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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's Soapbox

Are you tired of being mooned?
Are you all New Mooned out?
Or is watching the movie over and over again...
JUST what the doctor ordered?

I've watched it a couple of times.
I'm kinda wanting to watch Twilight
and then New Moon...
But then we are talking about a 4 hour block.
That's a lot of time to dedicate to watching movies.
Especially when there are other people
in the house who really don't understand
or share my fascination.
So I either have to watch it when there isn't
anyone around...
Which is practically never.
Or wait until everyone is in bed.
Fast asleep.
And I can just focus on Robert.

He is beautiful in this movie.
Of course.
Robert could put a bag over his head...
and still his gorgeousness would come shining through.
Is that me saying that his beauty is more than just his face?
Well... it is.
I don't need to ramble on about all his many wonderful qualities.
If you love Robert... You already know what they are.
And while all the worn out cliches about
"beauty being more than skin deep"
"You can't tell a book by its cover"
are more than true in Robert's case...
He is so much more.
So much more.

Couple of Sunday Soapbox Rants...

(Thought you would escape that, huh?)

1. I get comments about why I don't address the Rob hate.
But I do.
I don't tolerate it.
But I don't go searching it out.
I do NOT go to the IMDb boards.
I do NOT read the comments on Ted's site.
I can't.
Of course I am aware of the extreme hatred
he is subjected to.
I've always said there are fucking lunatics
at both ends of the whole Rob/Kristen debate.
Is fucking lunatics too harsh?
If anything... it is too kind.
I love Robert Pattinson.
First and foremost.
I adore Kristen Stewart.
But my heart will always belong to Robert.
And it breaks when I read what some
of these scary people say about him...

 I don't get the overzealous extreme.
Rob gets called a lot of names.
People wish him hurt... or dead.
And for what?
Perceived notions of his behavior?
I never understood the feeling of entitlement
that some 'fans'  take on.
If Rob doesn't say or do the right thing
in their critical and oh so delusional eyes?
He is verbally abused and attacked.
It's a disgusting way to behave...
As if Robert owes you a damn thing.
Like he has to live his life...
According to what some paranoid psycho
has deemed appropriate.
Good Fucking Grief.

And of course... 
Kristen gets even more bullshit thrown at her.
Mostly because Kristen is female...
and since most of the fandom is female...
They are harshest on one of their own.
You know its true.
I've been a female my whole damn life...
and women aren't always very nice to other women.
It's just the way it is.
Catty, vindictive and cruel.
And all I have to ask is Why?
Because you don't like her 'bitchface'?
She doesn't behave the way you think she should?
She doesn't dress the right way?
She gets to hang out with Robert?
Doesn't it sound silly to you?
Beyond ridiculous?
I would hope so.
But I know that some feel justified
in their constant hatred.

So what to do?
And as we all know in life, 
it's useless to obsess about things
over which we have no control.

Sounds good to me.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Nice post,Rosie.But i'll have to disagree with you in some points.Yesterday,after many months i went to Ted's board and i was speeceless from the comments.There are so many crazies out there from both sides.There were some posters who wish Kristen died or to move to Africa,because the lions are waiting for her. WTF?And of course that she's lesbo and Rob's bearding her,that he's in love with EDR,or Tom or that bimbo who's pregnant with his baby,that Kristen was at Texas with Bobby and that Rob is covering them and other crap like that.And of course lately the majority of the crazies from Rob;s IMDb go to Kristen;s and fight with the Krisbians.It's not a war between haters and shippers anymore.It's between Robsessed and Krisbians.And everybody is wishing these two kids died.I think the full moon has made crazier some women.

kristine.hills said...

"And of course...
Kristen gets even more bullshit thrown at her.
Mostly because Kristen is female...
and since most of the fandom is female..."

Why will men always be controling the world???

Exactly, because women will NEVER be united.SAD but it's TRUE.

I'm NOT saying women have to like each other all the time, i'm talking about RESPECT.
People don't even respect each others opinion,especially if they are women.Rose is an example of it.She can't even write about her feelings and thoughts on HER BLOG/TWITTER and in seconds a lot of lunatics are here bashing her.

Thanks ROSE, i loved you post!!!(as always)

R AND K deserve RESPECT!

Patricia said...

Rose: Spot on again! I agree with everything you wrote!
I didn't receive my DVD yet so I'm watching Twilight (29) !!!!!!
My computer will be down for a couple of days for repair so I'll be out of the loop! I'll comment as soon as I get it back.
I'm hoping Kristen makes the trip to England soon. I need my Rob/Kristen fix.
grazie Rose Rock on

Anonymous said...

to 10.38
Rose said she CAN'T read the comments on Ted's site or IMBD boards. So why do you come here to repeat all these BS ??? There are only hate and lies.

Anonymous said...

Rose, have you seen the gif of Rob running from the Eclipse BTS footage? I thought of you immediately, since you love seeing Rob walking! Rob running is even better!! Here - enjoy! http://i44.tinypic.com/2u6yzxx.jpg

Anonymous said...

to 11:28
You are right. Don't bring the AT board here. We left there to regain sanity. Rose, thanks for posting great photos and positive thoughts toward both Rob and Kristen. Those who support one or the other might want to think about being open to accepting them together. Either way, no one controls that outcome but Rob and Kristen themselves. Can't wait to see what's coming as far as their future projects. Sure to be interesting!

Anonymous said...

to 10:38 Anonymous..

and... There were some posters want Rob to get AIDS because he did a photoshoot with a model!!! Also, Rob is manwhore because he will sex for a movie! and they wish all of Rob's movies bombs at the box office because he is loser.
They're boycotting Remember Me because Rob is acting with someone else..
Seriously, i am getting tired of all these speculations, comments. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

wow..wow Rose im crying! see what y0u do!?! your post was sooo touching! thanks for saying how i feel always! the one that really touched me was the dont obsess about something you cannot control, not just about the R/K craziness but also in my life right now!.....you are such a gem! thank you for ALWAYS sticking up for our favorite couple!!! and good for you for not reading ted's blogs because they are pure psychos and sooo much hate it sickens me, dont they have a conscious?!! i always wonder if they are humans or animals..it sad.

lol..i understand you w family not understanding watching twilight for 4 hours...my husband is a huge fan and wouldn't mind but my boys are a bit fussy anyway great post dear. i was touched!


imloco2 said...

I have always heard Rob say that the fans don't love him they love Edward. And I've always thought 'oh, Rob, you are so wrong'. I'm thinking now that he is right. Oh, there is a small segment of fans out there, us included, who really do love Rob for Rob and not Edward. I, for one, will see him in any movie he makes, doesn't matter what the subject is, or who he stars with. If Kristen makes him happy then I'm happy too.

But apparently the fandom is made up of more tweens and teens and just plain scarily obsessed women that only want Rob when they want him, how they want him and who they want him with. They could give a fuck less what he wants. None of them are fans of his whatever they say. And in a few years they'll have moved on and they won't even pretend to like him.

I think Rob is making smart choices with Bel Ami and WFE. They are not kid movies and this small but solid true fan base should grow with those movies, each one getting him more fans that the last. A good start to an actual acting career.

I love the Twilight books. I'm okay with the movies so far. The fandom as a whole, I'm not real impressed with. The cliques, the feuds, the hatred, the jealousy. Ugh... In some ways it feels like it's getting ready to implode. And then there are the little oasis's of hope and sanity. *g* Thanks for that Rose.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hate on both of them is so bad. To be honest, I didn't know about the hate on Rob because I don't read AT either, but if that's what's being said about him, that's sickening.:( It's sad it's fans of hers who are doing the very thing that Kristen said she didn't want, cheapening her and Rob's relationship. Both extremes need to get some help ASAP. Thanks for your post today Rose!

Anonymous said...

As always, Rose, a great post today. I am so with you about not having a 4 hour block of uninterrupted time to watch both movies back to back and not having anyone in the house who shares or understands my obsession!

I agree with someone else here who said Rob was smart to branch away from the Twilight franchise with BA and WFE. Truly many of the fans just like Edward and not the real Rob, so that's fine, they can all leave the rest of us who love all of ROB to enjoy his other movies. Yay!

And you could not be more correct about women being hardest on other women. It is SO ridiculous, but SO true. The Edward fans are obviously mainly women so they hate Kristen because she gets to play Bella. I absolutely LOVE Rob, LOVE Kristen and LOVE that they're together. I hope she does get to go visit him and they have some special time together now that her schedule's open. And btw, I saw TR on Friday and Kristen and Dakota were absolutely amazing; the movie was SO good!

Thanks again Rose. I always love coming here to read what you have to say! Oh and I also wanted to comment like someone else did that I love listening to Rob's music here, too! So nice! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, we believers can hopefully find a calm, sweet, and mature peace within ourselves knowing that Rob and Kristen find that within each other. With help from their families, friends, and business connections, they have been wise beyond their years.
I hope they are able to continue to deepen, strengthen, and cherish this honesty and love they share.

Today was the third time I saw RM. Last day of Spring Break and chose to spend a few hours supporting this amazing film one more time. Yes, I did visit Target yesterday to get my copy, but at the moment, RM has me spellbound not only by the tenderness, sensitivity, and pain that Rob shows us, but also by the beautiful bond he has with Ruby ( Caroline), his family, and Emilie as Ally. Even though I loved the film the first time, it has moved me more strongly after each viewing. As I said before, Rob is Tyler.

On Friday, I drove over to Austin to see Kristin and Dakota in the Runaways. Awesome. A very in your face and raw performance by both of them and also Michael Shannon. I really thought each of them was so very strong and determined in their portrayal of Cherie's story and the beginning of her relationship with Joan and the first year of the Runaways. Kristin was Joan, looks, voice, mannerisms, she nailed it. I'm glad she got a bit of time to stay in Austin and enjoy the SXSW music scene for an extra day after the premiere on Thursday. Austin is a super cool place.

Rob and Kristen, you both rock. You both together are so very "absofreakinglutely" awesome. I can't wait for all your other films to be available. I applaud you many times over. By the way, I hope you both get to have some together time ASAP. You deserve each other so very much.

Rose, thanks again for your beautiful blog, and speaking the truth. Your spot is a shelter from the storm, crazy, stupid, storm.

Anonymous said...

Amen Rose, as always you nailed it. I'm just shaking my head, I too am so sick of the lunatics. They probably never will, but they should just shut the ef up and support Robert and Kristen, period. Have a good afternoon, and thanks for your sanity. K.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I did watch MY NM movie last night and again this morning who knows I mite watch it again tonight you know one can NEVER get enough of ROBERT PATTINSON or KRISTEN STEWART Well I cant I'll do the same with att of there movies.As for the LUNATICS thay well never go away I DONT THINK THEY KNOW HOW TO hahaha after all there LUNATICS.Well my friend you have a good day.And thank you Rose for being YOU. DEB.

Anonymous said...

i think some people in the US really hate R/K togetherness huh, i mean here (in Asia)the fans thinking of them as bf & gf already...end of drama.

Anonymous said...

to Anonynous 21 de marzo 2010 10:38

also say that Tom is the boyfriend of Rob and Kristen is his beard.


Zepharia Andres said...

Don't avoid extremes, and don't choose any one extreme. Remain available to both the polarities - that is the art, the secret of balancing. See the below for more info.


Nathalie Uy said...

Good vibes. Everyday, all day.
imarksweb.net. God Bless :)