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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Robert and Kristen are Beautiful.

Robert at the London premiere of Remember Me.
Delicious as always.
ADORABLE pic of Rob and Emilie.
So cute.
They look like they are having a great time
even with all the screaming!
They both look wonderful.
Loving the smiles.

I can only imagine what is going through her head
at that very moment.
Kristen at The Runaways premiere.
She looked like a rock star.

Joan Jett still fucking rocks.
I can't wait to see this movie
although I'm pretty sure I will have to wait
until it is released in April.
Yeah, Wisconsin isn't the hub of movie-dom.
Kinda sucks.
Rob. Walking. Heaven.

A couple of things.

1. There is an Italian Vanity Fair interview with Rob.
Hatestens/Clingers seem to be all about it.
It really boggles the mind.
(or in their case, I guess you would need a mind to boggle)
Here is the excerpt that has them all a clinging...
(their cling is highlighted)
Just a warning about the interview for all those people who can’t sleep at night asking if Robert is still ( still? Has he ever been? ) or not with Bella / Kristen Stewart: yes, I wanted to ask him about this, no, I couldn’t. “No pics, autographs and questions about private life, or the interview will end”, they threatened us. We have to stick to the official statement: “ we are just friends”. It is certain that there is ( or there was?) feeling between the two of them, “many and complex feelings” said Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. In their private life they are such as in the movie: between them there is an intense attraction that you can’t realize. In fact, during the shooting, Kristen was ( officially) with her historic boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano. 

It's almost like they just stopped reading after "we are just friends".
The Haters admit that stuff can get lost in translation...
But I guess it's only the stuff that alludes to any kind of
relationship between Robert and Kristen.
The fact that Rob never said the HATER MANTRA of
"we are just friends" in this interview escapes them.
It was VF's interpretation of the 'official' statement.
And even then...
how do you ignore the rest of the paragraph?
I love how Haters pick and choose their Clings.
Remember when Kristen was interviewed recently by
another Italian magazine?

I:"Last question: Do you want to clear up your relationship with Robert Pattinson?"
K: "No, I don't. I just can say that with Twilight we all have become really close and what people say about us ends up debasing our relationships"

I: "So are you telling me you are just good friends?"
K: "No, I'm not. That's not what I said"

Well the Haters DON'T BELIEVE KRISTEN!!!
They will ONLY believe Robert if he says that.
Well... because Kristen is saying something they don't like.
Of course.

To be honest...
The whole thing really gives me a headache.
It's never-ending back and forth.
And I know that I actively participate in
some of the bullshit...
But I'm trying to be reasonable.
It doesn't work.
There is no reasoning with the unreasonable.
This is my blog. I state my opinion.
It seems a lot of people don't like my opinion
Why? It's only me.
I've had people search me out on Twitter
for the sole reason of 'attacking' me.
People who seek out my blog...
just to leave nasty comments.
Why would you do that?
When did it get personal to you?
You don't find that pathetic?

I have to share this.
When people comment on my blog...
It is saved for me.
Even when you delete it...
I still have it.
(too bad, so sad)
This is an example of someone
who is seriously distorted.
Who obviously doesn't understand sarcasm
or possess a sense of humor.
Someone who is so angry...
that this is what she writes to me:

Ana (I decided not to post her whole name) has left a new comment on your post "A Day In The Life":

You're such a BITCH!!!
How can you treat your son and your husband like that?
Selfish, crazy BITCH!!!

Someday, when you lose ALL of them (and believe, YOU WILL LOSE THEM if you don't go to a psychatrist to TREAT YOUR MENTAL ILNESS!)
you'll regret for being such a mediocre, EVIL person!!!

You are a SHAME for ALL WOMEN, WIVES e MOMS of the WORLD!!!

I'm the one with the mental illness.
(I guess she didn't 'get' that post)
I would be laughing if this wasn't so bizarre.
(OK, I'm laughing a little)
I guess she thinks I'm a BITCH!!!!!!
You know... lots of CAPS!!!!
See... this an example of the lunatic fringe.
I like Kristen and Robert together.
So this makes this person think she knows me
and proceed to call me names.
She's attacking me personally...
Which brings the lunacy to a whole new level.
I feel sorry for anyone who has
taken the whole Rob/Kristen thing to this
extreme point in their life.
Yes. I feel sorry for you.
And so it goes.
Bye for now.


LoveRpattzKstew said...

who the hell posted those comments? tell me i am gonna kick them in the ass jeez they are really really poor

eimski said...

Wow - I can't believe people would stoop so low, so sorry you have to deal with idiots like that. Great post as always :)

rldestef said...

Maybe I'm a little slower than the most colorful readers of your blog but how is the highlighted portion even something to cling to?

First, after the quotes it is an opinion, not what they were told (the quoted section I would venture to guess is standard for most celebrities). Second, the opinion isn't that they are just friends, but that is the official tagline. Well that was Beyonce and Jay-Z's official tagline for years and they're married now. But I don't know, whatever gets you through the night I guess.

Love_twilight said...

What a stupid bitch!!

Ana M. said...

Dear Rose:

My name is also Ana and I am also a wife and a mother! And, like you, I try, every single day, to fit some reasonable thoughts among the crazinesse that the all R&K subject became.
I'm from Portugal, so I'm a few hours later to the events as they happen in the USA and to all de coments - and the HATE - that come along with them.
It's frustranting!!....And I can't imagine what kind of life (or no life) must all the hatters have to bring such insanity, hate coments and pure craziness to a blog, just because the authour as a diferent opinion from theres.
I LOVE this blog, is one of my favorits and I come here every day to read your thoughts, your sarcasm and the hilarious way you writte about R&K! It always brings a smile into my face and a ray of light into my work day!
So, THANK YOU Rose, for being you, for standing up against the insanity and for bringing us a reasonable point of view of our beloved couple...
You're NOT a shame at all, I'm PROUD of you as a mom, a wife and a woman of the world!
keep going, Rose, please!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you actually realized that Rob had a premier yesterday. After being on set at 6:00 AM, he must have been dog tired going into this. And it's nice to see Emilie & Dakota show that you can go short on your skirts without falling to the "other" side.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Ana, I enjoy reading your blog everyday and I personally love the way you write and your humour. Please stay the way you are as there are MANY more people that love you than hate you :0)

Lizzie said...

Rose -
Love you and love this blog!!

Anonymous said...


Seriously? Did you read the above blog. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate on Rose for what she writes and when she writes it. Hate on Kristen because of what? Who she's dating? Really? Grow up. Oh and FYI that dress she was "falling to the other side" is on about every best dressed list today.

Tired of both sides said...

Her comments wasn't an admission or a denial. iI was a statement that she wasn't saying what they were going to quote her as saying. not yes, not no, just that's not what she said.

I just believe if you care about them, then you don't talk about it... it's about respect... and both sides are equally wrong for perpetuating the fight. It's entirely disrespectful to both of them.. I understand it's your blog and you can write what you want and for the most part I get where you could consider that what you are doing is sarcasm... I see it as a cry from someone who needs negative attention.

No matter, it's just sad that you feel the strong need to perpetuate it by poking it with sticks and making it angry... you are no better then that which you rant about...

and now.. your incessant ramblings have made me no better as well.

Welcome to the shallow end folks...

Anonymous said...

Rose, I read your blog everyday but this is the first time I've posted a comment.I'm from Italy,so I apologize for my english in advance. I have to say that you're ALWAYS spot on!! I agree with everything you say! I feel so sorry for those people who keep on hating and apparently they'd rather hate and hate and hate than respect.I really can't understand that kind of behaviour, I don't find it entertaining at all! People should just respect other's opinion, even if they don't happen to agree. Just ignore them,Rose! They don't deserve your attention. By the way,I'm also posting this comment to try and make something clear: since all this fuss revolves around an Italian article and since I'm Italian I can say that in the original one the statement that the journalist calls "official" is "WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS" not "We are JUST friends" ,the word "just" in nowhere to be seen . And yes, this was the LAST "official" statement WHICH WAS MADE ALMOST AN YEAR AGO, the last official because Robert and Kriten haven't commented on their personal life since THEN. Doesn't this say anything??I can't even believe we are talking about this again! The "are they/aren't they" is so old! We all have figured out what's the answer. Journalists can't even say the name "Kristen" that they are thrown out of the press room. We have had enough proof of that ! And The Italian journalist says that herself in the article:they weren't allowed to ask anything about his private life. WHy?? I think people should just to use their common sense,but, since things are what they are, I think there's no common sense anymore. Sorry,for the long post! Rose,you're awesome! Keep doing what you do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
first of all I apologize for the translation of the article. I made it and yes, I translated one word wrong. The line in the article said:
"Siamo molto amici", in English is " we are much friends", or " we are very good friends", I use the word "just" but it was not the right word.
Apart of this, I'm sorry for the comments of people attacking you. I totally uderstand you, because I received the same teatment. I'm a fan of Orlando Bloom, and he is in a relationship with model Miranda Kerr. Some of his so-called fans bash him for this relationship, even now that the two of them are together from more than 2 years. So this is not going to stop, even if Rob and Kristen will admit thei relationship. Don't let those crazy haters bother you, your blog is great!! And you ROCK!

Rose said...

@Tired of Both Sides:

You know, your comment made me smile, because on some level, I am also tired of both sides.
I don't agree about the respect part... because me saying that Robert and Kristen are dating isn't disrespecting anything. I just post my thoughts on a silly little blog.
1. I'm not rude, nor do I personally attack Rob or Kristen in any way. I love and support them.
2. Robert and Kristen would have to give a shit what I say (which they obviously don't), and then they would have to decide if it was indeed disrespectful. Who are you to judge what they deem respectful or not?
3.I need negative attention? Really? Do I seek out negative sites and go posting looking for conflict? No. Do I purposely follow known Kristen haters on Twitter and provoke argument? No.
They come looking for me. They come to my site. They post to my Twitter.
4.I admitted that I like to stir the crazy pot every now and then.
It's no secret.
Does that make me crazy? Maybe a little ;)
But ranting? Please. Go back and read Ana's BITCH comment to me and see what a real Rant is.

5. The fact that you admit to responding to THIS makes you no better? Indeed. And it just goes to show that even you who are no doubt 'above it all' just cannot resist a little rant now and again.

6.Welcome to the shallow end... where you have come to my blog to respond to something I have written. Not the other way around.
But it still made me smile.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Rose IM SOO mad right now I feel like crying! I must be a BITCH toooo . I feel and see the same way you do about OUE Rob and Kristen.YOU ARE NOT A BITCH YOU ARE A CARING AND BEAUTIFUL PERSON. And I for one just LOVE you. AND ALL you have to say .It is only what you think BUT it is also WHAT alot of US are thinking to.I guess this person who has SO MUCH HATE for you must have a VERY LONELY LIFE and I feel SORRY for some one who has NO ONE TO LOVE OR THAT LOVES THEM.WE got you back Rose WE LOVE YOU.MY kids just laugh at me BUT are GLADE TO SEE ME HAPPY THEY know how I feel about Rob and Kristen.OK last night I think Kristen looked SO beautiful AND I to was thinking about what she must be thinking.AND OUR Rob what can I say THATS OUR ROB. Was nice to see his family there and some of his friends. Well my friend i hope you DO HAVE a GOOD day I LOVE YA ROSE KEEP up the GOOD WORK .AND TO HELL WITH ALL THE HATERS ........DEB.

Anonymous said...

Rose, first of all I want to tell you that you're the best I've seen at pairing up your blog with perfect pics of our two favorite stars. Great job!

Secondly, I love all things Rob and Kristen. I believe they are together. Even if they weren't, I would still be a fan of each of them separately.

But I do have a life. People like the harridan whose Tweet you posted are truly pathetic. Obviously she has no life or sense of self to the point that she can toss out this kind of venom.

I'm so sorry you have to deal with sad losers like this. I'm also glad that most of the posters on your blog are pleasant, reasonable people, even when their opinions differ from yours.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog, no matter what the crazy on the internet is, you always use reason and logic here. Unfortunately rational thinking is not something that exists frequently in this fandom. Keep blogging Rose, you're one of the good ones.

Anonymous said...

Okay, am I going crazy or in the Vanity Fair article does it clearly state that he doesn't say anything about his personal life and back when they did talk about it they said they are "good friends", but that seems to have changed? That's what I gathered. How are the clingers even trying to use that? It's like they try to be ignorant so they don't have to realize the truth. I'm sorry you have to deal with crappy people Rose. They obviously feel threatened by your words because they know they hold truth. I don't understand nonstens, they say it ruins the 'fantasy' if Robs not single but don't they understand he's a REAL person with REAL emotions that deserves happiness? The only reason I'm a robsten fan is because it seems to me they make eachother happy, so why be against that? By the way, I think Kristen must have looked a little too pretty yesterday, they went into full attack mode. It was quite pathetic. Anyway rant over. Thank you for todays post Rose, it was great!

Anonymous said...

I'm Italian!
the article said: "siamo MOLTO amici"
"just" IS NOT THE RIGHT word.

eli (italy)

Anonymous said...


i soooo agree with you.

ps; Rose, a lot of people who are actually kristen fans b!tching about Rob lately. esp. on Ted's board. I hope you write something about this.
I mean you write so well about kristen hate.. js..

Tired of both sides said...

Rose, I have been reading your blog for a very long time... long before Kristen became your focus here.

I don't blog because I don't have the time frankly. Does it make you better then I or vice versa, I don't believe so. I do think that by blogging, as with commenting, you open yourself to additional opinions.

happen to like them both, very much. I don't care for the mean comments from either side.

I would like to understand why it means so much to both sides. You admit you like to "stir the crazy pot" but in doing so, aren't you yourself asking for the "crazy" people to comment?

I have never seen so many people so vested in an outside relationship ever. That in itself is insane. Do any of these people spend half as much time on their own relationships?

I used to love reading your thoughts on Rob, how he affected you, how you cared too much for him. There were days when it was like you were able to read my own thoughts as well.

You have clouded all that now. You don't talk about him the way you used to. That is sad to me. And I may be the only person who feels this way, but my opinion should not be invalidated because you disagree, I mean isn't that what you always say... people don't have to agree with you, just be nice.

Your next question will probably "then why are you here Tired?" I have your answer, I come here to see if, perhaps, the woman who's thoughts were so much like my own might one day reappear here.

I am not knocking your right to blog about whatever you choose, but excuse me for being a little sad that the blog I found such comfort and solace in has changed so drastically that it is completely unrecognizable.

All you ever sound anymore is angry. All you do.. in every post, is prod on anger.

I'm sorry if my sadness over the loss of a favorite place that no longer exists is offensive to you.

You just seemed better then that.. and before you jump, I am not saying anything about your intelligence nor am I saying I am better then you... I am saying you have changed and in my opinion it is not for the better.

But you seem happy, at least you continue to say you are so... perhaps you really are proud of the path you have chosen.

On thing picks at my brain from your comment above, if you don't go to the opposing sites or follow opposing views on Twitter, how is it, exactly, that you know so much about what they think, what they believe and what they say? Perhaps it is your mere reference to their opposing opinion and, in your view, their lack of intelligence that is inciting the reactions you are getting.

Say what you think.. I'm not saying not to.. but if you are posting here on what others say elsewhere aren't we just talking geography?

As your followers love to quote so often, "If it walks like a duck , and quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck.... " well what is it exactly we should call it?

I am glad I was able to make you smile.. I hope it was in a good way.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that most of the "clingers" are teenagers with immature minds and dramatic tendencies, like leaving nasty, hateful messages and starting ridiculous rumors. It takes life experience to be able to tell right from wrong, truth from lies and reason from "clinging". Being married with kids actually gives you better skills at this and more perspective.

Anonymous said...

again, the italian article says "siamo molto amici" that can be translated in "we are very good friends", the word "just" doesn't fit at all because it simply doesn't exist in the article and ends up changing the whole meaning of the statement.Period. And the haters who,by the way, use this to cling on their delusion, have they forgotten the all "I'm so kind of..criptically avoiding this question throughout the entire press tour" comment?? There you have it, right from the horse's mouth! I think the truth is right in front of our eyes! Rob and Kristen don't owe us anything, they have given us enough clues about their relationship as far as I'm concerned.Let's enjoy their careers and let's be happy for them because they seem pretty happy to me in this time of their life. Again Rose, keep writing your posts because they are awesome!
love, from Italy

Anonymous said...

I hope I don't get bashed for saying this but it seems to me that Kristen might be better off without Rob. I only say this cause I keep noticing shes been beaming a lot lately and looks really happy. In London and at the RM Premiere she looked sad and totally lost. I hope I'm wrong cause I like them both and hope they miss each other.


Rose said...

@Tired of both sides:

well. your comment has truth to it.
I did use to wax poetic about Robert Pattinson... endlessly.
How many times can I say he's beautiful and I adore him?
Well, I still do that, but now I just comment on things that are on Twitter and/or Blogs.
No, I don't go to Hate infested sites. I don't read the IMDb boards, The comments on Ted's site, or even the infamous Nonsten.
Am I aware of what is being said?
I would have to be living in a cave not to. Plus the fact that people who do read my blog, send me stuff. Honestly? I find the whole "ROBSTEN" dynamic... fascinating. Not so much the couple, but the hurricane surrounding them.
Tired... you sound very much like someone I used to know. Someone whom I was once kinda close to, but our opinions have set us on different paths.
I'm sorry if my blog disappoints you now. But here's the scoop...
I don't write it for you... or anyone else.
Just for me.
And while my pining for Robert was probably more pleasant to read about then my 'incessant' discussion of hypocrisy and hatred...
That's the way it goes.
Things change. We move on.
When I first started writing this blog, I wasn't as much of a Kristen fan, either. And now I feel as protective over her... as I do Robert. The more I came to 'know' her... the more I liked.
It happens.
Again, sorry that I have let you down. But I didn't ask to be the voice of what is in anyone's head.
That's one of the reasons I don't make a habit of policing the comments.. and I'm all for opposing opinions if there is more than just blind hatred and jealousy behind them.
So I appreciate what you have to say. And it made me think.
What more can you ask?

Anonymous said...

Rose, I have just recently (past month or so) found your blog. I, like you judging from what you said above, entered this whole thing a die-ard Rob fan. I was not at all sure about Kristen, or the whole relationship thing. But, may be like you, I began to see it, and see that Kristen was not what she first appeared, at least to me. I do know someone who has met Kristen, and Rob,twice. She found Kristen aloof at first. But, at the New Moon premier, when Kristen was obviously sick, she became impressed with her take one for the team attitude. I must admit,my attitude about Kristen had changed already,but it was nice to hear my friend say what I already had come to know in my heart. I personally think any true Rob fan would be happy with his connection to Kristen. They have been through a lot and need each other to lean on. I don't know them, but they do seem to be similar in many ways. Like you, I avoid Ted's comments and I never ever go to the negative sites. Too depressing and sad. They way you were being attacked last night was so unbelievable to me. Why? Why would someone spend so much time on such hate and meaness? People pick on you for being Rob-obessed - but it doesn't hurt anyone. You go to his movies - did all of Rob's fans do that last weekend? I did, twice and am going again. The last movie I saw more than once in a theater was Grease. That's how old I am, but I do support the movies. I will support Kristen. It seems the craziness has reached epic proportions, but I have purposefully stayed away and out of the fray. (I was never in it, but don't want to hear all the crap out there and you know there is a lot)

Anyway, thanks for what you do and say. You don't do it to make anyone happy,but many people agree with you. I am not a "shipper" ~ my life won't end if they are not together for ever. But they are together now,and happy. Let them be!

Sorry for rambling....

sara2 (sjjw on twitter)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well, I for one LOVE your opinion and it is almost always just exactly what I was thinking! I agree completely and love to read what you have to say. I agree that you have way more supporters than haters, so please keep it up and don't chnage anything. You are absolutely not a shame, you do me proud! That Ana is clearly messed up. Ugh! So sorry you have to deal with baloney like that, but you're WAY better than that and I know you can just shine her and anyone else who criticizes you. Everyone can have their opinion, but she is WAY out of line to personally attack you. NOT OK! Keep up the posts because we all come here every day to read YOUR OPINION!!!!!!
Love ya, Rose!

Anonymous said...


Your fuckin awesome and don't u forget it....Love your blog. Team Robsten all the way.

Anonymous said...

I personally like that you talk about Kristen on here. I'm a Rob fan through and through but Kristen is a part of Rob's life, and she doesn't deserve the hate she gets and how you address it makes you unique from the other blogs out there. So many blogs about Rob are purely superficial, and then there is your blog that is so bold and honest and I really like that. Like someone else commented above me, please don't change a thing.

kristine.hills said...

Rose i just wanna say that i LOVE these places(your littleHUGE blog and you RK twitter) OMG i can find so many good thing about my idols. I love You too!!!
When i grow up i want to be like you, you inspire me girl.You are an excellent example to be followed. Heart u a lot!

I was joking about the grow up thing,i'm an adult, but i wanted to say i respect you and your thoughts too much.

Kisses from BRAZIL!!!
Oh yeah the BRAZILIAN love RK...

kristine.hills said...

but i was NOT joking about you are an excellent person and i DO idmire you!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Rose. Actually, people are really free to read this blog or not, if that person "Ana" doesn't like your thoughts it's time to her look for another place, because a lot of people (like me) are enjoying your posts. Just keep doing your job, it's marvelous!!! Hugs
Jane Apple

Jane Apple said...

I've forgot to say I'm brazilian and we love Robsten too.
You shoudn't care about who has that kind of feelings (hate)
see u soon!
Jane Apple

Anonymous said...

@Rose and Tired of Both Sides. Great posts. . . both of you.

I do see where you're coming from, Tired. But as a writer myself, I also see Rose's side clearly.

The subject matter gets pretty thin when it's all superlatives about the exquisite Rob. Over time, Kristen has grown on me to the point where I'm really an equal fan of both. So I appreciate time being given to Kristen as well as Rob.

Rose, you're such a keenly intelligent and talented writer, and I absolutely understand the need to mix it up. I admit that I sometimes get tired of all the discussion of the Haters, etc. But I just bow out on those days.

I'm just happy that whatever it is that keeps you expressing your unique take on two intensely talented and interesting human beings is enough to make you show up for your readers each day.



Tired of both sides said...


"I don't write it for you... or anyone else.
Just for me."

I guess that pretty much says it all.

I was glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels this way, and misses your old blog...

Before today, I had never commented here, it's funny that the first time I do, you basically inform me that I am not welcome here. I do want to apologize for taking your words in and personalizing them to me. I had no right to do that. My apologies.

Rose, I wish you all the best. And whatever it is you are hoping to get from this blog, I hope you find it.

Tired of both sides said...


My apologies for taking your words and making them personal to me. I had no right.

As you say, it's your blog, you write it for you and no one else.

I have never come across a writer who didn't want to put a message out in what they were writing.

I do feel better knowing that you know others, like me, who miss your old format.

Perhaps you are right and it's time for change, time for me to move on.

Whatever it is your are trying to accomplish with your blog, I hope you do accomplish it.

Best wishes

Tired of both sides said...

Sorry, I posted and then it disappeared, so I tried to recreate my message...

I won't bother you again, feel free to delete any or all of these comments.

Anonymous said...

To Meg,go away,your all over Ted sites and talking BS.How do you know that Kristen was not happy during RM red carpet in NY,are you her friends or relatives?You're busted,because I read your same comments in every post about Rob and Kristen.We love Rose post,please don't start any BS.

Rose said...

Well Tired...
You do what you gotta do.
But you are projecting your feelings onto me.
I never said you weren't welcome here. And while I appreciate the fact that I used to 'write what you were thinking'... how do you honestly expect me to respond?
I can't do it.
Not because I still don't adore Robert, but because I write down my thoughts and feelings as I feel them. Maybe it will be inspired by a picture, maybe a blog post... maybe just a thought that comes to me. I CAN'T post for you... or anyone else. Then it wouldn't be my thoughts anymore... it would become forced, fake... and false.
I'm sorry you feel the way you do... I've actually enjoyed responding to you. Do I like the fact that there are people out there who do respond to what I write? Of course. I've been given very kind and thoughtful comments over the last few months.
But as to what I am trying to accomplish with my blog...
I'm still trying to figure that out. As always.

Best wishes to you... too.

Anonymous said...

Boy, there sure are some loonies out there!!

I love coming to your blog every day to read what YOU are thinking about, Rose. You never fail to make me smile even in the midst of all the crazy out there.

I love how Robert loves Kristen loves Robert....thanks for putting it into words for me.

Tired of both sides said...

You say tomato I saw tomato...You call it projecting, I call it connecting.. I never asked you to post for me, I just expressed an opinion, which I now feel I need to defend. You make good points and the facts are you don't know me and I don't know you. Though your words might have connected with me, really... they are just words... they don't give me the ability to actually know you. I just have seen so many people write here how you connect with them, you write what they feel... I have never seen you strike back at them as you have with me. I assumed it was alright to say what I did.

When I commented today I just wanted to vent because there is so much anger on both sides.. I thought this would be a safe place to do it...but it seems that really, if you don't pick a side you shouldn't have an opinion. It's interesting... but I guess it's just time.... I'm not mad, I'm not hurt, I'm not projecting I'm just.... moving on...

Again, I'm sorry

Rose said...

You really don't need to be sorry about anything. It is what it is.
Hope you are happy wherever you land.
Right now I'm Tired, too.

Bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose.. it´s the first time that i post a comment here... cause english it´s not my maternal lenguage, sorry in advance. First of all i just wanted to let you know that i love your blog!!
Girl you´re awesome! i´ve been reading your blog since november, and i really apreciate how you feel the need to protect K&R i mean to defend them, It´s great. i love the way express yourself and you are a very good writer! Keep doing it...

from Quito-Ecuador

Patricia said...

Rose: I just got home and read your blog and comments! OMG !
I look forward everyday to reading your blog and making my comment on what you have to say! Most of the time you are spot on to what's going on! We both love Rob and Kristen ! We both believe they are together and love each other! your words are from your heart and soul ! That's why we read and love you! Rock on and grazie for having an open mind to the people that come here to comment!

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Anonymous said...

How much BS is floating around the internet the last couple days about Rob I can't even believe. No wonder Kristen said in an interview yesterday she wasn't going to talk about her relationships because she didn't want to cheapen it. That's what's happening now by the media and they haven't even comfirmed their relationship! If they had broken up or whatever why when asked why Kristen wasn't there at the premiere he said she had her own premiere in New York? Everytime they are apart drama arises and suddenly Rob has 5 girlfriends. So sick of it.:/ I hate when people questiion Rob's character.