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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Soapbox - Rob and Kristen More Than Friends?

I'm not sure how well Remember Me
is doing at the box office this weekend.
Now this wasn't a big movie with a huge budget...
Last I read it was $8.3 million.
Doesn't seem too bad for this little film.
Please don't compare to the Twilight movies...
and the power of Edward Cullen.
I love Robert.
I will go see him in any movie he makes.
All of them.
But I know there are fans of Robert's 
who are really just fans of Edwards.
And that's who they want to see.
These are the same fans that call him EDWARD
when they see him in person.
I so want Remember Me to do well for Rob.
Because I think he did a great job with it.
And I love and adore him...
And want the best for him.

Which brings us to...

She looks gorgeous here (as usual)
She has been looking so happy lately.
Not that I blame her.
Robert is enough to make anyone glow...
don't you think?

Here's the daily CLING.

There was an Italian interview with Kristen
taken recently during The Runaways promotion.
This is apparently the English translation of the last two questions:

I:"Last question: Do you want to clear up your relationship with Robert Pattinson?"
K: "No, I don't. I just can say that with Twilight we all have become really close and what people say about us ends up debasing our relationships"

I: "So are you telling me you are just good friends?"
K: "No, I'm not. That's not what I said"
K: "They confuse my desire to maintain privacy with my being cold. For a man that makes them strong, but for a woman that makes them angry"

What does this mean?
It pretty much means she doesn't want
to discuss her relationship with Rob.
But we already knew that.
When she is asked if they are just 'good friends'
She denies it.
I found that interesting.
In the past she has been quick to say 
"good friends" etc...
This time? Not so much.
It always shows me how aware Kristen is
about her haters...
That no matter what she says or does...
She cannot win.
What is the Cling you ask?
The Haters read stuff like this and right away its

Lets face it... The haters don't REALLY
want her to answer the question at all.
Because I don't think they will like
what she has to say.
And it's pretty obvious that Kristen
doesn't WANT to answer it.
She doesn't need to.

So now it's just a matter of time
before Kristen flies back over to London...
Or wherever Robert happens to me.
Her birthday perhaps?
We shall see... won't we?

Bye for now.


rpattzdude said...

i hope we do and oh little earlier than his birthday it is like two months away and they cant be away that long can they?

Anonymous said...

I too hope she'll flight back to London or wherever he'll be filming soon. But it has to be a little boring, waiting all day long alone for him to come back from set. It only gives them together time in the evenings and nights. Oh, but I'm sure that's totally worth it anyway ;)

And I read that Water for Elephants would be filming in May in LA, not NY. Isn't that great news for our lovebirds if it's true?

And I agree Kristen looks gorgeous in this pic. The girl is glowing lately :) Beautiful and happy.

robsten forever said...

I totally agree with your post today, btw great post as usual. :)
Rob was fantastic in Remember Me and the haters just do not want to face the FACTS that kristen is with Rob! They just do not want to dicuss it, they want to keep it private. nothing has changed! But thanks for the great post today! it always makes me feel so much better about my robsten love!!!

Patricia said...

Rose: I love you! Everything you seem to say is what I've been thinking! I want "Remember Me" to do GOOD also! Rob deserves it ( he was fabulous in this role) very believable, (HE OWNED THIS FILM) and NOT HARD TO LOOK AT! JESUS, THIS MAN MAKES ME CRAZY!
My hope is that after "The Runaways " Premiere in New York she flies over to London to spend her Birthday with him, since he is still filming after his Premiere there. ( both on March 17,) her birthday is April 9 th! I was having Rose withdrawals glad you made the post today, and Grazie for having this wonderful blog!

Sherrie Jo said...

I have been following your site for quite sometime and I have to say that I love to read it daily! You Rose crack me up,..I love how you just say what you want and the way you want to say it. BRAVO. I saw Remember Me this weekend and I thought it was really great,...and Robert was awesome. As I tell my co-workers/friends, he's an actor to watch carefully because he's going great places. My biggest disappointment this weekend was with those supporters that say they are with Robert,...so where were they this weekend. I hate the thought of following an actor just for a role they have played and not for the person themself. He's way tooooo good for that kind of crap. The numbers for this movie should have been so much bigger,....your blog today was perfectly said on this same subject line.

Amanda said...

Totally agree with your post today Rose! The haters were even saying it's a fictional interview, but then when it was found out it's from a VERY reputable newspaper given by a very known reputable interviewer, now they are mad at Kristen saying she just needs to keep it to herself. It wasn't long ago they were saying she needs to answer it, and now that both Rob and Kristen are getting more comfortable and open like with Rob's new interview where he kind of talks about figuring out he's in love with someone in his life recently, they don't want to hear it. I think R/K have found a nice balance between privacy, and not hiding it. I really think they've figured out how to handle it well.

na_ce said...

I just love them. Love the way they are doing things their way regardless of the white hot spotlight on them. Good for them. I know I will continue to support them in all their future films. But I must confess that one day I hope their story is told..their way..because I do think there is a beautiful love story to tell. And if they don't that's ok to. One can only hope. RM was wonderful - I hope that 'living in the moments' makes them that much happier together..

Anonymous said...

I went to see RM today with 15 of my closest friends. In fact, 12 of us stayed to watch it a second time. We want to support our guy!

I loved RM. I thought Rob and EdR had great chemistry. In fact, all of the acting was good.

My only problem was that Tyler seemed immature and stunted (I realize that he is depressed by the trauma of his brother's suicide). But since Rob in real life is very mature for his age, it just seemed jarring. I know, I know. . . they call it acting.

Beyond that, Rob did a great job and is just so beautiful. I loved all the closeups of Rob standing by windows with sunlight streaming across his gorgeous face.

I have no doubt he'll have a long and happy career.

Also, R&K may try to compromise on celebrating their birthdays since K's is April 9th and R's is May 13. Hmmmm!


kristine.hills said...

"So now it's just a matter of time
before Kristen flies back over to London...
Or wherever Robert happens to me.
Her birthday perhaps?
We shall see... won't we?"

I couldn't agree more w/you! ;)

And i want to say that RnK can NEVER win. It's so sad, but it's true. But we true fans are here because we love them and support both whenever and wherever they are.

I love her answer 'that's not what i said'. Haha what a beautiful love story.

Kristen you don't need to prove anything we already know it, as you said it is coming naturally, and i love how you are showing how happy you(RK) are... sigh...

Love it Rose, you are shc a nice person, i'm sure about it.



kristine.hills said...

And what amazes me(being VERY sarcastic) it's the fact the haterSTENS only have time to hate Kristen, why don't they have time to support R? Once they hate the idea that RandK are TOGETHER, so move on and go to the teather, lets do something positive, instead of hating a nineteen-year-old beautiful/stunning girl, at least spread your love for ROB.

Sorry Rose, i know it's your blog but i know a lot of haters come here, maybe they can read it and do something POSITIVE this time.

I respect you Rose and your blog, you rock girl!

Anonymous said...

looking at drunken Rob & brit pack pics…I’m shaking my head in sympathy, poor dude it must be hard for him you know…Stwie looking too damm hot lately, yet she so far away…again poor dude.

May said...

Like always,you say it best,bb. :D

Lets face it... The haters don't REALLY
want her to answer the question at all.
Because I don't think they will like
what she has to say.
And it's pretty obvious that Kristen
doesn't WANT to answer it.
She doesn't need to.

So now it's just a matter of time
before Kristen flies back over to London...
Or wherever Robert happens to me.
Her birthday perhaps?
We shall see... won't we?


Anonymous said...

Rose I really love you,and you made me laugh,you're right Kris is not denying it anymore,what a big changed.I cannot wait for her to fly to UK to be with Rob.So will wait and see.I encourage eveybody to watch RM,Rob really can act.

Anonymous said...

Where are those so called Twilight fans of Rob. They totally did not come through for him this weekend. He should Ignore them when they're screaming at him to pose for pics. This shows THEY ARE EDWARD CULLEN'S FANS.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose just got home and ya the first thing I do is look and see what you had to sat today hahaha.I was thinking what are ALL those HATERS going to do WHEN the DAY comes and it well come when Rob and kristen are together for the hole world to see? well anyway didnt Rob once say that it was good to be a part from your love one .IT makes it soooo much better when you see them again .AND boy oh BOY are they going to have FUN when they see each other again.I was reading alot of GOOD things about Rob in RM last night.Some people who didnt really like Rob went to see RM and said nothing BUT GOOD things about him and said he was a very good actor and was glad they went to see it and well go again THAT made me HAPPY. Im happy for Rob.And im sure that Kristen is happy for her man. Well my friend you have a nice night see ya tomorrow.. Deb.

Anonymous said...

@Lynn "lso, R&K may try to compromise on celebrating their birthdays since K's is April 9th and R's is May 13. Hmmmm!" That's what I was thinking too. Would be a nice compromise. Maybe they could go somewhere nice and private for a little fun, vacation and celebrate their 2 birthdays together (friends & families are welcomed of course lol)...

Oh and I hate it that you all got to see RM and I'm still waiting for it to be released in my country... (kidding of course, I don't hate, I'm just jealous, you guys are so lucky lol)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree whit you rose : " it's pretty obvious that kristen doesn't want to anwer it.she doesn't need to"
the haters are malignat .robert is a person, a human,robert is not an object ,a toy.

eli from italy

Anonymous said...

repeat :the haters are malignant.

eli from italy

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I'm a hater now because I asked those same questions. Oh Well. This interview at least shows the Kristen fans who always blame Rob for wanting to keep whatever their relationship is private, that it's not Rob.

Kristen is going to some film festival in Texas after the NYC premier. That's the wrong direction if she were going to London.

Anonymous said...

Still haven't seen RM. I had to work all weekend and then I planned on going today but my son got sick and stayed home. HOPEFULLY I'll be going tomorrow. DYING to see it. I also read the interview with Kristen, and it's quite obvious she isn't denying it anymore. We already know what we know. We've known it for a while. I'm hoping they spend their birthdays together somewhere special.