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Monday, March 8, 2010

Robert and Kristen? News at 11

I was out of town for a few days.
Out of the loop.
Out of touch.
Out of my mind?
Well, probably a bit of all of those.

I haven't had a chance to go through my 500 emails.
I haven't had a chance to catch up on everything that 
has been going on the last few days...
But I know I will have a lot to say
(as always)
So watch this very spot for a real blog post tomorrow.

Couple of quick thoughts.

1. Kristen looked phenomenal at the Oscars.

2. I adore Robert Pattinson.
I love profile shots of him.
I love... him. Period.

3. SO much to read.
SO much to think about.
So many thoughts.

4. I missed my silly little blog.
And all of you.

5. Bye for now
(until tomorrow)


Angelica said...

Can't wait for the post tomorrow! :)

May said...

We missed you too,bb.:D

Yep,Kris was gorgeous&fierce last night,Rob was mouthwatering in his 1890s updo.<3

Now get crackin` on tommorrow`s post! LOL

Patricia said...

Rose: I was having Rose withdrawals along with Rob and Kristen withdrawals. You were missed!
Kristen was "DROP DEAD GORGEOUS" I just wished Rob could have been with her! I'm getting tired of Taylor (EVERYWHERE)! TRY AND CATCH UP! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR POST. GRAZIE

Patricia said...

Rose: Me again! I was hoping Rob would be able to fly to New York for Kristen's Premier, but his "Remember Me" Premier is the same day in London. It looks like it's going to be hard for the two of them to connect. Maybe Kristen can fly over there again after the press junket and Premier in New York! Since he's still working on Bel Ami Am I dreaming ??????? Grazie

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know why Summit can have so much control over Robsten? I've seen interviews of Rob and when he's asked about Kristen, he's willing to answer but his handler, that crazy blond woman, cut off the interview and take him away, just like if Rob was a child and he's almost 24, how can he allow this? It's the same for Kristen. It's really shameful.

I don't see what's summit getting when they try to keep Rob and Kristen apart in every event, or when they buy pics or censure interviews. Why so much control over Robsten?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I MISS YA i hope you had a good time.Yes Kristen looked soooo good last night i just love her.And her Dad was there It was good to her with him .Tayloy was there but i didnt see them together that much (Yes they set together) but I didnt see them together on the red carpet.As for OUR ROB WHAT can I say Ilove,love,love him . I thought i heard that he was going to be with Kris the 17 dont know .I to hope he finds time to be with her (SOON)Well my friend im glade your back have fun with ALL that reading ha ha ha have a good day Rose Deb.

Anonymous said...

no wonder!! i was like, Rose of all people hasn't posted anything!?! anyway hope you had fun on your trip. Now we will give you time to catch up hon. if you read this, (you probably wont but worth to try right!?!), please talk about the whole summit bussiness. what a foolish company!! kristen and taylor can sit together but k cant sit with Rob!?! we are not buying their whole taysten shit..dont get me wrong taylor is sweet and very handsome but he is no Rob! just my thoughts. love you.. and your “silly little blog” always makes my day!!! so don't stop.

Yours Truly,

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your post tomorrow! I was checking all day today to see what you had to say. Kristen was absolutely FLAWLESS last night and I was THRILLED!!!! Woooohoooo!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank God your back...

Patricia said...

Rose: I always say "you read my mind" well! I saw that picture of Rob earlier and I know how much WE LOVE PROFILES OF THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN IN THE WORLD.I checked YOUR BLOG to read the comments and you had that same picture I LOVED ,UP!!!!!OMG I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON AS MUCH AS YOU DO! grazie

Anonymous said...

I missed you yesterday. I really need my Rose fix. Looking forward to tomorrow. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I miss you!