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Monday, March 15, 2010

Did Robert and Kristen Pass Chemistry?

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the french I took

But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me too
What a wonderful world this would be

So basically why I thought of these lyrics
is because I was hoping there would be a
"Don't know much about Chemistry"

I wanted to talk about Chemistry today.
On-screen chemistry.
Off-screen chemistry.
And Robert Pattinson.

Do I think Robert and Emilie had onscreen chemistry?
Was I blown away with the 'sex' scenes?
Just having Rob IN the damn scene makes it hot.
Having him panting and pawing on Emilie...
Yeah... pretty fucking hot.
But that's more because it's Robert doing the panting.
I actually liked Emilie in this movie.
Accent aside...
She did a great job.
But when I was watching the movie...
And the kissing/sex scene came on...
I was like... OK.
Obviously Tyler can show more passion than Edward.
But I remember thinking...
This is it?
This is the HOT SEX scene from Remember Me?
Is that all there is? 
Don't misunderstand me.
It's not like I think the sexual energy 
fucking flowed off the screen in
Twilight or New Moon.
(Although Eclipse looks more promising) 
I don't.
Part of that is Edward Cullen is
reserved, cold... distant.
Part of that is just the way the movie was written.
So who does Robert have on-screen chemistry with?
These two were wonderful together.
Every time they appeared onscreen
You believed that they loved each other...
You believed that Tyler wanted to protect her...
You believed they were brother and sister.

You see...
The reason I "BELIEVE" that Robert and Kristen
are together is not from what I have seen
in their movies together.
It's from what I have seen when they were just
being themselves.
And while I know a lot of people don't see
things the way I do...
(and really... that's cool)
This is what I see.
 And I hate to bring up these pictures again...
(or Do I??)

And even though they are in a photo-shoot here
The closeness and intimacy radiates through...

And of course...
The straw that broke the Haters heart...
Not on-screen.
Not a photo shoot.
Not anything but two people walking to an airplane...
So while I think Robert could have on-screen chemistry
with a lampshade...
It's who he chooses to have off-screen chemistry with
that interests me.
And it's always the same person.

Bye for now.

*Don't forget Kristen is on Jimmy Fallon
and Regis and Kelly tomorrow!*


Skent94 said...

I LOVE reading your blog EVERYDAY....and you NEVER fail to make me smile! It's like you are in my head....constantly~ love that! I think the chemistry between R & K is off the charts and I look forward t seeing MUCH more of these two...both On and off screen! Keep writing my thoughts...its' awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, beautifully thought out. You made my day. I'm smiling ear to ear. :)

Anonymous said...

So what if Rob had chemistry with Emilie and he was really good at the love scenes?He's an actor,that's his job.I'm sure he'll have great chemistry with all his co-stars at Bel Ami,too.

Only the twihards want him to have chemistry with Kristen,because they think them as E/B.

Anonymous said...

Again Rose...you nailed it. You always have the right words. Love these two!

Mari said...

Loved Remember me, Rob did a great job, but the sex scenes really didn't do it for me...not that i was expecting porn or anything, bur i wish i could fell more from them..sometimes i could barely see Rob or Emily, they used so many shadows...i can't explain...For me chemetry was the bedroom kiss from twilight, not just because that was whith Kristen, but because that was HOT !! I hope whe can get better stuff from Bel Ami..and who knows Eclipse...Loved your post once again !! Kisses from Brazil !!

TwilightFann1969 said...

Thank you for your Blog! I'm a new fan. I have to agree with you. I love the chemistry between Rob and Kristen. You are just putting online what my friend and I talk about in private. And I also agree with you about Emilie and Rob, the chemistry was like brother and sister. Chemistry with a lampshade...classic!

Lizzie said...

I just love your blog. And you see, I agree with you. I've always thought there was something special when they are together.

It's not what they say, it's the subtle looks and touches when they're together.

The leaning in when he whispers to her, or just the expression on their face when you catch a picture of them looking at each other.

Yup! I agree

jackie w said...


Patricia said...


Rb said...

Recipe for casting Rob's female leads: find one crushing on him (not difficult), give her the part. He tosses in his charm, done deal - on screen chemistry. And I agree, the off screen chemistry is what interests me. His adoration for Kristen shines through in every glance, every touch, everything he does in her presence. Beautiful.

Crazy4Robsten said...

You are awesome,Rose!!!Another great post & once again I agree with everything you said!! :)

Patricia said...

Rose: Me again! like I've said before from the first time I watched an interview with Rob and Kristen, I knew they had something for each other and the last press junket proved that to me and that picture in Paris walking to the private jet sealed the deal!

Anonymous said...

I thought the chemistry was great between Rob & Emilie in RM. Apparently the hottest stuff was left off to make it more appropriate for a PG-13 rating. I'll be looking forward to the DVD.

I loved the chemistry between Rob & Kristen (E/B) in Twilight. I thought there was absolutely NO chemistry in New Moon. It was painful to watch.

I find no chemistry between Kristen & Taylor (B/J). I think they are trying to talk that up too much off screen and are over compensating for the lack of screen chemistry. Basically if you say it enough, maybe people will actually believe it. That's my feeling anyway.

Rob & Kristen off screen? Of course there's chemistry. Can't even question that.

RPaddict said...

For the longest time I was trying not to go down this road and think they were just friends. But the more I watched interviews and the press junkets and of course the epic hand holding pictures.
I have sucummed to the fact that great friends make even greater lovers.
I'm happy for them both and wish them well. Together or apart.

Thanks Rose for always speaking my mind. It's kind of funny how much I think like you.

Jude said...

Ahh, I LOVE that picture from the first VF shoot. It's not just that both Rob and Kristen look the most beautiful they've ever looked in that shot, it's the pose itself that says so much to me. Look where her hand is -- it's UNDER his sleeve. And even though, yeah, it's just his arm, there's something about putting one's hand under someone else's clothing that makes it more...intimate, somehow.

I think it's been interesting to see Rob and Emilie do interviews together for RM. It's obvious they like each other, but what's missing is the tension, funny enough. They seem comfortable together, but that's about it. When Rob and Kristen were doing interviews together for Twilight, you could sense the heightened emotions between the two of them. I still remember the way he looked at her while she was talking about him on The Today Show. I wasn't even into Twilight at that point, and I remember thinking, "Wow...he's got it BAD for her!!" He just watched her talk, and just the look on his face...like I said, WOW.

Chemistry, indeed. It can't be faked, especially OFF-camera!

May said...

Straight in medias res,bb. :p

Huh,I bet haters have been crying in their coffees for months now. Must be exhausting to live in such denial as they do. LOL

Yep, all Rob`s road lead to Kristen,bb. Yes,they do. Always.:D

Jenn Ski said...

I never get sick of you talking about them, sigh
don't stop!

Poli said...

Seriously, i love your blog and your words. I agree with the whole chemistry thing because i seen it the same way as you do.
Once again you nailed it. Kris and Rob are together! Deal with it haters. Ruby and Rob...awwww. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I almost always am in total agreement with you, but this time it may be 150%. (Is that possible?!)

I loved the scenes Rob did with Ruby. They were darling together. Sometimes the pre-sex play (water fight anyone?) with Emily was a bit awkward. But I guess anyone would feel awkward filming a sex scene with a film crew standing inches from your face.

But with Ruby, and with Kristen, there's a total comfort level. Also, I think Rob was lucky enough to be raised well, with the concept of loyalty and friendship as an integral part of love. Lucky Kristen.


Anonymous said...

My dear Rose YOU are NOT the only one who SEE the chemistry that Rob and Kristen have. It has been there all the time (YOU SEEN IT I'V SEEN IT ) AND yes the haters have seen it. I'm so happy for Rob and Kristen to fine that someone in your life and to fight for it is so awesome.What I seen in the RM movie with Rob and Emily was just two actors acting in a love seen and that was all. It was ok because of Rob being in it but NO it wasnt no Rob and Kristen. I cant wait to see BD the love seen in it is going to be off the wall THERE WELL BE NO ACTING IN THAT ONE JUST THE TRUTH.And you are right about the movie it was more the a love story I cant wait to see more of Robs movies And to see Kristens Well my friend you have a good day Thank you Rose for you post.. DEB.

Anonymous said...

YOU Always Says What I Think.thanks Rose.
I respect you

eli from italy

Anonymous said...

I agree; you always say just what I am thinking. I really enjoyed "Remember Me" when I saw it on Friday (so did my husband who lovingly indulges my obsession with all things R & K) and I'm going to see it again this time with my bff tonight. I thought there was chemistry with Rob and Emilie, but you are SO right that the best scenes/chemistry are with the girl who plays his little sister (she was terrific; I'm sorry but I forget her name right now)! Anyway, I always love reading what you have to say; thanks for always telling it as you see it. You are so correct: Rob and Kristen have such amazing chemistry when they are together as themselves it is UNREAL and ON FIRE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks Rose for this post.

Patricia said...

Rose: I just came back from seeing "Remember Me"! This is my second time. I LOVED it more this time and really enjoyed the whole cast, especially ROB! I think I love him even more! Now I'm really scared! I didn't think that was possible. Rob and Emilie connected well! But the connection between Rob and Kristen CAN'T BE DENIED!!!! I would like for them to get a good script and do a romantic comedy together! i just love seeing them together (in real life or the movies.) I'm obsessed with them as a couple. Can you tell??? Grazie for your posts and letting me fess up to my love for both of them.I hope everyone sees this movie over and over, because it just GETS BETTER, LIKE ROB!

Anonymous said...

Rose, darling, I wish Rob and Kristen happen to stumble on your blog! YOu are like their lawyer! Awessome! Love that Vanity fair photo-shoot by the way, it has sooo much chemistry! And you are right they show the chemistry when they are together off-screen. Have you noticed especially in Twilight that even the times they barely touched there was still chemistry! the sexual tension was stil there. They dont need a sex scene to show how much chemistry they had in twilight. And even looking at the Eclipse leaked photos you could see it!!! The reason why I say Kristen was best to play Bella is because of the chemistry she had with Rob even before they were dating! Those two gave me a reason to love the love between Edward and Bella more. After the so called steamy scene in RM I was like is that it? really there was chemistry but I am telling you guys not as much as he has with Kristen. ANd he and Kristen have not even done those steamy scenes yet..just imagine. I think we will definetly see it in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn because Twilight was the beginning and in New Moon Edward was gone most of the movie. I seriously thing the chem these two have is what has made a billion dollars of the Twilight franchise hands down. Yes, Rob is a huge part of it but it wouldnt have been the same without Kristen. Imagine if Emilie Browning or Alexis Bedel played Bella with Rob. I can guarantee we wouldnt have seen this franchise become so successful.

Good job Rose. YOu are right as always! Hugs to you Robsten lovers and a big hug to you Rose.xxx


Anonymous said...

at Anon 11:52, maybe you cant see...but this is off screen! when the cameras are off you can see it. Even in the interviews. Forget E/B when it comes to this, R/k's chemistry is undeniable even outside of the twimovies. My niece is for Bella and Jacob but even she askes me constantly if R/k are serious because she watches the interviews and even at 10 she hints something. She says they behave like she and her little crush behave. just watch those old youtube videos and you'll see it. I miss those old times when they were actually allowed to sit next to each other. *sighs loudly* I mean why else did they win that MTV movie award for best kiss among all those nominees. I rest my case!

Trish :)

Anonymous said...

Rose, great and truthful as ever. You fix it!

Anonymous said...

Rose you are so right...again. Rob and Kristen's chemistry is SO over the top. The way he looks at her, the way she looks at him. (sigh) And, as time goes on, they seem to be a bit more comfortable revealing the extent of their relationship. I mean, they aren't denying it now like they were before. I thought the chemistry in Twilight was good, and in New Moon too. In NM you felt her sense of loss but when they were reunited...the chemistry kicked in again. Looking SO forward to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your way with words, very poetic. It was their chemistry in Twilight that had me enjoying the movie (I'm more of a book purist). What got me more intrigued was the MTV Movie awards. Their lead up to their non-kiss was sizzling - no kiss, but still unbelievably hot! That's when said, I definitely have to see the rest of the movies at the theatre.

kristine.hills said...

"It's who he chooses to have off-screen chemistry withthat interests me.And it's always the same person.Kristen."

OMG boy oh boy you said the RIGHT words as always and it amazes me, he only has eyes for ONE woman KS, it's so CUTE!

About the chemistry i have to add something, i don't think sex scenes make a movie, but love makes movies, we want to see love and feel love, it doesn't matter if it's a book or a movie, we need it.I think summit made a HUGE mistake here, they nailed about sex scenes too much and the movie was PG13.What a mistake. What i'm trying to say is: or it's like Bel Ami ( sex,sex and sex) or it isn't, because it's so beautiful when you can watch a movie and there is just one sex scene, but it's love, when the characters 'make love'. I mean have you ever watched Pride and Prejudice? It's beautiful and there were no need of lots of sex. It was summit fault, as ROB said in his recent interview he saw part of himself as Tyler, but then he said 'they' changed a lot of things, the final edition.I can imagine if they were followed R's advice,his movie would be much better than it is.

Rose my darling, i wish RK come here and read your blog and your lovely words and invite you to go to Eclipse RC,premiere and a special guest. You deserve it my dear!

kristine.hills said...

Don't get me wrong i said much better, bc the movie is very good, but it could have been better. ;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I agree with every single word you've said.

Jane Apple.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob had amazing Chemistry with Emily, but that's what made the scene believable. He does not have that with Kristen on screen b/c the Edward character is very restrained. It will be interesting to see if they have steamy scenes in Eclipse. My problem with the Robstens is they think Rob should only work with Kristen and that's Bad for his career longevity. Twilight is not going to last forever. They DIDN'T even support his film Remember me and I bet that's because of their obsession with his relationship with Kristen. I've read how some were nasty to Emily accusing her of trying to take Kristen's Place. How Stupid is that? She's playing a role. A lot of newspapers are now asking Can Rob open a movie? Some fans they are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,
Love your blog. I have watched Remember Me yesterday and I was impressed by Rob, he did proved he had more than his twilight image. But then, chemistry with EDR is not the same with Kristen even without so much kissing just merely staring at each other, makes you shiver, their chemistry radiates through the screen.RM is a good movie.


Anonymous said...

oh Rose. How I love you!

Right on! I didn't care for Emilie and Robert onscreen so-called chemistry.. it just wasn't there for me.. and as you said ..." Robert could have on-screen chemistry with a lampshade... " what he has with Kristen is a real thing...

Deborah said...

I agree that the person Rob had the most chemistry with in RM was Ruby who played his sister. Rob even said that when he did scenes with her it didn't feel like acting, it felt real.

As for the RM love scenes, to me they were very HOT but I agree that had more to do with Rob's innate hotness then who he was doing it with. My favorite was the wake up sex, so tender yet persistent.

While I would be ecstatic if R/K did a R-rated love story together, I also look forward to many more sex/love scenes with Rob and a host of leading ladies. After all, variety makes it interesting and we all know who he picks in real life. ;-)

Anonymous said...

anon 12:36 I agree hate on Emilie is ridiculous, but I hardly EVER see it to be honest. Also, you can't blame the movie not doing well on "robstens". I am a robsten fan, many of my friends are robsten fans and have seen it many times. I've already seen it three times. And I know some people who don't like Kristen who still haven't gotten the chance to see it. You can't generalize. The fact is, that type of movie isn't going to make a lot of movie. Also, they marketed it as a chick flick and it was really a family drama so many women went, but hardly any men and I think that hurt ticket sales. There are many factors, but robsten people who didn't want to see it wouldn't make any difference really. Maybe the fans who are more behind Edward and didn't see it would have though.