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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Not Robsten... It's Personal.

A lot of shit has been said.
And it has gotten very scary...
Very sad.

I just have a couple random thoughts.
Things that have popped into my head
Feelings about how hard it is...
to just love Robert Pattinson.
To adore Kristen Stewart.

*I put this beautiful picture of Robert here...
Because I want to try to remember why I write this blog*

1. There was a lot of hatred spewed yesterday.
Did I contribute?
I made my comments about the Hyenas
who circled and attacked someone when they were down.
It wasn't a question of guilt or innocence.
It was a full on attack.
Of someone they don't know.
Gleeful celebration at someone elses
personal dilemma.
The legal issues is for the law to decide.
The moral issue brings us back to 
when did this get PERSONAL?

2. Someone somewhere took a picture
of a group of women off someones PERSONAL acct.
They then proceeded to mock the women in the picture.
They scribbled on the picture.
Do you know these ladies?
Do you think they deserved this?
What made you think this was OK to do?
WHEN did this get personal?

3. I know I give my opinion.
I can be sarcastic.
I can be bitchy.
But never once have I called someone out
individually and blasted them.
Never once did I name a specific person
to laugh at and make fun of.
I might say "Nonsten"
But that is a whole array of people, isn't it?
And like I have said before...
I love some "Nonstens"
Disagreeing with "Nonstens" isn't personal.

4. My post yesterday received a lot of comments.
Some were well thought out...
Some were silly...
Some were funny...
Some were incredibly sad.
I don't police the comments.
I'm not responsible for what someone says 
in the comments.
Because someone comments on my blog...
Doesn't mean *I* agree with them.
In fact, sometimes I just shake my head
and sigh when I read what some people have to say.


5. I hate generalizations.
I try really hard not to do that.
When I comment on the "Nonsten" haters...
It doesn't encompass everyone who doesn't believe
in Robert and Kristen.
(Like I said, I love me some Nonstens)
It doesn't include everyone who posts at 
It's that lunatic fringe...
that small percentage of haters...
who just seem to enjoy hating.
They hate Kristen.
They hate Delaney.
They hate everything that doesn't agree with them.
They make it personal.

6. Obviously the same goes with "Robstens"
I love a lot of people who love Rob/Kristen.
But there are some who are just fucking scary.
They attack. They accuse.
They have their lunatic fringe, too.

7. Some people from Nonsten.com
posted some comments here.
They gave their side of the story.
They gave their civilized opinion.
It was all well and good.
I know from experience how some take 
it too far... make it personal.
This blog has come under attack...
and honestly, I'm OK with that.
They don't have to like it.
But some of them have attacked ME.
Making comments about my marriage...
how I'm a horrible mother to my boys...
Calling me all sorts of nasty names
and making it personal.
Not one of those people know me.
Know anything about me.
I don't give out a lot of details about myself
and I most definitely keep my personal life 
details to a minimum.
So they make shit up.
Based on hatred.
They make it personal.

*Can't fucking wait for this!*


I guess some people have just taken
this whole thing too far.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
I don't want to be involved in the hate.
I don't hate.
I love.
I love Robert Pattinson.
I love Kristen Stewart.
I love Robert and Kristen together.
And that's who I want to write about.
I will continue to love and defend Kristen.
I will continue to love and defend Robert.
I will continue to give my opinion
on the controversy surrounding them.
But I won't attack.
I won't hate.
It won't get personal.

Bye for now.

*Psssst... when are we going to see
a picture of Kristen in London?*

*Pssst... How many times did I write
personal?? ;) *

*Pssst... 13 times. You know how it is
when you see a word too much...
and it kinda doesn't even look like a word anymore?*

*Pssst... I love you, Robert.
Just throwing that out there.*


Anonymous said...

Psssssssst, this blog is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. And thank you again for writing. Please don't stop! By the way, I love coming to your blog and listening to Rob's music :) That and your words make this one of my faves. No need to make anything about Rob and Kris personal. Because they will never be personal with any of us! The sooner people understand this, the easier it will be for them. *sigh*

Bellasmommy86 said...

Oh sweets. I'm so sorry that so many people have been ugly to you. I completely enjoy reading your blog and laughing along with you. The petty bullshit madness that people bring is absolutely uncalled for. We share a love and admiration of all things rob. And most of us share that same love for Kristen. Some don't. No ones forcing anyone here. No one holds a gun to my head to make me read your blog. I choose to. And so does everyone else. But it's your opinion and NO ONE has the right to attack you personally or otherwise, because of it. That's bullying at its best. It's sad and sick. We deserve a place to share our common likes without fear of being harassed about it. They have their place. We don't come over there and degrade them. And if someone did, I'd say for shame. Because anger and hatred consume.
Everytime I see this shit it makes me wonder if people actually paid attention to the life lesson in Remember Me. That life is precious, fragile, fleeting and should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Maybe they should remember THAT before they attack someone they don't even know!

girlyinthenorth said...

I am so sad for our Fandom.
The Negativity is Heavy...
Your Blog has been so positive and uplifting, I thank you for writing such wonderful words...

Patricia said...

Rose: I've told you many times how much I enjoy what you say about Rob Pattinson! I feel the same way about this Gorgeous man! I LOVE HIM!
I also have included loving Kristen, since he chooses to love her, AND THE MORE I SEE HOW HAPPY HE IS AROUND HER, THE MORE I LOVE HER!
I'm hoping like you Rose to see
Kristen fly to London VERY SOON and SEE some pictures of our favorite couple! LOVE THEM, LOVE YOU !
Grazie Rose for giving us a place to comment on our love for Rob and Kristen !

Anonymous said...

Rose, you sound exhausted. I love your blog, your wit, and your agile mind. What I don't love is the chaos that seems to ensue around all things Rob and Kristen.

When did that happen? At first, the fandom was all about love and obsession. Now, too often, it seems like Animal Farm on steroids.

To me, this blog is a metaphor for the small pleasures of my life. It's important to me, but it's really a tiny portion of my life. It's frightening to see the degree of investment some people make in hatred. I can only think that the best way to counteract it is to ignore it to the degree possible.


Kstew Fashion said...

I love reading this blog, its nice to just read someone who is neither here nor there. Its a shame people feel the need to divide robert and kristen fans apart and attack...... Either way we are never going to know these people personally so what are we fighting for? Can't we just admire these people and be fans of them together, apart, whatever? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when did it become so cruel? People are fighting over the internet and calling people names - people they don't even know. We all have a common ground, we are fans of this saga and for now can't we wave the white flag and just enjoy the lead up to Eclipse? We may not all agree but theres no need for the cruelty directed towards each other.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Rob but not so much of Twilight and so I kind of come in and out of the internet Twilight world when my own life isn't so hectic. The truth is most people are sane and rational about being a fan. Most people may like Rob or like Kristen or like Twilight, but they probably don't think about it much day to day. They might read in a magazine that they are dating but does it really occupy their time, no.

I'm just saying this b/c I wanted to add that the internet amplifies everything. It makes it seem like everyone behaves or thinks a certain way, when really it is a minority of people that comment on such things. Also anonymity magnifies the size of peoples balls. People say things on the internet that they would never say in real life for risk of being punched in the face. I myself can't take any of this seriously from either fringe side b/c the truth is if 99.9% of these people met either Rob or Kristen they would say and do nothing.

I like Rob. I like Kristen. I think they're cute together. But I don't know them and at the end of the day what they do has no bearing on my life. This is supposed to be silly and fun and for most people I think it is. For those who it is more than that, well I don't know about those people.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose Yes there was alot said yesterday. I to am sorry for all the hate.AND YES when are we going to see something about our girl over in London??? cant wait for that.All I want to do is LOVE Rob and Kristen I want the best for them both I hope that today well be a good day for everyone And when are we going to see MORE PIC. of Rob.(Working OR not) I miss that face of his.Well i do hope his lady dose get her butt over there soon.Im sure he is missing her.Well my friend you have a good day.Thank You Rose for your post I really need it It dose make my day ;) Deb.

Anonymous said...

Well said...now let's all get back to being excited about the release of Eclipse!

schmo22 said...

**bows down to Rose***
Girl, you are spot on! Your words reek of saneness which is unusual in this fandom. Some people get way too crazy over this stuff. So from now one let's just hope that Rob and Kris are getting "personal" with each other!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately due to the nasty stuff these women spew about a girl half their age it gets people's back up supporters or not its just plain wrong, if they can tear her apart on ever level i think they deserve some digs especially if they post a photo of themselves and they are far from perfection

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, love you, love your blog. Can't wait for Eclipse! Hoping for B-day's together for them where ever and whenever their time permits. What I am disgusted by is the crap surrounding this lawsuit business, I don't know any details and I don't want to know. All I do know is that I sent 'D' my love and support for whatever is going on. I love and support you too, Rose, have a good day. Let us just bask in the Rob and Kristen love, if that is a person's choice.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, as always...having a really shitty day myself,so not going to say any more. Glad you are keeping it positive. Please, keep on keppin' on. Love it.

sara2 (sjjw)

Anonymous said...

Love Rob, love Kristen, love them together. Thanks for the blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to apologize for bashing those ugly women in that picture. They've made a living out of hating Kristen so they deserve it. The same goes for those women on Letters To Twilight.

Tired of both sides said...

@anon 1:17

Those women in the picture ARE NOT NONSTEN!

Those women in the picture are victims.

Those women in the picture have NOTHING to do with all of this and the person(s) who did that to the picture should be ashamed... and bonus... they should check their facts!

They defaced a picture of a group of friends together for a weekend to support Rob in his first movie release outside the Twilight Franchise. That's what Rob fans do. Just as Kristen fans see her movies.

Thank goodness those women in the picture have class..

Hate it hate.. it really doesn't matter which side of the line you fall on.

Anonymous said...

Why are you lying? One of the women claim to have "never heard of Robsten or Nonsten" but her twitter friends are mainly Nonsten and Klassy_KStew (a Kristen hate community) members. Lets not throw around the word "victim" here. You reap what you sow. When you hang around with people who spew hate don't cry when you get caught in the crossfire.

Tired of both sides said...

@Anon 1:40

Good afternoon pot.. I'm kettle

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:40 AND 1:41~ BOTH of you are the PROBLEM. Stop. Just stop. Those claiming to be victims are not blameless, nor are those slinging the mud. How about a truce? It's getting old, really really old. Stop the hate. now.

Anonymous said...

This is just so silly and embarrassing as a fan and a woman. But yet not unexpected. Women pick and beat down other women in a way men never do. Hating anyone you don't know is crazy. Hating a 19 yr old girl who is just doing her job is stupid. Judging others and not yourself is counterproductive. But at the end of the day I just can't care and I'm going to venture to guess neither Rob nor Kristen care. They are both young, wealthy, good looking, and doing what they love.

This fan community is so high school. Well I graduated high school. I went to college. I grew up. It's sad to see so many women who clearly did not.

Anonymous said...

The Nonstens can expect the hate to stop flowing when they stop harassing Delaney, other shippers, and posting nothing but hate regarding Kristen and her family.

Nobody has believe they are dating. That isn't the issue. However, the entire fandom could use a little dose of maturity. The people who spew hatred have been allowed to "rule" on a lot of popular Rob sites for way, way too long. Its time the rest of us stand up and put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

well they were busted because some of them were they twitter pictures matched, unfortunately for them, enough already though. i just wish they would not bash a young girl

Laila said...

As you all know, D is having a rough time now. So we wanted to cheer her up by collecting messages of support for her. Please help us spread the love and go here & leave a message of love & support for @delaneyg84 in the comment section to the last post
Thanks for your help guys.

Anonymous said...

Great post rose, I love your blog. I love D. too. I hate that everything has gotten personal. I refused to comment on that picture or visit that site at all. I think the hate they spew should stay there where I don't have to see it. Most of all I love rob and kristen, why?, I have no idea. Been a fan of Kristen since Speak and she was the reason I watched twilight and grew to love rob. I feel very protective of kristen, again why?, I have no idea, I just do.

Anonymous said...

How sad it must be to create your own little universe of hate. I wonder how these haters or whatever you want to call them got to this point in thier lives where hate gives them pleasure. These persons are not well to say the least. The hate they have for Kristen Stewart is insane. I pitty anyone who has to live with such hate in them.

Anonymous said...

Rose, have been busy all week but I tried to catch up!! The hate is soooo disgusting and to all the NONSTENS: STAY THE FUCK WHERE YOU BELONG WHICH IS NONSTEN.COM DO NOT COME HERE! Why do they even come here, just to spew hates. DOnt these women have LIVES for God's sake!!!!! I love your blogs and even I find it hard to come on here everyday because I am so busy with my responsiblilities in my life. Dont they have children, husbands??? I always wonder this. Rose, you hold your head up high dear and keep writing your blogs love love love them. YOu are an awesome person and someone I would really love to be friends with because I love the way you are so real, so honest. But, hon we must try not to pay any attention to the hate yesterday's post was some okay some bad...People have nothing to do with their lives that they just go on the internet spewing hate about two people THEY WILL NEVER KNOW AND NEVER MEET. True Talk! What these haters say has NO influence on the lives of Rob and Kristen..I am glad they dont give a crap about what people say. Good!!!

P.S. Thanks Rose and know that for every hater there a several lovers behind you. I dont think this will ever end we just have to ignore it and focus on the good people and positive things in life. Life is too short to waste away addressing hateful human beings. Love you Rose:)

P.S. My son told me about the Twilight vote for the Kids Choice Awards tommorow, folks and vote vote for Rob and Kristen for best couple:)


Anonymous said...

There are crazies on both sides... BOTH SIDES
Lines were drawn a long time ago by BOTH SIDES
People need to stop on BOTH SIDES
And "Tired of both sides" has a point... how does anyone really know the women in the picture are from either side... stop and think you don't want "D" being accused of things.. yet you accuse... it's really all so... pathetic....
The crazies need to stop and we need to all stop finger pointing... why in the world is it so important to all of you?

Yesterday's post by Rose brought a huge light to the situation.. I was completely unawafre of it all until then. Her post, though defending a friend actually made the situation worse...

People really do need to stop.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:40 and 1:41 exactly both of you are the problem!!! Leave Rose ALONE. We've got her back!!! Dont com here bashing her!

Rose, pay them no mind!!


Amanda said...

anonymous 6:18 Sorry, I don't agree. Something needed to be said yesterday and Rose said it well. While I agree that it's bad on both sides I think everybody already knows that. Rose calls out both sides.

I don't know how it got so personal either. I'm sorry people have attacked you personally Rose. That's just wrong. Once a again with this post you prove to be a sane, thoughtful person and you don't deserve any of that.

Tired of both sides said...

Ummmmmm Trish... I was at 1:41 and I wasn't bashing Rose... I was defending myself.. when my previous comment was attacked.. in which I was pretty much agreeing with Rose...

but "don't come back" pretty much says it all....

carol said...

Hola Rose, te escribo para felicitarte por tu trabajo , lastima que no lo puedo apreciar tan bien por lo de la traduccion,sabes me encanta como escribes acerca de R. Pattinson ,no puedo creer que exista gente que ataque solo por atacar, me apena cuando agreden a Rob solo por envidia. En los ultimos dos dias he leido solamente criticas y palabrotas muy feas acerca de el ¿el por que de estos ataques ? no lo se , yo ya no soy una jovencita , pero no puedo justificar en la juventud de las personas el atacar sin piedad alguien que ni siquiera conosen . Bueno lo principal de este contacto es felicitarte lo haces etupendo y espero que sigas aportando con tu exelente trabajo.

Anonymous said...

tell me kris is in london please tell me i think so i am sorry i dont speak english i am from colombia

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:44 No, Kristen is still in LA, she isn't in London.

Bellaroma4 said...

Rose, I'm sorry that you're being attacked. People are so petty. This is your blog. You have every right to state your opinions and thoughts. Those that don't like it should simply move on and not return.


Anonymous said...

Deaar Rose,
I really liked what you have wrote today,we need matured writers like you who sees two different sides of a coin.I am sorry that you have a lot of haters, I know you are a strong woman. You have a lot of love in you that can conquer all these hate. Please continue to express what you think and love about Robert and Kristen. God bless.