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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Robert and Kristen...

So many thoughts.
I say that a lot, don't I?
But I can't help it.
My head is always spinning...
So much going on right now with Robert.
And sad to say...
So much bullshit drama.

Yesterday and Today were big days
in the Robert Pattinson world.
Today Show.
Jimmy Fallon.
Remember Me Premiere.
The View
Daily Show.
This press junket is just about right for me.
A couple of days of whirlwind activity...
but then it quiets down again.

Let's start with the premiere last night.
Some people were upset that Kristen showed up.
(I was kinda surprised she did the Red Carpet, myself)

Yes, The premiere was about Remember Me.
Yes, It was ROBERT'S day.
And having Kristen there ruined it for him?
Nah... don't think so.
It's only right that Kristen was there.
I'm not a 'told ya so' kinda person.
I just talk about what I see.
But riddle me this?
How many more excuses can you possibly
come up with to explain Kristen being
EVERYWHERE that Robert is?
Just friends? Really?
It's really the worse kind of rationalization.
Because it makes no sense.
And the reason you get so damn upset
over bullshit that shouldn't bother you?
Is because you know it's true.
So you have people criticizing Kristen for
showing up somewhere she had EVERY right to be
And you have people criticizing Robert for
being a puppet... or weak...
Or some other lame ass shit.
I'm pretty sure Robert doesn't need your permission
to hang out with Kristen.
And one more thought?
Robert surrounds himself with those
that matter the most to  him.
His family.
The Britpack.
And Kristen.
And that folks...
Is all you need to know.

Adorable picture!
And yes, I think Emilie looked wonderful.
I have no hatred towards her like some
others seem to...
Just because she was in a movie with Robert.
Kinda lame.
This is a huge career move for her
And I think she is handling all the drama 
with grace and dignity.
I wish I could say the same about some
of Roberts/Kristens fans.
And so far...
The reviews about Remember Me
have been great!
Isn't that what's really important?

The best part of the whole madness.
Robert and Jimmy
Sitting in a tree...
The interview itself was OK...
Robert was a good sport.
But the fucking screaming?
So damn annoying.
And I'm guessing the majority of women
in that audience were in their 30s or older.
Robert has talked about how the screaming
makes him feel... how it upsets him...
Does it look like he enjoys being screeched at?
And I was trying to watch the Tree bit...
and the damn screams blocked out Robert's voice.
Seriously. WTF?
I want to hear Robert talk...
I want to hear what he has to say...
Don't you??

I love Robert Pattinson.
More today than yesterday.
(not as much as tomorrow)
OK, sorry for the lame lyrics.

Just watched the View.
Robert looked wonderful.
Emilie looked wonderful.
It was a good interview.
NO screaming.
I could hear him speak.
Emilie didn't get much of a chance to 
say anything...
But at least they didn't bring up 
his personal life.
Not that it needs to be brought up...
Because I'm pretty sure
everyone knows that its
Robert and Kristen
Sitting in that tree...
K I S S I N G.

Checkmate, Clingers.

Bye for now


Lizzie said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great post, Rose. I feel just as you do on every point. I just love Rob. I like Emily and think they both did very well in the clips I've seen of RM.
I'm glad Kristen was there, looking so edgy and sexy. I'm glad Rob has so much support from those close to him.


eimski said...

Love this and Rob and Kristen :) Great as usual

shelby said...

i love you! haha. (:

Anonymous said...

He is a puppet.

Patricia said...

Rose: I already posted my feelings last night after I saw the pictures of Kristen at the premiere. OMG I'm over the moon! I am SOOOOOO HAPPY SHE WAS THERE TO SUPPORT HER LOVE! Rob had all his loves there Kristen, his family and friends. So shut the fuck up haters and just wish that YOU HAD SOOO MUCH LOVE IN YOUR LIFE! Rob and Kristen are together (A COUPLE) GET OVER IT! Accept it and get on with your life and maybe some therapy! Rose i LOVE YOUR POSTS! ROCK ON AND GRAZIE ONCE AGAIN(YESTERDAY WAS A GOOD DAY FOR US ROB AND KRISTEN LOVERS)

May said...

OMG Rose for the president! :D You fucking rock,hon. :D

P.S: ITA with every little thing you said. Even Rob, when he is not bothered :p, would agree. <3

Lula! said...

Could barely stand the Fallon interview--due to all the incessant screaming. I mean...REALLY? OK, in the beginning it was exciting and all...I'm in favor of going crazy when he first walks out. Yay, Rob!

But then it kept on. And on. And I was all, "Whatever."

Sometimes I'm mean. But truthful.

I think it's great Rob has such a close knit family--that his parents and sisters and other family members came out to support him last night. I think it's great he has such good friends in Tom and Kristen. And I have no problem whatsoever with her being there.

p.s. Probably shouldn't say this, but I will...I loved all the people who were saying stuff like, "She was only there because Summit arranged it."

Were any of the other Twilight cast there?
Did she speak to reporters?
Was it a "working night" for her?

I think we all know the answers to these questions. 'Cause we're sane, rational people. Who have a life. Clearly!

robsten forever said...

Thank you Rose once4 again for a perfect blog that has made my day!!!!i was so excited to see Kristen last night and ver surprised!1 she looked GREEAT!!!! I love them both and they are me everything!! thaks again!!

Kathy#1 said...

Your comments are spot on and funny. It is amazing to me how and why people feel like they have the "right" to judge his life. It has been more than obvious that R/K are together...what more does anyone need? And he's very happy..you can see it...so we should be too.

Gina said...

Awesome post again, Rose! I, too, don't get all the screaming...yes, clap and maybe a couple of "whoo hoos" and then be done with it. It's annoying and rude because you can't hear what is being said. Rob is handling everything with aplomb and I'm glad Kristen walked the carpet and showed her support, it does speak volumes ;).

Anonymous said...

Really great commentary over at the Robsten board on E! - you should pop in some time Rose...we love you over there. :)

cathrobsten11 said...

Yet again you manage to say everything that i am thinking and you save me from expending the energy to write it down. I am 38 and i love Rob and Kristen but i don't find myself screaming much of late. It could be my British reserve but i've always been more about mumbling expletives under my breath. Well enough about my love life i bet Kris is screaming enough for the two of us. As for the people who still think they are just friends i wouldn't bother trying to convince them anymore because if they saw them in the throws of mad passionate sex they would (to quote Eminem)think she tripped fell and landed on his ****
Keep reading my mind.

Anonymous said...

Rob is soooo gay and Kristen is his beard.She's so gay,too.

Anonymous said...

Nonstens today are out of control more than ever.They say that Kris was there just to take some of Rob;s fame because she hasn't a film to shoot.WTF?The girl has 3 movies to promote.

I wish someone really to report the nonsten com site,because the girls there are very dangerous,like mentally dangerous.It's not normal to have such hate for a person you don't know.You must be sick.

Anonymous said...

Kristen is a screw and all of you here are sheeps and Rose is the shepard lol

Poli said...

1000% correct. I agree with every single line you wrote!
TY, bb.

Anonymous said...

Rob isn't with that bitchface.He's a witty,sweet,talented guy,he can have any woman he wants.He deserves a sweet caring girl,not an ugly bitch with zero talent.I accept that he's good friends with her,but he plays too Summit's PR game,playing the "we are we aren't"thing.I know they're aren't.She's super gay and i know that it's true.And all you'll learn it soon.

PS.Leave the nonsten.com site alone.If you don't like it don't come there.It's only for smart people,not sheeps.


Rose said...

Dear JJJ

I give a shit about nonsten.com. You will notice that it is YOU coming to my blog and commenting... not the other way around.

Although I'm sure it makes you feel better to think that Rob and Kristen's relationship is all a staged publicity stunt... I think even a 'smart' girl like you knows better...

Cling on.

Anonymous said...

@JJJ Lol. Kristen had a boyfriend for 4 years before Rob, and now that it seems she is with Rob she turned gay? Oookaaay. I suggest you go back to the nonsten site where you can feed off eachothers crazy to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous said...

Dear JJJ,

Yes, Rob is with that Bitchface!!

Yes, he is a witty, sweet, talented guy who can have now ever woman he wants, but it took him a long,long time to win that beautiful "bitchface" over!!

And yes, the lady of his heart Kristen Stewart is a sweet, caring girl. Like Eddie Redmayne one of his best friends is saying "she is wonderful".!!

And yes, we have learnt a lot in the last 2 weeks, haven't we?

So please, take your temper tantrum to nonsten.com.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you JJJ! Its Rob thats gay. Hes weak and a pussy! He can't do anything without his management telling what to do.. so fucking sad. Can't act for shit and his movies gonna bomb! Kristen will last forever but Rob will soon disappear cause hes a talentless prat!

Anonymous said...

My review since Bafta:

Arriving together, sitting together, staying together, flying together, leaving together = being together.

The world is simple.

Anonymous said...

why is all this crap on here today? Go away freaks. There are other blog sites on which you may spew. But instead of spewing, why don't you do something useful? Helpful? Nice even....

Kathy said...

These last few days have been just amazing for Robert. You can tell he's truly happy. The things that make him happy are his family, KRISTEN, his career. KRISTEN had EVERY right to be there for the RM premier. EVERY RIGHT. Personally, I think she would've opted out of going if it weren't for THE FACT THAT HER BOYFRIEND, ROBERT, WANTED HER THERE. YES, HE WANTED HER THERE, AND BECAUSE SHE LOVES "HER" MAN, SHE WAS THERE. She looked beautiful too. I briefly thought to myself 'if someone throws a tomato at her, I will hunt them down and knock them out'. Thank God it went well. Rob on Jimmy Fallon was great. Rob and Jimmy in the tree....hysterical. Rob on the View, was great too. I'm glad they didn't ask about Kristen. I felt kind of bad for Emilie because it was pretty much all about Rob for most of the interview. Nice of Rob's family to be there too. Anyway, overall great weekend. SO, SO happy that Rob and Kristen got to be together. SO hoping to Rob at the Runaways premiere with HIS GIRL. Hope they have a great night together before he goes back to England. Great post Rose, as usual. xoxo

Anonymous said...

...And since yesterday:

A huge step in showing the world: "we are together".

And I hope they will stay with it and never ever talk about their relationship, because this is a class act and they gain more and more respect in HW/the media.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read Ted's post today?He claims that Kristen's appearance at the premiere was a shock,because nobody expected that from his team and from Summit,because everybody thought that "R/K were about calling it quits".If i understand it right,they were about to break up?Why?I hate Ted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON ROSE YOU GO GIRL . I loved last night SEEING our TWO loving couples together You see SOME people out there cant stand the TRUTH its killing them. I feel the same way you do and like a lot of us you just say whats on our minds.I also thought Emily looked good last night And it was nice to see his family there for him. Who was the girl that was with Tom?Good to see him having a good time with his BEST FRIEND ROB.And it was nice on the View every one got to talk and I got to hear them.Rob looks so happy and im so happy he got GOOD reviews it is whats important.About the heaters what can i say there are going to think what they want( NO STOPPING THEM )Maybe"if" OR when Kris and ROB are married and have a lot of kids they mite believe.Well i hope you have a good day today my friend. Deb. P.S. Im sooo happy for Rob.and Kristen good luck to them both.

Anonymous said...

Pattinson is an idiot.Ugly and with no talent.When the saga is over,he's gonna be over,too.

Kristen is an ugly prat with zero personality and no talent,either.I don't understand why you're so crazy about these kids.It's pathetic!


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Seems a couple of the crazies feel defeated so they're using your blog Rose as a way to lash out. I think this week was particularly bad for them. Why so defensive if you don't believe it? I don't know whether to be amused or scared for them..

Anonymous said...

Rob looked so happy all the time,because he was drunk.Or maybe stoned.Or he looks like that because he's stupid.

Kristen looked wasted.And sad.And ugly.She finally understood her mistake to leave her bf MA and be with that shitty guy.

teacher said...

To 12:54 and 1:11 anonymous who are one and the same person...grammar and spelling lessons are in order.First off, I believe the word you are trying to say is 'shrew' not screw, as in "You have a screw loose." Next, it is 'sheep' not sheeps and it is 'shepherd' not shepard. You nonstens really need to pay more attention in your 5th grade English class and if you really study hard, you wouldn't have time to be so bitter about two people you know are together. Now go clutch your Edwrad pillow and study.

teacher said...

That would be Edward.

Anonymous said...

@to teacher

Fuck off,bitch!
Did i spell it right?

Anonymous said...

Kristen looks so depressed lately.I mean at the whole NM promotion she looked happy all the fucking time.And so stylish.Has she changed her stylist?The pants she was wearing last night were awful.She never smiles.Her hair is a big mess.Her London choices were bad.

Rob's hair is worse than ever.He looks dirty and smelly.

na_ce said...

Let's try this again...Im a long time reader this is my first post.I was at the RM premiere last night!! It was really cold but great to be with other positive fans. Everyone was there to support the man We all love! The Summit folks gave out passes to a couple hundred fans to see a special screening of RM about 2 block away!! It's a good a way to clear the area..lol. You will love Rob even more when u see it...if that's possible. BTW fans were over the moon cheering for Kristen last night!!! Can't wait to see both in their future movie rolls.

Iris said...

the awesomeness of today's post knows no bounds :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Rose. Have been sneaking a peek at your lovely blog all day at work waiting for my dose of "Rose's wisdom". Now I'm home and I finally see you have again written something that is so true. Love your writing. Love you.

MyCleverAlias said...

Well played, hon. Take away all of the bullsh*t and the cyncism (which is somewhat fair; Hollywood is pretty disingenuous) and you get actions.

As you so rightly pointed out, when these two crazy kids can be together, they are. Including when they're not filming the Twilight saga and are free to do whatever and go wherever they want. I don't know their lives; for all I know they're besties who spend their free time braiding each others' hair and knitting scarves. That would be an epic waste of hotness, but hey - it's their lives. No one other than Kristen and Rob know exactly what their deal is, and if they don't want to share, that's their business. All we can do - like Rose - is observe and make our own conclusions.

When I see two people (who look at each other the way they do) spending that much time together? Obvious conclusion to me. Anyone else can have their own opinion.

But then ... why show up just to snark and b*tch at people who disagree? What an epic waste of time and energy.

And PS - it's hard to maintain a successful long-term relationship, period. Trying to do it in your late teens/early twenties makes it even more difficult. Trying to do it at that age while living under intense scrutiny? Sweet Jebus. It's got to be hard. And it wouldn't be without bumps in the road.

Clearly, some things are worth it. Thanks for writing, Rose. I always enjoy your blog! (As I will enjoy these two actors, together or separately.)

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA I thought there was school today guess some of the kids are home SICK( HART BROKEN over what DID happen last night).ITs ok some day YOUR PRINCE WELL COME

Anonymous said...

hey you lovely Robsten junkies! Rose, darling i dont think much should be said anymore!!! we are doing persuading, convicing to the nonstens and denying ppl! we should now take money and help pay for them to check-in a psychward or counseling! did i tell you how much you rock!?! if and if lets say r and k have a child you should be numvber 1 for their child's godmother! i love how you dont push it or say i told you so or nothing...k was looking awesome in those heels! to speak of the view interview i hated hated it not because of Rob of course!! the lady in the blue the one who was sitting next to Rob i could feel she didnt like him at all!! but who cares about her? the interview on the view was not good for him..rob should never go there again!


Anonymous said...

its me again! on the view when rob was asked about being nervous w the love scene w EDR we all knew why! hmmmhmmm who or what could it be! ooh i know, maybe he was overwhelmed by EDR or oooh i know, he has never done w another co-star before so he was nervous...can anyone tell me, i wonder!?!? lol...hahaha.. love you Rose ur blog is the highlight of my day! lets have some Robsten cake w extra frosting shall we?!?

truly, Trish

Dana said...

@2:44 anonymous...wow,you are so mature. Who said you were in 5th grade? More like Special Needs Kindergarten.

Rose, looks like the repulsive haters have made it here.When people feel threatened, they lash out like caged animals.So sorry you have to deal with their idiocy. Keep up the great work! Loved R and K last night.

Dana said...

Rose-You really need the Grammar Nazi from the AT for the nonsensical,illegible posts that the nonsteners are making. Always easy to spot them as they cannot write a coherent sentence. All that hate and jealousy has addled their brains.

Anonymous said...

To 2:44 anon.-you spelled it right but neglected to capitalize "I" and what a sad commentary that you have to curse at people. What a sad life you haters lead.

Anonymous said...

Kristen just left for the airport! She's wearing Robs shirt from last night. hehe.

Jenn Ski said...

awww, so cute


Patricia said...

Rose: it's me again, I just couldn't wait till tomorrow, I had to post that Kristen just left JFK Airport wearing the undershirt that Rob had on last night under his shirt and suit to the Premiere of "Remember Me" So SUCK THAT HATERS !Rock on Kristen! I'm already having withdrawals with her leaving and Rob finishing up tonight. But what we go last night was worth everything! Grazie

Anonymous said...

Rose, you are so right on! I have been waiting since last night to read your post! Thanks! As for all the negativity today, what is up with that?! I guess some people are upset by the obvious admission by R/K that they are together (her appearance last night on the RC in support of her man PROVES it to me, not that I doubted before, but still...) and so the crazies are over here spewing their baloney! Unfortunate since this is such a happy day for all of us R/K fans. So we can ignore it and ask the haters to leave us alone here; this is a place for FANS of R/K!! All others can go elsewhere!! Thanks, Rose, for keeping it real!

Anonymous said...

I guess you can call me one of the Grammar Nazis. I've always believed that if you're going to write a vicious diatribe, at least proofread the thing before you hit Enter. The Trolls show their colors as much by their poor spelling, grammar and punctuation as by their nastiness.

Save your pennies and get an education, Trolls. Try reading.

a writer and teacher

Anonymous said...

Not that it proves anything more than we already know, but this is pretty cute. http://robstenation.blogspot.com/2010/03/kristen-wears-robs-shirt-as-she-leaves.html

Anonymous said...

To the haters.......you can get on this blog and say whatever the hell you want to about Rob, Kristen, and any one of us who love and support them, but know this...IT CHANGES NOTHING !!!!! ROB LOVES KRISTEN, ROB WANTS TO BE WITH KRISTEN, AND WE, IN OUR ROBSTEN COMMUNITY, WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM WHETHER THEY ARE TOGETHER OR NOT. AND BELIEVE ME, THEY ARE TOGETHER. So, go somewhere and get a life, or, better yet, crawl under a rock !!!!

imloco2 said...

*loco peeks her head in, looks around...*

Great post Rose. Ditto every word.

*sneaks back out*

Anonymous said...

I don't get why nonstens say they're mad at Rob for pretending to be with Kristen. Newsflash, he isn't pretending. I don't even understand how they say that. R/K go on vacation to a low populated island with no paps only pics were from a little girl, they have dinner together and leave so they are far enough apart to not be in the same shot, and Rob says he's afraid of overexposure and would never do anything for publicity. And supposed 'fans' of Rob really think he would do that? They 'ship' him with a married woman(EdR) and his BFF(Tom). It kind of creeps me out. And it's like they are having it both ways, they say it's for publicity, but in the same breath they say there isn't anything that shows they are in a relationship. I don't get it. I can't take them seriously anymore.

Audrey said...

Another great piece from you Rose! I love the 'Checkmate, Clingers' part the most! =)

Anonymous said...

may' bom pIm bom

BellaRoma4 said...

Loved that Kristen went to the RM premiere and walked the carpet. Grinning so big when I read that they walked in together and sat next to each other.

Like you, I don' get the screaming. Maybe because I've honestly never screamed for any actor/singer. It's annoying to watch an interview and know that time is being taking from them to wait for the screaming to die down. :(

Ignore the venom, Rose. Love your blog! :)