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Monday, March 22, 2010

Runaway to Remember Me

Robert in "Remember Me"
I don't think he has ever looked more beautiful.
Every shot. Every frame.

I saw RM...
I liked it.
I thought Robert was good.
I'm not sure I'm someone whose opinion
would really matter when it comes to Rob.
I think everything he does is brilliant.

Remember Me doesn't seem to be doing so great
at the box office.
I'm not an expert by any means.
My son told me about this site...
It measures the percentage of positive reviews.
Remember Me had only 27%
No, it wasn't epic film-making...
But it was still pretty good.
Kinda sad. But it made you think.
And it has Robert Pattinson in almost every frame.

Why didn't all the "Twi-Hards" follow Robert
into Remember Me?
If you are a fan... You go see his movies.
Even when he's not Edward Cullen.
And that's part of the problem with Robert's fans.
They call him Edward.
They only want to see Edward.
They aren't interested in him outside of Twilight.
And that's sad...
Because Rob's best acting is going to be 
in movies where he's not Edward.
And it's a shame people will miss that.

The Runaways opened in limited theaters this weekend.
Which meant I didn't see it.
Which means I have to wait until April.
How did it do?
Depends on who you ask.
RottenTomatoes.com had it at 62%
That's pretty good.

I've heard lots of good things...
But then I tend to follow people who are
fans of Kristen Stewart.
So again... not really unbiased opinions.
I know I will go see it.
I guess only time will tell with this movie.
 What I want to know is this...
Why is there a 
Some Kristen fans want Remember Me to do poorly
so that The Runaways can beat it...
And of course...
We have some Robert fans blasting The Runaways
and saying it will NEVER beat Remember Me.
How can you even compare the movies?
WHY compare the movies?
RM is PG-13
TR is R-rated
RM is a doomed love story...
TR is a rock and roll biopic.
RM had a larger budget
Bigger advertising
TR is a small indie film
I don't get it.
The only thing the movies have in common
is the fact that each has a lead from Twilight.

I want BOTH movies to do well.
It's not one or the other.
Just because Remember Me does well
doesn't make The Runaways less of a movie.
Or vice-versa

Man, the whole Robert/Kristen bullshit
is so fucking out of control.
People will fucking argue over anything...
just for the sake of arguing.

And for the record...
RottenTomatoes.com gave New Moon 28%

And so it goes.

Bye for now.


kristine.hills said...

Why a WAR???
Thank God RK are mature and intelligent and don't care about lunatic fans.

Nice thoughts ROSE, i have to wait until SEPTEMBER to see TR.WTF!!!?lol

Anonymous said...

I'm with you,Rose.People are totally crazy.They compare things that there's nothing to compare to.Geez!What's wrong with these people?I want the movies to go well to,but we all know that it's too early for a grat majority of fans to accept Rob as another character that Edward.And don't forget all the fuss around this movie the whole summer.I think some people got bored.As for TR,i don't think many of Kristen's fans can go and see it,because they're under 17.The only thing that matters is that everybody agrees that they were both great in their movies.And i think that's the only thing that matters to them,too.

p.s.We all know that Eclipse is gonna kill every other movie that will come out in June.I think is gonna make more money than NM.Over 150$

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rose! Spot on as usual. I for one went to see RM with my mom on opening day. Not to see " Edward " but to see Robert, and I knew he would be great, not that I'm biased or anything either. I really liked it, enjoyed the story, cried at the end. I also am waiting for TR to come to a theater near me, I'm looking forward to seeing that, as well as anything else Robert or Kristen star in . Love them both. I am excited for Eclipse, but I have always loved vampires,in books, movies,etc. I especially love the Twilight saga for the sweet love story between Edward and Bella, some of it reminds me of falling in love with my first boyfriend. By the way, I'm 47 yrs old, and I love Robert Pattinson too! He is a beautiful person, inside and out. Also, I have been paying more attention to him walking, and ya know, you've got something there, he is awesome walking, though I prefer stareing into his beautiful eyes everyday when I turn on my computer, which ever pic I have on my desktop background. Sorry for the rambling, you have a good day. K.

MovingMountains4WTTR said...
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MovingMountains4WTTR said...

Sorry...Repost to fix spelling error :)


This war crap is getting older than dinosaurs!! Enough already!!

Robert absolutely shines in Remember Me and proves he will succeed in the movie making business well beyond Twilight & it disturbs me knowing that a lot of his current fans will stop being interested in him once his run as Edward has been completed.

I don't get to see The Runaways until April 9th but have enjoyed keeping up with all the great buzz it's been getting so far.

I love Rob & Kristen.I'm happy for their accomplishments & excited to see what the future will bring.

Robert & Kristen have so much more to them than being Twilight's Edward & Bella.They are a bright spot in the world of movie making & it's a shame that they're constantly pigeonholed in those roles by media outlets & fans.

Reviews & ratings don't make Rob & Kristen who they are.I'm sure this won't be the last time they have movies released to theatres at the same time.It happens & like now it will be ok because they'll be supportive & proud of each other no matter what the final box office outcome is.

I'm a proud fan who supports them both & wishes them nothing but the best now & always...I mean seriously isn't that how it's supposed to be??

Patricia said...

Rose: I went to see "The runaways"
yesterday! Kristen was great in it! She nailed Joan Jett ! The movie was okay, not great, but I'm glad I went to support a role other than the mega "Twilight" saga.
I saw Rob's "Remember Me" three times already and am going with a friend on Wednesday to see it again. Loved it, love him. I think he's really grown as an actor and was GREAT in the film. I thought the movie was very good and different than whats out there lately! I will always support him. I love Rob and Kristen as you do. I will do what I can to support them in their films because I am a huge fan of Rob's. I also am becoming a huge fan of Kristen (she's a great actor!)
grazie Rose for your blog. I always love reading what you say and once again have agreed with your post today!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I agree with the (show wars ) I dont understand why (they) the Rob (only) fan and the Kristen(only) fans cant just get along. WHY not go see ALL of Robs movies Or all Of Kristens movies .They say they are fans.Dosnt a fan go see all of the movies they are a fan of. I hope they Both do well in ALL there movies.And I to cant wait to see the RUNAWAY it look cool Well my friend you have a good day And THANK YOU Rose you do make my day. Deb.

Suse said...

I love Rob and Kristen for her films and for the fact that they are great personalities. The interviews show that they are both intelligent, sensitiv people who are not interested in superficial things. This is rare - not only in Hollywood. I hope that they also give us furthermore wonderfull movies. I will see them all. All we can do is to show our respect and love by supporting them. And we shouldn't care about the haters.

People like you and your block show that there is hope! Many thanks for it.


PS. Sorry, for my Englisch - it's awful - I know ;-)

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Rose; thanks! I saw both movies, several times, and LOVED them both. R and K are so talented and have such bright futures ahead of them. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about K in TR since imo she absolutely ROCKED as JJ; superb! WOW! Anyway, impossible to compare the movies, they are just SO different. Wish the fans would go see them both and support such terrific young actors who seem to be really neat people and very un-Hollywood which is SO refreshing! I just love them BOTH! I can't wait to check back and see what you have to say tomorrow; reading your blog is one of the best parts of my day!

Anonymous said...

Rose, hon dont stress yourself out as you said the other post "dont obsess about something that you cannot control". It is a bit pointless. THings happen in this world that cannot be controlled. The crazies will always be arguing fighting. At least I am glad there are some sane ppl on her A big shout out to you guys on here! As for those who still see them as Edward and Bella I pity them. As much as I love Robsten when I think of E/B, R/k's faces dont come to my head. As a fan of these book for awhile that is how it is with me. SOme of these fans are clearly delusional and need to wake up!!!! one way or another. It is sooo so sad that some just see him for Edward I have been afraid of this ever since he was cast in 2008!!! This is the problem being tied to these franchises due to some people who cannot seem to wake themselves up from fairy tale world. I mean these characters existed in our heads and Stephanie's long before the movie was made. I am so glad I am a great thinker and upon all my years I know how to be rational and logic!

I love love love Edward and Bella and always will but I also love Rob and Kristen IN THE REAL WORLD. Hopefully they will break away form this madness soon. Havent seen the TR but I am excited to check it out. Too bad for all the Kristen fans under 17. Thanks Rose, you always make my day darling!


Anonymous said...

I agree Suse we should not care about the haters. HW is lucky to have these two. Real people in a FAKE FAKE town full of fake plastic people with fake personalities. Sodom and Gommorah as my best friend refers to HW.


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you, Rose. There should be no contest at all between two such disparate movies. I enjoyed RM, and I also really enjoyed TR.

But I have to say that the childish hatred and comparisons aren't going to go away any time soon. To a large extent we can avoid a lot of the upset ourselves by doing what Rob and Kristen do -- ignore it.

The venomous stuff written about these two is enough to make me crazy. But really, I read so much more about them that is flattering and superlative. I'd rather read that.


Anonymous said...

Lynn, and others, I agree! IGNORE! It works....very well. Avoid AT (Ted) etc.


Anonymous said...

And, go see BOTH movies!


debbi said...

Sane people realize Remember Me and The Runaways are 2 very different movies aimed at different audiences, so it makes no sense to compare them. Good reviews and a strong box office are obviously really nice to have, but Rob and Kristen seem to be people driven by the work and the characters, not the hype. Rob has more great projects coming up and the reviews for Kristen's performance in The Runaways are really impressive, so I think these 2 are going to be fine.

Speaking of The Runaways, I saw it yesterday and I must say, the movie exceeded my expectations. Kristen was phenomenal and earned every single bit of praise she's getting from the critics. I went with my husband, who is a musician and a fan of that scene, and he turned to me during the movie and said, "I'm really impressed with this girl." Hmm. Is it weird for your husband to start crushing on your obsession's girlfriend? :)

Anonymous said...

That's because they buy into the mofos in the media who are always pitting R&K in their headlines. I've seen them. That's what they always do to make money those bastards. The critics were bitching about the ending of RM. After I saw the film, it was so obvious they were full of crap. I thought I was going to see explosion and bodies flying. Instead the ending was so subtle and so well done. They just wanted an excuse to hate on Rob "the twilight guy". They also purposely leaked everything on the net long before the film opened and ruined it for a lot of people. At least Rob knows those Twihards cannot be counted on. He needs to cultivate a more mature audience and I think he's doing it with RM. The reviews from Viewers of the film have been wonderful.

Bellaroma4 said...

I'm a fan of both Rob and Kristen. I support them both. Saw Remember Me four times since it's release. Have seen The Runaways twice. Both movies were good. Both gave strong performances, in my opinion.