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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen. Clothes Hamper Wars...

The Eclipse poster was released yesterday.
It was cool... but predictable.
I loved that Bella was front and center...
This is her story after all!
Someone (forgive me for not knowing who)
put together this collage of pics from all three
of the movie posters...
And I found it interesting.
Robert hasn't changed that much...
He's still gorgeous as ever
although with every movie they get
closer and closer to my Edward ideal.
Taylor obviously has matured...
And let's face it, you can only get better
after wearing that horrific wig from Twilight!
And Kristen.
She looks so young and innocent in Twilight...
she becomes more beautiful
and more 'aware' of what her life has become
in subsequent pictures.
Love it.

Kristen out and about in LA/Beverly Hills?
Loving the smile on her face.

So supposedly she was looking at homes in Beverly Hills.
Supposedly for Robert?
But I'm still giggly from yesterday
and the Clothes Hamper Wars.
Yeah... something about a jacket?
Does it matter?
Well... to some people I guess it does.
Someone says 'look at the jacket... it's just like Robs!'
Then someone says 'NOOOO! It's not Robs. We can prove it!!'
Then someone says ' I love how Rob/Kristen share clothes'
Then someone says 'NOOOO! The jackets aren't the same, losers!'
Then someone says 'Blah blah same clothes blah blah'
Then someone says 'You study Rob/Kristens clothes, Losers! GET A LIFE!'
Then someone says 'Pot.Kettle.Black. Haters! GET A LIFE'
And back and forth.
Round and round it goes.
Where will it stop?
Nobody knows.

And if you aren't laughing at the Hamper Wars?
And getting all pissy over it?
I truly hope you will be OK...
Poor thing.

What else is there to say?
Kristen looking for a house for 'someone'
Kristen vacationing with 'someone' overseas?
Kristen and Robert sitting in a tree?

The more information that comes out...
The more vile and bitter the hatred.
Its interesting...
Yet so sad.

Kristen is STILL a lesbian
(I guess Oregano didn't mind for the years they were together)
Kristen is STILL desperate
(I guess wearing your guy's clothes means that? huh?)
Kristen is STILL out of work 
(I guess she doesn't deserve time off)
Kristen is STILL pathetically following Robert
around and hoping to convince him to be with her
(I guess Robert has no free will about who 
he hangs around with)
Kristen is STILL playing the PR game
(I guess Summit has complete control 
over what she and Rob do on their own time)

Round and round it goes.
Will it stop?
Hell no.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud at the Oregano comment. Still laughing actually. Can't believe people still won't see what is so clear. If it were any other two people in the world, there would be no question or doubt. It is was it is and no amount of delusional ranting will change it. Go Rob and Kris!!

Anonymous said...

PERFECT POST. And so funny! Love it. Just the title is hilarious! You are so right. What is wrong with people? Why not be happy for these two? they certainly look happy! Look at Kirsten's smile! It's so beautiful. And same goes for Rob. I simply think that those hating on the happiness irradiating from Rob and Kris, are the most miserable individuals out there. Pity. I love watching two people be so successful, so youthful, so lucky. And so happy with each other! Maybe because my life is good and happy? Oh well. Anyway, thanks for this post, Rose!

Patricia said...

Rose: For some unknown reason I love when I notice Kristen wearing something of Rob's! It validates for me "they are together" that's just me!
Rob has been talking about buying a house here, and let's face it, Kristen isn't going to tell the Paps that!
I keep saying I want Kristen to fly to London and be with him but maybe between the distraction it would be for him filming and some business she needs to tie up, it may be in the next couple of weeks! I hope for her Birthday!
And Rose WE all love you and your cool posts everyday! Please keep them coming! You make my day! And let's face it, we are all having ROB AND KRISTEN WITHDRAWALS! GRAZIE PATTY

Anonymous said...

Even if Rob did a Tom Cruise moment on Oprah and declared his undying love for his partner Kristen they would say - He is on medication he is ill he doesn't know what he is saying, his pr told him to say it, he wants to keep his mum happy - thing is its what is making Rob happy and without all the facts glaring us all in the face it will not stop these two doing what they want. Love what they do, love what they represent and love that it works for them.

Angelica said...

I love you, Rose!

Anonymous said...

My question always for people that dislike Kristen so much is who should he date? Should he be a modelizer like DiCaprio or a player w/ a different girl every week?

I think the problem people have w/ Kristen is that it's clear Rob liked her from the beginning, pursued her, and is serious about her. That kills the fantasy that he will magically show up to their home and drop to one knee.

Also I really don't care about them sharing clothes, b/c lets be honest they share bodily fluids, so clothes are probably the least of their concerns.

Anonymous said...

Really though, who would they like him to date? Some model or a different girl every week?

I think the problem is that he clearly liked Kristen from the beginning, that he pursued her, and that he is serious about her. It kills their fantasy.

I could care less about the clothes. I mean the extent people go to search for it makes me laugh, but lets be honest they share bodily fluids so clothes are the least of their concerns.

debbi said...

"Also I really don't care about them sharing clothes, b/c lets be honest they share bodily fluids, so clothes are probably the least of their concerns."

This is the best thing I've read all week. Thank you Anonymous 11:39.

Anonymous said...

Love your post this morning, Rose. So funny! Also love yours, 11:39. Well said.

One thing you can be sure of with R&K is that they do not live their lives reactively -- at least not any more. They are so smart and know exactly what they want.

I'm sure that before they got together they had discussed all the difficulties and logistics thoroughly. I love that they have pretty much learned to live their lives as they want within the context of the madness of their careers.


Anonymous said...

and... RoB is STILL a Gay!
RoB is STILL a manwhore/famewhore
RoB is STILL a loser..
'kristen you should dump the footface, he doesnt deserve you'

Srsly now? You don't see Kstew's fans attack RoB?
You know what? I'm not fooled anymore Read kstew's blogs or twitter, there are many kstew fans hating on Rob, they're just as bad as Rob fans.

Anonymous said...

re: asking nonstens who they think he should date, i asked the same question to people on another site and the answer was "anyone except kristen stewart i hate her" somehow i don't believe that they would hate on anyone who is with their rob!!!

Anonymous said...

the rob lovers hate kristen as much as the kris lovers hate rob its about even i think. there is a group who just hates them both and there are a group who don't hate them just are adament that they are just GOOD friends and that is all, the last group are the ones who say he is gay and with tom sturridge and kristen is the ultimate beard - yeah right, like that girl is going to go along with that!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose I agree with you about what you saying. When well it stop!! NEVER afraid Even when Rob and Kristen is old and gray they ( the haters well be talking)Its so sad that they have to hide all the time.So what is Kristen is looking for a house.She cant live with her mom and dad all her life.And it would be nice for Rob to have a place to live when hes in L.A.Im sure you would want your boyfriend to live with you then go to a hotel.Get real.People have NOTHING to say ABOUT Rob and Kristen So they are going to make shit up OR talk about shit that dosent matter any more.(clothes,rings,houses ect.ect.ect...)OH well what ever floats there boats.Well my friend I hope you have a good day AND THANK YOU Rose for being you a true FAN . DEB.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I have to say...YOU ARE MY HERO ROSEE

Anonymous said...

The shirt-gate,ring-gate and house-gate is totally lame and for kids at the kidegarden,not for mature people.I'm sooooo bored of it.

imloco2 said...

Great thoughts Rose as usual. It does make me laugh about clothes gate. People got nothing better to do? And no more sense than God gave a goose apparently. (I love that phrase*g*)

Sharing bodily fluids.... hehe Good one. That just killed a few clingons dead. LOL

I wish I could find this article I read the other day. It was an interview with an overseas press person, but as usual they ask the sneaky questions about love and relationships to try and get the scoop on how Rob feels about Kristen. And I can’t remember the question exactly, but Rob’s answer (assuming they didn’t make it up, always a possibility) ...well...
“If you love someone and you go to bed with them you want to give them more than just sex.” *clears throat* How the hell does a 23yr old male think like that? I’d say god’s gift to women, but it’s more like god’s gift to Kristen. *g* She must have done something right in a past life.

Poli said...

Kristen and Robert sitting in a tree?

You cracked me up with this one. I agree with you, the whole clothes swap is laughable. What amazes me is that people take it to become a war.
You´re amazing Rose!
Love ya.

Carol said...


Anonymous said...

Just had to say Hi! and have a good afternoon, I love reading you every day! You're the best and only blog I read every day. Luv ya Rose! K.

Anonymous said...

kristen does have her own condo she lives in do people know that on here?

Anonymous said...

Well Rose I've always loved reading your blog. I'm a big Rob and Robsten fan and also adore Kristen. But today pissed me off bigtime. The Rob bashing is becoming too much for my shipper heart and I think I'm just about done with Robsten now. What did it? The fact that some of your twitter friends (Kristen fans) have said that they want Kristen to win the best MTV kiss award with someone else so that the camera will pan in on Rob's face and they can see his heart get broken when she kisses someone else on stage. I can't believe that shit. No I don't expect anyone to support Robsten cause fans can ship whoever they want but to want to hurt Rob is just wrong. Seriously if Kristen kisses someone else on stage Rob will be absolutely crushed. I love Robsten but I'm a Rob fan first and I'm sickened that some Kristen fans are loving the idea of Rob getting his heart broken.


Anonymous said...

doesn't it actually depend who mtv nominated as the couples in the first place?

Anonymous said...

rob in wax, not quite right? i want to know who got to measure him for that mmm

Amanda said...

I agree some of Kristen's fans are irritating but who else could she win it with? Only Dakota. I really don't think he'd be crushed by that. Besides, I'm not sure I want Rob and Kristen to win it again. I think it might make them uncomfortable because it's too personal to them. I think that's why they didn't kiss last time. But other things do bother me about Kristen fans. They try to 'ship' her with Rob's friends and that to me is weird.

The swapping clothes thing to me is quite funny and how people can call Kristen 'desperate' is just beyond me. If they had the chance to wear Rob's shirt they would! If they had the chance to spend their birthday with Rob they would. They are just upset it isn't them, otherwise why do they care? Anyway, great post today Rose!

Anonymous said...

sharing shirts clearly shows the guy isn't smelly

Anonymous said...

Maybe neither one of them will go to the awards this year....and I agree. I saw some of that stuff on twitter about Rob. It's just wrong. The Kristen fans/Rob haters are just as bad,if not worse, than the Kristen bashers. It's true. And wrong. What on earth did either of them ever ever do to deserve any of the vitriol? I limit my viewing of many blogs, etc., because I don't want to see the hate. I know it exists, but I don't want to see it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
Thank you for writing about Robert and Kristen everyday. My day is not complete without reading your blog, which is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or a paradise island.


Patricia said...

Rose: I just went for the
fourth time to see "Remember Me". I took a lady friend of mine and she wasn't a Rob Fan! But guess what? She is now, she loved the film. She thought it was excellent and said that she thought Rob was a really good actor! She couldn't believe that it hasn't done better than it has! I think word of mouth will do it for him! SO ALL YOU ROB LOVER'S LIKE ME "HAVE FRIENDS GO SEE "REMEMBER ME" EXCELLENT! grazie

Anonymous said...

I posted recently that I had gone to see RM with 15 friends and 12 of us stayed for a second show (we went back outside and paid again). We all thought Rob did a great job.

Well, today 10 of those friends and I went to see Kristen in TR. I thought the movie was well done and I absolutely loved Kristen. If she doesn't get some kind of award for this role I'll be surprised. And she looked so beautiful. My friends and I plan to go again to support our favorite actress.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree that the Rob and Kristen hate is equal. It just isn't so. Sometimes I see jabs at Rob from Kristen fans, but it's playful. There are SO many Rob fans that are Kristen haters that are seriously crazy jealous and spiteful and just plain mean. I've never seen anything like it. Rob fans I follow on twitter who I thought were pretty neutral about Kristen have shocked me tonight at what they say. I love Rob and I consider myself a Rob fan first, but the things I hear from fellow Rob fans honestly sickens me. I don't see how you can be so mean about someone who is obviously close to Rob. At the VERY least R/K are great friends so how can they be so awful about her? It truly baffles me. I don't want to downplay the Rob hate, because if it's out there that's wrong too! I really just don't see it as much.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why people would stop caring for Robsten, or Rob and Kristen individually for that matter because of their fans *confused* Being pissed off, I can understand maybe but just skip these posts, rolls your eyes and remember that it's just a small portion of the fans. Angry/bitter/jealous people are always the loudest. Don't fall for their games please.

I wonder what Kristen or Rob would think if they happened to read some of the stuff their so-called fans are saying about each other. I bet they believe their fans are crazy, must be weird. But I'm sure they laugh it off, they care for each other, support each other and most importantly love each other, that's all that matters to them. And to me ;)

Kristen got bashed the most at the beginning and now Kristen's "fans" are reciprocating by bashing Rob. That's childish and ridiculous.

That said, I doubt Rob would be devastated if Kristen kissed another costar at the mtv. But anyway I doubt she would do it... And like someone said, the reason they didn't kiss then is because it'd have been uncomfortable because it's too personal to them.

Anyway... I actually love the clothes sharing, think it's cute. Just people shouldn't go over board with that ;) Though the clingons comparing the tear in the shirt IS hilarious lol.

Anonymous said...

Today there's a photo of some girls from nonsten.com all over the internet.LOL.Now i understand why they hate Kristen so much.They're a bunch of ugly and fat girls,who are jealous of her body and her beauty.Well,i guess carma is a bitch.And definately the angry and hateful people have a bad carma.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:54
I saw that group picture of the nonstens too from their 'group meeting', lol. I really don't like judging people on their outward appearance because truly it's the inside that counts, but since they take time to bash a nineteen year old girl, and say nasty things about how she looks I can definitely say they can't say a damn thing. Not that I was surprised, but now I know why they always act so jealous and mean. And I know some people are being really mean about that picture, but I kind of believe they got what was coming to them. If they are going to sit there and judge somebody else, they REALLY need to take a look at themselves because honestly, it aint pretty. And does anybody else think it's funny the nonstens had a group meeting? I mean WOW.. the words pathetic and sad come to mind.

Bellaroma4 said...

Kudos, Rose. Love reading your blog. Still smiling from yesterday's post.

Anonymous said...

Ton anon who stated above at least 5 times in different posts that Kristen fans are as bad because they bash Robert:

You are a Nonsten, right? And you are posting here over and over again.

Reading through a lot of posts at the AT board, the nonstens site and Robs IMBD I am not only heaving a bad headache from all the nasty comments, I also came to the following conclusion:

The preople who are bashing Rob, saying he is a manwhore, he is gay, secret in love with Tomstu, she desevers better...are NOT Kristen fans, not at all. They are NONSTENS.

They are just using different startegies to proof that there is no relationship or trying to tear them apart:
- bashing Kristen
- coming up with wild theories
- building rumors (secret girlfriends/boyfriends)and spread it over the net.
- conspiracy theories (PR, cover up Rob's real gay-relationship, she is lesbian)
- pretending being Kristen fans and bashing Rob for being unfaithful, not committed = not in serious relationship with Kristen. (makes Kristens fans look bad = two flies with one..., right?)

They are a very very small group, manly in the US not in Europe, easy to identify, on their own mission to win a fan battle.

This group is pure POISON for both actors, they obviously don't really care about Rob either. But trust, they are carefully watched by Summit, Rob and Kristens management.

Does it change anything in the R/K relationship? No!
Than what is R/K reaction?

Quote Kristen: "They threw bottles at Joan Jett, I only have to face (nasty) bloggers."

And it was Rob who brought Kristen publically from London to NY, who wanted her to walk the red carpet, sitting next to him, going with him to after party...

The Nonsten group can bash and bash and bash... but
they are too delusional to see the truth: People who love Rob and Kristen as a couple are not playing the game, never have, never will, they are just watching.
Rob and Kristen are the MASTERS of the game.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:54
I think that the nonstens know that Rob and Kristen are together,there's much proof and that's why they are so mean.Because they know that is true.If they had doubts that R/K were a couple,then they wouldn't be so nasty.

These people are really ugly inside and out.They look like a bunch of girls/women with very sad lives or no lives at all.Perhaps they're virgins(they look like that,come on who guy would want eff them?)and they think that Rob will be their Edward lol.Or maybe their bf/husband has cheated or broke up with them for a pretty girl like Kristen.So they hate every yung and pretty girl,because they see Rob as their bf.They react like cheated and jealous lovers.I hope somebody report them.because they're dangerous.

Anonymous said...

this alleged nonsten photo is disturbing on so many levels, i always assumed they were jealous teenagers who were opposed to any girl that didn't dress like miley cyrus but seeing them makes we worry about their sanity, they are middle aged overweight moms who are intent on speaking such hate against a teen girl young enough to be their daughter in some cases, its beyond sick

Anonymous said...

i am not sure if these nonstens are fans of rob, clealry they are not kristen's fans and don't want to acknowledge a relationship which is odd becuase if they love rob so much wouldn't they support what he wants? rob needs to come out and say once and for all he is dating kristen then everyone will have to deal with it

Anonymous said...

If Rob and Kristen would come out and told everybody that they were together ,then some crazies would STFU.But,all this speculation and not confirmation give the crazies the right to post any crap they want.

Anonymous said...

gossip and pappz won't stop if they come out but at least the crazies might back off their insinuations of her bearding him and all the nonsense that they spew

Anonymous said...

So,now the crazies believe that Kristen's househunting is a PR move and she's a famewhore!!!The authorities and some clinics must go at the nonsten site and collect them.They're mentally ill.

May said...

Dear Rose,I love you SFM.Thats all. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey I agree completely with all the above. Never have I seen a worse case of the'Green-Eyed Monster'. Questions for you lovely people: does KStew have a Twitter/blog? I've never come across either before?