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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rob and Kristen Don't Listen to Directors ;)

Kristen arriving at JFK.
She looks so so happy!
Yes. Lets discuss the fuckery of the plaid shirt.
So Kristen was wearing this shirt.
Twitter blew up.
Google was burning.

Just as "Robstens" were blowing up the pictures...
"Nonstens" were scouring the internet to refute the shirt.

I didn't notice the fucking shirt.
But when it was brought to my attention...
I was like... that's cool.
Well it turns out that
Rob's shirt has a zipper.
Oregano's (I've missed shorty spice!) has buttons.
Kristen's has buttons.
So... now what?
Are Oregano and Kristen having a secret shirt sharing 
relationship that we don't know about?
Did Kristen get custody of the plaid shirt when
they broke up?
Who knows.

I need some aspirin.


Rob walking. Looking grumpy.
Rob looks sexy hot in 1800's clothes.
Yeah... like he doesn't look sexy hot in 
his raggy tshirts and jeans.
He just is sexy hot.

Kristen on Regis/Kelly.
She had on this tight leather leggings...
Very rock and roll.
She did pretty OK.
She looks great.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!

Don't forget she is going to be on 
Jimmy Fallon tonight.
I would love to see Kristen in the tree
with Jimmy doing 'Robert is BOTHERED'.
Wouldn't that be hilarious??

And finally.
Behind the scenes of the Italy scene
from the New Moon DVD.
Edward and Bella...
Finally reunited...
They embrace...
They Kiss...

The director yells "CUT"
They keep kissing.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I fucking LOVED the end of that video. Let's see the haters make up stories to refute THAT!

Lizzie said...

Rose - yet again, another brilliant piece. God I love reading your posts.

I watched that Italy shoot video and I noticed right away -

RK: yeah right - keep kissing.

Loving it!!!

Lizzie said...

Can I also add that I love how he says "purity"

CW yells "cut" and his hands go down Kris's back while they keep kissing.

so damn adorable

Mari said...

HAHA i noticed that too !! Cut...what... !?!?!?!?

I think everybody has the shirt !!! I'm off, going to buy mine... LOL

Anonymous said...

Loved the post & the video! So cute
as fir the shirt thing. That shirt that Stewie was wearing fit her. aka it seems like it would be a small, MAYBE a medium, but in no way would it have it either dude. It wasn't tied up. She's a tiny little thing. The ends of either guys shirt would hang down to mid thigh on her, not her waist.
Woosahh peeps. It's Stewies shirt. Not robs and not MA's.

Anonymous said...

If Nonstens pay attention MA wore the plaid shirt AFTER the breakup!! Yes Kristen will go to her ex BF and say let me wear your shirt lol anyone ever thought that is hers? lol it fits her perfectly ..just saying lol and I loved how R/K ept kissing after cut lmao

Anonymous said...

I'd keep kissing him too... just saying

kristine.hills said...

Cut... and they keep kissing!!!
They are so RK!!!PERFECT!!!
And i agree who said it's K's shirt,they have similar taste.lol

mandy said...

LOVE the kissing after they yell "cut!" Those 2 were in their own little bubble. They were starting to get into it(I would too in the arms of shirtless Rob lol) Looks like Rob was wanting to fully embrace her and kiss her like they do behind closed doors! I noticed his slight hesitation with his arm,he was starting to rub down her back and was probably wishing everyone would just go away and leave them all alone so they could devour each other.lol

REliza said...

Rose, this is my first time posting. I love your blog and always try to pop in for a read. I usually find myself agreeing with you 100%. The whole clothesgate stuff is rather funny. The most entertaining is watching the people who just HAVE to prove it's not Rob's. LOL. When I saw Kristen with the shirt on, it clearly fits her perfectly so it looks like it's her own shirt. Also, I noticed the pattern of the shirt where Kristen's buttons are do not match up with her ex's shirt. So, again, it's her own shirt. Pretty funny that her, Rob and the ex all have similar looking shirts. The drama this all brings. Oy Vey.

Patricia said...

Rose: I was one of the crazies that thought that was Rob's shirt! I am loosing it when it comes to those two!
The kiss OMG !!! haters beware "Actions speak louder than words."
When are they going to be together??? I hope soon.

Anonymous said...

The hardcore shippers were going apeshit over the shirt & people complain about the nonstens?! What about hardcore shippers freaking because she's not wearing "the ring"? Does anybody even have proof that the ring came from Rob? I've never seen proof.

Maybe if this video went more than 1 second after "cut" is yelled, I would be more willing to get excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @11:30am

Amen.... I appreciate a good reality check...

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11:30, Rose was clearly makes fun of both extremes so I'm not sure what your comment was about.

I don't get the whole sharing clothes debate. It's clear to me Rob and Kristen are together- If nonstens prove it's not Rob's shirt it doesn't take away all the things that actually indicate they are in a relationship, and if Robstens prove it is his shirt it doesn't make them in more of a relationship than they already are. It especially bothers me because she's so small and the shirts are so small on her theres no way they could fit either guy. I'm tired of people trying to get 'proof' for their side. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing left to prove. It is what it is and you can accept it or not accept it.

Anonymous said...

Lol, after "Cut" it looks like Rob gets even more into the kiss. He pulls her even more in towards him.

Anonymous said...

The whole Kristen-wearing-Rob's-clothes issue is so funny to me. It is almost immaterial in terms of proving what is obviously a very close, romantic relationship.

The funniest thing I ever heard was that Kristen was wearing Rob's shoes. Admittedly Rob has a small foot for a man his size (size 10s), but Kristen wear's a women's 7. Uh, I just don't think that would work.

Thanks, Rose. Love that kiss.


Anonymous said...

Loved your post today, as always. The shirt is like everyone said obviously Kristen's since it fits her! Enough!

And as for the clip where they keep kissing: AWESOME! Loved that!!

Thanks Rose.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the whole sharing clothes debate.it's her own shirt .haters and hardcore shippers beware "Actions speak louder than words."

rose -yet again- I love this blog

eli (italy)

Anonymous said...

HEY Rose I just loved that video like I said yesterday in BD there well be NO ACTING in the love scenes it all well the truth And I for one can not wait to see that. I love them together.About this shirt well I think when Rob bought his she bought one just like it (it works) why not .didnt he buy her some clothes in Bc? maybe he bought her that and him one to dont know all I do see is that Kristen and Robert love each other.I cant wait to get my NM video to with my Twilight video.well im going back to watch the video again you know the one when they say CUT and they just keep on KISSING. well my friend you have a good day and again THANK YOU ROSE. Deb.

taly_lev said...

Do you see B&E or K&R when you watch this behind screen piece? Coz i see only Robsten here, when on the screen in the particular moment it's Bella&Edward... wierd

rldestef said...


Reality is that they're dating. They are not married. There are no babies on the way. But yes they are dating. The sharing or clothes or the removing of rings doesn't change that. The far side of either camp is odd to me. I live in reality and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... I'm not going to spend my time coming up with ten thousand reasons why that duck is a lion.

Anonymous said...

this scene in the movie was so short and had Zero intensity and chemistry. This is the scene I paid $11 for and boy was I disappointed. i read they gOt together for real during NM. It certainly didn't help the performance. Th film was plain Cheesy. I'm not a Nonsten or Robsten (I could care less), but there was no sparks in NM AT ALL. Perhaps Hardwicke could have done it better. They had chemistry in Twilight.

Anonymous said...

@rldestef..thank you good one!! love the lion analogy. What a cute video. Love love these two. I mean they could have just finished up that kiss in the hotel or something. THey were getting sooooo into it. lol. cant wait to see her on fallon btw. I think everyone knows they are together and I am happy for them. Those who still dont..there is nothing i can say to them because I am tired. Thanks Rose, looking forward to tommorow's post hon! P.S. the way you support these two is amazing. You must meet them or get a special prize or something. YOur devotion to them is so real. Not for hits..not for gossip..wow. you are amazing Rose. I am so glad I found your blog darling. Keep it up!


Jenn Ski said...

I found a $5 coupon off new moon dvd


Anonymous said...

it's not the same shiiirt !! I swear! I just analyze it and it's not the same shirt than michael!
if you look closely, kristen's buttons are on the light gray under the black and michael's buttons are on light gray but below the white!!!
can't wait fo the mtv show