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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Ditty About Rob and Kristen...

Ever have those kind of days...
When every thought you have just starts or ends...
with "Fuck"?
Even looking at that beautiful face
doesn't take the edge off...

That's my day today.
No. It has nothing to do with any
drama surrounding Rob/Kristen.
As far as I'm concerned...
Kristen wearing Rob's shirt that 
he wore the day before?
Another nail in the cling coffin.
It's like she saw it laying on the chair
in their room (yes, their room)
and decided to wear it.
Cause you know their hotel room
was a fucking mess.
Clothes and stuff just everywhere.
And she pulled it on...
and it smelled like Rob...
And hell yeah...
every fucking one of us would
LOVE to be able to do that.
Don't deny it.

And Cling Coffin.
Kinda like that.
I decided to add a recent pic of 
Robert Walking!
That helps!!!

Like the face, too...
His wonderful face that shows
his emotions so clearly.
I can see why he's not a good liar...
I hope he doesn't play poker.

I like to speculate about Rob/Kristen.
Do I think it hurts him or her?
How does talking about people dating hurt them?
And why are there all these people out there
who are so self important
and so full of themselves...
that actually think Rob and/or Kristen
will read what they are saying?
Or care?
What would hurt them is all the hatred
and bitterness...
That is constantly directed at them.
By supposed 'fans'
Both of them.
Because Robert gets blasted when he does
things that some people don't agree with...
Like hanging out with Kristen.
And Kristen?
Well... she gets blasted for breathing.
That's how harsh some of these people are.
So me talking about Rob/Kristen dating?
Like they care what I think.
Hating people you don't know
for doing things you have no right to criticize?
Kinda scary, folks.

Remember Me next Friday March 12th!
The Runaways- March 19th!

Cling for now ;)


Lizzie said...

Oh Rose, your blogs are like everything I'm thinking. I was thinking the same about the shirt just laying around their hotel room.


Anonymous said...

Rose, another great post.

Ya know, it always seems strange to me that fans of R&K or R/K like to get together and discuss their favorite actor/duo. We don't need to recruit others.

Haters, on the other hand, can't resist proselytizing. Guess they can't enjoy their negative addiction by themselves. Hmmm.

Hope your day perks up, Rose. I'm kind of having one of those days myself.


Anonymous said...

Spot on. But you left out the part where Rob also gets blasted if he doesn't hang out with Kristen or shout from the roof tops that they are dating, because then he's just a lameass BF with no balls.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Firstly I love your Blog. BUT I REALLY Need your help... Something really wrong it's happen to me... The weekend I was reading someone who thinks Rob and Tom Stu are so much close to be just friends... I KNOW is Ridiculous... But I can't stop thinking about it. Tom is ALWAYS with Rob... And I don't Know... Don't get me wrong... I'm Robsten believer... But i told you Something is wrong with me... HELP ME! WHat do you think about their friendship?... THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

I adore your blog! It always makes me *smile*, even on the WORST days. Eventhough there have been a lot of haters out there, I have to say, I have read some of the most wonderful tweets ever from fans lately, after spotting Kristen & Rob kissing, hugging and finally BEING themselves, when they are AWAY from the camera. This makes me so happy. Thx again for your blog! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Rob and Tom are much more than friends.I think Rob's bi.He likes Kristen,but he also likes Tom.They were living together at some point,when he and Nina broke up.And i find it strange that Tom is EVERYWHERE with Rob.Doesn't he have a film to shoot?Come on!If you don't believe that something's fishy here,then you're all naives.

schmo22 said...

Oh please people. I have no idea why it is so hard to accept that he is dating Kristen. What do you all really think you are going to get out of it? He's not going to date you! So who cares if he is bi, tri, quad or likes to fuck backwards, it still won't be with you. Just wish the guy some happiness in life and if it's with Kristen, then as fan you should be happy for him. Not this delusional crap. By the way, he's hot anyway so he can pretty much have anyone he wants so I think it's great that he is in love with Kristen. Kudos to him! Oh yeah and I hope that all of you have mental images of him fucking Kristen backwards now!

Patricia said...

Rose: I can't believe all the hate in sooo many people's hearts! I love Rob,Kristen and you.( for always posting wonderful messages) I'm sorry that we're getting all these crazies responding to your blog. I also am starting to have "Rob and Kristen withdrawals" I'm really addicted to them and your blog. Grazie ! Rock on Rose

Anonymous said...

RIGHT ON ROSE you said it. Talk all you want about our two. even tough it wont stop the hatred for Rob and Kristen nothing will stop that (WHAT A SAD,SAD,SAD LIFE)I cant wait tell Sunday.Do you know when or IF Rob well be back in the US?well my friend i hope you have a good day .AND PLEASE ROSE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOU MAKE MY DAY LIKE ALWAYS DEB.

Jude said...

Anonymous at 12:04PM: I've had the same best friend since the 7th grade. We spend lots of time together, and I'm sure if I had a special project that I was really proud of, she'd be there to support me just as I'd do for her were it the other way around. We love going to dinner together. We miss each other when we don't see each other for a few weeks. We've been friends, as I said, FOREVER. But do we love each other *that way*? Uh...no. We're both straight. Not that we have a problem with anyone being gay. We just aren't ourselves, despite the fact that we do love one another. Spending time together, supporting one another, being THERE for one another....that's what best friends do, after all.

But apparently, you and some of your "Rob-and-Tom-MUST-be-gay-because-they-spend-lots-of-time-together" friends have never had a friend like that yourselves. So I guess you can't possibly understand that kind of relationship. And for that reason, I feel very, very sorry for you. I imagine Rob would, too.

Anonymous said...

Can people stop with the Rob and Tom nonsense? They have both described eachother as brothers in the past and they've known eachother forever. They have a Ben Affleck, Matt Damon thing going on. Enough.

"Hating people you don't know
for doing things you have no right to criticize?
Kinda scary, folks" Amen, Rose! Exactly. Like, when people were mad at Kristen for going to IoW with Rob, because they said she was 'infringing on time with his friends' or when they were mad at her for supporting him at the Remember Me premiere. So ridiculous. Love your blog Rose!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jude... I have six Best friends since I have 12... But I'm Girl... I'm Sooo Sorry if i don't get it... I wish I could understand... TRUST ME! I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART TOGETHER... I REALLY DO!... But like I said I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME... I JUST NEED HELP... DON'T BE RUDE WITH ME PLEASE... I'M SO SAD RIGHT KNOW... I need to someone help me to open my eyes again... I need to understand why are they so close... It's all... Sorry if I bother anyone... :S


Anonymous said...

This is to 'anonymous' who commented that Rob is 'bi' and that we are all naive. My boyfriend lives with two of his very best friends and they do almost everything together as well. Does that mean he is bi? My bf has known them since he was kids. Rob has known tom since they were kids.Rob & Kristen were seen all over each other during their stay in the US and when she visited london.Do you think Tom was sharing their room? come on...

Jude said...

Katharina, I hope you're not saying that just because Rob and Tom are men they can't be best friends, are you? I mean, seriously -- we're in the 21st century now -- time to let go of old-fashioned gender, racial, and sexual orientation stereotypes. Rob and Tom are best friends. The fact that they're males shouldn't automatically imply they're having sex with each other. For God's sake! Do YOU want to have sex with your best friends? So why do you think Rob wants to? Because he's a guy?? Come ON now!! Stop being so sexist!

Anonymous said...

Rob is sooo gay.

Jude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@Katharina They are close because they are like brothers. Tom has a girlfriend, or is dating somebody and Rob has Kristen. If you don't understand that, then you just aren't going to understand. All the brit pack boys are close with eachother because they've known eachother for years. Rob has said more than once he is straight. I don't really see what you aren't getting, but nothing to freak out over.

Anonymous said...

I'm Really sorry... I DO!... As I said is ridiculous... I do not know what is wrong with me... maybe you're right and I'm sexiest... I must stop to think about it... maybe you girls are right... they know each other since they were kids... I don't know rob well... That's why I was asking for information... But Thank you!


Jude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Rob is gay and all the brit pack are gays,too.Especiallt Tom who looks like a girl.In fact he looks a lot like Kristen.Dark hair,pale skin,blue-green eyes,no chest(lol).Maybe Rob likes this type in the male and in the female version.What a perv!

PS.I bet Nina broke up with him,because she found out about his "activities"with his friends.

Kathy said...

@Katharina....girl, get a grip on yourself. ROB IS NOT GAY OR BI !!!
It's OK for a guy to be best friends with another guy. Really it is. ROB IS SO CRAZY IN LOVE WITH KRISTEN. He's wanted her for a long time, now he's got her. THEY are the couple, not Rob and Tom....ok? Yes, there is SO much hate out there. Obviously these people who hate so much, do NOT really LOVE Rob. IF they did, they would be happy for him because HE IS HAPPY. How would YOU feel if someone hated the person you were in love with? It's completely ridiculous. And let me just say that they are SO right to keep what they have to themselves. So much is already analyzed and scrutinized. Any comfirmations would just bring on more bullshit. Cheer up Rose. We have SO much to look forward to in the next couple weeks. Hugs Rose !!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristen did say that the brit pack relationship was "incestuous". Maybe shes picked up on Rob and Tom's gayness.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:03, By "incestuous," Kristen did not mean that Rob and his friends were gay. She used the term in the metaphorical sense, meaning that a lot of the same actors (Eddie Redmayne for example) often find themselves working together or auditioning for the same parts.

Education is a great thing.


Anonymous said...

wow.wow.wow! here goes the foolishness again! how many times have we heard this s hit!?! “Rob is gay”/“kristen is gay” get a grip on yourselves! THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE SOME, NOT EVERYONE IS GAY!!! now rob cannot even go out with his best friend because ppl will think he is gay! foolishness!!! some of you need to open your eyes and see the love R has for K!! and Rose..keeping doing what you do best! and please warn the trolls from the AT to stay away...love your post as always!

Anonymous said...

linda, i agree...education is a great thing. some haven't been to school long enough to understand the use of metaphors! if ppl will only take some time to learn before speaking!

Anonymous said...

Wow, why people are even coming here to read Rose's blog if they're just going to be nasty and full of crap is beyond me. I come to read Rose's blog every day and it always makes me smile and so do the comments (usually) but lately it's not been the same and that's sad. Everyone who is saying Rob is gay is full of shit. There have been plenty of good answers here in the comments today to address that and also about his close relationship with his best friend that takes NOTHING away from what he and Kristen share, so I don't need to say more. Except, thank you of course to Rose! And to the people who are negative: go find something else to do. You are not wanted here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose its me again.hahaha Just came back to see what every one was up to And saying.Frist Katharina you said you didnt know Rob.and I know that you must have read a lot of BAD SHIT that others (haters) had said about him and im sorry for that there are a lot of SICK people out there that just cant stand to SEE ROB HAPPY no he is not gay. You can SEE it when he is LOOKING at Kristen How very HAPPY he is when he is with her .IF you have ever been in LOVE or HAD some one love you then you know what i am talking about And the way I see it is the people who are hating on Rob and Kristen HAS NEVER BEEN LOVED or has been in love. AND that is why im thankful for people like Rose . Again Rose have a good day AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR LOVING ROB> AND KRISTEN. DEB.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Rose. Your good vibes are so powerful and so widespread that even the nonbelievers are flocking to your site. They cannot help it; they are drawn to you. They secretly and subliminally want to be converted. Hence they come here and read all the good things about our fave couple. Keep up your good work, Rose. We love you and your site. KUDOS!! Cel

kristine.hills said...

" yeah their room" LOL

You are right, you don't hurt them, bc you RESPECT/SUPPORT/ADMIRE/LOVE RK.

Love you and your little HUGE blog




Anonymous said...

I have already been jugded because i hung out w/my friends(girls) of course there is always one close freind to you and I'm not gay or bi, and you can BET it HURTS a lot. AND beside we know nothing about their lives either.Thank God R and K are really WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS RUMOR.They know who they are and there is no need to prove it.
I do think so f.cute he has one reliable friend(Tom) and GIRLFRIEND(Kristen), i must say i think all R's friends and reliable that's why they are FANTASTIC.
It's SAD in this world you can't have a friend, bc neither you are gay or lesbian.

Anonymous said...


I think K was trying to say that she kissed Eddie and Rob so they kissed through her, this is incestuous.When i was a teenager and i kissed a guy and my bff kissed him too(after a long time) we joked we had already kissed each other through that guy.It's so simple!
It doesn't mean you are gay, just a joke.Have you ever thought about it, how many people we already kissed through other mouths. LOL

Patricia said...

Rose: I can't believe some of these comments. Rob IS NOT GAY! TOM IS HIS BEST FRIEND, KRISTEN IS HIS GIRLFRIEND. Jesus ! Some of you are fucking loosing your mind. GROW UP! Get some education and then come back to this blog! Enough already, with your Bull Shit! I believe in Rob and Kristen! Share love not HATE! grazie Rose for posting everyday . I think you know by now,I really look forward to what you have to say! Rock on

May said...

@anon 1.34 PM You have some serious issues,hon. Get some therapy ASAP. LMAO

Dear Rose, as always, you and your awesome blog fucking rock.Oh and you know that haters are srsly desperate, when they start attacking you on your own blog,bb. ;p

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being bi? All three of them could be having a good time together-life is all about having different experiences.