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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Rose and Robert

I've read through the emails.
I've read the comments.
I've read some blogs

And what did I find that happened
last weekend?
Same shit. Different day.
As always.

Random Thoughts.

If you look at this picture
and say something ugly?
You are making shit up.
The dress was beautiful.
The makeup... sublime.
I mean... Look at her eyes.
Her hair was perfect.

So of course some people HAD to find
something... ANYTHING to pick on.

1. "Kristen was all nervous and awkward on stage...
and how dare she clear her throat!"
Hello? Hello? Anyone there?
Kristen is always nervous and awkward...
and to have that played out on a stage
the size of the Academy Awards?
Not everyone is smooth and easy going in front of people.
Some people are shy and nervous when zillions
of people are looking at you.

2. "OH MY GOD! Kristen took off her shoes!
How disgusting!"
How many fucking times have you taken off your shoes
after wearing heels all night?
Yeah... thought so.

My sweet sweet boy.
I found out last night that Remember Me
is indeed showing in a nearby theater.
I was worried for a while there.
But I've been seeing commercials for it on TV
so I figured it HAD to be playing somewhere!
Rob looks so damn incredible in this movie.
I'm actually proud of him.
I expect to go to the first showing on Friday morning.
I expect to laugh. I expect to cry.
I expect to fall more in love with
Robert Pattinson.
Is that possible?
I'm not sure... but I'll give it a shot!

Also wanted to discuss some Twitter bullshit.
For the most part... I follow people who are 
interested in what I'm interested in.
Makes sense, right?
Oh yeah... I have some friends on there...
Friends who don't always agree with my opinion.
And that's totally cool with me.
I sometimes see the things they tweet...
and I shrug my shoulders, and move on.
I have some so called 'friends' who have 
blocked me for talking about Kristen.
Or unfollowed me.
Doesn't that make you giggle just a little?
Are my tweets so horrifying that they just cannot stand it?
For one thing... I'm not a fanatical tweeter.
So I really don't say THAT much...ya know?
I ReTweet things that I like...
My tweets have upset these people SO much.
I mean... SO MUCH
That they couldn't read them one more day!
And to be honest?
It's always when there is another Rob/Kristen
thing going around.
It seems that some people just cannot
read about Rob/Kristen another moment!
It's so painful! 
If you rant and cry over someone's tweets?
If you feel the need to unfollow them for their opinions?
Kinda lame.
That's all I'm saying.
Kinda lame.

Robert. Walking. Equals. Perfection.

Focus, Rose... Focus.

I realize I've been pretty bitchy in this post.
Eh... what can I say?
I'm just commenting on the things that stood out for me
the most this weekend.
But I saved the best Cling for last.
This cling is the stickiest, gooiest cling of the day.
(gooiest looks odd... doesn't it?)


"Where were all the Kristen fans BEFORE Twilight?
If she's SO awesome, the best actress of her generation...
why weren't they there before? They are only fans
 of Kristen... because of Rob."

1. Like all these Rob fans were fans before Twilight?
Even I remember Robert in Goblet of Fire...
I thought he was beautiful...
But he didn't resonate with me until Twilight.
So why is it a bad thing to become a fan of someones
after you see them in a movie?

2. Only fans of Kristen because of Rob?
Only Kristen haters because of Rob.
Let's face it.
They didn't hate Kristen before Rob/Twilight.
They didn't build Kristen bashing sites before Rob.
They didn't make fun of her and call her names...
Before Rob.
It only goes to say...
They hate Kristen because of Robert.
Why didn't you hate on her BEFORE?
For some reason the silly 
"I am rubber, you are glue"
has come to mind.
Sticky. Gummy.
That's about right ;)

Bye for now.
Oh yeah. Almost forgot.
Kristen will be on the Tonight Show TOMORROW!
And Jimmy Fallon and Regis and Kelly - March 16th
Remember Me- March 12th!!!
The Runaways- March 19th!!

Cling on.


Melody said...

I thought Kristen looked wonderful too. As far as taking her shoes off who cares. It's not like she took them off on stage. Love the smiley pic of Rob, haven't seen this one before. Love the button flys but oh how I miss the Nikes.

a plee said...

Perfect words. As always. I'm so glad I found your blog (it was a coincidence) and I still don't regret it. Hopefully forever 'cause you write with such a passion that I can feel it!
So keep on!
Thank you so much,

Angelica said...

We love bitchy!

And I liked Rob after I had seen Twilight.
I hadn't noticed him before.

And Kris looked awesome.

And that Twitter-crap is really crappy.


Audrey said...

Spot on again, Rose! I laughed at how you pointed out on how most people started being Rob's fans after Twilight and what the haters wrote to you about Kristen's fans only start liking her also after Twilight. Some people are just pathetic. They thought they had made a good point but really they just constantly show sane people how insane they're. Oh well!

And I just love everything Kristen showed us at her initial Oscar experience. She's breathtakingly gorgerous! I actually liked her awkwardness when presenting at the stage with Taylor. I mean after all she's only 19 and we all know that she's nervous and all that and being awkward just made her more real and more adorable -- of coz in my opinion. I wished Rob had been there though. I just would think it would have been perfect if Rob had been there by her side when she was extremely stunningly gorgerous. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, Rose. I missed you!

Kristen was so beautiful at the Oscars. She was wearing the perfect accessory, that gorgeous skin. The only better accessory might have been Rob. *sigh*

I love her awkwardness. It makes her so real. I always admired her before Twilight, but I'd never heard of Rob before. Now I'm a rabid fan of both.


Patricia said...

Rose: Welcome back! Rob,Rob,Rob! I just watched him on the "Early Show" He is beautiful! Kristen at "The Awards" She is beautiful! To be 19 and in love with Rob. Rob, to be 23 and in love with Kristen! WOW! I love them! Love, that's the key word here! Haters " Find some Love in your life" Embrace that, instead of all the ugly HATE!
I can't wait to see "Remember Me" on Friday! Grazie Rose for once again "being spot on"

Anonymous said...

No offence but you are always complaining about kristen hate. What about kristen's psycho fans??

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose i'm glade your back .And YES,YES.YES on ALL you had to say today.I LOVE YA, I LOVE ROB, AND I LOVE KRISTEN (the end.)keep it up girl maybe some day they well see the light. Kristen was beyond words .Our little girl is growing up isnt she?and our BOY ROB well you know our boy. cant wait to see RM comes out hear on the 12.So Rose do you think Rob. well be with Kris. at the runaways permiere?Well my friend you have a good day . Deb

Amanda said...

What I think is funny is they are now 'shipping' Rob and Emilie. They say that Rob and Kristen fans only like them together or think they are together because they are on screen together. Well, Rob and Kristen spend all their free time together and they actually are together. Rob has said in an interview he has never really seen Emilie outside of work. Plus, she is married. They are so hypocrital with that, and also the 'where were Kristen's fans before' thing. I didn't really know either of them before Twilight, and I like them now individually and together. Rose, loved your post today!

RobstenFan67MI said...

Thank-You,Rose for another EXCELLENT post!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rose. Such wise thoughts as always.
The profile pic of Rob is gorgeous. I could look at him for hours and never tire of it. Kristen is such a natural beauty. She was stunning at the Oscars. Both she and Rob are such down to earth people. They both seem to value being real and authentic as individuals, in their relationships with friends and family, and with each other. I was touched by the photo of the hug Kristen gave her father on the red carpet, and of the gathering of Rob's family with Kristen in attendance after the RM premiere in NY. From the very first moment I saw the two of them together during the first press tour for T, I had such a strong feeling that these two souls belonged together. Joy to them.
We are so fortunate to peek in on their success and amazing journey through work and with each other. You go Kristen! You go Rob! We are on your side cheering all the way.
I will be taking several friends who have not seen Rob in any film before to RM on Saturday. Get out the clueless and let's get them educated!

Anonymous said...

I just want to add that I saw "The Yellow Handkerchief" today and loved it. It was much better than I anticipated. All the acting in the film was wonderful. Kristen looked lovely, as always, and was so balletic, although she's said she had never taken dance before this movie. She was very touching the in the film. That's one I could see again and again.


Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:37, Thank You! I would like to know the same thing. It's always the Rob fans who are being bitched about, what about Kristen's fans? What about the crap they spew about Robert? Or the way they go off on others for not worshipping Kristen? How many of her fans that kept saying that Kristen was just nervous at the Oscars this year were giving Robert grief last year when he was on the Oscars for the first time? Some fashion writers actually had block Kristen fans on twitter because they were being fucking yelled at. People were making comments/complaints about the Remember Me clips & saying "they've seen the movie already". Are they going to complain about The Runaway clips that are being released? Or how about the Kristen fans who were bitching when it was announced that Rob was going to be presenting at the Baftas? "Oh great, now it's going to become the Rob show." Those same fans were peeing themselves over the pictures of Kristen at Rob's movie premier. And let's not forget the fans who were bithcing out Emilie for "stealing" Kristen's style.

Why is there such a double standard? I actually like Kristen, it's many of her fans that I can't tolerate.

I'm sorry to sound like a bitch, but this issue is really pissing me off.

Anonymous said...

I never leave comments but, I wanted to thank you so much for being the voice of reason in a delusional Rob and Kristen world. I can't stomach the inane crap that gets written about two young and talented individuals who just happen to be famous and in love..Yes in love..I don't need to see them in a sex tape declaring their love to see that that is what they are. I am proud to be a supporter of both. Kristen is absolutely gorgeous and she looked amazing during the Oscars, nervous, coughing and all. I can't wait to see Rob in RM. I have read the reviews, and for the most part, he is getting much praise. I wish them much luck and love.
Rose, thanks again for your wonderful blog. You are the best!!

imloco2 said...

When Rob is in motion I don’t see a Greek God. I see a really cute guy who is trying his best to live his life without it swallowing him whole. There’s a lot of live lived in his face already. Of course when he stops moving...there’s that Greek God. LOL His face just falls into GG status when it’s still. *smiling sigh* Just a random thought. ;)

Great post of course. That’s why I like it over here. We share most of the same thoughts on Rob and Kristen and I don’t have to wrack my brain trying to think how to say it. I have tried to stop paying any attention to the clingers if I can help it. They are irrational and no amount of ‘proof’ is going to convince them. Convince them of what? Whatever it is they take into their heads on any given day. But keep up the good fight. It’s funny to watch you shoot them down day after day. Sort of like duck hunting. LOL

Rob takes my breath away in the above pic. Kristen took my breath away at the Oscars. (Is her skin for real or is there a picture in her attic?) I can only imagine how beautiful Kris and Rob would look together at the Oscars. I have a new dream...

CSI_Robsten said...

first of all, great post as always, Rose...
I wanna say something to the haters: It's true, I'm one of Kristen's fan after watching Twilight and I don't hide it. So what???? Does it mean I'm her fan beacuse of Rob? No. Cuz I'm def more a kris fan. I didn't know her before Twilight, but I watched all her movies then and think she's great. And It's really sad that She became famous thanks to one of her "worst" movie. Don't get me wrong: I loved Twilight and NM, but she made such more beautiful films...have you seen "Speak"?? Well, she deserved the Oscar for that...
people who can't understand that are just childish and jealous, I don't care. That shit called "Hollywood" doesn't deserve Rob and kristen...They're more than two celerities.DOT.

Anonymous said...

To the people complaining about Kristen's fans, come on. What you're describing is few and far between when Kristen hate is so in your face. I'm friends with about 50 Kristen fans on twitter and they are always very very respectful of Rob. I'm sure there are some who aren't so respectful, but it certainly isn't a balanced amount compared to Rob's fans who hate Kristen. And about the Remember Me clips, I'm going to have to say I agree. Nothing to do with the film (I'm DYING to see it!) But Summit has a tendency to show the whole movie before it comes out. I complained about the same thing for New Moon promotion. It was clip overload and it ruined the movie for me a little. And I haven't seen any of Kristen's fans making sites that have comments that threaten Rob. There will always be extremes, and if you see Kristen fans who are doing those things to Rob that's wrong. I just don't think it's so obvious or as much as it in the other case. And trust me, again I have many twitter friends who are Kristen fans and I hardly ever see that. That's just my experience. Sometimes I see a Rob jab, and that irks me too, but I see blind jealous rage for Kristen, and it's just isn't the same thing.

Anonymous said...

To CSI_Robsten
Oh my gosh, "Speak" was a phenomenal performance. I thought she was outstanding in that film. I am excited because I know Rob will wow us with RM.

Anonymous said...

Rose, i am straight with a handsome boyfriend but I LOVE YOU.. will you marry me? lol. you say exactly how i feel. those saying we werent fans of kristen should stfu!!!! really. THEY HATE KRISTEN BECAUSE SHE IS WITH ROB why else would you hate a shy 20 year old actress you dont fucking know!?! why? apart from the smoking i love everything about this girl..we are FED up those fake, plastic tan walking sticks in hw. the fact that she is an actress but is totally out of the hollywood makes me love her even more! also even before i suppose she started dating rob, this was right after twilight came out many hated her..many hated her and said she was a horrible bella and someone else shouldve been casted. i find that funny because fact is the twilight saga is rather blessed to have her! not my opinion, a FACT! i became a fan of hers and supprted her after i realized all the hate towards her! i hardly stand up for people i dont know but kristen is an exception! Rob should on to her for his life!

Rose, i will help you to give the finger to all those who untweeted you! how childish are they?!! even though i can tell you love rob very much i love that you love kristen and stand up for her. thank you! p.s. there is no kristen w/o awkwardness that is part of her and her real fans know that! so what if they say she cleared a throat there is no rule saying one can't..puhlease. great post keep them coming
because you are awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

All those complaing about psycho kristen fans aka krisbians their domain is the AT (i advise you all not to go there i learned the hard way) ..they are just completely psychotic if you ask me. but there are MORE kristen haters than those kristen psycho fans!


Anonymous said...

She needs a bunch of “psycho fans” (yeah…not all us like Rob) to balance out the hate IMO, but HATE is lame no matter what the excuse. hey I don’t hate Rob…I think hes cute and goofy,see no hate. But can we say the same about Rob “psycho fans”?
Ps I think Kristen is a freak of nature…how come someone looks like that the… face(with minimal make-up), the skin and the body???!!!

kristine.hills said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kristine.hills said...

Oh My God, one day you have to become a fan, but you need to watch a MOVIE, that's why we are ROB&KRIS fans right now bc we saw Twilight and we loved them.It's ridiculous, it doesn't matter what movie what really matter is we love RK and we RESPECT them.
I agree w/people who said R fans(a lot of them) don't give K a chance, they simply don't like her. Why??? IDK, and i can't understand them if ROB LOVES KRIS so i'm SURE she is SPECIAL,and his family seems to love her too, the girl is a great person.
And i was amazed when i saw her barefoot, it was FANfuckingTASTIC, she is what/who she is, that's why she is UNIQUE.

ROSE i'm glad to read your thoughts and thanks for sharing them with us.

And ROB doesn't have blogs/sites that bash him, but K does,and it is SAD and unbearable.
Oh gosh lets make friends and enjoy our lives, lets spread love and be happy.Why can't we be happy for/with R&K??? ;)

kristine.hills said...

BTW Kristen was a Greek goddess at OSCAR.GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

You said it so well again Rose...

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the new interview Rob did with Collider? He basically says he's in love.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, I love, love, love your blog! I just had it recommended to me, so glad I checked you out! You are so dead on, funny, and oh by the way, I adore Robert too and I love Kristen also. Thank-you for being you.

Anonymous said...

I'm new around this blog and I'm loving it. The way you express your thoughts is great. I have something to say about that ones who have blocked you in Twitter: be yourself, no matter what they think or do!
Congratulations! Good job!
Jane Apple Sa

Kathy said...

To ME, Kristen was THE best dressed woman at the Oscars. Of course I watched Joan Rivers criticize her for not wearing more jewelry. Who cares? And who cares if she took her shoes off? I would've too. I just love her. And Rob? What can I say about him other than I love him dearly, and I'm looking forward to seeing Remember Me this morning. Going to a morning show to beat the crowd. Have a great day Rose.