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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clinging to Robert and Kristen...


Excuse me while I laugh at the whole
No... I'm not done yet...


Rob landing safe and sound in London.
Cute little TomStu with him.
Rob carrying the mysterious yellow bag.
Whatever can this mean??
I guess it means...
It's Rob's bag?
And I guess ALL the silly speculation about
Rob carrying Kristen's bag 
is finally over!
I can finally get some sleep now that
we have all figured out that troubling question!
Now we know that Rob WASN'T being
a gentleman after all!!



Kristen leaving NYC.
Keep an eye on the shirt.
More drama to follow.

The biggest cling in the Robert world right now
is that Kristen and Rob are hanging out for PR.
Did I say HUGE clingy cling?
This is the one CLING that they grasp onto
like no other.

"It's all PR. Summit is making them hang out.
Summit has complete control over every move
they make. They never do anything without Summit
choreographing every step."

Just how much more attention and publicity does
the Twilight Saga need?
"Kristen... You WILL fly over to England and hang out with Rob. 
You MUST. It's imperative for the future of our movies!"

If Robert and Kristen are really doing this ALL
for Publicity... If it is ALL staged...
Why oh why wouldn't there be many, many
more pictures of them TOGETHER?
Surely if Summit were behind the controls...
Rob and Kristen would be 'caught' out everywhere!
What good does it do when you are staging pictures
when your stage is empty?

Sorry. But that is so weak.
Like... clinging to a thread.
A really thin, frayed thread.

Yeah. I'm going there.
I love it when the internet explodes with this kinda stuff.
It really is entertaining... isn't it?
Apparently Kristen is wearing Robert's shirt.
He is not only wearing it in the above picture
But I guess he was wearing it under his shirt at the premiere

I've always been skeptical of this kinda bullshit...
It does look like Rob's shirt here.
Yeah, yeah... I hear the clings...
But Kristen has the sleeves really rolled up...
and it's twisted and knotted up...
and yeah...
I do think she's wearing his shirt.
What does this mean?
Um... She likes the shirt?
She wanted to wear something that smelled like Rob?
(I kinda like that thought...)
Maybe Kristen traded Rob the shirt for the yellow bag?
So many options here!

The Clings?

"Kristen would DROWN in Rob's shirt!"
(One of the more sane clings)

"Ewwww! Can you imagine how gross that shirt is?
Rob wore it the night before! Gross!"
(Possibly, but it would still smell like Robert!)

"So what? I borrow friends shirt ALL the time!"
(Don't they ever tire of this excuse?)

"Kristen is just messing with the fans!
She wants to shove it in our faces"
(Or she could just want to wear Rob's shirt...
She is leaving him after spending a couple of weeks
together. Maybe she will miss him?)

You say PR move.
I say Cling On!

Last thought?
I'm looking forward to seeing Kristen at the Oscars.
Can't wait to see what she is wearing.
It's always interesting...
and I'm rarely disappointed!
And you know it will probably be awesome
since its the Academy Awards!
I'm even looking forward to seeing Taylor!

Cling for now!


Lia Jane said...

OMG! I love this entry, I love your blog! :)

Melody said...

I love your blog. You make me crack up. I said the same thing that she swapped him the bag for the shirt. lol. The shirt probs is gross but I would still wear it too.

Lia Jane said...

Maybe they had it washed and dried up in a matter of hours. LOL!

Tracy said...

Hey Rose! I think you do a good job of calling it like you see it. Both Robert and Kristen seem like pretty grounded people so the conspiracy theories that abound just perplex me.

I am looking forward to the Oscars too. Not so much Taylor. That kid has already gotten on my last nerve. NOT because of the way he was promoted in New Moon, but his attitude has gotten a bit snarky. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I dont like it on him. :)

Have a great rest of the week!

(Twitter: TLF4Him)

Anonymous said...

I love to read your 'rants' LOL I don't know why people try to figure it out so much! It's OBVIOUS they're VERY, VERY close.. Exactly how close, does it matter? If it was Summit PR. They would act as a couple, and let them be seen. Not always running and avoiding. Maybe if people stopped caring so much and stalking them... They would open up a bit more.. Either way, just enjoy people! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose, awesome as always...as for the shirt, how 'bout, "she rolled out of bed, it was on the floor, so she put it on!" I do think she is smirking a bit, knowing people would notice the shirt. I kinda like that thought....like, yeah, it's HIS shirt, suckers! I always loved the original photo of him wearing it. THAT's one of my faves. Now she's got his shirt. Lucky her! Bye for now.
sara 2

Anonymous said...

may' bom pIm bom

MeTweeder said...

LMAO...I totally think they traded the shirt/bag!

kristine.hills said...

That's why i LOVE they are so private, they are cute together and they are protecting what it's really important: their realysh. They can NEVER win.If there is a rumor(twitter) they are hanging out somewhere you can hear'no pics it didn't happen' and when there is pic 'it's PR'.I'm so tired of this BS. We real fans are glad they are happy and together and we don't need prove bc they owe us nothing.
Oh my friend Rose i don't know how you put up with so much bs,you are a wonderful person and i love how you put your feelings into words.
You are always right, love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your rants! It's totally his shirt, just look at where the seam hits her shoulder compared to his, it's too big for her. Like she's really going to shop for a too-big shirt in 3 days in NYC that exactly matches his? Unlikely. I love the idea of them swapping the shirt for the back, didn't they switch backpacks and other things last summer when they were apart? I LOVE THEM.

loveactually said...

Dear Rose...oh you went there..lol and I'm so happy you did!! I'm usually skeptical myself of the shared clothing bags etc and I'm a full blown 100% absolute believer that Rob & Kristen share a special relationship. The clothing stuff just never holds my interest...but boy oh boy when I saw this I couldn't stop grinning. It's the sweetest thing really and it warms my heart. Gah I love these two...they are just the cutest. I don't think Kristen would wear the shirt for people to notice it's Rob's...she not a 'look at me' type person. I think it's a personal thing between the two of them since they will be separated for a bit due to work obligations. And I'm not seeing why it's gross ..how many of us have worn our boyfriends or husbands shirts. :)

Another doozy Rose. You're the best!

PS- I can't wait to see Kristen at The Oscars either! :)

Anonymous said...

Rose! Awesome as always! This is the best thing about my day, coming home from an suckish day at school, and go read your blog.. It always makes me in a better mood!

As for the haters with all off those excuses... Excuse me while I laugh my ass off

You guys are pathetick!

Okay I'm done!

Ahh, how I would love to wear Rob's shirt! He did use it at the premiere and it probably smells all ROB! Of course Kstew want's to smell that Robliciouse smell when she can't be around him! Like, DUH'UH!



Patricia said...

Rose: Spot on once again! I seem to always start by saying the same thing "you read my mind". I posted last night about the shirt on Kristen. Yes, I think she had that big smile on her face because she still smelled Rob even while leaving him. We believe that Rob and Kristen are a couple and in love with each other. If not the trips back and forth across the Atlantic but(SHE MENTIONED IN A INTERVIEW THAT SHE ALREADY SAW "REMEMBER ME" AND THOUGHT ROB DID A GREAT JOB AND HE WAS (BOLD) IN IT" BUT she went to the Premier to support HER MAN! I feel she also made a statement by showing up, and I know he loved her being there. I go with my GUT about people and I think they are together and have been for longer than we first thought. Embrace Rob and Kristen and forget the haters Grazie!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Rose!I love your blog and your thoughts,darling.You're one sane fan and not a crazy "shipper"(what does it mean anyway?)or a hateful "stewhater".

This shirt,bag,hats etc,gate makes me feel like an idiot,but i have to say that THIS one looks like Rob's.Don't forget that they're going to be apart until April,because Rob's filming and maybe she wanted to wear something his.Maybe i'm hopelessly romantic,but i find it cute(rolls eyes).

I'm looking forward for Sunday and Kristen's outfit.I know she's gonna be stunning.She'll be very stressed,too,but i hope that Rob will do a good job encouraging her on the phone before the ceremony.

Kisses to all the posters here(not the vitriolic ones)and more kisses for you,Rose!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Rose!I love your blog and your thoughts,darling.You're one sane fan and not a crazy "shipper"(what does it mean anyway?)or a hateful "stewhater".

This shirt,bag,hats etc,gate makes me feel like an idiot,but i have to say that THIS one looks like Rob's.Don't forget that they're going to be apart until April,because Rob's filming and maybe she wanted to wear something his.Maybe i'm hopelessly romantic,but i find it cute(rolls eyes).

I'm looking forward for Sunday and Kristen's outfit.I know she's gonna be stunning.She'll be very stressed,too,but i hope that Rob will do a good job encouraging her on the phone before the ceremony.

Kisses to all the posters here(not the vitriolic ones)and more kisses for you,Rose!

TanjaB. said...

Hi Rose! Another epic post. I love it, especially this part ---> "What good does it do when you are staging pictures when your stage is empty?".
Pure genious and oh so, so true! Their pictures together would be plastered everywhere if it was really the Scummit behind.
I can't wait to see the Oscars next sunday, I bet Kristen will look glorious. I'm so curious to see her dress.
Thanks for the post, they always put a smile on my face. Love you! =)

Anonymous said...

You lost me on the Taylor thing. No!!!! I want Rob & Kristen to distance themselves as much as they can from the Twilight craze. Showing up with the over-exposed puppy at the Oscars turned MTV awards is not going to do it, especially after her father's comment last year. Okay, that rant is over.

The "shippers" or whatever they are called now really go overboard on so many things. BOTH fan bases do actually. I don't care if they swap bags (I never thought it was Kristens BTW), shirts, shoe strings or anything. They're young, they appear happy..let them be.

Did you see the article about Rob being "broody"? So damn cute.

Kathy said...

Yep, it's Rob's shirt that Kristen is wearing. I think it's SO sweet. Hell if it was me I'd wear it too, just to be able to smell the DELICIOUS scent of him while he's away. I'm hoping he'll be at the Runaways premiere in NYC if not, I have NO doubt that he WILL be with his girl for her birthday next month. They are SO awesome together and I'm SO happy they got to spend some time with each other these last few days. Looking forward to Kristen at the Oscars as well. SO much to look forward to this month....Yay !!! Rose, as always, I LOVE what you have to say, and you say it SO damn well !!!

Nicki Finn said...

Hey Rose,
I am one of those who thinks she grabbed his shirt as a reminder of him. I used to do the same thing with an ex of mine. When he left I grab his t shirt until I saw him again. Anyway, the smirk she has on is the same smirk/smile she had at the Red Carpet. I think it was a bold statement for her to make being there, I am thrilled with it tho. I think that the only thing these two want to keep private is their personal business and they will go to great ends to do it the best way a 23 adn a 19 year old can with out having alittle fun with "us" fans. My only question with the whole SUMMIT thing is why aren't they pimping Taylor out with Kristen for all the Team Jacob fans. Would that make sense or am I just thinking silly again. Where has he been with Summit all this time? HE should be somewhere with these 2, right ??? Any comments to help me start thinking rationally will be much appreciated !!!

Amanda said...

I'm not much into the clothes swappin theories either, but I really think that is his. The seams that rest on his shoulders are part way down her arm and it's really rolled and knotted down at the bottom. The only other option is she bought his exact shirt in his exact size and it's just a coincidence he was wearing the same one the day before. Lol, I don't think so.
I hate the PR conspiracy theories the nonstens come up with, just for the simple fact that it's so not Rob(or Kristen). In his interviews the last couple days he talk about over exporsure and having to hide, so do they really think he would do anything to draw more attention to himself? To me it shows how much he really likes Kristen and how much she likes him, because they don't want their personal lives out there and yet whenever they get the chance they see eachother. And when they do, they try to hide, so once again how is it a PR move? It doesn't logicly make sense. Yup, they are definitely clingers.

Anonymous said...

Rob is so gay.She goes everywhere with his boy,Tommie.

RPaddict said...

bwahaaaaaa...wait I'm not done yet....
Gah Rose u kill me...
Loved this entry, almost spit coffee all over my damn keyboard.

Anonymous said...

rose I love you
eli from italy

Anonymous said...


One of your BEST posts ever! I love it when you write about the shirt:

"Yeah. I'm going there."

I always look forward to your take on every new tidbit in the Robert and Kristen universe!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rose,
I love your post today and honestly everyday it's exciting. Wonderful words of truth.
I agree with the thought she wants to wear something that smells like him and I don't blame the girl.

Anonymous said...

Love ur blog, come every day to read your posts. I really like your no bullshit attitude. Of course people are going to make things up, PR, Tom is Rob's lover (somehow I don't see Kristen wanting to beard anybody), she's just there to promote their individual movies, etc, etc. One thing is for sure the body language they show towards each other is intimate. Her wearing the shirt was a really great fuck you to everyone putting her down. There will be a huge bomb dropped about these two soon, something you might even know about Rose. Privacy is not the only reason they are being so evasive. Might come out after Eclipse and before Breaking Dawn. Ted C. is aware of it as are some others but they are sitting on it as a courtesy (and to keep their sources).

Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness that can be put to rest.. we will miss your blog... now that the truth is out what the heck will you write about?

Nicki Finn said...

BOMB??? Any hints on that one? ANYONE, I hate waiting !!! I don't want to speculate !!

Leann said...

I always enjoy your blog and concur completely! I don't even get the people who don't believe it. I suspected a year ago, when the "proof" was pretty flimsy...but anyone with eyes could have seen this coming, so no surprise to me. (Nor to you, obviously!) Haters, hate on...but it's so much easier to love.

debbi said...

I, too, have never paid attention to speculation over bracelets, bags, glasses, etc. I always felt that stuff was reaching a bit. But when I saw the pic of Kristen at JFK I immediately thought, "Holy sh!t, she's wearing the shirt he had on the night before." I'm still smiling.

The past week and a half have surpassed my expectations. When Kristen headed to London for the BAFTAS, I thought she and Rob would get a weekend together and that's it. I would have never anticipated her staying the week in London, traveling back to NYC with him, and attending the RM premiere. GOOD FOR THEM. I'm glad they seem to be doing what they want, haters be damned.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rose Love your post today.I cant wait tell Sunday to see what Kristen going to were This has been i good week for her and Rob.and i feel the same way you do about the shirt YES shes going to miss her man And Kristine Hills you said it all. I dont know about you all but have you seen the black ring she has on??? well shes been waring it sense NM she has it on all the time ( i dont know is it the one Rob gave her??)well any way i hope they get to be together for her b-day she well no longer be a TEEN (20)I hope you have a good day today Rose keep up the good work my friend. Deb.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I LOVE your post today; one of the BEST!! I could not agree more with everything you said. I have also been skeptical about the clothes swap baloney, but there is NO DENYING it this time!! And I absolutely agree that she probably wanted to have it since he wore it the night before and they are going to be apart so it will remind her of him and how in love they are! SO SWEET!! This post MADE MY DAY! You are the BEST!! Thanks always, Rose.


Mari said...

The yellow bag is Kristen's and is full of dirty panties... Bahahaha

Anonymous said...

Another piece to add to the Robsten file:


Do all your friends see early cuts of your movies? Does your face get all happy at the mention of your friend's names? And does the obvious pride drip off your face when you talk about your friend's work? Just sayin.

Keep at it Rose!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all you lovely robsten lovers!!!! can i just say i love thus couple!?! they are sooo cute and its as if they have their own secret code blocking the outside world...they are showing as little by little they are together w/o saying anything. i am 30 and literaly squeeled when i saw the shirt she was wearing was Rob's how awesome is that!?! awesome!! since they will be apart its a great thing they do this! and there just might be a possibility of the swaping thing! *grins from ear to ear* so happy for them! keep it coming Rose, you made me lol many times! thanks for that, i was having a bad day! You rock! i hope you know that hon!!


Anonymous said...

Rose, again another outstanding post. I love it. You say it just the way it is. The clingons can never win with Rob and Kristen. The more the clingons deny the more we see proof of the seriousness of our fave couple's relationship. Cel

Anonymous said...

to be young and crazy in love...swooonnn!!!

Olga said...

*just me*
i don't really know how i missed this blog living on the Rob-net for more than one year.
Rose, your blog is great, you have pretty good writing skills! and all that you write about Robsten sounds very reasonable..lol, i wish it would be truth, so many of us would live in peace happier than ever ;)
as i don't have time to comment a lot i only wanted to tell you once more your blog is fabulous, i like design, choice of pix, they all are the best, and..OMG this is the first time i see the blog with soundtrack! Thank you for being so honest and creative.

BellaRoma4 said...

Love it, Rose!

Yes, I believe that is Rob's shirt Kristen is wearing. Don't know if the bag is hers, but I will choose to believe it is. If I'm wrong, it won't make a difference. I believe they are a couple.

Looking forward to seeing Kristen at the Oscars Sunday.

How could a fan of either Rob or Kristen believe they would be willing to sell out like that. It would do more harm than good to participate in that kind of publicity stunt.

Looking forward to tomorrow's post. :)

Anonymous said...

Rose, you're right. If Rob and Kristen are having a relationship for publicity somebody needs to tell them they're doing it wrong lol. They need to go on vacation where there will be paps, when she visits him in London they need to be visible and not hide out for weeks at a time or else her going is pretty pointless, no?

I'm so excited for the Oscars! Can't wait to see what Kristen is wearing. Really wish Rob could be there still, but I'm extremely happy about Kristen since she couldn't go last time.

I like the whole Kristen wearing Robs shirt from the day before thing. It's kind of cute and sentimental. And Kristen was carrying that yellow bag at Heathrow, so maybe it's a shared bag. LOL. I can't believe people were debating a bag for 3 days. *fp*

Anonymous said...

dear Rose,
I really love reading your blog everyday, it thrills me everytime knowing about our two nicest couple, Rob and Kristen. They really have such an amazing chemistry that you don't see in other hollywood couples. Let us all pray for their success and lasting relationship.
Thanks and God bless.

Anonymous said...

I love you Rose!

I love the shirt on both of them. I always wear a 'used' shirt of my hubs if he's not around and I miss him. I think it's very endearing of them.