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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seeing Green? Is It Because of Robert and Kristen?

Couple of things...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1. Kristen on Jimmy Fallon last night.
Short interview.
Kristen looked great but she made me cold
just looking at her.
I mean, cute dress...
But it really was just a long tight t-shirt!
She's comfortable with Fallon...
And he's so nice to her.
Love it.
Love her.

This picture cracks me up.

2. The whole plaid shirt/where's Kristen's ring thing.
Obviously the shirt was Kristen's.
It fit her really well.
Unless Oregano really is a teeny tiny spice
I doubt he ever wore that shirt.
The ring?
No one really knows the specifics of this ring.
(like anyone knows the specifics of anything
relating to Robert and Kristen)
Even IF (and this is a big if... OK?)
The ring was significant to Kristen...
Maybe it was at the jewelers...
getting cleaned?
Maybe something happened to it
and it's getting fixed?
Maybe she just didn't feel like wearing it?
Hell... I'm married and I don't wear my wedding ring
all the time.
I know THIS much (and this is a big this..hahaha)
It's not the end of the world.
And I'm guessing it has little impact on
Robert and Kristen's relationship.

"I got chills...
They're multiplying'"

"And I'm losing control..."

"Cause the power you're supplying..."


And that's all I have to say about THAT.
I adore Robert Pattinson.
He makes me do and say crazy things.
So it's all his fault.

*Robert loves Kristen loves Robert*

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

Rose: I really think Kristen reads some of the stuff on the internet and on purpose doesn't wear the ring or wears something of Rob's. She hates all the coverage of them, and says it often. It must be crazy for them trying to have a relationship and always having something being said about them and posting all the details. A lot of it is bull-shit! but I love hearing and seeing them together, so RESPECT is the answer. I wish all these crazies would go away! But that's never going to happen! Let's hope they get to be together soon in England where it doesn't seem to be as bad as here in the good old USA! Grazie for all your comments Rose and Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!

May said...

*Robert loves Kristen loves Robert*

Hell YEAH,Rose. :D Ppl have such short fuses&this fandom certainly tends to make a mountain out of molehill.IMHO,shippers should chillax a little&try to enjoy the R/K ride.After all,its all about the love. ;D

Angelica said...

Hell. Yeah.

And I'm lost. I haven't heard about the ring... ? Help.

REliza said...

Rose, those are my exact thoughts in regards to the ring subject. I don't get the commotion. I have always looked at it like Kristen sometimes wears jewelry (rings) and sometimes she doesn't. I do not know who gave her the rings she wears (Rob, Mom, Dad, brothers or herself?) But I don't see the big deal if Rob did in fact give her a ring and she doesn't have it on for every second of the day. I don't wear the jewelry that my bf gives me all the time. And I have sentimental pieces. I don't think Kristen not wearing rings means she loves the people who gave them to her any less. I have friends who sometimes forget to grab their wedding bands to put on, especially when they have them cleaned. Or maybe she was rushed out to catch her flight and forgot to grab her rings. Or she just didn't want to wear them. Like you, I'm guessing this has little impact on their relationship. People need to relax.

Anonymous said...

Hey people (not you Rose, and other posters) why don't you stop obsessing about the rings/shirts, bracelets whatever and just go see their movies?? They are both talented actors, see their films. Let them worry about their relaysh. (I love them together, don't get me wrong, but am not concerned there is any hidden meaning here....)
Love ya Rose! As Kristen would say, Rock ON!

Anonymous said...

Kristen looked like an expensive whore in this "dress".

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose I to notice the missing ring BUT as you can SEE she dose NOT have ANY of her RINGS ON..All I know is I love the girl And im sure that MR.Pattinson does to.I loved seeing her last night she did look happy. She has alot going on now. I cant wait to see her and her man (ROB) together again soon I hope. And her movie I hope it does well Im sure that Rob is missing his lady.And hopes the best for her.All I can say is IF the haters out there didnt have Rob and Kristen to talk about WHAT would they have????(NOTHING)Well my friend I hope you have a good day .Thank you Rose for your post I love it.YOU are a TRUE FRIEND of ROB and Kristen. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Regarding 'the ring,' as I said on my board that I frequent most often (Robsten at e!) - I think the laser-like microscopic focus that is on them weirds her out, and consequently when she is doing press (which more than likely feels like an interrogation to her) she feels MORE comfortable NOT wearing it, so that people (be they press, talkshows, or whomever) CANNOT ask her about it. End of story. My guess is, it's only for the period of time that she is doing press.

It would be beyond stupid, if she just decided not to wear something Rob gave her anymore, because she didn't like the internet speculation. There's not too much of a leap between deciding to do that, and deciding not to be with Rob. If internet discussion, speculation, and talk upset her that much - it's no stretch to think that she must get upset by all of it. She has to learn not to care, and just have a fcking life.

Which I hope she will be able to resume, after this relentless press junket.

I hope there's a REAL sensible reason as to why she isn't wearing it. IMO, the questions she might get, would be a real reason to stow it away for the time being.

kristine.hills said...

I don't think it's necessary a reason she isn't wearing her ring.As you said Rose, we don't wear our rings all the time.It's that simple.
And for someone who mention K looked like a whore, i'm wondering why??? If i could i would show off my beautiful body sometimes, why not?She RARELY does it, so why not???She has a wonderful body and legs that kills any man in the world.

Rose love you!

RnK i wish you all the best tonigth at your PREMIERE!!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously start to get annoyed when people freak out every single time the ring goes missing. Seriously, that's just a ring! Noone even knows if it's from Rob. Not that she should have it on everyday if it was anyway.

I wish people would relax a little bit. They were together a few days ago, at the beginning of the month, looking all happy, and they made quite a statement imo with Kristen attending the RM premiere. I guess they wouldn't have if they were not sure of their relationship. Sure anything can happen, but it's not like something bad happened to have the shippers freak out. So let's enjoy what Rob & Kristen indirectly agree on sharing in public, let's wait for their reunion whenever they are able to, and of course let's enjoy their work and support them! Relax.

*Robert loves Kristen loves Robert* <-- THIS!
And love love love the Eclipse still :)

Anonymous said...

I love to see interviews of Kristen when the interviewer is someone with whom she feels comfortable -- as she did with Fallon. Cute interview. Also, she's becoming lots more comfortable with her sexuality. Looked gorgeous.

I also love all the pics you posted of Rob. All I can say is WOW! All I can ever say is WOW!

Thanks, Rose.


Anonymous said...

I can't view yesterday's video of Rob and Kristen kissing,for some reason. Where else could I find it? I really love those two!!

Amanda said...

First of all, she switches rings all the time, I didn't even know that Rob supposedly gave it to her until someone said it the other day. It seems everytime they can't be together people start freaking out over every little thing. Today during one of Rob's RM premier interviews they asked, "Is Kristen here with you?" and he replied "No, she had a premier in New York for The Runaways". It's obvious they are just fine. People need to breathe. Seriously. Thank you Rose for your great blog. I appreciate your rational honesty! I wish more Rob/Kristen fans were like you.:)

glitter said...

Hey Rose, I love reading your social commentary on your obsession with both Rob and Kris. You perfectly articulate what is in my head about the two of them. I too think they are going out and I hope for their sake they get the chance to make their relationship work under the full scrutiny of the press and the rabid Rob 'fans'... personally, I think one of the many reasons they've not come clean about the exact nature of their relationship is: 1) they don't want the excessive tabloid attention - it bad now but would 100 times worse if they came out to the world; 2) the crazy Rob 'fans' who hate any female that spends any time with Rob - but especially Kristen - would probably try and kill her. I really believe that some are that unhinged!; and 3) she was in a long term relationship when they met. Regardless of whether she actually physically cheated on Michael Angarano (sp?) with Rob is beside the point. Rob made no secret of his admiration and awe of Kristen during Twilight... I'm sure that sped up the deterioration of Michael and Kristen's relationship, making Rob out to be a - for want of a better word - home-wrecker! That image is never going to go down well with the fans and the public.

Personally, I believe that two young people fell in love on a movie set - it's happened 1000s of times before and will continue to happen. I have my fingers-crossed that these two make it work despite practically the whole world against them... Love you Rob and Kristen - you bring out the best in each other! X

Patricia said...

Rose: We've commented on this before. I just finished seeing some pictures of Gorgeous Rob and Gorgeous Kristen at their Premieres. OMG These two are beautiful!
But what I noticed is the couple picture of Rob with Emilie ( even though I thought they were hot doing their love scenes together ,( that was acting) and even though Rob was very sweet with Emilie in the pictures, there was NO COMPARISON AS TO HOW HE IS WITH KRISTEN IN THEIR PICTURES TOGETHER! THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER ! THAT IS OBVIOUS TO ME JUST LOOK AT THEM WITH OTHER PEOPLE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX?????
Hater's wake up and smell the love!
Grazie Rose for letting me always express my opinions on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics today Rose, awesome blog as always. Thanks for the smile, I needed it!

Sorry for the undeserved crap you get sometimes.........I don't understand the mentality of some people.

- Northwoods Neighbor