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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remember Robert

This post is about Remember Me.
If you haven't seen it yet...
You might not want to read what I have to say.
It might have spoilers.
Just so you know.

So I saw Remember Me yesterday...
I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts..
into actual words.
Don't get me wrong.
I think Robert Pattinson was excellent in this role.
Brooding (yes, he was brooding)
Rob's charisma and personality
jumped out at me from the screen.
He looked absol-freakin-lutely
He looked like Robert.
Tousled. Wrinkled. Messy.
Pretty much how I expect he looks everyday.

Remember Me isn't a happy movie.
You become immersed in these peoples lives...
And every one of them has issues.
They are all trying to figure out how to live a life
that has a huge gaping hole in it.
Every character has a void needing to be filled.
Lost Brother.
Cold Father.
Murdered Mother.
Sad Sister.
And they over compensate for all this loss...
Mostly with anger.
A lot of resentment.

 Robert showed us he can do angry.
He can show emotions.
Seeing him yell loudly at his father
was liberating to me.
In the Twilight movies he is always so reserved.
Aloof. Restrained.
It was great to see him FEEL
He showed us his feelings not only in his actions...
But they were all over his face.

Robert can act.

Every one in the movie did a good job.
Chris Cooper. Pierce Brosnan. Emilie de Ravin.
Ruby Jerins
She affected me the most.
She made me smile. She made me cry.
I wanted to protect her...
I wanted to shield her from unhappiness.

And then there was The End.
I had read the script... I knew what was going to happen.
But it still didn't protect me from the punch in the gut
that goes along with everything else I was feeling.
My stomach hurts right now thinking about it.

I loved the movie.
But all that being said...
Would I have loved it as much 
if Robert wasn't in it?
I'm not sure.
He was the reason I went to see it.
He was the one I couldn't take my eyes off of...
But if you take him out of the equation...
I'm not sure I would have been in that theater.

Yes. It was a well acted film.
Everyone was believable and made me care
about what happened to them.
But it was a sad movie...
with only glimmers of happiness
It starts sad.
It ends sad.

But there is Robert in-between.
And he is worth the melancholy
He is worth the heartbreak.

Robert Pattinson can act.
And that makes me happy.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I went and saw the movie yesterday. I've got to agree with you 100% when it comes to Rob's acting (and the fact that he was the very reason I went to watch the film) After leaving the theatre a friend and I were discussing the movie and what we thought, and we came to the same conclusion that we aren't sure if we would have saw the movie without him in it. It's a moving film but extremely sad- I knew how it would end but it also did little to prepare me once seeing it. I'm honestly not sure how I'd rate the film without the shock twist ending either. Thanks for your insights, I enjoy reading your blog!


Patricia said...

Rose: "Spot on " my friend. I agree with everything you just said. I posted last night when I came home and I was anxious to see what you felt! WE LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON ! HE HAS SHOWN THAT HE CAN ACT! Watching him on the big screen was THE BEST! I have to see it again and again so I can take more of it in. grazie once again for your words. Rock on Rose

Patricia said...

Me again! Rob said "that's why he was Executive Producer" because he was afraid it wouldn't get made or changed in some way!! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I have been waiting for your post, for your thoughts on the movie. I saw it yesterday afternoon, with my mother. (I am going again tomorrow with gf's). I was worried about taking her ~ my dad died New Year's Eve. Could she handle a sad movie? You see, I don't get along that well with my mom...but I adored my dad. They were married 51 years. I wanted to share this with her, she did not know about my love of Robert Pattinson. It was a good movie to take her to...she cried, of course. Everyone in the theater was crying. But it helped us bond, just a bit. Anyway, thank you for your post. As always, you are spot on. I actually thought about you while my mom and I were waiting in the theater. I thought about a lot of Rob's fans who had been waiting for this movie. He did not disappoint. Sorry to ramble, but just wanted to say this. Thank you Rose for saying, as always, what we all feel and for doing it so well.

Tracy said...

Hi Rose, Great review! One of the things that I found lingering as the credits rolled was hope. Each actor displayed human triumph in their character so realistically. By the end of the movie I really cared for them all and was proud of their growth. I have to admit I thought EDR was a bit stilted in early scenes but she blossomed - as if her confidence in her character was growing. This film was beautifully cast but so poorly marketed. It is deeper than the trailer gave insight so I went not knowing the emotional impact it would have.

This is a keeper in my book and worth seeing more than once in the theater.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rose...I agree with you completely (as usual). I also saw the movie yesterday, and I have to say that I couldn't sleep well last night. I just kept waking up mulling over the images and concepts of the story. Something else that I got from the story is that we all have a certain fate and destiny and what we do may seem insignificant (as Gandhi states) but is part of building up to our destiny and we touch other people's lives in the process. Tyler learned to let Ally into his heart...he felt love and loved which allows him to let go of some pain and resentment. It will take a while before I can really get over this movie, though...it is very multi-faceted.

Because there is so much of Robert in Tyler, the ending felt too real to me...too much like it was Robert, which made me really sad. I can't even imagine it. Oh, and the sex scenes...the way he connected with Ally and gazed into her eyes as they made love. You could really feel the heat. There was definitely chemistry. Emilie did a great job and fit well in this role. I kept thinking, however, that Kristen is one lucky girl to have this connection with Robert for real.

All in all, I am so proud and happy for Robert. He can definitely act and is truly a shining star, above and beyond the hype.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your assessment. The ending was gut-wrenching for me b/c I was there and my sister almost died that day so it brought it all back. I thought it was tastefully done. I think the critics just wanted to hate on him b/c of the hype of Twilight. The cast was magnificent and Rob? I don't even have the word to describe how good he was.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! Amazing Robert! Rob's here to stay! Amazing RM!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose I have to agree with you the ONLY reason i went was to see OUR man Rob.And like I said last night BOY OH BOY can he act.Even through I realy didnt like seeing him so sad and it was a sad movie And I agree with you about all the other actors they did a good job too Yes I well go see it again I went with my daughter And I did ALOT of CRYING YEP I cryed because it was sad AND because Rob did such a good job I was so proud of him I went to bed thinking about the movie and woke up thinking about it Now I cant wait for Bel-Ami to see what he dose with that one . Well my dear friend I hope you have a good day And THANK YOU ROSE for your post . DEB.

Anonymous said...

I just got home after seeing Remember Me. Rob was amazing!

The movie left you with so much to think about. And the ending....I cried and cried. Just when the gathering of the clan around Caroline's trauma seemed to be bringing some semblance of order to an otherwise dysfunctional family, the unthinkable happens. I am so glad Rob made this movie.

Anonymous said...


*You can ask me anything. I'll try to reply to everybody* :)

Vicki said...

I went to see Remember Me today and I knew that there was a tough ending but I love Robert and I had to see him play this very real person. I cried, I laughed, I was ummmm, well, lets say squirming in my seat during thos hot, but tasteful sex scenes. He just has these "looks" that absolutely melt me and I have NEVER swooned over an actor/famous person like I have this man. So, the ending was tough to handle for multiple reasons, but I do not for one minute regret seeing it. Like some of the other posters mentioned, this is not a movie I will soon forget. I am still going over it in my head now and find that it helps to post on some of these sites what I thought of the movie. It touched me and no, I probably would not have gone to see it if Robert had not been in it, but he was, I did and I'm glad. No matter what the so called critics say, this movie in my book was profound.

imloco2 said...

Like most of you guys I went to see Remember Me because it had Robert Pattinson in it. I know I'd never have seen it otherwise. And I have to say a HUGE thank you to Rob for doing this otherwise I'd have missed out on a movie that made me laugh, cry, melt and touched me in ways I don't even know yet. I can't stop thinking about it.

I coerced my DH into seeing it too even though he didn't want to. He thanked me afterward for making him see it. And he totally GOT the movie so I was proud of him. Some of the things Rob said about RM make so much more sense now that I have seen the movie.

I loved everyone in the movie especially Rob. Not only did he prove once and for all that he can act, but he looked indescribably good while doing so. *g* I'm so thankful that he stuck to his guns, stepped up to the plate as Ex. Prod, and made sure the movie ended up as it did. I wouldn't change a thing.

I do fear that the majority of the Twi fan base is made up of shallow silly teens who adore Edward and don't give two hoots about Robert although I'm sure there were a lot of factors in not many people turning out. The critics being just one of them. It's almost like they deliberately sabotaged the movie. So many didn't just say they didn't like it they went on to spoil the entire plot for people. I hate that it looks like they'll 'win'.

Anonymous said...

Rob was great in RM,but the movie was bad.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where are all Rob's fans and RM did only 8.3$ this weekend.Where are all these obsessed,drooling,screamers?Where is their support?

Don't get me wrong,but when twilight opened last year with actors that nobody knew and with all these girls who didn't like Rob as Edward,the film did 70$ on weekend.Now that Rob is a huge star and Summit thought that RM will do so much better at the BO,why that didn't happen?Maybe,his fans -as much as they don't want to accept it-love him more as Edward?