks back. From what I have read there definitely is some misconceptions on the purpose of this forum. Yes there are people that don’t seem to care much for Kristen or Rob or Twilight for that matter but the underlining current that I have got from what I have read so far is that they just want to have some sarcastic fun without people in general taking shit personal. I get that people who don’t appreciate this type of humour could interpret this as hate, these things do get lost in writing. I have yet to read real hate on K & R on this forum, taking the piss out of them most definitely, Oh and they both can look like dirty hobos at times, it is what it is I suppose! This Delaney chick well they sure don’t care for her......lol I have yet to understand what’s really been happening but I don't think I'll be bothering with the drama.

I did read this thread on Nonsten when it was first posted and to be honest was surprised at Summit singling out and individual for this infringement. Big Brother Summit is definitely watching who fucks with their Billion $$ franchise, that’s for sure! As a third party that has minimal knowledge of both sides of this story I doubt any rational person truly believes taking one person out of the twitter net world is going to change shit regarding the constant speculating around R & K personal lives, they are doing a good enough job of it themselves. However I did get the impression the reason these members are so happy about this chick being punished is that they believe this person plays a big part in fuelling speculation and lies about these two on the net and in tune now has a decent following of extremely obsessed shipper fans hanging on every word she speaks. Is this fact? IDK but if the shit some of these shipper fans say about R & K is indeed true than that is just downright scary! Padded fucking cell frightening!

You know R & K would be laughing at all us foolish people investing so much time in discussing a relationship that we will never be privy to know shit other than what our own minds want to see.

Rose I have been a RP fan for a long time and I have followed your blog from almost the beginning too. I don’t visit blogs often these days as I’m tired of the speculation that now dominates allot of the comments everywhere. Lucky for me I have my Rob girls to chat to in private now without the fuckery. I have appreciated many of your thoughts over this time, it’s funny how this little obsession has grown and changed so much but hey the friendships I’ve made have totally been worth this emotional rollercoaster ride.

All the best hey! ;)

Anonymous said...

M- I have to disagree with you on the agenda of that site. I visited there too after there was such fuss over it. Some of the first things I read were people talking about stabbing Kristen in the head. That's not humour to me, even if meant in a sarcastic way that's disturbing and wrong to even say. How you describe it, I don't even think we read the same site. I read other attacks on Kristen, and other weird things I won't even go into. I don't know much about Delaney, I just follow her on twitter. I do know basically she's in the industry, usually has pictures first of magazines R/K are in, just generally supports Rob and Kristen and believes they are a couple. Nothing to get annoyed over if you ask me!

Rose, nice post today.

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