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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love Under The New Moon

The New Moon DVD is out.
Did you go to a 'release' party?
Wait in line to get it?
Did I?
That would be a No.
As much as I want to have the DVD in
my grubby little paws...
Waiting in line at midnight with a bunch
of squirming tweenies?
That would be a No.
I'm hoping to get it today.
The major reason would be

Even a damn picture of the parking lot strut
makes goosebumps break out...
I start breathing a bit more heavily...
I guess you would call it Panting.
Something like that.
I really do hate that Robert has this..
uncontrollable effect on me.
and just when I thought I was out...
He fucking PULLS me back in.

I love Robert Pattinson.

Too damn cute!

Kristen seems to have cleared her plate.
She's possibly done promoting The Runaways...
What's next?

Well... I'm sure she has some stuff in the works.
A little free time?
Perhaps a trip to ...

I love how the very notion of Kristen
going over to where Robert is...
Pisses people off.

Hater: "Stay in LA, Bitch! Following Rob is PATHETIC!
It screams GET A LIFE!"

If you were in a relationship with someone...
and you were separated for weeks at a time
Wouldn't you want to be with them 
if you could?
Of course you would.

The Haters are clinging to the hope
that Robert just wants it 'casual' and wants his space.
I'm sure all those intimate thoughts and feelings
were magically relayed through pictures
taken at the "Remember Me" premiere!

For all you or I know...
Robert is frantically calling Kristen
to bring her leather clad ass over there 
as soon as possible!

It's all just speculation.

Couple of things.

1. Someone left a comment criticizing "ROBsessed Blog"
I'm too lazy to go back and read it again...
But it basically said that they trash Robert?
Just NO.
ROBsessed Blog LOVES Robert Pattinson.
And anything that would seem critical of him...
is all sarcasm and humor.
Believe me.
They LOVE Robert.
And how do I know this?
Because I love ROBsessed Blog.
I was there at the beginning.
There were maybe 10 followers.
First Goz and Dani...
And now Goz, Kate and Kat.
And I don't just like these girls...
I fucking love them.
Love them.
I consider each one a close personal friend.
Take the hate somewhere else.

2. I was told that because I twittered
too much about Kristen
That someone was 'unfollowing' me.
I must have missed the daily quota of Rob.
Here's the deal...
I'm pretty sure I can tweet whatever the hell I want.
If I want to wax poetic about Conan O'Brien
For 24 fucking hours
(which would be easy to do)
I will.
I'm thinking that since its MY Twitter account.
I can Tweet/Twitt/Twatt
What I'm interested in.

People telling me what to blog about...
What to Twitter about...
What to think...
What to feel...
Is getting kinda old.

Oh yeah.
Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.

And so it goes

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day. Am I a tween? No, I'm a 58 year old who simply loves Rob and Kristen singularly and together! I hope she does get her "leather clad" ass to London.

Patricia said...

Rose: I LOVE YOU ! That walking scene in "new Moon" drives me to drink! Love that GORGEOUS MAN ! I think I have 10:47 beat, I'm 68 and madly in love with this man. I love your blog! Please don't change a thing Rose. You Rock! I am grateful there's a place of sanity to let me leave my comments! I hope my DVD comes today! I can't wait! grazie I hope Kristen's on her way to London! Rob loves Kristen loves Rob!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose YEP I got my NM video BUT I didnt have to wait in line for it My daughter got it for me last night.And Rose I'm sorry if I come off telling you what to think or post ( BY saying you can say or do what ever you want on your post) I only say that because I do love coming here and reading your thoughts.I'm to one of those oldies but goodies(55)And I LOVE the way Rob walks, Talks, Looks ,OH HELL just the way he breaths. I LOVE ROB period.I want Kristen To go see Our Rob to And I hope she stays there until May when they have to be back in the U.S.I love your post Rose And I love the way you Love Rob And Krusten. I hope you have a good day my friend . Deb.

Anonymous said...

I love your authenticity, Rose. If I don't like the direction of the response postings, I simply lay out for a day. But I always appreciate and support your right to say whatever comes to that fertile mind of yours.

I just got my NM 3-extra-disk set today in the mail. I pre-ordered it from Target. I plan to watch it and drool the next time DH leaves the house for several hours. Can't stand the teasing!

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rose!! you always make my day, always me laugh you are tooo funny. i agree stand in long lines with tweenies wasnt going to work for me at all! and i am mainly buying the dvd to hear Rob recite Shakespeare!!! and that catwalk in the parking lot whoooo * fans myself before fainting* i know i will be skiping back on the dvd many many times! anyway..haters be gone and leave her alone..and last time i checked you have every right to put whatever u wanted on your twitter account! you go girl!

Trish, your biggest fan

Anonymous said...

So if Robert asks Kristen to come and see him while she has time off she is ...... pathetic. Wow!! I call that keeping up with your love life. But what do I know? Be careful Rose the next thing you know people will be telling you when to use the restroom. Keep doing YOU Rose.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob needs to leave Kristen alone; she needs someone who deserves her!! If a man needs to screw every woman he sees then he is and doesn't know what love is!!!I love Kris wish her all the best and hope she is done w/ BD and RP!! and he needs to tell the truth for once..

Anonymous said...

You say Robsessed 'LOVES Robert Pattinson,' is it really possible to love someone completely and never acknowledge or say nice things about the person that they are in love with? I say NO. So continue kissing the assses of the Rob lovers that hate Kristen - but they ARE part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

5:08, uh, I think you made a wrong turn somewhere, the JesseJames/Sandra Bullock thread is down a mile and on your left. Buh-bye now.

Anonymous said...

5:08 You don't have the right to tell Kristen or anybody what to do.Who the hell are you anyway.Shut the fuck up.Rose keep posting,ignore the haters.

Anonymous said...

hey rose
1st time poster, long time reader here. I just got back from seeing the runaways. Kristen rocks! she nails Joan Jett. I'm sure RP is sooo happy for her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting Rob's music on your blog! I love, love, love listening to him!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 5:08, do you need to be redirected to the AT boards? Because the stuff you're spewing is just plain ridiculous. I don't know who you were talking about but you weren't describing Rob.

As for Robsessed blog, I like it. I don't know the girls personally, but for the most part, as far as I can tell they stay very neutral on Kristen and they do love Rob. I think the problem is in the comments section but that certainly isn't their fault! When your blog is so big it's bound to attract some crazies. I think both sides get mad at them because they refuse to pick a side anymore. I admit, some jabs made at Kristen I didn't particularly like but it's been a very long time ago and there is a difference between jokes and hate and they aren't haters. Fans seem to lose their sense of humor when it comes to R/K.

I really like the New Moon DVD and extras.. I was thinking this was before the R/K relationship or atleast before people were watching so closely. It's probably going to be the last real candid look at them. With good reason, they are very closed off now. I wish we could have gotten commentary from them! Oh well..CW will do.:)
Rose, great post as always!

Anonymous said...

See Rose, it's the comments like 5:08 that run rampant, esp. at AT. I don't know why people say this about Rob, but they do. I can't stand that it is here. It is craziness and hatred at it's worst. I also agree about Robsessed - I don't so the hate there, or not so much. They love Rob. Period. I see few neg. comments about Kristen, and when they are made, the commenters are called out for it. Maybe a while back it was bad, but I have not seen it lately. It's the crazies having Rob hook up with everyone woman out there that drives me crazy - they just sling these accusations with no proof. Slander is illegal.