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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kristen Vacationing in Budapest This Year?

You might wonder why I am posting about this picture.
How can I not?
It gave me a HUGE laugh!
That alone makes it worth it.
You see...
Earlier yesterday, I had seen the picture
of Kristen at LAX.
I thought nothing about it.
It wasn't until it was pointed out to me much later...
That she was wearing a t-shirt with a tear in the collar.
Let the hilarity ensue!
I'm giggling just writing this.
Now, I don't know who goes around analyzing
every article of clothing that Robert and Kristen wear.
But every once in a while they hit the jackpot.
Every once in a while...
They are right.
And when they are right?
The Haters come out in full force!
Let the Clinging Rationalizations begin!

1. "His shirt is white. Hers is gray. 
It's not the same shirt."

2. "What does she do? Go through his dirty laundry
and steal his clothes?"

3. "She's so desperate to hang onto him.
I'm sure he's sick of her wearing his clothes."

and my favorite Cling of the day?

4. " I have a white t-shirt that's ripped at the 
collar, JUST like that! I must be dating Rob, too!"
(as she takes out her scissors...)


6. And then.
It gets better!
Then someone actually...
ZOOMED in on the two tears in the collars.
*wiping tears from face*
Came up with the clingy deduction that...
Rob's tear was straighter than Kristens!
Come on...
You KNOW you are fucking laughing at this.
You have to be!
Fucking tears in t-shirts.
I had a smile on my face all day.
I'm smiling now.
So entertaining.
Thank You. Thank You.

I was going to talk about other
Kristen related bullshit.
Since I'm still chortling at the whole
torn collar debate...
I will focus on brighter, better things.

Now, I know some people go on
and on about how no one wants to work with Kristen.
The girl has been working nonstop for years...
So if she takes a break...
It's because no one wants her.
Yeah. OK.
What these people REALLY don't want 
is for Kristen to haul her pretty little ass to London...
Or Budapest
Or wherever Robert happens to be.
We can't have that, can we?
I just know this.
IF I were in a relationship with
Robert Fucking Pattinson?
And I had the means and the opportunity
to spend time with him?
I would SO fucking be there.
And you know you would too.
And April 9th is her 20th birthday.
What better way to celebrate?
Her Rob t-shirt collection is running low...
They need to exchange clothes again...
And Rob is particularly fond of the torn collar shirt...
He's missed it.
He's missed Kristen.
Ain't that a kick in the head?

Yeah. I'm smiling again.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that she'll go to Budapest for her birthday.

Lizzie said...

I was laughing all day!!!

I hope she goes for a birthday visit..

Anonymous said...

It's not the same shirt!

Audrey said...

Bravo, Rose!

I hope she will be in Budapest for her birthday with Rob and I hope that somehow after enjoying their reunion, we will get to know about it. I just get wait to see all those haters go crazy and be once again CREATIVE! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love those two. They're smart to keep their relationship private. How fkg sweet that she's wearing his clothes. As jealous and possessive as Rob is HE probably packed her suitcase hahaa. Love 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

here's to hoping she'll be where rob is. just recently, during one of her interviews for the runaways, she mentioned that she's jobless and has to prioritize things more important to her. rob is more important than her job. i have a feeling that a year or two from now rob will reciprocate and be the one being jobless and will be following kristen while doing her upcoming movie(s). i think, this has been planned out by rob and kristen.

kristine.hills said...


I'm laughing and can't stop it.

"And Rob is particularly fond of the torn collar shirt...
He's missed it."

He is missing his T-shirt with Kris in it. LOL

Thanks ROSE!!!
You made my day, afternoon,night...

Patricia said...

Rose: Are you tired of me saying "you read my mind" yet ??????
Once again, spot on ! I also checked out that picture and thought OMG Rob's shirt! You know how big the smile was on my face! Let the haters "HATE" We know better!
Rob loves Kristen loves Rob!
I hope she's with Rob for her Birthday! I know he'll be busy filming but he has so many friends and family there for her when he's tied up! And he doesn't film 24 hours a day! I know there would be NO STOPPING (ME), IF I WERE HIS GIRLFRIEND! JESUS I LOVE THAT MAN! Received my New Moon dvd and lapsed into a coma watching his BEAUTIFUL face! FUCK he's gorgeous in that film! he GORGEOUS period! Calm down Patty!
Rose grazie for your enjoyable post once again! You Rock!

Anonymous said...

That plaid shirt actually belongs to Michael. I've seen him wear it before. She wears all her brother's shirts too. She can't share clothes with Taylor Lautner cause they're too small for her.

Anonymous said...

pathetic nonstens .its not michael's shirt .it is hers you idiots.as for the other t shirt ITS ROBS

Jamie said...

Haha ! You crack me up !! Love what you write, keep it coming !!

Anonymous said...

How do you do it, Rose?! You always have the greatest pics.

I usually brush off the whole business about sharing clothes -- not because I don't think it happens, but because it really doesn't matter in the scheme of things. They are together, and we don't really need proof.

That said, this is one of the few times when it's so obvious they are wearing the same clothes. I love it! The torn t-shirt is even too big on her, proving that it's undoubtedly Rob's shirt.

I wish it were mine. I wish Rob were mine. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA TOOOOOO funny Rose You just made my day.I my self cant wait to see what they well be doing oh her B-DAY And I agree with you IF I could BE WITH ROB I would be there 24/7And you know they must miss each other I know I do (miss them together)Well my friend THANK YOU for the laugh I hope you have a good day. Deb.

Anonymous said...

Michael's shirt?Where do the hell you remembered him?He's old news.It's almost a year that he and Kristen have broken up.Please go back to nonsten,com and die.

pepperpot said...

Rose I love your blog and it never fails to make me smile.......bravo

Anonymous said...

I can't even believe I'm participating in this but:

1. Unless Mike is the smallest dude ever that ain't his shirt. A black, white, grey patterned plaid shirt is common. It fits her perfectly b/c it's a chick shirt. (Also seriously they broke up. Deal. It was a year ago. It happens. Move on.)

2. I never see it when people say they are wearing the same stuff and even I will say it is the same shirt. It's pretty obvious. So she wears her boyfriends clothes, so what? I've worn my boyfriend's shirts. She's not w/ him right now and she probably wants to feel close to him. Also I would venture to guess he's left stuff at her place. They are normal.

3. Whether or not she's with him today, April 9th, or a week later. People really need to just deal with it. It really couldn't be more obvious and the excuses are just sorta sad at this point.

Anonymous said...

omg, I saw their side by side pictures of the tears by the clingons it's hilarious. It's obvious the tear simply tore a little more, that's all, what's the chances of a tear in the same place on two different shirts....lol too funny

debbi said...

Rose, you must get out of my head. It's just getting weird.

Annoymous 12:35 said everything I wanted to say, especially #3. Amen.

Gina said...

Perfect post, Rose, just perfect!! I join you in your laughfest because some folks are just.too.much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Yep, she's wearing his shirt for sure, and I would, too, if I were her! Good for her! Amazing how people scrutinize every tiny detail, but in this case it is totally obvious; too funny that people even bother to deny it! And I also hope she is with Rob for her birthday, but I'm guessing they'll find a way to celebrate in private whether it's the day-of or not...
Thanks for the smiles today, Rose.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever think about, care, or buy into the shirt sharing stuff except for two times it's been too obvious to deny. The day she left New York after being there to be at the Remember Me premiere and now. For the people who think that black and grey checkered shirt is Michaels..how? It fits her perfectly and she is TINY. It's like a womans small or medium. Not that this stuff matters anyway. We already know Rob and Kristen are together. The clinger reactions are pretty priceless though. Oh and... those are his glasses too. :)

Anonymous said...

Michael...what Michael?

Pics speak more than a thousand words. Thanks Rose for making my day and for posting that pic! Pics speak more than a thousand words...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Gotta love them. What will the nonstens do if one day Rob and Kris show up married? lol It should be something to behold. Thanks for the smile. Go Rob and Kris!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you kill me! I am laughing so hard the tears are rolling! As for the B-day, I'm sure she's going over the pond regardless, just because they miss each other, period. As for the b-day thing, hers is Apr.9th, and his is on May 13th, so I'm sure they'll celebrate both whenever they get a chance. Now, about the shirt, sunglasses,etc. sharing, I think it's cute, I used to always wear boyfriends stuff, because it smelled like him or whatever, it's a b/f and g/f kind of thing. I know it seems to some people that it's obsessive to scrutinize over every little detail, or move they make, but for some of us it's just fun, we don't need the proof that Robert and Kristen are together, it just makes us smile. We like all the little " tells ", it makes us smile. There are sites on the web that are just all about the love of Robert and Kristen, together, seperate, or their movie projects, support,respect, and love. It's fun, and no haters allowed! So, I for one get a kick out the clothes thing or whatever it might be at the moment, it's fun, as long as you don't become ridiculous about it. Everybody has a right to smile or laugh at whatever tickles their fancy. Let's not get started on tickling someone's fancy, shall we, that could become a whole other topic in its self! Have a great day! K.

Purple83 said...

too funny Rose!

yes, that plaid shirt it Michael's...precisely the same way as her red/black plaid one she's been wearing during the shooting of NM promo poster/message is Rob's because he wore it to a photoshoot...PHULEASE! it's such a small shirt (both this one and the red/black one)...she has her own plaid shirts, deal with it! what she doesn't have of her own are vintage ripped men tees and undershirts...you may observe she's also wearing Rob's Mont Blanc sunglasses in that picture! too precious (unless they bought 2 of the same, but according to the peeps at coolspotters it's the exact same model, the 2 of them are the only stars spotted with them, and one was never photographed wearing them while the other one was "supposed" to have them...so I guess it's just a pair and they switch...they're sweet and giving like that)! God bless her, I'd do the same!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday somebody said Kristen is 'rubbing it in all our faces' by wearing his shirts. I think she doesn't even realize that people would recognize it! It definitely is the same shirt though, how do people spot these things? haha anyway, I hope Kristen is able to spend her birthday with Rob, the last two birthdays they were able to spend together because of filming, but I definitely won't be surprised if they get to be together this year because they want to be. She has already gone twice to the UK since they've been apart, what's once more?:)

Anonymous said...

when i saw the side by side pic yesterday...i know shit going to be good with the haters...clig onnn. Stwie get you cute butt to london now, the boy got no clean shirt left…bc at bel ami set they only got period clothing, so now he cant steal anything from the set anymore…

iris said...

"You KNOW you are fucking laughing at this."


Thank you.

S said...

First I want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I enjoy reading different opinions (even if they aren't something I agree with) so keep on writing :)

Anyways the only thing I want to comment about and it's something that has honestly just annoyed me, is that I wish the real extreme fans/hater would just back off from Rob/Kristen. I just don't understand why people are so obsessed with these two, to me they are a couple of young "kids" that are trying to make things work in a crazy situation. Sadly it might not work out (hey they're young)and I wonder what will happen with the really obsessed fans out there if that does indeed happen (heck I read a comment on here that basically has them together for years to come).

Another thing that kinda bugs me are the people are the internet claiming they know the real truth about Rob/Kristen's relationship. If you really know information about these two please keep it to yourself. It's not right to be get into things you know nothing about. These two value their privacy above everything. These two deserve the respect of the fans and I can only hope that eventually they will get the privacy they deserve from people.

I know this has nothing really to do with this particular post but I just had to say something. I hope for a day when people can back off these two and give them the space that they desperately want.

With that said I wish both of them luck in their respective careers and in their lives. They both deserve happiness, may it be with each other in the future or someone else, as long as they're happy I am. I'm a fan of their different films and will remain a fan of their films no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

My co-worker just saw Robert walkin in Váci utca (on Váci Street its like the middle of the City here) in Budapest.
He had no visable bodyguards with him.
Its very Budapest because here like every celebrity walks with no bodyguards, its because here noone is like "oh pretty pleawse sign this for my grandma":-P

Anonymous said...

they are still filming bel ami in kent aren't they budapest schedule doesn't start until after easter?

Anonymous said...

as far as i know from the hungarian media they are filming right now in Bp.

Anonymous said...

i hope to god if k and r are in budapest together somebody gets a fanpic and posts it, isn't rob coming back to LA to prepare for WFE soon after maybe a european trip is asking too much? we need the hungarian hollie hayes !!!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe they brought it forward? how exciting maybe he will be back in USA then by april after all?

Anonymous said...

not sure if my last post worked but i agree with previous poster saying that plaid shirt is definitely a girls it fits kristen on the shoulders!!! tshirt is robs and beige shirt in NYC is definitely robs its baggy on her and was tight on him under the shirt in the premiere

Anonymous said...

budapest people keep your eyes peeled LOL

Anonymous said...

delaney says that she might be going somewhere around her birthday, doesn't mean hungary could be anywhere, maybe they have found a place to hide somewhere remote

Anonymous said...

according to the bel ami website (probably only a fansite though) filming in budapest begins april 5th and runs into late april. filming in london ends before easter maybe he is there already for preproduction?

Anonymous said...

budapest is outside shots i believe, not sure how many of those involve the actors

Anonymous said...

maybe they have moved shooting schedule in budapest up to accommodate the wfe shoot coming up, sounds like it requires a lot of prep work if its working with animals etc

Anonymous said...

tell us more about hungarian media and your coworker who saw him, i am assuming you are also in budapest?

Anonymous said...

rose your posts are hilarious and so spot on. nonstens are livid with this stuff, they are saying that she wears stuff of his to mess with fans to make them think they are together but they are just good friends who share shirts? really, when did you last wear you guy friend's stinky worn shirt lately LOL?

Anonymous said...

All those who believe that Rob and Kristen will be together for the years to come,i htink they're very romantic or very naive.They're just 19 and 23.They're just starting their career.They have many things to experience.They're not Edward and Bella.

Bellaroma4 said...

Thank you, Rose! I needed the laughter tonight. Number six was my favorite and biggest laugh.

I do hope Kristen spends her birthday with Rob. Crossing my fingers. :)

Anonymous said...

where is my post...duh!

anyways here it goes again :-P
this is from the hungarian news site index.hu...its from today
me and my co-worker we work in the middle of the City here in Budapest...here are a few very good hotels in the area (like 5 minute walkin distance) like the Le Meridien etc.
Andrássy út (the location) is not very far from here, like a 10 minute walk or two stops with the underground ...my co-worker thinks RP was walkin to one of the underground stations (Vörösmarthy tér)....its very very sunny and warm here but accordin to index.hu Andrássy út was supposed to be "a snowy Parisian street" ... poor RP!!!