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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Rose. Robert. Runaways.

Robert out and about in London.
I posted this picture because I miss his face.
And he's walking.
Yeah... you know.
He looks unhappy to be photographed...
But except for occasional glimpses
Rob has managed to stay off the radar.

It's such a weird situation.
I want to see Robert.
I love to see him.
I need to see him.
And then I see him...
and he looks miserable
(and no, I'm not going to say he looks
like that because he misses Kristen...
I hate that shit.)
And then I'm ashamed that I miss him so much.
Can't. Win. For. Losing.

It would be easy for me to say
that if I would just look at pictures
of Robert when he wants his picture taken...
When he is on a red carpet...
Or some other publicity event
I would see him smiling.
And not looking so damn forlorn.
Did you get the part where I need to see him?

Sorry Robert.

I've been on a bit of a "Runaways" kick lately.
No. I haven't seen the movie yet...
But I've devoured clips and pictures
I've watched countless videos of 
Joan Jett, Cherie Currie... Lita Ford.
I'm all into watching interviews
live performances.
And damn it to hell if
Cherry Bomb
isn't a song that just fucking stays in your head.
All day.
I go around 'ch ch ch-ing'
and B looks at me like 'Huh'??
I like the music.
I found a video from 2001
of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
where Cherie came on stage to sing...
Cherry Bomb.
It was interesting. It was cool.
Cherie still did a lot of the same moves
from when she was 15 years old.
And what kills me the most...
Is when I watch movie clips...
Dakota and Kristen 
fucking KILL as Cherie and Joan.
You could watch the old clips...
with the new clips...
and hardly tell a difference.
Love it.
Can't wait.

What's a day without a picture of
Robert and Kristen
getting all cutesy and adorable with each other?

There is still a lot of anger online.
A lot of drama surrounding these 2 people.
But all I can do is be a fan.
I went to see Remember Me...
and Robert was great in it.
I want to see The Runaways...
and I will continue to support 
these 2 actors.

As for the whole "Robsten" stuff?
People get confused.
I guess it's not surprising.
They get too involved.
Too intense.
Like it's life or death
whether these 2 people are together.
Here's my thing...
It's not like I am 'shipping' for them 
to be together.
It's not like I need or want them to be together.
I just think they are.
It's really that simple.
And if there comes a day when
I don't think they are together?
That will be OK.
Whatever happens, happens.
There is a difference from believing
2 people are in a relationship...
(and kinda poking fun with all the absurdities
that surround the whole thing)
and being a raving lunatic
hellbent on proving they are together...
or aren't together.
I speculate.
I don't shove it down anyone's throat.
I've never gone to another board/blog
to demand to be heard.
I don't attack Kristen or Robert.
It's OK if you don't believe it.
It's OK if you don't feel the way that I do.
That's life.
I'm OK with that.

Bye for now.


Patricia said...

HI Rose: I miss him too. Your right. When the paps take a picture of him he looks miserable because (THEY ARE INVADING HIS PRIVACY)! He says "he's not an animal in the zoo to gawk at" but I have to say "I LOVE SEEING ANY RECENT PICTURE OF HIM" I LOVE HIM! SO I GUESS IT'S A DOUBLE EDGE SWORD !

Kristen was in Vegas last night with a couple of people from "The Runaways" having dinner watching their show! No pictures.

I'm getting anxious for her to go see Rob in London! I'm as you can see also obsessed with them as a couple. So Rose you're MUCH MORE REASONABLE THAN I AM! I LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN LOVES ROB AND I LOVE YOU TOO ROSE!

grazie for the "spot on" post once again.

HeyNow said...

Interesting blog. There is a fascinating generational component to the Runaways story: Joan Jett, Cherie Curie, et al. are members of Generation Jones (born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and Generation X). Understanding the generational context to their story really fills in the picture.

Google Generation Jones, and you’ll see it’s gotten lots of media attention, and many top commentators from many top publications and networks (Washington Post, Time magazine, NBC, Newsweek, ABC, etc.) now specifically use this term. In fact, the Associated Press' annual Trend Report chose the Rise of Generation Jones as the #1 trend of 2009. . I found this page helpful because it gives a pretty good overview of recent media interest in GenJones: http://generationjones.com/2009latest.html

Anonymous said...

love how when when RPatz is photographed looking down and all gloomy (which he can rightfully do so if he wants) his fans said "aww poor baby, he hated papz.." but if it it was KStew doing the exact same thing (which she can rightfully do so if she wants) they'd say "What a Bitch, she's so ungrateful, is it so hard to smile"

Not talking bout you Rose, cause ur one of the sanest person I know in this fandom, just a few sections of delusional Rob fanatics who sometimes made a Kristen fan (who is not a Robsten Fanatic but respects and wishes Rob well) wishes she'd just be done with him and Twilight.

Anonymous said...

Nice, sane post, Rose. I always love your blog.

I don't have a raving need to see Rob. Strange, since I absolutely adore him. It's just that I've breathed him in for so long that he's part of me now. I don't need to even see pics of him to love him. OK, I know I sound like a 12-year-old girl. But I just love the man.

That said, I plan to simply stay away from the rabid, evil side of Rob fandom. I'm not even going to comment on it from now on. To give it any kind of platform is to give it life. And I don't want to breath that in as well.

Thanks for all you do, Rose.


Anonymous said...

to 10:56 Annonymous..

and... just a few sections of delusional kstew fanatics who sometimes made a Rob fan (who is not a Robsten Fanatic but respects and wishes kstew well)wishes he'd just be done with her and Twilight...
Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

awww!! love the pic!! they are sooo cute together!! good for them! great post!! i love how you are so rational and realistic and that you are not a “shipper” because shippers at times get out of hand!! have a good weekend hon.


Lisa said...

I agree Rose.. I'm excited at a new picture, then feel guilty because they are stalking him so I can see it.. :(

Anonymous said...

Aww, I miss him too. It's a conundrum isn't it? I love to see pics of him, love to hear he's out and about, taking in a concert, hanging with friends. But I hate his privacy being violated. It's okay (I guess) for a fan or two to spot him and say hi but to Tweet his location? Not good. Violated, I say. Same as the papz. At least he doesn't seem to be as followed by papz and fans in London as he seems in LA.

Anonymous said...

to 11:26, yes! I see a few of those fans are now ragging on Rob for daring to talk to one of his friends girlfriends last night. Oh the drama.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose Grate post.I was saying yesterday that i miss seeing Robs face And look today there he is.I know he HATES the paps taking his pic.I dont blame him But like Patty said it is a DOUBLE EDGE SWORD.And I do respect his privacy But what can i say I just Love Seeing Rob.I MISS HIM Im glad that Kristen is getting to go out with some friends.I miss her TO.I wish i could see the RA it looks sooo good.I hope that kristen and Rob well get to have some down time soon. It mite just be me but I would think that they mite be missing each other (just a little)Well my dear friend i hope you have a good day AND THANK YOU ROSE FOR YOUR POST lov.Ya Deb.

Anonymous said...

I have no words to convey my sadness over the last few days.'heavy sigh' I miss seeing Rob and Kristen too, but it's always the best when they look happy. Part of celebrity is the paps, but I bet it would be nice to have a private moment with freinds, family, or whatever if you were such a big star. I feel a great sadness sometimes that Rob and Kris can't just be left alone a little bit. Isn't it sad that we will probably never see the things we used to see between the two of them at press tours, redcarpet events, etc. anymore, because they seem so aware of the scrutiny. I will however continue to love and support them both no matter what. Have a good weekend, Rose :) K.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's an adorable picture of Rob & Kristen. I love going to Youtube to watch some great fan videos of those two. It always makes my heart melt. I like seeing happy couples together. The haters/nonstens must have deep-rooted psychological problems to be so vicious, negative and only happy when someone is down. Rose, thank you for telling like it is, and being so reasonable about it.

kristine.hills said...

Rose my dear we are going to see ROBKRIS TOGETHER IN BUDAPEST!!!
I can't wait!!!



PEOPLE PLEASE don't start the drama team Kris or Rob.Please!!!


Anonymous said...

While it's nice to see pics of Rob, I've never been one who needs to see pics of him nor do I miss him when there's no pics. It's fine with me if he goes on the DL. He needs to do that. Sometimes it's too much to be so in the public eye. Oversaturation. And I hate pics where Rob and/or Kristen look annoyed or not smiling because of the paps and then everyone makes all kinds of assumptions. Pics of them always seem to being drama. And who needs more of that crap? I refuse to visit any sites where I believe "the crazy" lives. But I will see people mention stuff on twitter. Just wish the drama would take a break if not stop all together (but that's way too much to ask).

And besides while Rob, thankfully, is filming Bel Ami in peace...I am enjoying becoming a little *obsessed* with Sam Worthington and Alex O'Loughlin for a little bit.

And I must say, all the hate and BS has only made me an even bigger Kristen fan. So, thanks to those people who just cannot control themselves with the hate and the BS and the drama... I would have missed out on getting to *know* the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, as always, thank you for your kind, thoughtful and wise blog. I am a believer with you.

Yes, perhaps Budapest, calmer, smaller, yet so very romantic and beautiful may well be a great place for Rob and Kristen to have some time together. Dinners, strolls along the Danube, and time alone in the coffee houses and parks. Let us hope.
Also, your comment about us being of one team, RESPECT ROBandKRISTEN gets my vote. If only the hurtful and angry ones out there could and would understand how ugly they are being by disrespecting Rob, Kristen, and the supporters of both.

Rose, thank you for your dedication, kindness, and generosity for sharing your sincere thoughts with us. Thank you for the visual beauty you select for us each day, and the music is heavenly, just like Rob.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, brillant post as always. You're so right. I liked seeing Robs face today but once I did I felt terribly guilty. It really is a double edged sword. I'm really looking foward to the Runaways, can't see it till April. But it looks kick-ass. Loving how its getting such rave reviews. Never knew about the Runaways but I'm definitely interested in them now. I can't see Remember Me till April too. I'm looking foward to seeing it and it looks good ..although I've gotta admit all the bad reviews that its gotten has kinda put me off. Oh but don't get me wrong, I still think it'll be a really good movie and will definitely still see it at the theatre. I'll support Rob all the way. The same goes for Kristen.
Angie xx

Anonymous said...

I always love your blog Rose.
You're so right : "It's not like I need or want them to be together.
I just think they are.
It's really that simple.
And if there comes a day when
I don't think they are together?
That will be OK."

but are strange days
there is something you are doing doubt?